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When you look at the television and the popular movies, it appears like the best-looking guys shave off most of their body hair. According to a recent study, most women find a hairless or almost hairless chest as more attractive, although they consider both hair retention and reduction as socially acceptable. Moreover, the research study found that gentlemen are aware that ladies prefer men with hairless chests and do not think their bodies are perfect in this respect.

In general, both women and men tend to groom body hair for attraction, and both women and men will rate a fairly hairless body as more sexually appealing. However, research shows that men think that ladies prefer more muscular bodies than they prefer, indicating that the perceptions of men when it comes to what ladies want is not entirely accurate. In this article, we’ll focus on what women think about men’s chest hair, how men can get rid of chest hair as well as tips to groom chest hair.

do ladies like hairy chest

Do female like chest hair?

Chest hair often associated with a certain level of masculinity. However, most women like it when men have well-maintained hairs. A recent trend with most celebrities shaving and shooting videos or taking photos while showing their clean-shaven bodies may depict that women do not like chest hair. The reality and answer to the question are that most women like it when men have well-kept hairs, be it on their chest or other parts of the body. Having long hairs, looking more like shrubs, may get interpreted as untidiness.

What most women look for are chest hairs that are well-maintained and not allowed to grow past a certain level. Hairs, when unkempt, are known to hold lots of dirt, oils, dead skin, and sweat. However, the majority of women who don’t like it when men have fully shaven their chest hairs attribute these hairs to maturity. They claim that men with chest hair are quite prepubescent and have higher wisdom, as well as older. Women speedily notice men with facial and chest hairs, for they attribute the growth of such hairs to maturity. Some also believe that touch the chest hair would have some element of seduction during romantic moments.

There is another group of women who entirely hate chest hair. Some of them claim that the pleasant and appealing look of the man’s body dies once it gets covered in hairs. It becomes impossible to view their muscular back, chest, or even neck. Some feel that a man full of chest hairs can quickly get distracted if such hair coils or is pulling in the middle of romantic moments. Others think that when men don’t have such hairs, they are cleaner and looking attractive. It implies to them that a decent shaven man looks clean, more masculine, and likely to offer the best of romance.

The bottom line is that women like it when men maintain their hairs. It is advisable to trim them or even clean shave them, but avoid them growing long and dry. Also, consider cleaning the chest hairs and frequently grooming them to offer the best of appearance. Maintaining a balanced appearance is among the things that tend to attract most women to men. Those that like men with chest hairs would not also wish to have their fingers stuck in the hair rocks or knots. Though some men feel manlier when their bodies are full of hairs, it is more of being a gentleman maintaining a look that your woman likes.

Do girls like hairy chests?

Girls, especially in the modern age, have mixed feelings as to whether they like hairy chests or not. Some believe that a man should have hairs covering almost every part of their body, and having such a man feels more masculine and sexy to them. Some even attribute men with the chest on their hairs to being excellent and fun during romantic moments. They find it creepy imagining what a man does to get a hairless chest. They attribute hairlessness on the chest to the female gender. Such girls feel that it is a waste of time and money for a man to buy various shaving tools.

There is also a group of girls that consider chest hair as a complete turn-off unless it is highly styled or well-trimmed. To them, they express the opinion that a man should wax the hairs on the chest and leave the region clean. It is an act of tidiness and makes the man look more charming. Also, men with such well-kept chest hairs draw a connotation of being people who are decent in life. However, the whole idea of whether girls like the hairy chest is about their individual preferences on the kind of man they would wish to have.

how to trim chest hair without itching

Is chest hair attractive?

Chest hair is attractive to most of the women in the world. However, majority don’t find them attractive if they are long and do not appear to have been maintained. Women like it when touch and feel the hairs of their men on their skin. They claim that by doing so, there is a generation of a tactical sensation, especially during the romantic moments. Though, the majority of them like it when the hairs are well-groomed and tamed. It is weird to think that a woman can feel attracted to a foreign man by merely looking at the maintained chest hair. Some feel that it is manly to have the chest hairs, though some think that it is a stereotype associating masculinity and chest hair. Therefore, a man without chest hair appears more of a person who is yet to attain maturity or a fellow woman.

The chest hairs are attributed to a casually pretty look. Surprisingly, some women find it attractive when a man is not groomed but contented with his natural looks. They like it when a man has long but clean chest hairs that they can play around with and make knots. Also, it is highly sensational, and being close to such simply groomed males makes them more of a female. Some women claim that lying on such a chest offers the best feeling ever. They would not imagine having a man who pricks them with the sprouting hairs after getting a shave. Therefore, hairs are the right way of enhancing their intimate moments.

The rest of the women who do not find chest hairs attractive argue that much accumulation of strands obstructs the muscles. They feel they should see the muscular form of the man that the many hairs on his body. Others think that hairs are attractive, especially when not correctly groomed and controlled, for they are unhygienic. They claim that most men do not have time to look themselves through the mirrors as they are busy in the hassle for them and their families. Hence, shaving the chest hairs would save them a lot of time, for they don’t have to groom the hairs daily. The person appears to be ragging behind modern styles and seems scary. Besides, having kinky chest hairs is also perceived to be a sign of disorganization, and no person would wish to be close to a disorganized man.

Should I shave my chest and stomach?

Regardless of your preference, shaving as a man is one of the personal grooming procedures that should be routinely done. It does not only improve your own look but also helps you better treat your body’s skin. You need to know that people, especially girls and women, are attracted to a man who seems to have invested time to look good. Therefore, you need to be shaving your chest and stomach hair. That does not necessarily mean that you should clean shave, but keeping the hairs at a manageable level. Cutting them makes it easy for you to clean your body. Your skin will also have room to grow and show your masculine chest and stomach muscles.

should i shave my chest and stomach for the beach

How to trim chest hair without itching

There are various perceptions of how one should cut the chest hair and the aftershave process. More so, there were times when the idea of having a man shave his chest seemed a taboo. The modern trend is changing where trimming of chest hairs is not restricted to bodybuilders, athletes, actors, or even swimmers. More men are trimming their chest hair, and women appear to feel attracted and prefer a man whose chest hairs are well-trimmed. The major challenge that comes with chest hair trimming is the itching. Many things can lead to the itching, such as inflamed skin pores, irritation of the growing hair follicles below the skin, or even an infection. Many men who think of trimming their chest hairs try to get better ways that they can do so without itching. Below are the answers on how to cut chest hair without itching.

  1. Scrub your skin for exfoliation

Start by ensuring that your skin is clean and that the skin pores are unclogged. Exfoliating will help your skin to open up for the new hairs to grow and reduces the chances of ingrown hairs. The blade will also have fewer obstructers leading to less itching. It is advisable even to use moisturizers and allow the skin to heal for at least two days before the actual trimming.

  1. Shower using warm water

A warm bath before the trimming of chest hairs is considered the most suitable way of softening the hairs. The warm shower is also good for the opening of the pores, which will make the trimming process more manageable. It will also be a moment for your body muscles to relax and enable your concentrate during the trimming process.

  1. Clean the chest area using an antiseptic soap

People who have the problem of itching after trimming their chest hair should use antibiotic soaps to wash the specific region to shave. The soap helps in both smoothening the hairs and skin, and well as cleaning the part by killing the bacteria to avoid infections. So, it will not only ensure that the pores are fully opened but also sterilize the chest region.

  1. Use a quality shaving razor

It is essential since you to cut the hairs without necessarily scratching your skin sharply. A freshly purchase and top-quality blade or any other shaving machine, and of course clean, helps in reducing the itching effect after the trim. Cleaning it ensures that it is free of any bacteria. Ingrown hairs are also a menace brought by blunt and dull shaving blades.

  1. Use quality aftershave gel

The making of a perfect aftershave gel should be to ensure that the region is clean of any pathogens and well moisturized. It helps in reducing the itching issue. Look for an aftershave that is free of alcohol or spirits. You can try using them that are made of natural ingredients such as aloe Vera and coconut oils.

  1. Trim the hears with no much hurry

Trimming your chest hairs hurriedly is likely to ricking or cutting of your skin. Such carelessness may increase the chances of having skin inflammations, irritations, or even infections. Therefore, you need to set aside enough time to trim your chest hairs to undertake the process keenly. Also, when cutting, ensure you have a mirror to help you monitor the process and attain the level of your desire.

  1. Shave along the grain without re-strokes

Shaving along the grain brings along a soothing effect to the skin and the hairs. One should understand that this is a trimming process, and so, no fine shaving is required. Re-strokes are known to be rough and may easily injure the skin. The lubricant and gel are easily removed through blade gliding, leaving the skin unlubricated and more exposed.

  1. Warmly massage and moisturize the place

After you are done with the trimming, you need to clean the remaining hairs. Use some warm water and a damp cloth to remove the hairs that may prick and cause itches soothingly. You can use your aloe Vera gel or a naturally sourced moisturizer to hydrate the skin and act as a conditioner treatment to the remaining hairs. The moisturizer acts as a way of preventing further loss of skin oils and limits the chances of having skin inflammations and irritations.

  1. Avoid wearing tight clothes

When you are wearing a very tight shirt or vest, you are likely to irritate your skin, for it will not have healed. You need to allow your skin enough time to heal after the trimming is done. Also, the remaining short hairs need time to re-grow without any much hindrance.

How to trim chest hair with scissors

Trimming your chest hair with scissors could probably be the best way to reduce them, but often leaves some hairs shorter and others longer. Such a look is usually a turn off to most women and may also leave you feeling uncomfortable. However, it is easier to use clippers and leave a more natural look. They help in obtaining an ordinary level for the chest hairs that have been trimmed using thinning scissors. Trimming is highly preferred as it only helps reduce the volume of the chest hairs and offer an attractive look. These hairs obtain a more natural look, and one can quickly think that they have not been touched. Scissors also lower the possibilities of having itchy discomforts after the shave.

The procedure to trim chest hair with scissors is easy, and you can comfortably do it by yourself. It requires you first to acquire some quality scissors, then set aside enough time to undertake the procedure. Ensure your scissors are sterilized to avoid instances of them spreading bacterial infections on your skin. They should also be sharp enough to ensure that they do not pull up your hairs and cause pains.

How to soften chest hair after trimming

Softening the chest after a trimming process is among the most recommended practices. However, there does not exist an instant way, but various practices can help accomplish this over time. Some of these practices include the following.

  1. Using hair conditioners

Just as the hair conditioner is known to soften the hairs on every person’s head, the same would happen to chest hairs. Ensure your conditioner does not have fragrances and oils that may cause irritations and block of pores. Conditioning helps in chest hair re-growth and avoidance of ingrown hairs.

  1. High water consumption

Consuming more water ensures your body is well hydrated, and your hairs become softer. Water ensures that there is adequate circulation of body nutrients to every cell, specifically the hair follicles. It also facilitates the production of sebum, the body oils, to moisturize the strands. Therefore, try to take enough water after the shave for longer-lasting results.

  1. Use a hydrating masque

There are various home remedies through which you can improvise and make your conditioner at home. The conditioning masque is purely natural and contains home sought ingredients. Some of these ingredients include aloe Vera, Vitamin E, smashed bananas, and even Argan oils. They soften your hair, nourish it, soften the skin, and bring to an end the prickly feeling.

Shaving chest with an electric razor

Getting rid of the hairs on your body can get accomplished using various methods, and the use of electric shaver is one of them. However, some of these methods can be very tiring, especially when you have so much of long hairs on your body. It is easy to use the electric razor on any body part without much worriers on getting cut. A good case is where you need to shave your back, and you only need the electric razor and a mirror. The same process happens when shaving the chest hairs.

  • Start by adequate preparations such as purchase and sterilization of the shaving razor. You can also trim your long chest hairs. Then, it is better to have a wet shave instead of a dry shave, for it leads to less itching. Start your trimming, and preferably do it along the hair grid and with no much hurry. Then wet your chest using warm water to act as chest hair softener and facilitate the application of high-quality shaving cream. The cream also helps in bringing a soothing effect to the skin as the electric razor makes every stroke. It is highly recommended that you do your chest shaving while the warm shower is running.
  • Start the shaving by slowly dealing with specific small portions for a particular time. Besides, avoid long strokes, for they may lead to leaving of untrimmed areas. You need to be highly cautious when cutting the hairs within your nipple region due to its sensitivity. Avoid putting excessive pressure during the shaving time. Quality electric razors are made in a way that they capture every hair for every stroke. You need to avoid any instance of hurting your skin. Also, they perfectly work in both dry and wet shaves. The razor is also long-serving since you do not have to buy a new one every time you are shaving your chest hairs.
  • Once you are done with shaving, clean your body while in the warm water shower. Then, apply moisturizers or natural aftershaves to help refresh your skin. The moisturizer will also strengthen the hair follicles by supplying the necessary minerals and nutrients for the re-growth of hairs. It also softens the surface to ensure that the hairs will have an easy time to penetrate the skin to avoid any ingrown hairs. People who experience inflammations are highly advised to use talc powder, which prevents their skin from having burns.

Shaving chest hair side effects

Shaving chest hairs is attributed to various reasons. Some of these include when the weather is so hot, and you need relief, plays a given sport that requires your chest shaved, or a way of grooming your look. However, there are common side effects that come with the use of bad shaving techniques and aftershave procedures. Some of these side effects create many discomforts or even worsen to the point of necessitating seeking medical attention.

  1. Prickly hairs

It’s genuinely normal that there is hair re-growth in the wake of shaving is harder and pricklier than the one already shaved. Such prickly hairs often occur a few days after the chest hair shave. They are irritating and sometimes a pain to bear. Despite being a great nuisance, such hairs do not look good. They also take your efforts and time to maintain. It implies that you might have to be shaving the little chest hairs every morning. Also, most women complain that such disturbing hairs are a turn off during romantic moments. They feel uncomfortable to roll your hands over or lie on. Therefore, shaving leaves the hair roots in the skin, which makes the chest hairs grow, making your chest rough and with a prickly feeling.

    1. The sudden growth of hair

Researchers argue that once a person shaves, he increases the hair growth rate. Also, the hairs grow thicker and denser. The more times you shave, the more the hairs are likely to grow on your chest. It implies that you need to up with a better management strategy. Failure to attend to your chest hairs on a daily basis may make them shaggy and grow into dreads. Such thick hairs may even prove hard to shave using the common shavers entirely. Also, these hairs will grow at a faster rate after every shave.

  1. Irritation on your skin

Shaving is known to leave your skin dry, bruised, or with other forms of injuries. Such effects cause rashes on the epidermis and may itch. People with sensitive skin are known to suffer this effect mainly. The main reason is that shaving also removes the top thin layer of your chest skin. It leaves the skin exposed to other environmental conditions. It makes you uncomfortable for the skin to become rough. The shaved part is also leeched its moisture, which can get restored by the use of moisturizers and aftershaves. Irritation is a result of a skin reaction. The bruises and pimples, as a result of continuous scratching, make you rough, and have an ugly look. The solution to this issue is shaving along the grain of your chest hairs. Also, taking good care of your skin after the shave is highly essential to ensure the skin remains moisturized.

  1. Spots and scars

After frequent use of the shaving razors, you are likely to develop some dark or red spots on your chest area. The main reason is that by shaving, you only remove the top part of the hair. The roots and hair follicles are left in the skin. One can easily see the spots of the roots under your skin. The scars may occur if you mistakenly bruise your chest skin and end up having cuts or other infections that may lead to open wounds. Both the spots and scars are uncomfortable and often itchy.

  1. Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are among the common side-effects and most likely a painful experience after taking a shave. Ingrown hairs occur after one shaves the chest hairs in a manner that makes the razor alter the course that the hair follicle should start to develop in. The strands are basically caught under the skin and still keep on developing, which can be very awkward. Such an instance can likewise turn out to be awful if the ingrown hair forms into little pimples of boils-like swelling on the outside surface of your skin. You should make a point to follow legitimate shaving methods to pursue the smooth outcomes you want.

Some of the common ways that these shaving side effects can get stopped are as follows:

  • Purchase and use good quality shavers such as razors. The double-edged razors are better known for offering a better shave. Use of bad quality shavers will harm your skin, such as irritation, spots, and bruises.
  • Use a shaving gel or cream that best suits your skin. A person with sensitive skin is advised to do a thorough search and avoid creams that have any form of chemicals. Using such shaving gels and chemicals may cause infections or irritations to the skin.
  • Skin exfoliation is essential is also a proper technique through which you can open your skin pores and reduce the chances of having ingrown hairs. This practice is also recommended to remove dirt, dead cells, and to eliminate the pathogens on the surface.
  • Use aftershaves, which will moisturize the skin and remain well hydrated. The moisturizer should also bring a cooling effect on the skin.
  • It is better to start with trimming your hair before taking the shave. Chest hair trimming will make it easy for the shaving razor and avoid any form of tangling within the thick chest hair.
  • Shaving should be done along the grain to ensure that the hairs are smoothly cut. Doing otherwise leads to ingrown hairs, dark spots, and irritated skin.
  • Taking hot showers before a shave helps in opening up the skin pores and softens the chest hairs. Such a practice makes it better and efficient for your shaving razor to cut every hair on the skin.

How often should I shave my chest?

The question of how often one should shave the chest hairs is more personal and cannot be answered with a particular common rule. The hair growth rate varies from one person to the other. Therefore, having a specific set of rules that every man needs to follow concerning the shaving of their chests is not possible. Some men like it when they shave the chest hairs after every few days to ensure their skin is consistently smooth. Some men also like it when their chest hairs are long. They take their time before shaving or trimming them. It implies that the frequency of your shave much depends on you.

There are various factors that you need to consider when deciding the time to have your next chest shave. The first one is how fast your chest hairs re-grows. Besides, there is your preferential grooming and appearance. Some men feel more masculine with their long hairs, and others have hairy role models that they mimic. Some men are also influenced by their girlfriends, wives, or women around them. They tend to shave as long as they make their partners feel better, especially during moments of romance. Hence, you need to cut the hairs depending on your present circumstances.

Waxing chest hair, how long does it last?

Besides shaving, waxing is one of the most efficient techniques. Waxing ensures that the hairs are plucked out from their roots. The sticky substance used to cover the hairs is what is called the wax. After it is allowed to dry, it is then pulled out along with the hairs. The process can be painful but highly effective since it gets the hairs from its follicle depths. It implies that the skin is left remarkably smooth and free of any prickly hairs. The primary question is on how long it should take you to wax your chest hairs again. Also, effective waxing must happen when the hair is up to a certain level. So, the longer the hair, the better the waxing process outcome for the glue-like substance will have captured all the hairs on your skin.

Some factors that determine how long chest hair waxing should last include hair thickness and color. Some people with sturdy and thick hair, which are easy to wax even when they are small-sized. Also, the color of your chest hair dictates how soon you need to wax them. Therefore, people with thick and very dark hair may have to wax them after a short time compared to them with light, soft, and spaced out chest hairs. Dark and thick chest hairs are easily seen re-growing. Though, some men like it when they do not have any chest hairs, while some allow theirs to grow longer before thinking to go for another waxing procedure. The significant benefit of waxing is that continuous practice of it makes the hairs to grow sparser and lighter. It implies that the waxing effect will continuously increase with time.

Also, the rate at which hair grows varies from one individual to another. Some primary factors that are known to affect hair growth include the environment heat. During the warm months, the hairs grow faster than in cold seasons. It implies that the waxing has to happen when it is summer as opposed to the winter season. Nonetheless, it is paramount to wait for the hair to grow long enough for a repeated period of waxing. Most dermatologists recommend that for hair to be waxed, one must ensure it is at least a quarter-inch long.

It is crucial for you also to consider doing other chest hair management practices such as trimming and razor shaving before a subsequent waxing. Such processes would also help answer the question of how long waxing of the chest hair lasts. Be informed that after continuous waxing, the lasting time is known to increase. The hairs grow weaker, and the chances of having very insignificant chest hairs growing in the future are high. Waxing slowly affects the working of hair follicles due to the much pressure used in getting the hair out from their roots. Also, waxing may prove a nightmare to many due to the pain and irritation when the hairs are getting removed.

Chest waxing side effects

Many people will admire smooth skin but are never aware of the price to pay for such a beautiful look. There are specific waxing effects that may occur due to the kind of wax used. You can easily purchase the wax at your nearest cosmetics shop. Such does not imply that all the wax products must prove to be safe, foolproof, and useful. Others come as a result of reckless of the person waxing and you who are getting waxed. Hygiene is also essential for after removing the hairs with its roots, and you tend to expose the skin to the rest of the environmental pathogens. Below are some common chest waxing side effects.

  1. A painful experience

Some inevitable pains accompany every form of waxing for the applied wax strips that must be quickly removed along with the uprooting of the hairs. Pain variation depends on the ability of an individual skin to tolerate pain, the volume of strands, and skin sensitivity. Also, the pulling of the wax is done against the grain, which makes it a painful experience.

  1. Bleeding

Bleeding is normal when waxing. The leading cause is the pulling done, leading to the removal of some epidermis layer parts. The hair cuticles which hold the hair roots are also connected to the circulatory system. You need to take caution when dealing with aging or brittle skin. Consider using products that are said to suit a gentle or sensitive skin. However, bleeding is not expected to be too much. You need to visit a doctor in case of excessive or continuous bleeding.

  1. Skin Irritation and Redness

Chest hair waxing is likely to cause you mild irritation and redness for some time after its use. Notably, fleshly waxed chest skin is red or pink. It is also somewhat more sensitive to any touching, which irritates. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid any aftershave that has alcohol, for it may burn your skin. Also, prevent yourself from rough and much scratching when the skin turns itchy.

  1. Scars

It may sound rare but possible to have scars on your chest after waxing. The effect may even worse to the men with soft skin tissues for the wax easily over cuts. It may start as an open wound that later may grow to a scar after an infection or getting sunburn. You need to know that waxing also leaves the skin devoid of its natural protective oil, sebum.

  1. Rashes

When you consistently scratch the itching skin, you are likely to see experience some rashes. The rash may stay for more than a day. At times the rashes happen as the skin tries to protect the body against the aftershave product. Hence, when they spread and become severe, stop using the wax and after waxing products.

  1. Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are often associated with shaving, but waxing may also lead to their occurrence. Pulling the wax in along the hair grain increases the chances of having ingrown hairs. So, the pulling of the wax strips should always be against the hair growth direction. The common cause of ingrown hairs is the breakage of the hair shaft and leaving of the hair roots below your skin. The ingrown hairs cause some pimples or bumps on your skin, creating an unattractive look.

  1. Skin inflammations

Inflammations or skin bumps often occur on pores where the hairs and their roots were plucked out. The tugging and pulling during the waxing process is the primary cause of these bumps. They may turn itchy but fades away with time. You may consider applying a calming balm or cream to help in soothing the inflammation.

  1. Skin infections

The waxing products may not have been certified and end up reacting with your skin. Besides, you are at high risk of getting infections where skin damage or bleeding occurred. You need to avoid waxing if you have a fresh wound or cut. The skin pores are also left open, leaving you highly susceptible to infections. Hence, visit a medical facility if you notice oozing or swelling on your waxed chest.

  1. Allergic skin reactions

Your skin is sensitive and self-defensive. It may react with some of the waxing products. Therefore, try testing the products on a small portion of your body before applying the wax on your chest. You should use a product that only works, as stated in its description, and that does not cause any reaction after a day. Avoid any waxing product that causes a red rash, itchiness, or any hives after you test it out.

  1. Sun Sensitivity

It is always necessary to be extra cautious and avoid direct sun exposure after waxing. You should know that your skin is profoundly weakened for the process also removes your epidermis layer. Waxing somehow peels the chest hairs you are getting rid of and the adjacent skin. Therefore, you should cover your chest after the successful execution of the procedure.

How to stop hair growth on chest naturally

It is natural for chest hairs to grow in men. However, this growth is welcomed with mixed reactions. Some men feel ashamed walking around with a furry bush of hairs on their chest, while others feel proud of themselves. Those that don’t like their chest hairs may seek various options to stop the growth. Some of these options may have severe effects, while others are expensive. Below are some tips on how to stop hair growth on chest naturally.

  1. Apply curd and gram flour mask

The use of curd and besan or gram flour is a traditional home remedy proved to affect the growth of body hairs. Prepare the mask by mixing a tablespoon of besan, a tablespoon of curd, and a pink of turmeric. Thoroughly mix your ingredients, and then add water to produce a thick cream. Apply the paste on your chest, massage it, and allow it time to dry. Then, clean it slowly, odd your chest, and repeat the application every day. Some dermatologists advocate for the replacement of the water with heavy cream or yogurt during the paste preparation. Dairy ingredients contain nutrients known to inhibit the growth of hair.

  1. Use your homemade wax

Making a home remedy wax is easy to prepare and apply. You need to mix a tablespoon each of honey, lemon juice, and sugar. Then, place the mixture into a thick and waxy substance inside a microwave and heat for at least three minutes. Allow it to cool to room temperatures to avoid burning your skin. Use flour or cornstarch to dust and scrub the chest area to help your wax stick on the hairs. Use a butter knife or spatula to apply the wax on your chest hairs along the grain. Then, put a piece of cloth on the applied mixture and press it down to ensure it sticks well. You should pull the fabric against the hair grain. Repeat the same procedure from time to time and the process will result in lesser and lesser hairs.

  1. Eating a higher quantity of soy products

Consumption of more soy in your body acts more or less like the naturally produced estrogen. They would help in the synthesis of DHT hormone and lead to reduced chest hair growth. Therefore, you need to add various soy products to your diet. Some of these products include edamame, soy burgers, or soy milk. You may not notice the changes immediately, but the ingestion of soy acts as a moderate inhibitor of hair growth.

  1. Drinking spearmint tea

Various specialists have discovered that spearmint tea consumption lowers androgen levels in males. Androgen is the male testosterone that significantly causes the growth of excessive hairs. Therefore, when its levels are reduced, the growths of hairs on your chest, as well as other parts of the body are significantly inhibited. Consequently, you should buy the spearmint tea leaves or freshly picked leaves and use them to make a drink. Then, taking the tea at least twice per day within several weeks helps to decrease hair growth on your chest.

Not all ladies find excessive chest hair quite appealing, but if you want to have long hair on your chest, that’s okay. Just ensure that you don’t allow your chest hair spilling out from the top buttons of your shirt. However, if you would like to cut your chest hair, it’s up to you. Just ensure that you leave some hair so that your lady can enjoy the thinned area.

If you want to shave your chest hair, you may opt to utilize a depilatory cream, wax, or cut the hair using a pair of scissors. However, it would help if you thought twice before you even consider getting a laser hair removal or some other form of permanent hair treatment. That’s because the look might come back in rage several years down the line. If you intend to trim your chest hair, you can use the simple tips discussed in this post to get your desired look. These tips will help you groom your chest hair in the right manner without putting yourself in harm’s way.

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