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how often to use beard oil and balm

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Growing facial hair comes with its share of frustrations like prickly problems posed by whiskers. However, most of these issues only affect the grower of the facial hair, but one of the specific issues that hurt the ones we love most is a dry and abrasive beard. Mustache and beard hairs can be quite strong like copper wire. Fortunately, there are many products out there that you can use to avoid causing pain. Having a proper beard care routine is essential when it comes to growing a healthy and happy beard, and one of the most popular beard care products utilized to fight an abrasive beard is beard oil. However, the type of beard oils you utilize, and the way you apply it significantly influences its effectiveness. Read on, to discover more about using beard oil to maintain a healthy beard.

Should I Use Beard Oil Every Day?

Numerous aspects come into play when talking about beard oil. In general, like the ingredients used, size of beard, climate, and the quality of the beard oil. Here are just a couple of things you might want to take into account for your beard grooming routine, especially when it comes to how often you might or might not need to use beard oil on your beard.

  • Use beard oil every day

If your objective is to get a presentable and healthy beard, then you should oil your beard at least 5 to 6 days in a week. That can assist in preventing split ends, dead ends, beard dandruff, and many other common problems. But if you are planning to spend your day at home relaxing during the weekend, then you can give both your beard hair a rest.

  • After or before your shower

You need to take your shower routine as well as when you apply your beard oil into account. Some people shower in the mornings and others in the evenings. Hot water and cheap soap always remove the moisture out of your skin and beard, and high-quality beards oil conditions and soften the facial hairs while helping to retain moisture as well. Also, you can simply towel dry your beard and then slap on and slowly work in the beard oil before combing or brushing, because it can assist in reducing the pulling and tugging.

  • Ingredients

Using quality oil made of concentrated natural ingredients will provide you with healthier results and also ease on your wallet even though the price tag is a bit higher. Generally, low-grade oils tend to have synthetic chemicals and water in them that are known to thin out the beard oil, which makes you run out of oil more regularly. On the other hand, you will need small amounts of concentrated and plant-based oils and can last an average beard approximately four weeks. Quality ingredients like jojoba and grapeseed oils naturally contain antibacterial properties that help keep your beard fresh and clean between showers.

  • Climate

Some people spend most of their time outside in the cold or sun, while others work from indoors in some more controlled environments. Most of these factors, together with whether or not you’re naturally dry, can play a significant role in how often or much beard oil you should apply to your beard in a single day. On average, you only need a single application in the mornings, especially if you are using high-quality beard oil. That will help you freshen and also soften up your facial hair for the day.

how often to use beard oil and balm

How Many Times A Day Should I Use Beard Oil?

Most people wonder how often they need to apply beard oils to see good results. The solution depends on your unique beard problems:

  • If you would like to get faster growth, then you need to apply beard oil daily to your cheeks, chin, and beard hair. Guys who apply beard oils daily normally experience faster beard growth when compared to those who don’t.
  • If you’re suffering from some fungal skin infection, you can apply beard oil three times a day for two weeks or until your infection clears. Also, make sure you utilize antifungal beard oils like tea tree essential oils, castor oil, and coconut oil, among others.

How Many Drops Of Beard Oil Should I Use?

How much beard oil you will need depends mainly on the length of your beard. If you have stubble, then two to four drops are enough. For medium-sized beards, five to six drops are plenty, and for a long beard, six to eight drops. You can play around with it until you discover the amount of oil that compliments your beard the best. The objective is to make your facial hair look natural and tamed, so too much beard oil will make your beard look heavy and wet. Also, applying too little will not help you capture the full benefits and effects that beard oils provide.

Can You Use Too Much Beard Oil?

We are all aware that beard oils are good for the beard and facial hair, but can you over-do it? The answer is: absolutely. When you utilize too much oil on your beard, it sits on the top layer of your skin, and that is when you get a buildup of grease on your skin and beard. You will find it dripping hour or so after application.

Apart from having a buildup of beard grease, the big problem here is that the oil will be sitting over the openings of your pores until it’s wiped off. That means any grime or dirt in there becomes trapped and can sit, which can eventually lead to acne, red spots, infected follicles, and irritation. These are some of the unsightly and painful side effects to something that’s meant to be helpful for your beard. The best thing is, it is quite difficult to over-use your beard oil, and once you realize you are, it is easy to fix, and all the side effects can disappear within a couple of days.

Do You Really Need Beard Oil?

Generally, the idea of applying some natural oils to enhance your beard grooming routine isn’t new. Beard oil is a traditional remedy that contains different essential oils that have antiviral and antibacterial attributes. Modern-day beard oils are currently enriched with antioxidants and vitamins that promote healthier hair and skin. Quality beard oils assist in preventing itchy skin and breakouts caused by dandruff. Other additional benefits that come with regular application of beard oil include:

  • A smoother and healthy beard that’s more durable and less prone to breaking
  • Softer and fuller facial hair
  • Making grooming routine much easier
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Reduces skin irritation

Do You Wash Off Beard Oil?

Yes. You can apply beard oils at night before retiring to bed and wash it off in the morning during bath time. However, you should avoid applying oil on beard or facial hair in the morning, especially if after application, you plan to go outside because the oil will attract and also stick more pollutants and dust to hairs. As a result, the dust and pollutants will bring bad effects on your beard or hair growth.

should you use beard oil every day

Can I Wash My Beard With Just Water?

Yes. Your beard or mustache is as distinctive as you are. From the style, hair texture, skin type, and length, when you need to wash, it will vary from individual to individual. While many individuals are lucky enough to wash their beard when they are bathing, most people will require washing outside shower time to keep your beard clean, fresh, and growing strong.

You can wash your beard or facial hair using plain water alone, and you are unlikely to experience any substantial unwanted effects. Most men with long beards usually follow this simple practice, and it keeps them hygienic and well-groomed. Ultimately, most guys who use beard shampoos only use them two to three times per week. Utilizing it every day is not a good idea because it strips the skin of its natural oils, giving you dry and itchy skin.

How Long Does Beard Oil Last?

The truth is beard oil does not last forever, which means it has an expiry date just like other hair and skincare products. Some beard oils may last up to only six months, while some others can last for a maximum of six months. However, it always depends on the types of beard oils that you are using and the storage method as well. Whether or not your beard oils will expire also depends on the way, it’s kept. There are some instructions on how you should store specific types of facial hair or beard oils. For instance, you are not supposed to leave them open for a long period because they can absorb moisture and even cause it to lose its effectiveness easily.

Generally, beard oils expire but after a specific duration. As mentioned earlier, you will find some beard balms and oils that can last only for around six months, while others last up to a maximum of four years. Also, various factors might cause your beard oils to expire earlier and even result in their ineffectiveness. Leaving your beard oil bottle open can easily expose the oil to direct sunlight, which can easily affect its effectiveness. Your beard oils and balms should be kept in a tightly closed bottle at room temperature. Furthermore, it is always good to read all the guidelines and instructions properly to know how to use it and the expiry date as well.

Are There Any Side Effects Using Beard Oil?

Beard oils are often made from some natural oils that do not pose any threat to your skin or overall wellbeing. However, at times, faults may occur during the production process, or some ingredients might cause side effects. Some of the common side effects of beard oils include:

  • If the essential oils are exposed to air or light before being added to the beard oil, they can easily become oxidized, which can cause some allergic reactions. Hence, you should only buy quality products when shopping.
  • Some beard oil products contain. Citrus oils and this oil is usually photosensitive and might make you more sensitive to the UV light from the sun.
  • Sometimes, manufacturers add some synthetic fragrances when producing their beard oils. That can dry your beard, cause some allergies, result in dry and split ends, and also prevent quick beard growth.

When Should You Start Using Beard Oil?

The simple answer is today. You can start using beard oils at this moment. Whether you have a thick beard or you are just beginning to grow one, you can slather on nice and good quality beard oils and see the huge difference they make to your facial hair and skin. Also, if you are noticing that your beard is appearing dull or you’re losing some facial hairs or your skin is itchy and dry, then you should start using beard oils without any delay.

Generally, beard oils have incredible ingredients such as Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Argan Oil, Almond oil, Olive Oil, and many other essential oils such as Sandalwood oil, Frankincense, Cedarwood and Rosemary essential oils among others. You can purchase beard oils over the internet or simply make some at home. Ensure you get the essential oils you prefer from reputable vendors and also blend them with the appropriate carrier oils before use. That is because using highly concentrated beard oils can easily irritate your skin or even cause some allergic reactions such as redness

While beard oils are a good way for most guys to moisturize their facial hair and beards, they are not for everyone. If you are at risk for photo-sensitivity, getting allergic reactions, or other health issues, then you can use only gentle shampoos and conditioners for your beard. Knowing what you’re allergic to is quite important, and it’s always a great idea to first test the beard oils on a small part before applying the recommended amount. You can use the useful tips discussed in this article to maintain a clean and healthy beard at all times.

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