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how to dry shave your legs with lotion

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There are numerous reasons for shaving your legs as there are means and ways to do it. Or might be you are a passionate cyclist looking for an aerodynamic edge. Regardless of the reason, it can be a cumbersome, awkward process fraught with contortions and danger. One of the best ways to shave your legs depends typically on you. It’s based on how much your hair grows, how much leg hair you have, and how you were taught at an early stage. In this guide, we are going to look at how to dry-shave your legs to get silky, smooth legs.

How To Dry Shave Legs?

If you want to dry-shave your legs and minimize skin irritation, you will have to follow several tips:

  • Utilize a fresh razor every time

If you would like to dry-shave your legs, it is worth it to use a new razor every time. Most people believe that using new razors are more likely to cause cuts and nicks, but the opposite is true. Dull razor blades can pull at your hair and your skin, which may probably need more passes over the skin, causing more redness and irritation. Also, do not borrow someone else’s shaving razor because doing so can lead to various infections.

  • Use minimal pressure

Although it might seem like the more pressure you exert, the closest shave you get, pressing harder usually increases your chance for cuts and nicks. Be smooth and gentle, allowing the blades to do the work for you.

  • Look for a water substitute

Creating a physical barrier between your blade and your skin is helpful if you can get a substitute for water. Is there some cream or lotion close by, you can use it when you’re trying to dry-shave your feet quickly.

  • Shave in the direction of your hair growth

You might be used to shaving against your hair grain. However, when you’re dry shaving your legs, that can lead to pesky ingrown hairs and red bumpy skin. Instead, you should shave in the direction of your hair growth along with light, long, and slow strokes. If you’re able, you can pull your skin flat and firm with one hand as you shave with the other hand.

  • Shave once without repeating

If you have a strong desire to run the shaving blade over the same part multiple times, then you should avoid it. Making several passes over the same part, especially when you are dry, shaving your legs is likely to irritate your skin. If irritation occurs, you should avoid shaving until it disappears. If you are utilizing a new razor and carefully following the above tips, one pass is more than enough.

  • Moisturize

If you’ve got non-scented moisturizers with you, then you can go ahead and apply some on your skin. But if you don’t have any, you can skip this step. That’s because scented moisturizers are known to cause the irritation and razor burn that dry shaving is usually blamed for by many people.

How To Dry Shave Legs

Is It Ok To Dry Shave Your Legs?

Dry shaving refers to the act of running your razor over your skin without shaving creams, gels, or even water. Dry shaving is usually blamed for ingrown hairs as well as red and irritated skin. However, it’s possible and okay to shave your legs without water. While it’s true that shaving without lubrication might not provide you with a shave as close as that from wet shaving, it’s possible to shave your legs without water or shaving cream. When done the right way, getting a dry shave can easily and safely give you the smooth and silky skin you are after.

Can You Shave Your Legs Without Water?

Yes. You can shave your legs safely without water. If you’ve got a busy schedule and you know the requirements of dry shaving your legs, then it should not be difficult at all. However, you should remember and understand that proper use of warm water can soften the skin and hair to make the process easy.

Is It Better To Shave Wet Or Dry?

Wet Shaving is generally the traditional method of shaving. You start by soaking the part you want to shave in warm water, apply some kind of gel and foam on the area, and then run your shaving razor on it. In most cases, dry shaving is usually performed with specific types of electric razors, without using shaving gels or water. It’s usually used by individuals with sensitive skin and those who want a fast shaving solution as well.

Dry shavers typically cut the hairs at a particular distance from the skin’s surface, an advantage for individuals with sensitive skin. Nevertheless, it will give you a shave that’s not as smooth as with the wet shaving method. Electric razors utilized for dry shaving normally cost more and need more cleaning and maintenance when compared to the simple razors utilized in wet shaving.

Wet shaving provides you with a pretty close shave because when the hair is soaked in gel and water, it becomes softer and pretty easy to cut. If you begin with dry hair and skin, shaving will not be even, your hair will easily break down, and you’ll most probably end up with skin bruises. However, the preparation of your skin and the process itself takes a bit longer when compared to dry shaving.

The shaving method you choose ultimately depends on you and your preferences, which means there’s no wrong or right method. Your budget, skin type, and the time frame you allocate to shaving are some of the main factors that determine the shaving method you choose.

Do Wet Shaving Increase Hair Growth?

To effectively debunk this popular myth, it’s essential to know the phases of hair growth development. It takes around one month for your body hair to attain its full length. That is the reason why body hair is quite shorter than the hairs on your head.

Generally, hair gets its beginning in the hair follicles that are located underneath the skin. The roots of the hair are formed with the assistance of blood and proteins. As hair grows from its roots, it usually passes through the sebaceous glands and the follicles. Sebum produced in the glands usually helps in keeping your hairs lubricated as they grow longer. When your hair exits the surface of the skin, its cells die too.

When you shave your legs, you are slicing off dead hairs at the surface of your skin. Since shaving does not remove hair beneath the skin like many other methods of hair removal, you can’t affect its thickness, rate of growth, or color.

how to dry shave your legs with lotion

What Age Is Appropriate To Start Shaving Legs?

Different individuals begin shaving their feet at different times. The quality of body hair normally changes when an individual enters puberty and might be more noticeable than when they were younger. That may make younger children become uncomfortable around their friends and develop a desire to begin shaving.

Talk to your teenagers to understand where their desire to start shaving legs is coming from and make sure that they are aware it’s something that should be done more regularly once you begin. Waiting a little longer might be a better option, but you can teach good shaving techniques to teens aged between 12 and 14 years old before you give them a razor. Girls at this age are more likely to have the required maturity to avoid pricking or cutting skin when shaving.

What Happens When You Dry Shave Your Legs?

  • It shreds your skin

When you shave your legs without any lubrication, you are skipping on the essential steps for shaving. Generally, dampening your hairs using warm water and utilizing a good, lubricating gel or shaving cream is vital if you want to avoid razor burn, bumps, and cuts. Shaving without these important ingredients puts the blade directly against the skin, which might tug and also shred it during the shaving process.

  • It dries out the skin

Apart from lubricating your skin to enable the razor glide along with it with ease, shaving cream or gel also assists in moisturizing it too because shaving removes the top layer of your skin. Shaving without lubricants may end up severely drying out the skin, leaving it looking flaky and dull.

  • It causes a stinging sensation

If you dry shave, chances are you will endure the unavoidable stinging sensation afterward. This sensation can end up lingering for a couple of days, which can make you uncomfortable. You can calm it down by applying some Aloe Vera and avoid dry shaves completely.

  • It causes razor burns and bumps

When you dry shave, you are creating a recipe for razor burns and bumps, which leave your skin quite tender and unattractive.

What Are The Benefits Of Shaving Your Legs?

Deciding whether or not to shave your feet is a personal choice. Here are some benefits of shaving your legs.

  • Improve performance

Some swimmers and cyclists tend to shave their legs because they can assist in improving performance. Races, where the winners win by fractions of seconds, can have a different result if one person is slowed down by hair weight.

  • It feels smooth to the Touch

Most of the people who prefer shaved legs claim that it feels sexy or smooth. Hairless legs can also be a benefit when exfoliating the skin or applying moisturizer. That’s because the hair will not get in the way of cream or oil absorption.

  • Feeling clean and looking good

Most bodybuilding enthusiasts shave their leg and body hair because it provides their muscles and skins with a clean look. Also, hairless legs may help the rest of us simply feel cleaner.

Does Shaving Make Skin Darker?

No. Shaving your hair in any part of your body does not mean that the hair will grow back thicker, faster, or darker. The roots of this popular myth might be associated with the fact that your hair regrowth might look different at first. Generally, unshaven hair has a blunter, finer tip. Once you experience hair regrowth, you will see the coarse base and not the thinner, softer part that will grow back in the long run.

New hair might also look darker partly because of its thickness, but it might also be because the new hair has not been exposed yet to the natural elements. Exposure to soaps, sun, and other hair chemicals can easily lighten your hair. The darker shade of your hair regrowth might also be more visible than you are accustomed to. That is due to the hair color contrast, but it’s not attributed to the process of shaving whatsoever.

How Often Should You Shave Your Legs?

It’s okay to shave your feet every day, but if the daily shaving is causing skin irritation like ingrown hairs and razor burns, then you need to shave every couple days to give the skin enough time to heal. In general, how often you shave will depend on your genetics as well as your preferred outcome. Experts recommend shaving your legs every three to five days when you only want to trim or style and two to three days, especially if you would like a clean shave.

Shaving is one of the most common ways to get rid of unwanted leg hair temporarily. It is cheap, it’s pretty easy, and it is less painful when compared to waxing. However, shaving results do not last for a long time. Once you start shaving, your feet might require daily cleaning and maintenance to help keep them silky smooth. However, how often you should shave typically depends on how fast your hair grows. Dry shaving is usually met with a lot of tenderness, stinging, and skin irritation. If you have a busy schedule and have no time for wet shaving, you can follow the useful tips discussed in this article to shave properly to avoid skin irritations and regrets.


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