Does Combing Hair Help It Grow?




does combing facial hair help it grow

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Most dermatologists claim that the hair on your head grows on average of about half an inch for every month. It implies that the hair grows at approximately about 6 inches in every year. However, this growth is much dependent on several factors, including genetics and your lifestyle. You might ask yourself how to stimulate hair growth. There are lots of arguments and myths people narrate on the ways one can have healthy-looking hair. Daily combing for a certain number of times is one of the mentioned. Reading through this will help you have a clear mindset.

Does Combing Hair Help It Grow?

There is dermatological evidence to prove that combing your hair helps it grow. But, it does not mean that all you have to keep doing is to comb the hair and expect it to become longer. The approach is practical to well-nourished hair. Combing your hair with the right kind of hair comb, avoid the ones that may pull out your hair, is also a significant factor to consider. The use of a good comb in straightening the hair detangles it and gets the oils from the scalp up the hair strand. These oils are rich in the nutrients that nourish the hair and maintain it healthy. They also moisturize your hair to keep it soft and free from any bristle effects. As a result, your hair is likely to grow healthy, longer, and maintain a healthy scalp.

Start by sourcing for the right comb to use on your hair and then use it to gently. The tender process helps in massaging your head scalp. As a result, there is an increased flow of blood to different hair follicles. It implies that the nutrients, as well as oxygen needed for a healthier grown of hair, will get supplied to the follicles. Also, the combing process helps in detangling your hair and making it relaxed as it smoothly lies on your scalp. However, you should know that the combing of your hair doesn’t make it regrow, but it only enhances its growth. More so, these benefits are realized by the people who do the combing in the right manner and using the right comb. Dermatologists claim that the force used in pulling the hair while combing it may have an impact on the hair follicles. It may also harm the root cells as the hair gets uprooted. The scalp may take time to heal and allow hair regrowth.

The above two are enough evidence that hair combing is essential for the healthy growth of hair. Nonetheless, most people on hearing this consider brushing their hair now and then. They may also fall into temptations of using the wrong combs and end up doing more harm to the hair than good. They fail to take into consideration that for hair to grow, there is a need to have the proper care. Also, well-grown hair is an indication that the right has been used and that it has been handled with the right care. Overdoing everything or doing it wrongly makes the hair weak and leads to its fall. You also need to accompany the proper hair treatment and oils to enhance its better growth.

does combing facial hair help it grow

Does Brushing Hair 100 Times Help It Grow?

There is a common myth, which you might have heard before, that for one to get the shiniest, smoothest, and most beautiful hair, you only have to brush it 100 times. Now you understand that brushing your hair regularly has a lot of benefits. Some of these beneficial effects include the idea that regular brushing improves blood circulation. Others are the likes of its enhancement to the distribution of natural oils, removes dead skin cells which makes the scalp healthier, activates sebaceous glands, and fights frizz. All these benefits may make you believe that this myth is correct in that it sounds like it has lots of reality. The myth originated when shampoos weren’t famous yet. Then women would just wash their hair, making it prone to dirt. To combat this, they come up with the practice of brushing hair 100 times per day.

In modern society, if you don’t wash your hair often, you hate heavy shampoos and healthy strands. You could try doing the 100 times hair brushing practice. But if you have thin hair and you wash it often, you need to find another haircare trick that works for you. The main reason is that your hair is already weak, and brushing it 100 times will be too much for your fragile strands. More so, the frequent brushing without the undertaking proper hair care practices such as the application of moisturizers and other nourishing products may not have the desired effect.

Does Combing Cause Hair Loss?

Combing is one of the techniques advocated to enhance the proper growth of hair. However, combing mistakes commonly done by most people is the reason for hair loss. To curb this effect, there is an appropriate procedure that can help you minimize or ensure the damage is no longer a challenge. Any individual combing their hair ought to consistently begin from the center working downwards. Ensure that you move your comb upwards after all the tangles at the base are straightened. Doing the opposite makes you get lots of tangled hair. It leads to stains in your scalp and increases hair loss through breakage.

It is also advisable to use some naturally made hair paste to help your hair get the right moisture and lower its fragility. After the application of a hair paste, you should use your fingers in place of a comb for styling. If you happen to use the comb, it not only loses the paste effect but also harms your hair and its texture. Additionally, the use of combs on such delicate hair may lead to increased breakage. You need to understand your hair texture to better comb and avoid losing it to your lousy combing habits.

There is a typical mistake a person often does, and that is to comb their hair when it is soaked with water. You need to get that you should not comb your hair when it’s wet. It could be the lesson why you frequently find many strands of hair attached to your comb. The main reason to avoid such a mistake is that hair is known to be weakest when it’s wet. Therefore, combing it when it is wet increases its breakage. In the long-run, you end up losing your hair instead of enhancing its healthy growth. It is highly recommended first to untangle the strands.

does combing hair help it grow faster

Does Brushing Your Hair Before Bed Make It Grow?

Brushing is as effective as it is with the combing practice of your hair. However, there are moments when brushing is more advocated for as opposed to others. Think about the many times you have fallen asleep without thoroughly brushing your hair strands. It’s probably a lot. The reason could be that you may not have known the positive effects that come with proper brushing of your hair. It is true that brushing your hair every night before bed can not only help to distribute your hair’s natural oils from top to tip but also helps detangle your hair. The natural oils and the detangled hairs enhance the growth process, and one is likely to have his or her hair grow taller within a short time. And as a result, it leads to hair growth. Use a boar brush, and do not go overbrushing.

What Happens If You Don’t Comb Your Hair?

There are many reasons given as to why one should comb their hair. It implies that failure to do this practice makes one not to achieve the many benefits and also lead to the negativities. It is common for people to find more hairs accumulating in their showers when they fail to comb their hair. It implies that the hair becomes brittle while tangled and later starts falling. You are to have hair loss more often. Also, the tangled strands accumulate, and they become uneasy to manage. The natural hair oils are not distributed. The scalp does not get enough room to aerate and allow proper hair growth. It becomes challenging to style such hair. Most people prefer to use their hands when trying to style such hairs. The scalp may develop infections as the hair roots may become oily since there is not even distribution as it happens during combing.

How Often Should You Comb Your Hair?

Dermatologists advise people to comb their hair depending on their condition, but not more than twice daily. Having a better understanding of the texture of your hair is of great essence when one is deciding on how often to comb the hair. One should make it a habit to do the hair combing once in the morning hours and once again during the evening or night hours. However, if your hair is very long, or very dry, you might want to brush it thrice per day to keep tangles in check and encourage the production and distribution of natural oil. Furthermore, if your hair is oily or curly, brushing once a day is typically ideal. Therefore, the frequency of brushing your hair should get informed by the nature of your hair.

Is Losing 200 Hairs A Day Normal?

The loss of some hair strands is healthy, but it is abnormal, losing about 200 hairs in a day. The abnormality is ideal, especially when one realizes a sudden increase in the amount of hair lost or left on your brush or comb. The many hairs lost are often indicators of some other conditions affecting your body. Some of them include your body responding to an illness, a stressful event, medication, hormonal imbalance, fungal infection, and thyroid disorders. In your case, if it’s a sudden change, and you have no other symptoms, this might be a condition called telogen effluvium. Where you may notice a loss of handfuls of hair, and it involves the entire scalp. This condition occurs due to a type of shock in your system. The reassuring news is that the hair grows back once the shock is causing no more stress.

Should I Brush Hair Every Day?

It is highly essential to run a comb or a hairbrush through your hair every day. Such daily practices make it easy for you to accomplish a perfect at-home blowout. However, most people are never sure whether they should run their bristles through their hairs at a higher frequency than the usual style. The recommendations given by dermatologists are that one should brush the hair twice in a day to enhance healthy growth and achieve other benefits. This frequency of hair brushing is also determined by hair texture and length. You need to see a specialist to tell you the appropriate care you need to offer your hair.

How Can I Have Healthy Hair?

It is a need and desire of every person to have a healthy hair. More so, a healthy hair is defined by the aspects that it is not brittle and not breaking, well-nourished with the shiny and appropriate hair color, and grows accordingly. How to have healthy hair is the big question that you might ask yourself, consider the following steps:

  • Ensure that you start by brushing or combing your hair before getting in for a shower
  • Use suitable hair conditioners for proper hair care
  • Take time for hair masking
  • Consider the vital ingredients when purchasing hair oils, treatments, and conditioners.
  • Always eat a healthy balanced diet
  • Avoid washing your hair with excessively hot water


You might have heard uncountable myths on how to grow your hair. Also, there are many narrations about what causes hair loss. All these may have triggered your impulsive reaction to having your hair grow. Although nothing positive seems to happen. This article will help you clear all the doubts in your mind. Putting the above steps, like using the right type brush, not brushing your hair when wet, and others guarantee you a positive outcome.

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