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how to stop bleeding when you cut yourself shaving

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It is not uncommon for your skin to bleed in the when shaving. You definitely do not want this to arise. That is why you want to put in place measures that are aimed at forestalling that from happening. You need to receive the right advice and inspiration to achieve this end.

In the discussions below, we are going to lay bare all these issues for you to know about them.

how to stop bleeding when shaving

How to Stop Bleeding When Shaving

Many people, as noted above, do experience bleeding when shaving. The main reason underlying this is the sensitive skin problem which is further compounded by the extra-sharp nature of the razors. Thankfully, you do not to be part of this statistic. To spare yourself this problem, consider implementing these strategies:

Sprinkle Cayenne Pepper

Sprinkle cayenne pepper on the area of your hair and head which are more predisposed to the risks of bleeding. This pepper has been noted to do a good job in slowing down the speed of the bleeding considerably. The pepper, as a matter of fact, stands apart from the rest in that it is natural.

This being the case, it is highly unlikely to have some undesirable side effects on your skin like bruises or long-term severe damages. Further to that, the pepper also leaves behind long-lasting impacts and will not require that you spend too much.

Use an Ice Cube

One effective yet often overlooked remedy is the ice cube. The ice as we know it is very cold. When placed on the blood vessels, it makes the same to constrict. With narrowed dimensions and passage, the blood vessels will suppress the flow of the blood in such a way as to stop the bleeding altogether.

The benefits of the ice cube do not end there. When applied appropriately to any skin after shaving, it brings about the added benefit of making the affected skin appear smoother and less irritable. You hence have it to comfort you if your skin becomes irritated every now and then.

Apply Tea Bag

Just like the ice cubes above, the tea bags also play the role of constricting the blood vessels and letting the discharge limited amounts of blood. Unlike the ice cubes though, the tea bags are best applied to those portions of the skin which you cut or incised.

Here is how it works: The tannic acid in the tea halts the bleeding mainly by triggering your blood to form a clot immediately they come in contact with one another. After the blood has clotted, it does not flow any further and hence spares you from the issue of bleeding.

Wax On

In case you do not have the tea bags nearby, you may go for the wax as an option. The wax works in a more or less similar fashion as the tea bags. When applied to the bleeding portion of the skin, it triggers the blood in the vessels to clot and hence prevents any further bleeding.

Other than that, it also acts as a temporary sealant in the sense that it blocks the vessels from discharging the blood. In this sense, it goes a long way it stop you from excessive blood loss and the associated problems.

Incorporate a Pencil

Some special kinds of pencils also exist for you to consider. Chief among these is the Clubman Styptic Pencil. This pencil contains higher levels of Aluminum sulfate which is great stopping unnecessary loss of blood. When applied to a bleeding area, it compresses the vessels hard enough.

You have to take care though that you do not share this pencil or use one that was previously used by another person. Reason? Anything that involves blood has the potential to spread sexually transmitted infections and other contagious diseases. After you are through with it, be advised to sterilize it to keep it in clean nature.

Dab on the Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a powerful medicinal plant that is endemic to North America. It possesses excellent astringent properties. This is means that it quickly causes the blood vessels to constrict and in doing so, prevents any further loss of blood or excess bleeding. If you have it, you too should choose to use it.

Use some cotton ball or Q-tip for the job. Apply the hazel to the exact source of irritation and leave for some time to settle. With time, the flow of blood from the affected area will begin to slow down. Then, the bleeding will eventually stop. In this way, you will enjoy faster healing and recovery.

Use the Eye Drops

In case the bleeding is around the eye area, you have to use the eye drops. Here, you have to choose the eye drops which is specially formulated for the eyes. If you are spoilt for choice or have no clue which one to apply to your eyes, we recommend the Visine.

Visine has been discovered to constrict the blood vessels in such a way as to minimize the bleeding. Further to that, it also has some soothing effects which lessen the pain you would otherwise feel.

how to stop bleeding when you cut yourself shaving

Reason Why We Bleed So Much

While cutting hair short, there are a number of reasons why we are bound to bleed so much. We dedicate this segment of the discussions to look into those very issues:

Blunt Razors

The use of blunt razors is the primary reason why we bleed so much. These kinds of razors have the tendency to pierce our skin and generate some bleeding in the process of so doing. You hence have to insist on those blades that are clean and sharp only.

Nature of Blood Vessels

Some people are naturally more predisposed to the risks of bleeding than others. This issue arises mostly from the way their blood and the vessels that ferry that blood is organized. It is hence in your best interest to find your position out to avoid any serious issues.

Heavy Strokes

Using too long strokes also has the impact of accelerating the issue of bleeding. Longer strokes keep you out of control of the shaving process and make you likely to inflict some cuts on the ears and other portions of your head. Shorter strokes will do the trick.

Deeper Pressure

Whenever you apply too deep pressure, there is the possibility of inflicting some bleeding too. The reason underlying this is that the blood vessels easily rupture when they have to bear too much weight. To stem this tide, you are advised to apply only moderate force.

How to Shave Without Cutting Yourself

In the course of shaving your beard, chances are strong that you will cut yourself. However, this ought not to be the case really. It is indeed possible for you to shave without necessarily cutting yourself. You may only achieve this feat by adhering to some tips.

Tip #1: Use only clean and sharp razors

Use only those razors that are sharp and clean to shave. These ones lack any rust or corrosion both of which have the potential to inflict cuts on your skin. Moreover, they are also reliable and more likely to deliver the smooth and prompt cuts you desperately yearn for.

Other than sparing you from any cuts, the sharp and clean razors are also pain-free. They are unlikely to cause any pain to occur and disparage your shaving experience. Perhaps the best way to clean yours razor is to use some kind of scouring materials or pads.

Tip #2: Dry the blades

Using a clean blade is not enough. The blades also have to be dry and free of any moisture. In this way, the blades will also spare you from any likely poisoning which arises whenever there is rust or corrosion. This is not to mention the many infections that potentially arise.

After washing the blades, use some clean piece of cotton cloth to wipe out all the moisture. Then, leave the same out in the open to dry with the wind or under direct sunlight. You are advised to use some pair of gloves to handle them to avoid further infections.

Tip #3: Shaving along the grains

When shaving, move along the grains rather than across thereof. This approach spares you from any form of irritations that may naturally occur. While doing this, you are also advised to shave towards the angle of the growth of the hair. Your razor will travel smoothly and unhindered if you adopt this approach.

Yet another benefit you will gain from this approach is reduced burning and incidents of cuts. To identify the direction of the grains, move your fingertips through your hair. In case you counter any resistance, this could be a signal that you are moving against the grain and hence need to change course.

Tip #4: Press the razor down only lightly

While shaving, you are advised against pressing the razor on your hair too tight. Instead, you are supposed to do so gently to avoid inflicting some hurt and pain on your hair. Many razors now are designed to exert their own weights on your head.

As such, you need no external support or extra force. Furthermore, pressing the razor too tight may compromise the effectiveness of the blades and slow them altogether. This may mean taking too long to achieve the desired results or using too much effort unnecessarily in the process.

Tip #5: Apply short strokes while shaving

While shaving your head, you are advice to apply only short strokes. Unlike the longer strokes, the short strokes are easier to manage and see to it that you maintain some unparalleled controls of the shaving process. For longer of hairs, the short strokes make you experience limited fatigue.

The beauty of the short strokes also comes in when shaving too bushy hair. That is because they ensure that you don’t miss any hair strand. What’s more? The short strokes are useful if you want to create some artistic designs on the hair.

Tip #6: Shave slowly and rinse in between

Other than applying the short strokes, you are also encouraged to shave slowly rather faster. Shaving slowly gives you time to focus and take care of the various parts of your head. In this way, you will hardly cut or incise any part of your body. Instead, it gives you ample time to anticipate the same.

Shaving slowly also gives you the opportunity to eliminate any dirt which is ordinarily bound to arise. This way, you will require little effort later while trying to clean and care for your gadgets. Do rinse your hair as you move along also.

Tip #7: Prioritize the multi-blade razors

To save yourself the time and guarantee faster shaving outcomes, you are yet again requested to use the multi blade razors. Many experts recommend that you use razors that have 4 or 5 blades rather than those that have 1-2 blades. The latter is more likely to drag against your own skin and inflict some cuts therein.

Those with 4-5 blades on the flipside distribute the pressure uniformly across the skin. They are hence safer and take comparatively less time to deliver the benefits you so yearn for. You only have to be extra careful as these blades are more complicated to handle.

PS: In the unlikely event that you sustain some cuts, worry not! All is not lost. It is still possible for you to get over it. All you have to do is to splash some cold water. Go ahead to dry the area using some clean piece of cloth and leave to dry.

As you can see, bleeding while shaving is something which you shouldn’t worry too much about. By putting in the necessary precautions, it is possible to avoid it completely. All you have to do is to first and foremost determine your own position. Put differently, just how likely are you to bleed while shaving?

Then, read through our explanations keenly. As you read through, match each tip with your own position. That way, you will be able to narrow down to that which is more relevant to your state or condition. Lastly, of course, you have to put that very tip into action.

As always perfection comes with practice. You can never be a pro without investing much time and effort to master and implement the tips above. That is why we ask that you conduct some mock shaving using the tips above.

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