How Does a Gemini Man Act When He’s Hurt




how does a gemini man act when he's hurt

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Cancer and Gemini are a very compatible match. They both have a lot in common. However, they also have their differences which help to keep the relationship interesting. If you want to know what a Gemini man does when he’s hurt, read on.

How do you know a Gemini is hurt

How Does a Gemini Man Act When He’s Hurt

He goes quiet

When a Gemini man is hurt, he will often go quiet and retreat into his shell. He doesn’t want to bother anyone, so he’ll try to deal with it by himself. He may even become a bit distant from you when this happens because he wants some time away from the world.

He asks for time alone.

When a Gemini man is hurt, he will want to be alone for a while because he wants to deal with it on his own. He doesn’t like asking for help and likes to try and figure things out by himself. Don’t push him away when this happens because he needs some time to process what’s going on in his head.

He gets depressed

When a Gemini man gets hurt, he may get deficient and even become depressed. His emotions are all over the place during this time, so you need to give him as much support as possible. Try not to worry if you see that your partner is feeling down or upset – be there for them as this will help them feel better.

He wants you around

When a Gemini man is hurt, he will want your company because he misses you being around. It makes him feel better than someone from the outside world is trying their hardest to cheer him up and lift his spirits. If he keeps talking about other things, just let him continue because he’s slowly coming out of his shell again.

He might give you the cold shoulder.

When a Gemini man has been hurt, he might not want to be around you for a while because he feels like you could have done something differently. He may try and avoid any serious conversations with you to protect his feelings from being hurt again in the future.

He won’t explain why he is hurt.

A Gemini man won’t usually explain why he’s so hurt because he doesn’t want to go into any details. He wants to try and forget what happened without mentioning the incident again. Just be there for him as much as possible, even if you have no idea what’s going on in his head.

He changes topics often

When a Gemini man has been hurt, he might drift away from the conversation – especially when it gets severe or deep. He likes to talk about anything but this particular topic because it makes him feel uncomfortable and vulnerable again. Don’t let this upset you because soon enough, he’ll come back around to talking about this subject with you again.

how does a gemini man act when he's hurt

He’s not in a rush to reply

A Gemini man won’t always be in a hurry to reply to your messages when he’s been hurt. If you text him or ask about how he is, don’t become frustrated if it takes a while for him to respond – this is his way of processing what happened and telling himself the truth. Don’t worry because once he has thought things through, he’ll come around to talking with you again.

He tries hard not to show any emotion.

When a Gemini man gets hurt, he will try his hardest not to show any emotions on his face at all times. He doesn’t want others to think that they have got under his skin, so instead, he shows nothing. Don’t push him to show his upset feelings because this will make things worse for him.

He’s not acting like himself.

When a Gemini man gets hurt, he doesn’t act like himself around you. This is his way of hiding how vulnerable he feels inside, so don’t question it or comment that it isn’t like him – give him your support instead. He’ll go out of his way to impress you and try to be the perfect partner in every possible way.

He finds it hard to communicate.

A Gemini man will find it hard to communicate his thoughts and feelings when he’s been hurt because he can’t focus on himself. When this happens, don’t push him into talking as you’ll only make things worse for him – leave him to process what is going on in his head by himself instead.

He is acting differently.

When a Gemini man gets hurt, he will want to make you feel better because the last thing is for his actions to upset you. He knows that he’s been different recently and tries hard to be back to his usual self again as soon as possible. Don’t take this personally – know that it won’t be long before he’s back to himself with you.

He has a short temper.

A Gemini man has a short temper when he’s been hurt, so don’t push him or let your anger get the better of you around him. If anything comes out of the blue from you, it will only cause more problems between your feelings, so take your time and try not to fight. Try and understand how he is feeling, and he’ll soon come back to his usual self.

Things to Do When A Gemini Man is Hurt

When a Gemini man is hurt, he won’t want to be around you because it’s too painful for him. He will try hard not to let his true feelings show, but this isn’t always possible when you love someone. If you want the best out of the situation, you can do things to make things better.

* Give him his own space

* Don’t ask any questions

* When he’s ready, then he’ll tell you what happened – take this as a positive sign that it wasn’t anything significant or bad

* Try and show how much you care about him

* Always offer support no matter what the situation is

* Don’t bring up the incident or what happened – this is for him to do when he’s ready

FAQs About How a Gemini Man Act When He’s Hurt

If a Gemini man is hurt, then will he talk about it? 

When a Gemini man gets hurt, he often keeps things to himself. This is because he doesn’t want others to know what is going on, making him feel weak and vulnerable. He likes to sort his problems out without the help of others, so if he is open with you, then consider yourself lucky.

Should I worry if a Gemini man won’t talk about what is wrong? 

If a Gemini man is hurt but isn’t talking about it, don’t get annoyed and frustrated by this. When they are ready to speak, they will do so, and trying to push them will only make things worse.

What should I do if a Gemini man shuts me out? 

A Gemini man shuts you out when he is hurt, so try not to take this personally. You must give him space and avoid badgering him down until he’s ready to talk about whatever has happened. If you are there for him, then the relationship will get back to normal again soon.

Is it okay if I check up on a Gemini man when he’s hurt? 

If you are checking up on a Gemini man, then be careful not to demand answers from him. When they are ready, they will tell you everything going on in their head but pushing them only makes things worse.

Will a Gemini man get back to normal after he’s hurt?

Yes, a Gemini man will get back to normal after being hurt, so don’t worry about acting strange. They need some time on their own to process what has happened and when they are ready, things will be back to usual again.


When you start to date a Gemini man, you must know how to handle yourself in certain situations. When he is hurt, he will act differently, so try not to get annoyed by this but instead give him the time and space that he needs. He will come back to his usual self again when he is ready.

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