How Fast Does Facial Hair Grow Per Day?




How Fast Does Facial Hair Grow Per Day

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To be able to take good care of your facial hair, you have to know how fast it grows and the stages it goes through from start to finish. We have seen it necessary to step and in and provide the much-needed guidance to that end. Our guide here below endeavors to do just that.

We shall look into the factors that determine the pace at which the facial hair grows. Then, we are going to delve into examining the stages that the facial hair has to go through from start to the final end. Obviously, these two pieces of information will enable you to time your hair care accordingly. This way, you will also put your acts together better and more reliably.

How Fast Does Facial Hair Grow Per Day

How Fast Does Facial Hair Grow Per Day?

Like any other metric, the facial hair also takes varying amounts of time to grow. Thus, we really cannot state with absolute certainty how long the strands will grow on the whole. Some of the factors that determine the pace of the growth of facial hair are genetics, environmental conditions, climate, and haircare products.

Generally speaking though, a fully grown adult experiences a growth rate of around 0.5 inches per month. This is a figure that has been arrived at after extensive studies of the various kinds of hairs and the corresponding periods of growth thereof. With this knowledge, it is now possible for us to make some relevant conclusions or deductions.

When divided by the average number of days in a month, this translates into 0.0164 inches per day (0.5 ÷ 30.42). In real life also, the growth rates vary significantly depending on many other factors. It may not always be hence that this pace may be maintained intact in the long run.

Moreover, the strands of hairs also never really grow fully straight. Those that are wavy, zig-zag and curly will never really attain some full growths. When all factors are put into consideration, this average length of growth per day comes to about 0.0111 inches per day. This is referred to as the apparent constant growth.

This means that if we want to estimate the number of days our hair may grow to their full sizes and capacities, we divide the optimal length we are looking up to by 0.011. For instance, if I want 0.7 inches this coming Christmas, I will divide that by 0.011 to obtain 63.6 days.

With this knowledge in your armory, it is possible for you to now make accurate guesses and preparations for any upcoming eventualities. This way, it is also possible for you to determine when to start and end your facial hair growing undertakings.

Needless to say, it is important for you to obtain and make use of the necessary facial hair grooming tools and armory for the right job. Simply put: It is not enough to know when and for how long to grow your facial hair. Some professional help might normally come to your rescue also if things don’t add up well.

NB: For best results, we opine that you start early. By starting early, you will have more time to do your thing and achieve the best outcomes. That way, it will also be possible for you to hit the necessary deadlines without any possibility of faltering or missing out on any crucial deadline. We now pass the ball to you to implement the recommendations we have revealed above accordingly.

how long does facial hair grow per day

The Stages of Facial Hair Growth

From the time the facial hair is shaved to the time it attains full growth, it goes through six major stages. Each stage of the growth is characterized by some major milestones and growth parameters. In this segment of the discussions, we are going to look into these stages in finer details.

Stage I: The first stage

Not much happens in the first stage of hair growth. At this stage, the lengths of the strands of the hair are too negligible to demand any strenuous maintenance on your part. As such, you get to enjoy the freedom that ordinarily comes along with not having to invest too much in caring for your hair.

You will feel some prickly and painful sensation as your hair grows. The problem compounds when the skin is more sensitive. Each individual experiences varying rates of hair growth. This is further determined largely by the genetics of the said individual. The environment wherein the individual is found also comes into play.

At this stage of the growth, not much benefit arises from the hair. It has not yet attained any significant milestone that may warrant any aesthetics from the strands altogether. In all, the stage lasts around a week. At the end of the week, you will begin to notice some stubble.

Stage II: Comfortable Lengths

The stage two is also called “Comfortable Lengths” because, at this stage, the facial hair will already have attained some comfortable lengths. The strands are as such easily visible to the naked eyes. You will experience some surge in the itchiness of the facial hairs at this stage.

Other than that, you will also start grooming your hair. Of particularly outstanding importance is the use of the shavers to manage the sizes and the lengths of the hair strands altogether. These you will use to shave and trim the hair strands to sizes that are palatable to the eyes.

To minimize the itchiness, you will also have to make use of the facial hair balm and other ointments. Apply them especially after a shave as that is the time that the facial hairs are more predisposed to the risks of itchiness. You also have to wash the facial hairs using medicated soap to stifle the growths of bacteria.

Stage III: Period of Full-growth

Now comes the period of full growth. This stage is so-called because it is at this stage that the facial hair has attained full growth. The size is now optimal as the strands are now at their fastest pace of growth. Just like is the case with the previous stage, the itchiness shall intensify at this stage considerably.

Moreover, some people will generally start experiencing some patchiness. This calls for proper care and maintenance on your part. You have to wash the facial hair thoroughly using the strongest ointments and hair care products available.

Particularly, you have to trim your facial hair regularly and thoroughly. To be able to do this, you will have to employ the latest tools-of-trade for the job. These include combs, brushes, and shavers. Also worth noting is the fact that the facial hair may now be styled. If you opt to, go ahead and do the same.

Stage IV: Full Glory

This ‘full glory’ runs from weeks 6 to 8. It is so-called because the facial hair has attained the maximum glory it can possibly achieve in its entire lifetime. Many people experience the full facial hair growth at this stage. Owing to the full growth of the hair strands, you now have to employ all the weapons at your disposal to care for your facial hair.

You will mostly experience some varying growth rates of the different portions of your facial hair. If not combed and styled appropriately, the hair shall normally appear unkempt and ghastly to behold. Some portions may nonetheless exude some uniform and truly breathtaking appearances. You have to bring in your maintenance expertise at this moment hence.

As a matter of fact, you are now advised to bring in the intervention of a barber or a professional hair care expert. That is because it is at this stage that the facial hair is now mature enough to be handled professionally. Do take advantage of the long strands to style the facial hair accordingly.

Stage V: Full Maturity

This stage takes four months to attain and lasts quite a long duration of time. It is called the stage of full maturity because it is at this stage that your hair begins to manifest its true colors. This is the stage when the facial hair shows its true colors with regards to such parameters as the color and texture.

Depending on the unique orientations of your hair, you will begin to notice some curliness and waviness. It is important that you ask yourself a couple of relevant questions at this stage. Do you want to have your facial hair grow fully? Could it be that you are desirous of certain styles only?

By far the best hair treatment or maintenance item is the essential oil. This one is packed with many vital nutrients and ingredients that hydrate and make the hair appealing to look at. Do not forget your routine maintenance and grooming schedules as well at this stage.

Stage VI: Sublime Beardsman Phase

At this final stage of growth, the facial hair has now attained its full growth potential. It also responds less to the various grooming strategies and approaches. That is why for a large part, the facial hair appears unkempt even when it is handled accordingly. Many professional singers and footballers prefer this stage.

Notwithstanding the shabby appearances and longer hair strands, you should still not shy away from maintaining your facial hair in the best shapes and forms attainable. This means you have to rely heavily on the common grooming items like combs, hairbrushes, and mirrors.

If you want to, you may also style the facial hair accordingly. This will require that you approach a hairstylist who has the necessary technical expertise to help you out. Of particular priority to you is the length of the hair strands altogether. Do not let it get too long for you to handle fairly well.

PS: From the foregoing explanations, it is now clear that each stage is unique from one another. This means that you have to reinvent yourself with each stage. Reinventing here means getting to acquire the tools and strategies needed to tackle each stage accordingly.

As you may already conclude from the explanations above, facial hair goes through several stages from start to finish. These stages require unique interventions as they are distinctive from one another. It is important hence to read through the explanations of each stage to be able to know what is expected of you.

To be on the safe side, you have to determine what you expect out of the facial hairs. Then, compute the average time you would take to make your facial hair measure up to that standard. Follow this by acquiring and compiling the various gears you would need for the job. This comprehensive approach is definitely good as it cuts down the time you would waste in the long run.

Knowing the stages of the growth of your facial hair or how fast it does so are definitely not conclusive. You also have to familiarize yourself with the various beard care and maintenance tactics. It is only then that you will translate the knowledge you have obtained into something tangible.

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