About Us

So you want to know more about Groenerekenkamer.com; well, read on a little more and you’ll have the full story.

This website was created with the intent of helping guys improve upon both their grooming and styling habits. The site was created with the aim to end the frustration of trying to find genuine, useful, and detailed information for men’s grooming tips online.

More often than not, the issues with other sites came in two categories: They did a poor job of trying to explain the grooming process or the explanations had no rhyme or reason behind them.

With a deep passion for grooming and style, I had decided it was time to give men the information that they were looking for. No longer would a guy have to search every corner of the internet only to come across a site that barely had anything to do with male grooming.

We’ve got the most up to date information on grooming, style and more. Don’t go back to scrounging around online for grooming tips. Whatever you need to look and feel your absolute best, we got it covered.

We hope you love the site and if you have any feedback, drop us a line on the contact page.

All the best!