How to Get Rid of Pubic Hair Permanently at Home




how to permanently get rid of pubic hair at home

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Ideally, removing body hair is a personal preference, nonetheless, if at all we could just snap our fingers and just like that body hair disappears them some of us could be extremely happy about the idea. Bearing in mind that body hair was put on our body for a particular reason, most especially for warmth and hygiene and given the fact that in the modern world we have clothes and regularly take showers then we might feel we no longer need our bodies to be coated with hair.

Again, in as much as we all want to get rid of body hair, getting rid of it as well maintaining that smooth skin is the major challenge and most especially when it comes to pubic hair. Pubic hair is the most challenging body hair when it comes maintaining it as well getting rid of it since many are the times when you attempt to shave it that you end up increasing your chances of skin irritation. To this end, you need not to worry about getting rid of your pubic hair and skin irritation as the aftermath since this article will provide you with a complete step by step guide on how to get rid of your pubic hair permanently in the comfort of your home.

How to Get Rid of Pubic Hair Permanently at Home Quickly

When it comes to permanently removing pubic hair, there are two ways through which this can be achieved either through artificial ways or natural ways. For artificial ways, you will need to visit a specialist while for natural ways, you can do it from the comfort of your home. In most cases, natural ways are highly utilized since its normally uncomfortable as well embarrassing to use artificial ways and for that; some of the natural ways you can utilize to get rid of your pubic hair permanently at home incorporate:

Using Wax

Affirmatively, waxing is the most common home remedy that has so far been utilized to get rid of pubic hair more effectively. Ideally, waxing is more effective in the sense that it removes pubic hair from the root. Normally, what waxing does is that it simply removes the hair follicles permanently, and as a result, it might take ages before it grows again, and the chances are it might never grow again. You need not to worry about razor bumps and the inconveniences they come with since as for waxing you get rid of the hair from its roots that way the skin is not damaged with any sharp blades.

One thing about waxing is that you will need to create time and learn how to go about it; that way, you will be able to remove your pubic hair permanently and in a perfect manner. Further, it’s also crucial to note that waxing is a painful procedure despite the fact that the pain does not last; it still is painful.

Using Papaya

Using papaya is also another natural way you can use to get rid of your pubic hair permanently since it’s incredible in removing body hair due to one essential component, that is; the papaya enzyme. Normally, the papaya enzyme hinders the regrowth of hair that is both in male and females and that way permanently getting rid of your pubic hair.

Generally, while using papaya, you need to first wax or shave your pubes after which you need to prepare your papaya and apply it. You can slice your papaya into smaller pieces then smash them into a paste then apply them carefully on your pubes. You can do this continuously or rather regularly to permanently get rid of your pubic hair.

how to permanently get rid of pubic hair at home

Using Raw Turmeric

Again, turmeric can also bring about satisfying results when it comes to getting rid of pubic hair permanently, and for that, it should be among your favorite home remedies. One of the fears that people normally have when it comes to using turmeric is the yellow coloring; nonetheless, you need not to worry about it because the coloring normally dissolves with time. Generally, you need to repeat the same process for a few days, and that way, you will get rid of the inconveniencing pubic hair.

To get closer in getting rid of your pubes permanently, you need to prepare the paste perfectly. For starters, you need to grind the turmeric into a pulp then mix the pulp with small, fresh pieces of raw papaya after which you should grind the mixture into a fine thick paste.

When it comes to the application part, you need first to shave your pubic area after which you can apply the paste mixture and only rinse it off after about 20 to 30 mins. To get rid of your pubic hair permanently, you need to apply the paste more regularly that way you will make the hair around your pubic area much softer and hydrated, and as a result, you will get rid of the pubic hair permanently. Again, its also important to use warm water while rinsing off the turmeric pulp.

Using Sesame Oil

This is also another effective way to get rid of your pubic hair permanently and in a more effective as well immediate manner. It’s also effective in the sense that it leaves your skin properly hydrated. To be able to get rid of your pubic hair permanently, you need to apply the sesame oil more consistently or rather regularly. Again, another advantage that comes along with the use of sesame oil is that it doesn’t result in itchiness or rather razor bumps compared to other methods.

Again, the first step towards getting rid of your pubic hair permanently with the use of sesame oil, you will need to first wash your pubic area thoroughly after which you dry yourself much vigorously. Once its properly cleaned, you can apply sesame oil considerably. You can also mix the sesame oil with some fresh pieces of papaya to make it much effective. During the application, you are required to rub the liquid gently around your pubes and that way, you will get rid of your pubic hair permanently since the liquid will have taken its course. Again, using sesame is also advantageous since it’s not painful during application compared to other methods such as waxing.

Using Sugar+ Lemon+ Honey

This is also another common remedy that has proved to be effective for getting rid of pubic hair permanently for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is that these ingredients are very easy to come around with and thus easing up convenience. Another reason is the idea that you can easily make the mixture as well apply it.

During the preparation of the mixture, you will need first to have to heat the sugar until it thickens and liquefies after which you should be pretty first to add the lemon juice as well honey and continuously stir until it turns into a thick uniform paste.

During application, be sure to use a thick brush to evenly apply the paste around your pubes. Before applying make sure you perfectly shave your pubic hair to make the process more effective. After applying the thick paste on your pubes, use a waxing clothe to rip off the unwanted pubic hair. One advantage about this technique is the fact that it makes waxing much easier and less painful.

how to get rid of pubic hair at home permanently

Using Cornstarch and Egg

This is also another recommendable technique that has been used to get rid of pubic hair permanently, and the results have been tremendous. One of the advantages that come with this technique is the idea that the egg will extensively nourish as well as moisturize your skin. The cornstarch, on the other hand, will make the paste much thicker and thus getting rid of the pubic hair much easily permanently as well painlessly.

Before applying your thick mixture on your pubes, make sure you shave your pubic hair perfectly and after applying the paste, leave it there for about 20-30 minutes before washing the mixture off. It’s also advisable that before removing the dried crouch off your skin, do it faster to make it less painful.

Using Gram Flour Permanently

Gram flour is one that is known for its incredible remedy when it comes to getting rid of pubic hair permanently. To come up with a perfect mixture, you are required to have at least two tablespoons of mustard oil or even peppermint oil. What follows is to add the two tablespoon into a bowl filled with pieces of fresh papaya after which you can grind the ingredients into an effective natural paste.

Before applying the mixture, ensure that your completely shaven your pubes a couple of days before applying the paste and at least ten days. The main reason for this is to spare you any unnecessary pain during the process. Once your pubes start sprouting after ten days, you can now apply the paste evenly and give it some time to dry before ripping off the cask-like substance. You will endure some pain but not that much since you will be pulling your pubic hair from its roots and to get rid of it permanently you will need to undergo the same procedure.

Using Egg +Sugar Mixture

This is also another popular home remedy that can be used to successfully remove pubic hair permanently. Preparing the mixture can be much easier since the ingredients are easily available since all you need is a bowl, eggs, and at least three tablespoons of sugar.

Some of the preparations that you need to take care of before applying the mixture are to ensure that you perfectly shave your pubes a couple of days before so as to make the whole procedure a success as well less painful. Once your pubes start to sprout, apply the paste on your pubic area in an even manner for the purpose of having better results. Give the paste some time to dry after which you can pull the cask off your pubic area.

Using Lentil +Potatoes Paste

Lentil plus potato paste can also be used to get rid of your pubic hair effectively as well permanently. All you need to make this possible is some yellow lentils, some lemon juice, honey, and potatoes. Ideally, the additional ingredients are meant to boost the effectiveness of the lentil and potato paste.

The first step should be preparing the lentils and potato paste through passing the ingredients into a mixer or grinder for the purpose of coming up with a perfect mixture. Once you apply the paste on your pubes, allow it to stay there for about 20-30 minutes after which you can rinse it off and to permanently get rid of your pubes, repeat the procedure regularly.

Collectively, its rather apparent that pubic hair stresses a lot of people and getting rid of it is quite a challenge. Nonetheless, following the steps above can really be satisfying since they can help you attain a permanent solution to your pubic air nightmare. Again, the techniques above are home remedies, and for that, you can execute them at the comfort of your house; you need not to worry about seen an expert to assist you since some of the time we get uncomfortable with the idea since pubes are more of a personal matter. Trying the above steps will help you deal with your pubes issue; it will only take a little of your time as well money, but the results will be satisfying.


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