Should I Wash My Hair Before Getting a Haircut?




should i wash my hair before going to the barber

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Haircuts are a must for anyone. They are the ones that let the hairs regrow and the scalp to breathe a fresh lease of life. Depending on the nature of the hairs, there are often bound to be some issues during the cuts. A number of these issues are easily solvable simply by washing the hair.

But when should the hair be washed? Is it before or after the hair cut? Are there any problems that are likely to arise if the hair is not washed either before or after the cuts? Well, our discussions here below endeavor to shed more light on these are many more relevant issues regarding the subject matter.

Should I Wash My Hair Before Getting a Haircut?

In a nutshell, YES! You should wash your hair before a haircut. There are a number of potential benefits that accrue from the use of this approach. Below are but a few of them:

should i wash my hair before going to hair salon

Weaken the Hair Strands

The number of reasons to wash the hair before cutting is to weaken the hair strands. The water that is used to wash the hair is absorbed by the strands. This, in turn, makes the strands to be weaker than normal. The end result of this is that the strands are now easier to cut.

Opens the Sweat Pores

Washing the hair right before a haircut also opens the sweat pores. An open sweat pore weakens the foundations of the hair strands and in turn, allows the same to be easily cut by the machine. As such, limited efforts are expended to undertake the cutting exercise.

Removes Dirt and Dandruff

All the dirt and the dandruff are removed in the process of washing the hair. Obviously, this is awesome as it guarantees that the machine glides smoothly and unhindered. Adding to this is the benefit of shaping the haircuts smoothly and precisely than with the dirt there.

Washes away Makeup

Makeups may also always impede the motion of the blades and compromise the quality of the cuts. By washing the hair before a cut, you get to eliminate the makeup and ward off the adverse side effects that come along thereafter. As a result, the pace of cutting hair is also improved.

Minimizes Resistance to the Blades of Machines

The sum total of all the approaches above leads to reduced resistance to the movements of the blades of the razor or the cutter. With reduced resistance levels come the simplicity of making the cuts. Also, the speed of doing so is greatly upheld. Less effort is also utilized in the process.

Should You Wash Your Hair After a Haircut?

YES, you should! It is also advisable that you wash off your hair after a cut. The primary reason for this is to wash away the debris that remains after the cutting process is concluded. This is to keep you neat and ready to take on the next challenges.

For this role, you are advised to insist on only warm water. That is to ensure that the scald is completely cleansed and devoid of any impurities. Use some mild detergents also to eliminate all the chaff and other issues that may imperil the appearance of the hair overall.

Should I Shower After a Haircut?

NOT really necessary! All you have to do is to brush off the head with a soft clean cloth or dry towel to eliminate the residual debris. If possible, you should also wash the scalp using warm water as we have already indicated above. Shower only when you have to.

Do Barbers Prefer Washed Hair?

If you may have noted, the barbers do prefer washed rather than unwashed hair. A number of reasons account for this. We examine them here below:

Easier to Cut

The washed hair is generally easier to cut. As we have already explained, this kind of hair is weaker and hence easier to cut through. The barbers hence have an easier time to tackle such kinds of hairs as compared to those that are dirty or unwashed.

Cuts Faster

Other than being easier to cut, such kinds of hairs also cut faster. The machines have an easier time to glide through the strands and flatten the hairs. Thus, the barbers who have to handle this kind of hair will generally experience an easier time compared to those who handle drier hair.

Simpler to Style

Cleaner hair is also easier to style. That is mainly because they do not imperil the smooth flow of the blades as is the norm with those hair strands that are dirtier. With simplified styling also comes the added advantage of a smoother and easier time at the barbershop.

Leaves the Blades Cleaner

Washed hairs will also leave the blades of the cutters cleaner. That is given that the blades will generally not have to accumulate the debris and other elements of dirt as it moves along. Cleaner blades also last longer and are less susceptible to the common damages that bedevil such machines.


Unwashed hair is most likely sweaty and stinking. It hence goes that the barbers will usually have to endure the foul stench as they go about tackling these kinds of hairs. The ones that are washed and generally better placed to give off the comfort that the barbers desperately need.

should i wash my hair before going to the barber

What Do Barbers Spray in Your Hair?

After each shave, the barbers will usually spray some fluids on the head. These fluids vary greatly as they are determined to solve different problems and issues. Below are the top fluids and the roles which they serve when sprayed on the head:

Alcohol/Methylated Spirit

The number one fluid that is sprayed on the head is the alcohol or the methylated spirit. This is a potent antibacterial agent that works to kill germs on the head. It is the one that almost every other barber out there has to possess and make use of.


Next comes the after-shave. This is mainly sprayed on the crown, along the hairlines, and on the chins of those who have sensitive skin. Its role is to prevent the rashes from arising after shaving the hair. It kills the germs and softens the stated regions of the head to prevent the mentioned issues from emerging.

Hair Tonic

Some haircuts will often demand that the hair be styled after a cut. The hair tonic is extensively used at such times. This is basically a styling agent that makes the hair smoother, shiner, and greater to behold with the naked eyes. A relevant tonic has to be used alongside a relevant hairstyle.


Perfumes are also sprayed on the heads, though rarely. They are purely used for making the hair look shiny and smell better. This is an ingredient that is a must for anyone who is rushing to pursue some professional tasks immediately after a haircut.

Do You Tip Your Barber?

WHY not? A barber, like any other professional, ought to be tipped after a haircut. Three main reasons account for this. These are:

Show Appreciation

Tipping is a way of showing appreciation to the barber for the job well done. It is generally courteous to appreciate anyone who has done well to you regardless of how lowly the profession might be. You want him to serve other persons with a selfsame degree of enthusiasm.

Motivate the Barber

The activity also motivates the barbers to take their duties more seriously each time. A barber that is tipped will usually find it a lot easier to treat clients better and with a fair degree of happiness. The sum total of these enhanced services to the wider community.

Encourage Better Services

When a person is tipped, he will usually get the encouragement to perform better services later. He will be careful to overlook mistakes that many common people do and handle customers with some kid’s gloves. A tipped barber will also always confront his chores with an elevated sense of enthusiasm.

Should You Dye or Cut Your Hair First?

DYE FIRST before cutting! The following are the reasons that underlie the importance of dying the hair first before proceeding to cut:

Uphold the Health of the Scalp

Dyes are made of generally harmful chemicals that ideally ought never to get into direct contact with the skin. When the hair is cut, the scalp is left exposed. If and when those chemicals get in direct contact, the end results are never really promising. They may also even burn the scalp altogether.

Improve Absorption

When the dyes are applied to the hair strands, they have to be absorbed for maximum and longer-lasting effects to be realized. It is only when the hair strands are longer, that the feat may be achieved. This also goes to solidify the need to have the hair dyed first and foremost before cutting.

Ward-off other Side Effects

A host of side effects may also arise when the hair is cut before dying. These include the desiccation of the roots of the hairs, scalding of the hair scalp, and the difficulty of future growths of hair. The only convenient way to stem these tides is to dye first before cutting.

Expedites Styling

Dying first also allows you to style the hair more conveniently. The argument that underlies this is the ease with which the longer strands of hair are handled compared to the shorter counterparts. Since dying and styling go hand in hand, you have to leave the hairs uncut before undertaking the procedures.

Is It Rude to Go to the Salon With Dirty Hair?

NOT really! Many salons always wash the hair first before perming, dying, styling, or cutting. Thus, it is really not a big issue to go to a hair salon with dirty hair. As a matter of fact, the salonists are usually very happy and eager to assist such people because they know that it rakes in extra cash.

Can You Dye Freshly Washed Hair?

Absolutely NO! You have to wait for the hair to dry completely or do the same using a clean towel. There are three main reasons to explain this.

Slower Absorption

Wet hairs do slow the rates of the absorption of the hair dyes. That is due to the weakened viscosity of the dyes that render them ineffective insofar as settling on the hairs and the scalp is concerned. You do not want to take too long to achieve the desired end result, do you?

Weakened Potency

When the hair dyes encounter moisture, their potency is weakened and rendered of less reliability. If and when this happens, the dyes take too long to settle on the hair strands as noted above. Their effects also tend to last a shorter duration of time that gives off limited value for money.

Slippery Texture

Dilute dyes also have more slippery textures compared to the thicker ones. These tend to stick on the hands and are largely difficult to spread and stick on the hair strands. They are hence problematic to work with and may end up soiling the hands of the persons who handle them.

Back to our question again: should I wash my hair before getting a haircut? The answer is overwhelming, YES! The benefits of this kind of approach are too many to even entertain the thought of forfeiting. It is hence in your best interest to do so each time you want to undergo a cut.

Well, you are not the only one who is desirous of this piece of information, are you? We subsequently urge you to spread it as far wide as possible. Let your friends know the importance of washing their hair before cutting and other allied issues.

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