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Gone are the days when men simply grew beards to avoid shaving them quite often. Indeed, the time has now come when many people derive pleasure from them. Studies have also deduced that women are more likely to get attracted to men who are bearded than those who are not.

One of the biggest challenges that come along with beard growth is the issue of sticking out. This simply means the beards grow waywardly in such a way as to become ghastly to behold. We want to help you take care of your beards well. That is why we have prepared this guide.

how to keep sides of beard hairs from sticking out

How to Keep Beard Hairs from Sticking Out

Use Beard-care Products

One of the best ways to prevent your beards from sticking out is to use the right beard care products for the job. These range from beard oils, pomades, waxes, and balms. They are formulated to handle varying chores. It is important hence to match the right product with the right job.

Trim your Beard When it is Dry

Many people are often tempted to trim their beards when they are damp. However, this is not acceptable at all. Instead, you are asked to trim your beard when the same is dry. That way, it will possible for your hair to respond well to the trims. Clean it before trimming though for best results.

Level up the Trimmer

Before commencing the trimming exercise, you should level up the trimmer. Using a slanted trimmer may not yield the awesome outcomes you are on the lookout for. Moreover, it also has the attendant side effect of compromising the health and stature of the strands that are impacted by the trimmer.

Use Sharper Blades

Other than leveling the trimmer, you should also take some time to sharpen the blades before use. Duller blades leave behind more or less similar impacts as the unleveled trimmers. They also tend to inflict the skin underneath the beard adversely. Sharper blades also take less effort to yield the desired outcomes.

Clean the Blades

Studies have also deduced that dirty blades have the tendency to compromise the strands of the beard adversely. It is subsequently important to clean the blades right before and after use. This is to kill germs and eliminate any dirt that may compromise the health of your beard skin.

Change the Blades

Many dermatologists recommend that you use a fresh blade for every trimming session. In the unlikely event that you have to use a blade severally, be sure to change the blades every quite often. With each use, the blades become duller and less reliable. They then develop the potential to make your beards stick out.

Brush and Comb your Beard Repeatedly

As a standard management best practice, you should brush and comb your beard repeatedly and on a regular basis. Combing and brushing your beard repeatedly will make them grow in straight strands and avoid sticking out. This approach also boosts the circulation of blood in the skin underneath.

Trim the Beard from time to time

Do not wait until your beard has fully grown to be able to trim it. Instead, use a pair of scissors to get rid of any overgrowths as they arise. For this role, a pair high quality trimming scissors will definitely do. Apply moderate force and care for your facial organs like ears, nose, and lips while at it.

Allow the Hair to Grow Longer

For best results, you are advised to let your beard grow longer. Constant trimming, though timely, has other adverse side effects. It irritates the skin and gives rise to the menace of ingrown hairs. Neither of these is admirable. Longer hairs also have the added advantage of being able to groom easily.

Exfoliate the Skin

The health of the skin underneath the hair is also vital to the overall outcome of the beard hairs. That is why you have to invest some bit of your time towards its care. One of the best ways to go about this issue is to exfoliate the skin. This removes dead cells and allows for the smooth circulation of blood.

Wash the Beard Every Quite Often

Needless to say, you have to wash and cleanse your beard every quite often. Doing so at least once a day is by all means strongly recommended. Beard that is cleansed regularly also grows uniformly without the possibility of sticking out. Use mild detergents to do this as you do not want your hairs to fall off.

how to make beard soft and straight home remedies

How to Get the Beard to Lay Flat

For your beards to be extremely beautiful, they have to lay flat. That way, they make your face assume an oval shape. Achieving this flatness is not something you can overnight. It requires a great deal of patience and most importantly, the adoption of the right steps to the job.

Below steps will help out:

Cut close to the skin

First and foremost, you should always shave your beard as close to the skin as can be. This will definitely require that you stay in front of a mirror all the while. Take great care also that you do not pose any harms to your delicate skin.

Adjust the trimmer guard appropriately

Before setting out to trim, you have to adjust the trimmer guard appropriately. You should adjust the length of the trimmer in line with the length of the beard that is desirable to you. This match is certainly a great one at bringing about the outcomes that are desirable at any given time.

Use slow and smooth stokes

As you trim your beard, you should always use slow and smooth strokes. Rushing has the impact of splitting the ends of the hairs and possibly tearing them apart. Then again, it makes it difficult for you to generate the styles that are desirous to you. Going slow allows you to make some styles too!

Maintain a straight chin line

Lastly, you have to also maintain a straight chine line in the course of trimming your beard. By maintaining this straightness, it will be possible for you to come up with outcomes that are uniform on both sides of your chin. Use a mirror extensively to guarantee this straightness.

How to Straighten Short Beard Hair

Is your beard short? You do not have to wait for them to be too long to be able to straighten them. All you have to do is implement the right strategies and that is it! How else can you implement these strategies save for knowing about their very existence in the first place? Get to know about them here:

a.) Use the straightening iron

The straightening iron is a mechanical approach. It basically entails using a hot iron to make the hair straight and free standing. This approach is the fastest but not really great. Many people have complained of hair damage and many dangers that come along ordinarily.

Follow these steps to implement the same:

b.) Apply the olive oil

Olive oil is a natural essential oil. It has been noted to be particularly great at making the hair strands to stand firm. Other than that, the oil also moisturizes the strands of the hair to make it glow and elegant to behold. Applying it is not really strenuous. Simply follow these steps to go about it:

c.) Apply milk and honey

A mixture of milk and honey has also been noted to do a great job of straightening a short beard. It is also natural and hence less likely to inflict any adverse issues on your hair. What’s more? This solution is easier to implement. All you have to do is follow these simple steps, and you are done!

  • Mix some milk and honey together
  • Stir thoroughly
  • Wash and dry your beard
  • Apply the mixture on your hair
  • Comb or brush gently to bring about that straightness
  • Leave to settle for 30 minutes or so
  • Rinse the hair thereafter and dry with a towel

d.) Apply the coconut oil

Other than the olive oil, the coconut oil is yet another probable oil to consider leveraging. It contains some of the best ingredients for nurturing the growth and development of the beard. Like any other natural intervention, coconut oil is also easier to apply.

Simply follow these procedures to get to implement it:

  • Start by washing your hair and drying using a towel
  • Pour some coconut oil on the palm of your hands
  • Rub thoroughly to spread firmly and generate the necessary heat
  • Use a comb to straighten your hair strands
  • You might have to do these on a daily basis for best results

e.) Using a relaxation cream

Some manufacturers do produce and distribute the relaxations creams. These are special chemicals that when applied to the hair, have the attendant impact of straightening the same thereof. You may consider using the relaxation creams to achieve this sacred end.

Take the steps below to achieve awesome ends:

  • Choose the right relaxation cream for the job
  • Wash and dry your hair using moderate detergents
  • Apply a generous amount of relaxation cream
  • Reapply the same cream around 2 months after the first application
  • You may need to complement it with a mini-straightening iron
  • Comb the hair from time to time to maintain its straightness

Why is My Beard Hair Curly?

In the course of the growth of the beard, there is a tendency to it being curly. This is definitely a predicament that no one would want to find himself in. Certainly not you! That is why you desperately want to avoid the same from happening. Well, several reasons may account for the beard is curly.

We expound on them hereunder:

The shape of hair follicles

Each person is unique in his own right. There are people who are naturally predisposed to the eventuality of curly hair. In this regard, there is really nothing that anyone can do to reverse the same. However, it is still possible to mitigate the adverse effects of the curliness albeit with much effort.

The shape of actual hair

Other than the hair follicles people are also naturally born with different kinds of hair shapes. This shape too has a bearing on the kind of hairs that may be realized thereafter. It does vary greatly with race. A person will curly hair is more likely to experience curly beards.


The environment where a person resides in also has a bearing on the likelihood that this issue might arise. Generally speaking, cooler and damp environments tend to give rise to this issue. That is because of goose pimples and the fact that hair shrink when it is too cold or damp.

Diet and Lifestyle

Dies and lifestyles also have a role to play here. Foods that contain too much sugar and salt have been noted to increase the likelihood that the issue might arise and vice versa. Natural and whole grains, on the other hand, tend to nourish the hair accordingly. They hence prevent the possibility of the curly hair arising.

how to straighten short facial hair

How Do You Treat a Curly Beard?

In the unlikely event that your beard is curly, all is not lost. It is still possible for you to mitigate the menace. This calls for the adoption of ingenious techniques and strategies. In this segment of our discussions, we are going to look into those steps that may yield better outcomes for you.

a.) Soften the curly beard

Your first option should be to soften the beard. To do this, you have several products at your disposal. Examples of these are the beard conditioner, beard shampoo, and the beard oil. It is important to match the right product with the right hair type for the best outcomes.

These steps will help:

  • Pick the right product from the list we have delineated above
  • Wash your hair with mild detergent and dry with a clean towel
  • Pour a generous amount of the substance on the palms of your hands
  • Rub this substance on your beard and massage thoroughly
  • Do so repeatedly for the best possible outcomes
  • Supplement it by combing to straighten out

b.) Comb when wet

Combing your hair when wet is yet another strategy that may yield the awesome outcomes you have been looking for. This is a simple and straightforward approach. All you have to do is to acquire a comb or a brush and that is it.

Follow these steps to bring it to fruition:

  • Wash your beard with mild detergent
  • Use a clean towel to such up excess moisture
  • Then, comb the beard using a comb or a brush
  • Though not a must, you may consider adding a droplet of beard oil in the process
  • Look at yourself in the mirror to be sure that you are on the right track

c.) Grow it in the same direction

As a long term measure, you may also consider training your hair to grow in the same direction. This requires a lot of patience on your part and is initiated when the beard is still in its infancy. You have to acquire a bristle brush as you will need it extensively in the process.

Step Involved:

d.) Use a blow dryer

If your beard is fully grown and shaggy, you cannot rely on the ordinary approaches we have talked of above as they are too weak and impotent to deliver meaningful outcomes. The blow dryer might come to your rescue. This approach is quite potent, fast and time-saving.

Steps Involved:

  • Mix the mustache wax and the beard oil to form a light paste
  • Fix a diffuser to your blow dryer
  • Set your desired speed of blowing the beard
  • Put the heat at medium for a start
  • Place the blow dryer on underneath your beard
  • Point it upwards and begin releasing the hot air
  • Vary the levels of heat to match the severity of the task at hand
  • Complement the hot air with the use of your hands to straighten out the hair fully

d.) Consult a barber regularly

If all the aforementioned steps and options fail, then it is about time to consult your barber. Let him give you the necessary guidelines you might have to know to be able to do a better job. In fact, we strongly recommend this before you begin the processes we have explained above. The same applies to those with sensitive skin or weak hair strands.

Why Does Heard Hair Grow Sideways?

Yes, indeed the beard hair is able to grow sideways. Three main reasons account for this sideways growth. They are:

The direction of Hair Follicles

Each person has a unique orientation of hair follicles. It hence goes that the hair will often follow that path that the orientation of your own hair. Even when cut or shaved, the hair will naturally regrow in the same direction as that of your own orientation.

Unkempt Hairs

If you leave your hair unkempt for too long, it will normally tend to grow sideways. That is why it is important to have you appropriately maintained smoothly. Take some of your time and effort each day to have the hair styled and kept with diligence.

Poor Styling

Lastly, poor styling also has a role to lay. Hair, like any other part of the body, has to be styled appropriately and with due diligence. Use the right tools for the job to avoid any stress. Of particular concern should be the use of strong oil and other styling products.

Can You Train Your Beard to Grow a Certain Way?

One of the most reliable ways of combating curly hairs is to make your beard to grow in a certain way. But just what does this entail? Is it really attainable? If yes, how can it be actualized? Well, we have dedicated this segment of the discussions for these issues.

In a nutshell, YES! It is possible to train your beard to grow in a certain way. The procedures we expound on here below endeavors to offer more explanations with regards to this:

Step I: Prune the beard

The idea of pruning your beard may sound insane. Its purpose is to invigorate the pace of growth and development. You first and foremost have to wait for the hair to pass the initial stage of awkward growth to be able to do this.

Trim out your stray hairs using a razor or a trimmer. Take great care that you do not harm the sensitive skin that lies underneath the beard. The beard has also to be sharp and free of any rust or corrosion.

Step II: Prepare the scalp of your beard

Next, you have to prepare the scalp of your beard. Cleanse the beard and completely eliminate all forms of beardruff, dust, and other agents of dirt. That is because a great beard requires a clean and healthy scalp to be able to thrive. To allow for the cleaner outcomes, you have to go beyond using water only.

This entails the use of facial scrubs, gentle massages, and powerful detergents. Scrub your scalp firmly and thoroughly. Thereafter, rinse out the detergents and the scrubs using plenty of clean water. Dry with a clean towel.

Step III: Set the desired direction

Now get to the core of the business altogether. It is at this stage that you have to set the growth of hair in the desired direction. Use a brush or a comb to do so. Choose the direction you desire and brush the hair in that direction.

Start at the roots of the hair and then straighten it in that direction you have selected. Do this every day and repeatedly to be able to enjoy better outcomes. Avoid changing directions every now and then as this may compromise your looks.

Step IV: Prefer the downward direction

The downward direction is by far the best option for your use. That is because the downward direction is the one that allows for the maximum thriving of the hair. This calls for the use of the hair styling products like that of a beard balm extensively.

Moreover, the downward direction is the one that promotes the growth of hair. You have to maintain some consistency to be able to gain the best possible outcomes.

Step V: Maintain some consistency

In your implementation of the steps we have talked about above, you are required to maintain some consistency. For best results, spend at least 5 minutes each day in grooming your hair. Do this consistently throughout the week and each passing time.

Make any remedial actions to make up for the time that may be lost in the process of grooming. It is only then that you will be able to come up with truly great outcomes.

Step VI: Trim the beard out-to-in

Other than the standard beard that grows from the chin, the ones that emanate from the face and grow towards the face or eyes. You have to take appropriate measures to trim these hairs as well. This requires that you trim the beard along the sides.

Do this each time the beard grows outward or outsteps its boundaries. Be careful as the head region is quite sensitive and prone to prickles and other associated dangers.

Step VII: Use relevant products

Throughout your applications, you have to use only the relevant products. The beard brush, styling products, beard oils, and the boar bristle brush are top examples of these. While at it, avoid those products that are laden with high alcohol content.

Avoid the temptation of overusing the products also. Instead, maintain some moderation to spare your beard from the issues that generally come along with continual use. Do not hesitate to seek expert medical attention if in limbo.

Can You Straighten a Beard with a Hair Straightener?

YES, it is possible for you to straighten your beard with a hair straightener. As a matter of fact, a hair straightener is so-called because it is primarily made and designed to stretch your hair straight out.

Follow these steps to make this dream come to reality:

    • Wash your beard by use of the conditioner to soften and moisturize it.
    • Pat down the beard and leave it partly moist
    • Blow-dry the beard and then comb it straight until it is completely dry
    • Set the heat output of your straightener to the least heat setting available
    • Open the straightener and activate it as close to the base of your hair strands
    • Run the tongs along with the roots of your hairs gently and consistently
    • Avoid concentrating the heat in one place all the time
    • Distribute the heat output evenly to allow for maximum impacts
    • Apply the wax or beard balm to invigorate the growth of facial hair

How Often Should You Use a Beard Straightener?

There is no straight or universal answer to this question. Nonetheless, there are some yardsticks that inform the desirable frequency of exposure. These are:

Texture of Hair

The texture of the hair determines to a great extent the frequency with which the beard straightener may be used. Hairs that are rough tend to be too hard to work. They hence require multiple passes to impact. Their smoother counterparts are better as they take shorter to style appropriately.

Desired Styles

Styles come in varied kinds. Those styles that are complicated ordinarily require more passes to generate. This, in turn, demands a prolonged frequency of exposure overall. Those ones that are less complicated on the other hand do not really require prolonged exposure and are easier to undertake.

Thickness of Hair

Lastly, the thickness of your hair also comes in handy. Thicker hair strands take too long to heat as they need ample time to absorb the heat output. For them, prolonged exposure will definitely do the trick. The ones that are thinner, however, do not have to be impacted frequently.

How to Make Beard Straight and Soft

Curly and coarse beards are definitely not desirable for any person worth his salt. They are not only ghastly to behold but also compromise the self-confidence of the person concerned. You want to make every effort to steer clear of it. This is something you can achieve only by implementing the right steps.

Below are some of the steps that have been identified to do better jobs:

#1: Straightening using a flat iron

A flat iron delivers faster outcomes. It takes the least possible amount of time to deliver the outcomes that are desirable to you. Though wonderful, this process is not without its share of potential downsides. It has the likelihood of splitting the ends of the hair and hurting the skin underneath the beard.

Steps Involved:

  • Wash your beard using mild soap
  • Dry the same thoroughly by use of clean towel
  • Apply moderate amounts of natural olive oil
  • Using the flat iron, brush the hair strands gently
  • Complement it with a comb or a brush
  • Style appropriately as may be necessary to give off that good look

#2: Shampoo and condition the hair

Shampooing and conditioning the beard consistently has also been noted to maintain the same in a straight and soft stature. It hence makes sense to do so on a regular basis. To do a better job, you have to first and foremost search for the right shampoo for the job.

Steps Involved:

    • As always, start with washing your beard
    • Use a shampoo to wash and rid it of any scales or beardruff
    • Dry the head using a clean towel
    • Apply the appropriate beard conditioner you will have already settled on
    • Using a brush, straighten the strands of hair accordingly
    • Massage the skin to enhance the flow of blood

#3: Apply the silicone cream and beard balm

The beard balm and the silicone cream are two awesome products that have also been noted to do a better job. These two come in handy after shampooing and conditioning the beard in the step we have already exhausted above. Thus, it has to come shortly after the two processes.

Steps Involved:

#4: Relaxing the beard

Relaxing is the process of making the beard hair straight and luxurious. It is mainly achieved by the use of a cream that works to diminish the curls of the hairs and altering the texture of the hair accordingly. This method is not a permanent fix though as it lasts only a short while.

Steps Involved:

  • Wash your beard using a relaxing shampoo
  • Pat it dry with a clean towel
  • Use a comb or brush to straighten out the hair
  • Massage the skin underneath the beard to boost blood flow
  • Style as necessary using a comb or brush

#5: Eat a healthy and balanced diet

Your diet also plays a big part in softening and straightening your hair. Thus, you should also be mindful of the foods you take in. In particular, select those diets that have been known to enhance the growth of hair. Below are some of the tips that have been known to work wonders:

  • Avoid junk and processed foods
  • Eat plenty of whole grains
  • Drink sufficient water on a daily basis
  • Incorporate lots of fruits and vegetable in your diet
  • Maintain a balanced diet
  • Exercise a lot to aid with the digestion of the foods

#6: Hydrate your beard all the time

For the beards to grow optimally, they have to be hydrated at all times. Hydration slows down the processing of desiccation while promoting luxurious growth. It also gives rise to a shiny appearance overall. You have several approaches to consider leveraging to bring this to fruition. These are:

    • Drinking plenty of water non-sugary beverages
    • Washing the beard using plenty of water on a daily basis
    • Applying a moisturizer on your beard
    • Eating succulent fruits and vegetables in generous amounts
    • Exfoliating the skin underneath the beard for smooth circulation of blood
    • Soaking the beard in cold water when it is too hot outside

#7: Apply the balm on the beard

Other than when washing, you are also strongly recommended applying balm on your beard. Balms are brought forth by the mixture of the wax and the oil. Thanks to this arrangement, it has the conditioning agents that aid in bringing to life the beard. Moreover, it is also scented for added benefits.

Steps Involved:

    • Wash your beard using warm water and mild detergent
    • Dry with a clean towel
    • Pour some balm on your hands and rub to generate heat
    • Apply the balm on your beard and spread thoroughly to impact every length and breadth
    • Use a comb to brush the beard straight

#8: Apply some wax on the beard

Other than the balm, you may also consider applying the wax on your beard. Wax generally plays the role of holding your beard firmly in shape. It also adds some weight to the beard. This is an agent you have for your consideration when styling the beard to some desired shapes.

Steps Involved:

  • After washing and drying your beard, scrape off some wax using your thumbnails
  • Place the wax into the palm of your hands
  • Rub both hands until a smooth texture is realized
  • Apply the wax on your beard and massage thoroughly to allow for smooth flow of blood
  • Style as the need may so determine

#9: Condition the beard at least once a week

At least once each week, you should make an effort to condition your beard. Conditioning simply means improve the texture, strength, and wellbeing of your hair. It also facilitates the styling of the hair. You do this using a hair conditioner that is a special treatment option for your use.

Steps Involved:

  • Choose the right conditioner
  • Wash and dry your beard normally using warm water and mild detergent
  • Lathe the beard gently using the conditioner
  • Massage the beard with the tips of your fingers
  • Leave the conditioner for 1-5 minutes to settle
  • Rinse the conditioner with plenty of water thereafter
  • Dry it out using a towel

#10: Groom using the beard oil after a shower

You do not need to wait until the week comes to an end to be able to groom your beard. Instead, this is an exercise you have to accomplish day in day out. As you do so, you have to use the beard oil extensive. This is much like your normal hair food, save for the fact that it is exclusive to the beard.

Steps Involved:

  • Wash your beard normally and dry it thereafter
  • Apply this beard oil after drying your beard
  • Pour some contents on your hands and rub firmly
  • Spread the same on your beard and massage gently
  • Style using a bristle brush or comb
  • Straighten flat also if need be

Our long and laborious explanation of how to keep beard hairs from sticking out comes to an end there. We now have the confidence that you can appreciate the processes better. With this in mind, we are truly confident that you have what it takes to do a better job.

Taming the growth and the appearance of your beards is a slow and meticulous undertaking indeed. It entails putting in place all the various pieces of information we have spelled out above diligently. Then, it also requires a fair degree of patience on your part.

Reading through our explanations and taking no concrete action is definitely not a wise thing to do. You must definitely follow the reading with some concrete courses of action. What more are you waiting for? Is it not in order for you to make the critical first move?

It would be unfair and selfish of you to gain alone. You definitely want others to enjoy the same benefits as you don’t you? Consider spreading this piece of insight as far wide as you possibly can. We wish you the best of luck in your critical first step towards the implementation of the pieces of information we have provided for.

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