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Any normal human has pubic hair. The hair is located in the private parts of people. Its role is chiefly to act as a cushioning the said parts of the body against frictions and impacts that can damage those areas. It also plays the secondary role of providing protection from bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

While the hair is a permanent part and parcel of the humans, they may be a nuisance in the unlikely event that they overgrow. That calls for shaving from time to time. Like any other undertaking, shaving the pubic hair has to be done in accordance with the many regulations that exist. We care to expound on them here in our discussions.

should i shave my pubic hair as a man

Can I shave my pubic hair?

A straight answer is, YES! We have already explained that the hairs may overgrow and pose some nuisances to you. Specifically, overgrown pubic hair does trap dirt, germs and other pathogens. If and when the issue persists, it leads to the proliferation of foul smell.

Nobody wants to find himself in such a state. That is why shaving the hair or at least trimming the same from time to time makes great sense. You have to follow the due process and exercise great caution in the course of doing this nonetheless. Being negligent has the attendant side effect of generating poorer outcomes.

It is impossible to do so save for obtaining the necessary inspiration to that end. We dedicate the entire length and breadth of this review towards that very end. Read through to know all that you might want to in order to do a good job overall.

Why does my pubic hair hurt after trimming?

If you trim your pubic hair, you will notice that it hurts every quite often. This is mainly brought about by many factors and reasons. Below are some of the factors that may trigger the emergence of the pain after trimming the pubic hair:

The sensitivity of the Pubic Region

Generally speaking, the pubic region is more sensitive to the risks of razor burns than the arms and the legs. Thus, regardless of the caution, you take and the blades you use, you are still bound to experience some pain after a shave. This calls for extra care and attention on your part overall.

The proliferation of the Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair refers to a condition in which the hair grows sideways or curls back into the skin. It mainly arises in those persons who have curly or coarser hairs. If and when it arises, it too has the tendency to inflict some pains and hurts on the skin after shaving the pubic hair.

should i shave my pubic hair for my boyfriend

Too Sharp Blades

The use of blades that are too sharp also predisposes you to the risks of pains and hurts after a shave. That is because such blades, being sharp, will normally inflict some unwanted cuts on the skins. It is for this reason that you want to exercise some caution as you cut your pubic hairs.

Recklessness while Shaving

How you shave your pubic hair may also make or break the situation. Reckless shaving has the ability yet again to inflict cuts that eventually cause your private parts to hurt after a cut. To stem this particular tide, you want again to exercise some due diligence when shaving the hair.

Applying Excessive Force

When you apply excessive force, you will also more likely to cause the affected parts to pain more. The excess force will often make the blades to get too deep into the skin. In doing so, the blades will incuse some cuts that eventually inflict some hurts in the process.

Does pubic hair grow thicker after shaving?

NOT really! The strands of hair maintain the same level of thickness they had before the shaving. Nonetheless, shaving does invigorate the pace of regrowth. The strands are hence healthier and more luxurious than they were before. Subsequently, they also tend to be itchy and uncomfortable.

It is also possible to make the hair thicker. This is a feat you achieve mainly by applying the cream and other factors that have the ability to make the strands thicker than usual. Some creams are specially formulated for the job. Do look out for them to be able to enjoy the benefit we have talked about.

How fast does pubic hair grow after shaving?

There is no standard duration of time after which a pubic hair regrows. Nonetheless, there are factors that determine to a great extent the duration after which they may grow. Listed and explained below are some of these factors:


Each person has a genetic predisposition. Those who genetics favor rapid regrowth are subsequently more likely to experience faster regrowth after a shave. The same case applies to those who inherit slower regrowth patterns. You should definitely find out your predisposition to be able to assess your own pace of growth.


Hair generally grows faster in warmer and humid weather conditions than in cold conditions. Expect your pubic hair to regrow faster when the area you are in is too hot or humid. The pace will, however, dip in times of winters when the temperatures are too low.

Frequency of Shaving

The pace at which you shave your hair also has a role to play in the pace of the regrowth of hair. Shaving every quite often will usually trigger a faster regrowth than doing so infrequently. Consider upping the number of times you shave the hair if you want yours to regrow too soon!

All factors considered, the regrowth of the pubic hair takes around 30-44 days from scratch to full growth. It is hence in your best interest to find out how long yours is more likely to take in order to prepare yourself appropriately for the job.

Does shaving pubic hair reduce odor

YES, it does! By shaving the pubic odor, you get to severely limit the ability of the bacteria to grow and thrive. Remember, it is the bacteria that in fact is chiefly responsible for the emergence of the foul odor. By limiting its growth, the shaving will similarly cut down the emergent odors.

Shaving the pubic hair also opens up the sweat pores. This one allows you to sweat freely. By slowing down the buildup of the sweat in the pores, the exercise goes a long way in eliminating any possibilities of clogging and the discomforts that come along ordinarily.

Lastly, shaving also makes it possible for you to easily wash the pubic regions. Indeed, the detergents get to cleanse the areas perfectly with no trace of dirt left behind. This yet again goes a long way in stifling the emergence of dirt and the foul smell that comes along.

should i shave my pubic hair male 15

Home remedies for itching pubic area after shaving

To remedy the menace of itching pubic hair after a shave, you have a number of remedies for your own consideration. We sample the most reliable home remedies that have been tried and tested to do a better job:

#1: Honey

Honey has been used from the beginning of time to heal wounds and expedite the repairs of the wounds. That is because it possesses excellent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory characteristics. When spread on wounds, it combats irritations as well as hydrate the area as well.


  • Apply some raw organic honey on the palms of your hands
  • Rub thoroughly to spread and heat the honey up
  • Apply it on the affected area of your pubic regions
  • Leave untouched for 10-15 minutes
  • Rinse using warm water
  • Wipe with a clean cloth or piece of towel

#2. Essential Oils (olive, tea tree, vitamin E)

A host of essential oils may also come to your rescue. Examples of these include the Vitamin E, tea tree, and Olive oils. They possess great soothing and anti-inflammatory characteristics too! They also place a barrier on the skin to ward off subsequent infections. This is not to mention the anti-bacterial impacts they yield.


  • Select the kind of oil you desire on the basis of consistency and scent
  • For natural oils like olive oil, apply directly to the affected areas
  • In the case of the essential oils lie tea tree oil, mix with water
  • Apply thereafter to the affected area and rub gently
  • Leave for some time to settle and wipe gently with a towel

#3. Cool Compress

Cold compression entails the use of the cold, chilled or frozen materials to impact the affected areas. Its main purpose is to minimize irritations and slow down the pains that arise after shaving. It takes many forms and shades. The steps displayed below are more likely to yield better outcomes:


  • Wrap some ice cubes on a piece of cloth
  • Apply the wrapping on the affected portion of the pubic area
  • Leave to settle for a couple of minutes
  • Dry with a clean towel thereafter

#4. Petroleum Jelly

Shaving generally leaves your skin itchy and dry. That substance that is able to conserve the moisture content of your skin and mitigate drying is hence highly welcome. The petroleum jelly it is! These items are abundant. Finding one is hence never that much of an issue.


  • Acquire Vaseline petroleum jelly as it is the most effective
  • Apply generous amounts to the affected area
  • Leave it for 10-15 minutes or so to settle and yield the necessary impacts
  • Take the jelly off thereafter using a clean wet towel

#5. Aspirin

Other than mitigating excess pain, aspirin has also been noted to tame irritations and rashes. That is because it serves as an anti-inflammatory agent. In this role, it slows down the burning sensations of the razors, a fact that brings down the irritations. Pick it to make your pubic less painful.


  • Dissolve 2-3 aspirin tablets in water
  • Stir to form a paste
  • Apply the paste to the irritated portion of the skin
  • Leave it intact for around 10 minutes or so
  • Wash off thereafter using warm water

#6. Apple cider vinegar

Many people know apple cider vinegar as a great home cleanliness solution. Indeed, this agent has potent antimicrobial agents that do the task of ridding your surfaces of dirt perfectly. Few though are aware that it can indeed reduce the inflammations and excess pain after shaving your pubic hair.


  • Dilute the cider vinegar with water
  • Apply the same on your pubic region using a cotton ball
  • Allow it to dry by leaving it untouched for some minutes
  • Wash it off using clean water

#7. Oatmeal/Oats

Oatmeal contains sufficient amounts of phenolic compounds and avenanthramides. These substances are widely known for their anti-itching, anti-proliferative, and anti-inflammatory properties. All these combine to aid with the healing of the skin irritations and the pains that arise thereafter.


  • Grind the oatmeal finely
  • Mix with plain yogurt to bring about a paste-like mixture
  • Apply it to the irritated pubic area
  • Leave the paste on for around 30 minutes
  • Wash off using warm water

#8. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural medication that is less inclined to bring about any adverse side effects. Particularly, this natural remedy moisturizes the skin by furnishing it with additional hydration. It also contains sufficient amounts of anti-bacterial properties that go a long way in combating infections.


  • Extra the gel-like substances from the leaf
  • Rub it gently on the skin
  • Allow it to dry off completely
  • Wash off with warm water

#9. Cornstarch or baby powder

Cornstarch and baby powder are both capable of minimizing the pains that arise after shaving the pubic hairs. It specifically yields instant relief to the pubic region after shaving off the hairs that exist therein. Nevertheless, it only applies to those skins that are devoid of any infections.


  • Get hold of the over-the-counter baby powders
  • Alternatively, form a paste by mixing some cornstarch with water
  • Apply the paste to the affected portion of your skin
  • Leave to rest for around 10 minutes
  • Wash off with plenty of water

#10. Cucumber

Other than spicing your meals, the cucumbers also do moisturize the dry skins that are usually left behind after a shave. They also play an excellent role in repairing irritated skin and handling other forms of damages. These stem mostly from its anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Obtain a cold cucumber preferably from the refrigerator
  • Slice it in thinner pieces
  • Apply it on your skin and rub gently
  • Leave undisturbed for around 15 minutes

How to get rid of dark spots from shaving pubic area

With continued shaving comes the danger of hyperpigmentation. This simply entails the darkening of the region that is shaved every now and then. Obviously, this darkening compromises the appearances of the said area not to mention leading to a loss of self-confidence.

To get rid of these dark spots, you have to implement some steps. These are:

#1. Exfoliate the affected area daily

You should exfoliate the affected area on a daily basis. As you do so, scrub the area gently using a facial scrub. That way, you will eliminate the dead cells that accumulate in the area to cause it to darken in the first place. By exfoliating, you also cause a new breed of healthy cells to spring to the surface.

#2. Moisturize the area

Apply excess moisturizer to the affected area. This entails the use of the common moisturizing agents and lotions that are rich in Vitamin E. You should do this on a daily basis to be able to accrue the best possible outcomes obtainable at any given time. This Vitamin has been noted to decolorize the darkened areas when applied regularly.

#3. Rub the castor oil

You may also consider rubbing the castor oil on the part that is affected. This, you should do at least twice daily. Castor oil has the impact of moisturizing the rough patches and eliminating the dead skin cells. When applied repeatedly, it also lightens the dark spots gradually while aiding the same from recovering from the razor bumps.

#4. Lemon juice

Lemon juice also does a great job of exfoliating the skin cells. That is because it contains sufficient amounts of the critic acids. When rubbed to the skin, the substance causes the skin to lighten and become quite cute to behold. Moreover, it also tackles the menace of ingrown hairs.

#5. Hydroquinone lotion

The hydroquinone lotion is also a reliable one to use to fade the spots away. It is overall a potent skin bleach that particularly gets rid of the stubborn dark spots. Its impacts spread to the ingrown hairs as well. The more powerful versions have to be prescribed by a qualified dermatologist.

#6. Apply sunscreen

If you have to put on a bikini or any other revealing attire, you have to apply sunscreen. This is a substance that conceals your skin in such a way as to minimize the exposure to direct sunlight. The sunscreen of your use has to possess a Sun Protection Factor of no less than 30. While at it, you should also put on a breathable attire that is both loose and comfortable.

#7. Desist from hair-removal lotions

For your own safety, you should desist from using hair-removal lotions to get rid of the unwanted hairs. Instead, use the wax if you do not like shaving off your skin. It is safer and less likely to cause any discolorations. This also goes a long way in suppressing the darkened spots.

#8. Use only mild soaps to wash off your pubic areas

We have already explained that the pubic region is generally more sensitive than the rest of your body. That is why we also recommend the mild soaps as they are the better for such areas. Using stronger soaps only worsen the situations as such detergents may damage the said portions further.

#9. Eat healthily

The kinds of foods you take in also matters a great deal. A diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and whole-grain cereals, is the one to go for. These nutrients impact your skin in ways that ordinary junk foods cannot match. They also contribute to slowing the darkening.

How to grow pubic hair fast for guys

Are you a fan of long hair? Well, you have to implement the various strategies to hasten the pace of growth. Below are some of the means and ways that have been noted to deliver exceptionally fast outcomes:

Exfoliate the hair

As we have already explained, it is not uncommon for the ingrown hairs are bound to arise as the hairs start to grow. These are generally some curls inside the hair follicles. They have the tendency to slowing down the pace of hair growth. Exfoliating will suppress them from arising and invigorate the growth of hair.

Shampoo Less

While shampoo combats dandruff and other nuisances that exist on the scalp of the hair, overusing it is also not advisable either. Shampooing a bit too often has the tendency to damage the hair follicles that definitely leads to permanent hair loss in the long run. You should hence shampoo less during the growth period.

Trim your Hair Frequently

Trimming the hair frequently has the impact of invigorating the growth of the hair thereof. You should hence undertake this exercise every now and then especially when the hair is still too short. Needless to say, you should choose the right trimmer for the job to avoid unnecessary hassles.

Rinse your hair using cooler waters

Cool waters have the tendency to trigger the growth and thriving of hair. It is for this reason that you have to rinse the hair using some cool water even after taking a warm bath. This is something you should do after each bathes and consistently for that matter.

Insist on the Trimmer Scissors

We have already explained how that trimming your hair extensively is a good way to go about the issue. Trimming in and of itself is not enough. You also have to use the right appliance for the job. The trimmer scissors are undoubtedly the best tools for the job.

Alter your Diets Appropriately

The kinds of foods you eat also matter a great deal. Some of the diets that have been noted to trigger the growth of hair are eggs, berries, spinach, fatty fish, sweet potatoes, avocados, nuts, and seeds. Eat them in sufficient amounts. At the same time, do not forget to take plenty of water as it aids greatly with digestion.

Distribute the Natural Oils

That skin underneath your hair, like any other portion of your skin, also produces natural oils. It is important also that you distribute this natural oil evenly. Using a soft boar bristle brush is one sure way of achieving this very end. Distributing this oil will ensure that every part of your pubic region is impacted uniformly.

Cleanse your Hair Gently

Even though you have to cleanse your hair every day, you are advised to go slow on the issue. Applying excessive force has the attendant impact of achieving the exact opposite; loss of hair. To go about this role, you should massage the hair smoothly with the least effort imaginable.

Stay away from Heating Styles

If you must style your hair, you are advised to stay away from the heating hairstyles. Heat is the number one enemy of hair. It has the tendency to burn the hair strands and prevent the same from flourishing. This is the exact opposite of what you would need to have your hair thrive.

Nourish and Soften the Hair

It is no secret that the hair that is properly nourished tends to grow luxuriously. That is why you want to prioritize the nourishment and softening of the hair strands. Use hair foods, natural oils, and essential oils extensively. These have the ability to furnish excess nutrients that is crucial to the growth of your hair.

Improve the Ventilation of the Pubic Region

For hair to grow to their fullest capacities they have to be supplied with enough room to grow. For this reason, you have to improve the ventilation of the pubic hair region. One sure way of achieving this end is to put on cotton underwear as it is the one that allows for the smooth flow of air.

Is it normal for guys to shave their pubes?

YES, it is! Indeed, many people choose to shave their pubes for varying reasons. Below are some of the reasons why shaving the pubes is by all means highly recommended:

Discourage the growth of Bacteria

Bacteria thrive in areas that are dark and bushy. Overgrown hairs of the pubic region provide this environment. It hence goes that by shaving off the hair, you get to discourage the growth of the bacteria altogether.

Stifle the Breeding of Lice

Lice come in next. Just like the bacteria, they too tend to do well in areas that are enclosed and bushy. To be able to stifle their growth and breeding, you should consider shaving off the pubic hair. That way, you stay cool and hygienic all the while.

Combat Unpleasant Smell

If and when the hair is left unattended for too long, it usually gives rise to foul smell. Yet again, shaving the hair is a sure way of combating this smell. Needless to say, you have to complement this with the proper cleanliness of the groin region.

Facilitate Cleanliness

Shaving the pubic hair also facilitates the cleanliness of the said region. The soap or cleanser you use for the job will usually act faster and potently Then again, the lack of hair will facilitate the access of the parts that are often always hidden from the reach of ordinary cleansers.

How to stop pubic hair from growing permanently

Want to stop your hair from growing permanent? Follow these steps to make the dream a reality:

a.) Apply a mixture of lentils and potato paste

Prepare a mixture of lentils and potato paste. This mixture has been noted to do a wonderful job of stifling the growth of hair. To prepare the mixture, pound some lentils, lemon juice, potatoes, and honey in a bowl. Use the spatula to do the job. After you are through, apply it to your pubic.

b.) Use a mixture of eggs and sugar

A mixture of eggs and sugar can also work wonders. Crush some eggs in a bowl and apply a small amount of sugar in it. Stir thoroughly to form a complete mixture. Shave your private parts and apply the mixture on it thereafter. Spread the mixture evenly to impact every segment completely.

c.) Leverage the Gram Flour

The gram flour is also a good ingredient to use for eliminating the pubic hair. This approach is a bit too potent though. That is why it is strongly recommended that you shave the hair, leave it intact for 10 days before applying the same. Mix it with raw papaya to form a paste before going ahead to apply the same.

d.) Use Moisturizing Cream

A moisturizing cream can also contribute to the slowdown of the growth of hair. However, you will have to incorporate some ingredients in it to make it work well. Some raw papaya and spices will definitely do the trick. Place these ingredients in a bowl and crush thoroughly to form a paste.

e.) Wax the Pubic Hairs

Applying wax to the pubic region is also a sure way of minimizing the growth of hair. Some of the products that may come to your rescue are creams, waxing gels, and the waxing strip. Kindly note also that the pubic area is somewhat more sensitive than the other areas.

f.) Use eggs and cornstarch

Other than the honey, a mixture of eggs and cornstarch may also come in handy. These natural ingredients go beyond merely eliminating unwanted hair. They also nourish and moisturize the pubic regions. Do not over-apply the paste as it is more likely to harm your skin accordingly.

g.) Employ a mixture of the honey, lemon, and sugar

The mixture of honey, lemon, and sugar is also a good one to use to combat the menace of pubic hair. Heat the sugar until the same has liquefied and thickened. Add some lemon juice and honey to stir thoroughly to form a paste. Apply this paste on your pubic hair and leave to settle for some time.

h.) Use some sesame oil

Sesame oil is also a good natural remedy for pubic hair. Apart from merely stifling the growth of fresh hair, the oil also hydrates the pubic region. Moreover, it also expedites the healing of the skin underneath the pubic region. Use it also to stop the itchiness of the area after a shave.

i.) Electronic methods

You may also wish to go electric to be able to attain this very end. This is a costly yet more permanent solution to your hair removal issues. The processes are implemented by passing the electricity or the adhesive patches on the affected areas of the skin. Those with sensitive skin have also noted a marked increase in side effects.

j.) Engage the raw turmeric roots

Finally, you have to consider engaging the raw turmeric roots. Start off by grinding it to a pulp. Mix it thereafter with some raw papaya. Stir thoroughly to form a thick paste. Apply this paste to the pubic region of your body. You have to do so consistently to be able to obtain excellent outcomes.

How to remove pubic hair with baking soda

The baking soda is a cheap, readily available, and effective method of eliminating the pubic hair permanently. It is an intervention you want to utilize if you are short on cash but would want to enjoy the awesome outcomes that come along nonetheless.

Tools and Materials Required

Step-by-step Procedures

  • Get hold of a 200ml bowl of water
  • Mix one tablespoon of baking soda in a bowl
  • Pour some water to it to form a paste
  • Stir the ingredients thoroughly to form a paste

How to apply the mixture

  • Wet your pubic region sufficiently
  • Apply the shaving cream above to the region generously
  • Do this preferably at night when circumstances are favorable
  • Leave for some eight hours or so to settle firmly in the skin
  • Wash off the cream using warm water as soon as you wake up
  • Repeat the above processes severally until you obtain the outcomes you desire



  • Avoid this intervention altogether if you have rashes on your skin

How to remove pubic hair without shaving

Shaving while great is not the only remedy for the pubic hair. There are quite a number of alternative interventions that may yield desirable outcomes. These are some of the ways and means of removing the pubic hair without necessarily shaving it off:

a.) Use a Hair Cream

The hair cream is a good product to use as it delivers faster outcomes with minimal effort on your part. Follow the guidelines below to bring the method to fruition:

  • Identify a suitable cream to make use of
  • Shake the bottle that contains the cream thoroughly
  • Apply generous amounts of the same to the desired area
  • Leave the spray intact for 10-15 minutes or so to settle it
  • Using a warm wet towel, wipe off the cream from the hair after that
  • Bathe thoroughly to eliminate the residues of the skin
  • Apply anti-chaffing lotion to get rid of the ingrown hair

b.) Implement a depilatory cream

As its name implies, the depilatory cream exists primarily to eliminate unwanted hair. It achieves this end by dissolving on the surface of the skin. The procedures below will definitely yield the desirable outcomes:

  • Search and find the most suitable depilatory cream
  • Read the instructions that are stipulated on the carrying bottle
  • Bathe and wipe the pubic region to rid it of any moisture
  • Apply the cream in accordance with the stipulations of the manufacturer
  • Do so repeatedly to achieve the best possible outcomes
  • Discontinue use if the skin encounters harshness or pains

c.) Attempt the hair removal pads

The hair removal pads may also do the trick. It works by rubbing against the rough surface of the skin using some short and quick movements. Overall, it is a method that is best suited for the smaller patches of hair. These are the steps that will inform a good use:

  • Identify the most suitable pads
  • Put them on as per the stipulations of the manufacturer
  • Walk around or engage in strenuous activities every now and then
  • Apply some lotions on the affected areas to re-moisturize it
  • Wash and dry the pads after use
  • Dispose of the pads after use for your own safety and hygiene

d.) Thread the Hair

Threading is a manual approach to hair removal. In this technique, you get hold of the hair, preferably in a loop of cotton, twist it and then pluck it out. Most of the time, it takes roughly 15 minutes to actualize. While faster, the method is painful not to mention yielding more temporal outcomes. You badly need the intervention of an expert threader for better outcomes.

e.) Tweeze the Hair

This one entails the use of an old machine, called a tweezer, to remove the unwanted hair. Use the tweezer to grab and pluck out the unwanted hair individually. The method as expected is more painful to actualize not to mention removing only a little amount of hair at a time.

On the flip side, this method gives you the freedom to select the exact hairs you want at any given time. As a general rule, you should wash the tweezers after each use to prevent the same from getting contaminated with use.

f.) Wax

Waxing is also a faster and more effective means of eliminating unwanted hair without necessarily shaving the same off. This is a method that is best suited for the stubborn hairs that are too elusive to the ordinary kinds of removal procedures. Follow these steps to implement it:

    • Identify some suitable wax for the job
    • Heat the same in line with the stipulated directions
    • Apply the same in the direction of the growth of hair


  • Leave to settle for some time
  • Wash off using some clean water

g.) Sugar the Hair

Sugaring the hair is also a good technique to implement for the job. It works much like the waxing technique above. Nonetheless, it entails the use of the sugar rather than the wax. Sugaring also employs natural ingredients and is hence safer and less painful on your hair. These steps will help you to do the job well:

  • Acquire some sugar for the job of waxing
  • Heat this sugar moderately and stir thoroughly
  • Add some natural ingredients like olive and natural oils
  • Stir thoroughly to form a paste of uniform thickness
  • Leave to cool for quite some time
  • Apply the paste on the area of interest
  • Spread it out uniformly to have maximum impacts

h.) Epilate

Like its epilator cream above, the epilator is also optimized for the removal of unwanted hairs. It operates much like the automatic set of tweezers. The gadget operates chiefly by pulling out the hair with the mechanical grabbers. To make use of the device, follow the procedures hereunder:

  • Choose a suitable epilator device for the job
  • Read the instruction manual to know how to operate it
  • Identify the exact portions of the hair you want to tackle
  • Use the tweezer to eliminate the unwanted hair slowly and steadily.

Benefits of trimming pubic hair

Trimming pubic hair brings along many added advantages. We dedicate this section of our discussions to look into those very advantages:

Zero Razor Burns

It yields zero razor burns. This it does principally by negating the need for the razor to touch the skin. That way, it also minimizes any sensations that the skin will most often have to counter in the course of growth.

No Razor Bumps

Coming in next is the issue of zero razor bumps. These are small bumps that arise after the head has been shaved. Trimming does not give rise to these bumps as there is zero contact with the skin in the course of a trim.

Reduced Cuts

Also coming along is the benefit of reduced cuts on the skin. Trimming, as we have already said, does not get too close to the skin. There is, therefore, no chance of any cuts arising on the skin at all!

Fewer Itching

Lastly, trimming is also less itchy than shaving the hair. This is especially the case if the hair below is sensitive to the harsh blades of the razors. With fewer itching comes the added benefits of comfortable handling.

Negative effects of waxing pubic hair

Whilst a great method of eliminating unwanted hair, waxing is not without its own fair share of side effects. The following are some of the negative side effects of waxing the pubic hair:


Persistent waxing bruises the skin underneath the hair. This situation compounds when the skin itself is sensitive. You should hence consider moderate use to be able to forestall the incident from arising.


Most people, especially those with sensitive skin, have also noted bumps and redness on their skins. Yet again, you have to consider moderate use to be able to combat them. Alternatively, you should also moisturize and treat the area by use of a calming cream.

Burned or Removed Skin

Some waxing agents are too potent on your skin. If and when they are applied to the skin repeatedly, they do peel off the skin area. The same case applies to the risk of burning the skin if the removal agent is too acidic in content.

Alteration of Skin Color

Those with lighter hairs have also noted an alteration of the skin color. They have experienced darker spots around the pubic regions when used consistently. This requires the implementations of other interventions.

Ingrown Hairs

Quite a number of users have also experienced ingrown hairs. These are curls that originate in the hair follicles that similarly bring about added pains and sensitivity to the skin regions. They arise when the follicles are clogged.

Excess Pains

In the course of peeling off the wax from the hair, there is the tendency to interfere with the skin’s stature and overall makeup. This calls for moderate force and impact while eliminating the wax after the application of the same.


Pimples are also more likely to arise on the skins underneath the hairs. These pimples are preludes to acne and other harsh skin diseases. In most cases, they arise when the hair follicles are clogged to impede the sprouting of the hair.

Redness and Inflammations

Redness and inflammations are also two issues that usually arise when the wax is extensively applied on the skin. This issue, unlike the darker areas, affected those with darker rather than lighter skins. It arises when the wax is used every now and then.

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