How to Thin Hair with Thinning Scissors




how to thin your hair with thinning scissors

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Thick and heavy hair can be a challenge to manage. A common solution is to thin the hair, so that you can style it more easily. Thinning your hair essentially means removing hairs. The less hair you have, the more control over it you will have. There are a number of ways to thin hair, but thinning scissors are the most common.

However, these thinning shears can damage the hair if they are not used correctly.You need to know how to use thinning scissors correctly as well as other tips for naturally thinning hair out. This way you can look your best without damaging your hair.

How to Thin Hair with Thinning Scissors?

Thick hair is a blessing to many people. But, it can cause challenges when it comes to styling. It can puff up making your head look overly larger or it can take forever to dry. When you repeatedly face these challenges, you are left wondering if there are ways to thin your hair. You don’t want a complete cut, but you just want to have more control.

The professionals use thinning scissors to achieve thinning. You can achieve the same thing from home, so long as you know what you are doing. Because thinning scissors can damage hair when used incorrectly, you need to follow this guide. There are essential things you need to know before you thin your hair with thinning scissors.

how to thin long hair with thinning scissors

  1. Buy Yourself Some Thinning Shears

You need to make sure you use the right scissors and not just any pair of shears. There are specialty thinning scissors that are best for thinning hair. They have one normal blade as well as one notched blade.

The purpose of having the different blades is so that less hair is removed with each snip you make. They remove only about 15% of the hair. Your hair still holds its shape but will have less density and be easier to manage

Look for a top-rated and recommended brand when it comes to buying your own thinning scissors. You can find them in beauty supply stores as well as the hair care sections of most department stores.

  1. Clean your hair

Make sure you have cleaned and dried your hair as normal before thinning. If you can, let your hair air dry rather than using a blow dryer. The reason being is that you want your hair to be as close to its natural texture as possible. Otherwise, you risk over-thinning it out.

Using a blow dryer can add volume to your hair making it appear thicker than it actually is. Do not add any styling products before you start thinning. These can clog the scissors as well as change the fullness of your hair.

  1. Thinning your hair

You need to thin your hair one section at a time to get the best results. Select a 2-3 inch section to start with. You will want to work with sections this size all around your head.

Separate this strand from the rest of your hair by clipping all your hair back. The strand you are thinning should be alone. If you have shorter hair you will likely have fewer sections. It is not easy to thin hair that is close to the scalp.

Take the thinning shears and angle with the serrated edge facing downwards. It needs to be 2 to 3 inches from the ends of your hair. The shears need to be held at a 45-degree angle. Close the thinning shears over the hair and then open.

As you do this, move the shears down an inch and close them again. Continue with this open-close pattern down the hair section until you get to the end. Facing the serrated edge down makes sure the hair underneath is thinner. It will be covered by the longer pieces of hair that are left.

Do not start close to the roots of your hair. Starting too high and close to the scalp will leave very short hairs at the top of your head. To make sure you keep better control over the shape of your hair and cut, start at the bottom and work your way upwards.

Take a comb and run it through the thinned section a few times. This makes sure that all cut hairs are removed and you can see the thinned section as it will be. Look at this section compared to the rest of your hair to make sure you have thinned it enough.

You can make more cuts in the same way as before if it still looks too thick. Take care not to cut the same hairs too many times or you will be left with overly thinned hair. Repeat the entire process with your entire head. Use the same method all the way around. Try to make the same consistent cuts to each section so your hair will look even when you are done.

If you like the look you have achieved, repeat this thinning process each month. Doing this monthly, will result in the best results. You need to be careful you do not thin too often. If you have any concerns about over-thinning, you can also visit a professional stylist so they can correct any errors you may have made.

how to thin your hair with thinning scissors

Can Thinning Scissors Damage Your Hair?

The short answer is yes. Thinning scissors can damage your hair if they are used incorrectly. Some people will thin their hair using razors but this causes more damage. Thinning scissors are designed to thin hair, but you need to follow the guide on using them properly. Only ever use thinning shears on dry hair. So long as your regular hair care routine is maintained,and thinning scissors are used the right way, your hair will be fine.

Can I Thin My Own Hair?

A professional stylist has been trained to use thinning scissors properly, but this does not mean you cannot thin your own hair. Use thinning shears instead of razors. Razors can make the ends of your hair look more dry and frizzy when you are done. You need to follow our guide and tips on successfully thinning your own hair.

If you thin it too much, it will look bulky at the roots and thin at the ends. There is no way to fix this apart from cutting your hair short. If you have thick and curly hair, you need to be prepared for additional changes. Thinning out your hair in this case will change the shape and wave pattern. Thinning curly hair needs to be one with extra care.

How Do You Make Your Hair Thinner?

There are styling tips you can also try to make your hair look thinner. Using a blow dryer starting at the roots, you can create a less-thick look. Use a round brush under your hair and move it downwards as you dry from the top. You can add a small curl to the end by rotating the brush. The small curl will help keep hair in place which reduces the chance of it puffing up.

You can also use a flat iron to flatten hair. Your hair needs to be completely dry to prevent damage. Flat iron your hair in strands that are about an inch in width. You may want to pass over each strand twice if you have very thick hair. Because flat irons use extreme heat, make sure you apply a protective serum to your hair before flattening.

Can Hair Get Thicker after Thinning?

Your hair will continue to grow after thinning. Thinning only removes hair that has already grown in. As it grows back in from the scalp, the ends will look thinner. Cutting the bottom above the thinning sections will make the hair shorter but thicker again.

There are also natural treatment options you can use to help stimulate faster hair growth. The faster it grows in, the quicker you can get rid of the thin strands and get thicker hair again. Support your natural hair growth cycle with aloe vera juice, flaxseeds, and shampoos that contain biotin. A thickening or volumizing shampoo and conditioner will also create a fuller look until your hair grows back in fully.

Does Thinning Your Hair Make It Frizzy?

Using thinning scissors can make your hair frizzy. This completely depends on the texture of your hair before thinning. You can reduce the risk of frizz by using the scissors in the correct way. In addition to this, there are a few tricks you can try to reduce the frizz if it shows up after thinning.

Now that you have thinned out hair, you need to wash it with cool water. Hot water not only strips your hair of its natural oils, but it leaves it dry and frizzy. With thinner hair, the risk of frizz is even higher. Use lukewarm water when washing your hair to maintain control and get the most from your thinned hair.

After styling your hair each day, apply a hair spray. Ideally you want to use one that has a shine-enhancing effect as this reduces the appearance of frizz. Make sure you spray from at least 12 inches away. Getting too close will weigh the hair down and create too flat of a look.

Is Thinning Out your Hair Bad?

Thinning out your hair is only bad when it is done incorrectly or done too often. Our guide will help you use thinning scissors the right way. Thinning too often or too much leaves your hair frizzier and more pumped up. The shorter hairs that are left amplify the volume you were trying to get away from. Thinning at the ends too much can also make your hair look stringy. Thinning is a great way to control thicker hair and get sleek styles. You just need to do it correctly.

Can Your Hair Grow Back after Thinning?

Thinning scissors do not remove your hair from the scalp. They cut hair that is already grown. This means your hair will continue to grow. You have less hair after thinning, but this does not impact your natural hair growth rate. If you do not want to wait for your hair to grow all the way back in, you can always cut it short past the thin sections.

How Can I Thin My Thick Hair at Home?

You can perform certain treatment routines at home to thin your thicker hair. There are treatments you can buy for thick hair that will leave your hair sleeker and shinier. You can buy these at any beauty supply store. Use them a few times a week after shampoo and before conditioner.

You need to use the right shampoo and conditioner. Buy a set that is aimed at reducing frizz and controlling volume. The right products can achieve a sleeker look for thick hair. Stay away from volumizing products as these will make your hair bigger.

How Do You Thin Thick Hair Without Cutting It?

Thick hair has a tendency to get bigger as the day goes along. If you are having this problem and do not want to cut it with thinning scissors, you can try these options.

  • Frizz control hair cream: apply this before drying and you will get a sleeker look that holds.
  • Flat iron: Using a flat iron for styling leaves thicker hair looking thinner. For the best results use this after your hair is totally dry. Ironing wet hair can cause damage as this is when your hair is weakest.

Thick hair is an asset, but not to everyone. Sometimes you just want to tame it for a short time. When you want more control, less frizz, and thinner hair, you can try thinning scissors. Or you can try alternative styling methods to get the look you want. So long as you use thinning scissors correctly, you can create a new look for your naturally thick hair. Our guide will make sure you get the sleek and controlled look you want with or without thinning scissors.

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