Should You Shave Before Or After Shower?




Is It Better To Shave Your Legs Before Or After Shower

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Learn to shave as soon as your hair grows back, whether it is leg hair, facial hair, or even public hair. Hygiene comes fast, you don’t want to walk around with shaggy facial hair or leg hair. If you don’t know how or when to shave, you are in the right place.

Should You Shave Before Or After Shower

Should You Shave Before Or After Shower?

It’s perfect if you shave the same time you shower, that is because the environment is warm and wet at the moment and that is what you need for a comfortable shave.

Most people wonder when to shave, whether before or after shower, but keep in mind that whether you shave before or after a shower greatly impacts the shave quality. It is up to you to decide when to shave; both are okay, but your shave’s quality matters.

Shaving Before Showering

You can use electric shavers instead of razor blades, electric shavers are great when used on dry hair. It is difficult to use an electric shaver on wet and damp hair.

Shaving after showering is a good idea because it ensures removal of debris on your face, it, therefore, acts as protection against infection if in case you cut yourself during shaving.

Another benefit of shaving before showering is it makes it easier to remove bristly beard hair with an electric shaver, that is, if you are trimming your beard.

You can also wash away any stray hairs and shaving creams that might have remained in your face and neck in the shower. Hair remains can cause itching, that is why you should clean it out.

Shaving dry hair saves a lot of time than when you use a post-shower shave. However, shaving is your decision, do what makes you comfortable.

Shaving after Showering

Many men prefer shaving after showering and it has been a tradition that has always been there. Shaving after shower is known to be the best among the two methods.

Water cleans your skin, the steam flushes out dirt, opens up pores and softens hair follicles. When the hair follicles are soft, shaving becomes easier and more comfortable.

Shaving after you shower is the best option, especially if your skin is sensitive. You can shave your face and apply face scrub when in the shower, thus reducing a lot of clean-up at the sink.

Between the two methods, you should go for shaving when in the shower because it is convenient, quick and a very comfortable way to shower.

Is It Better To Shave with Cold or Warm Water?

Coldwater is better than warm water in this case, warm water can dry your skin, making it feel puffy, while cold water is better for the skin. Always use cold water when shaving to avoid any skin problems.

Pros of Shaving with Cold Water


Cold shave is refreshing, especially in the morning when you wake up, those people living in tropical and warm climates should use cold water when shaving.

Causes less irritation

Several men who try cold water shave have no problem with razor burns, skin irritation, fewer cuts and ingrown hair. It is a great idea to opt for a cold shave if you have a sensitive skin.

Friendly on razor blades

Continuous use of hot water makes your razor dull so quickly, but when cold water is used, razor blades tend to last longer.

Better for the skin

The skin feels smooth and moisturized when cold water is used, unlike hot water that makes your skin dry and puffy.

Cons of Shaving with Cold Water

Not good for cold weather

If you live in cold areas below the freezing point of water, avoid cold water shaving. Use warm water since it feels soothing and comfortable at this point.

Uncomfortable shave

The reason why men prefer cold water is because it’s more comfortable. When shaving with cold water, stiff whiskers can cause an undesirable sensation.

Should I Shave In The Morning Or At Night?

Shaving daily requires dedication, nowadays most work environments do not observe the strict rules of clean shaving, but you might want to follow the routine if you have a patchy beard or if you want to look neat.

You should d code when to shave, whether morning or evening. Below are the pros and cons of shaving both in the morning and evening, it helps guide you decide the perfect time for you to shave.

Evening shave

Shave after dinner, when you are about to have a shower. That’s the perfect time to shave.

Pros of Evening Shave

There is enough time to shave in the evening, when you spend enough time shaving, you will get a better and much cleaner result. This is because you pay much attention to whatever you are doing.

An evening shave is excellent since you relax a lot and spend enough time with yourself. At night, your shaved skin has time to rest itself, reducing redness and allowing it to heal.

Cons of Evening Shave

There is something called overnight growth, if you have a thick and fast-growing beard, it would be okay to avoid shaving in the evening.

Morning shave

If you shave in the morning, ensure that you shave the time between your breakfast and leaving for office.

Pros of Morning Shave

People with thick, fast-growing hair should always shave in the morning to avoid walking around with shaggy hair that grew overnight.

Your morning shave should become a daily routine that should never be forgotten

Cons of Morning Shave

When shaving, you can accidentally cut yourself, especially on a busy morning. Always keep in mind that shaving depends on your beards length, a good shave should take 15 to 30 minutes.

Is Daily Shaving Good Or Bad?

It is good, especially if you have a lot of facial hair, shaving does not take a lot of your time. Therefore, consider shaving whenever you realize that your facial hair is becoming shaggy.

Benefits of Shaving Daily

Scrubs away dead skin

Shaving scrubs away dead skin whether you are using cream, shaving gel, or razor blade. It helps remove dead skin that develops along the skin’s outer most layer.

Debris can lead to acne if not removed, shaving regularly ensures that the dead skin cells are removed without scrubbing your face.

Is It Better To Shave Your Legs Before Or After Shower

How Many Times A Week Should You Shave?

How often to shave depends on the rate of your hair growth, shaving every two to three days is great if you want a clean shave. If you want to trim or style, shave three to five days.

It is safe to shave your armpits, legs and bikini area every day. But when shaving, make sure you use high-quality shaving cream to reduce razor burns and irritation.

The shaving cream also provides smooth and cooling froth, which allows the razor to easily slide over your cheeks. After shaving, apply an aftershave balm it helps restore moisture and helps in the nutrition of your skin.

How Do You Shave Without Getting Bumps?

When shaving, you need to take time to avoid accidental cuts on your cheeks, do not rush or use dull objects, for instance, razors or Gillette’s.

Shaving correctly protects your skin against irritation. Always remember that the right shaving method depends on the place you are shaving. You should learn more about how to shave your arms, legs, armpits, bikini area, face and eyebrows.

Below are various ways to follow while shaving to avoid getting bumps. When the guidelines are strictly followed d, shaving becomes very easy.

Is It Better To Shave Your Legs Before Or After Shower?

Shaving depends on you, but it is advisable to shave before a shower to clean any hair that remains. Shaving after shower is not bad but remember that you might not feel comfortable if you don’t wash all the hair.

One main disadvantage of shaving your legs after shower is because you will spend much time cleaning out hair. Instead of wasting a lot of time, why don’t you do everything at once? Shave and shower that is all.

Shaving before you shower can increase irritation and hair burns because the hair follicles are coarse and dry.

There are pros and cons of each method, it’s not a big deal if you shave before or after shower, as long as it doesn’t affect you.

How Do You Get Rid Of Leg Hair Without Shaving?

Many women want soft and smooth legs same applies to some men. Shaving is the common way of hair removal, but the hair tends to grow back quickly.

You can get rid of leg hair using wax. It’s a method preferred by most people today. Waxing is painful, but worth the struggle, the hair will take much longer before it grows back again.

If shaving and waxing does not appeal to you, use a cream known as a depilatory cream. This cream contains chemicals that dissolve keratin in the hair shaft, causing hair to break down.

Before using the cream, test it on a small area of your arm to see if there is any allergic reaction. Wash off the cream after 10 minutes and wait for 2 to 3 days, if there is no reaction, you can now apply the cream on a larger area.

Learn to get rid of leg hair, girls shave every day because they can’t wear some clothes if they don’t. Try the method that has a long-lasting outcome, for instance, waxing.

Can I Shave My Legs Out Of The Shower?

Yes, you can shave before or after a shower. Sometimes you have to shave your legs without jumping in the shower. Instead of going out with hairy legs, consider following the steps below.

  • Spray your legs with water
  • Do not out a lot of water, just enough to moisten your legs. Spray from the toes to ankles and on the entire leg.
  • Add stick deodorant

In this case, a deodorant acts as a shaving gel and does not use an antiperspirant.

  • Spray a little water on your deodorant
  • This is to moisten your legs and give you a feeling same as when you are in the shower.
  • Shave your legs
  • After all the above steps, you can now shave your legs like you always do when in the shower.
  • Dry your legs and get any hair off
  • After shaving, use a dry cloth to get rid of the hair particles. Then dry your legs with a clean towel free from hair.

How Do You Prepare Your Legs For Shaving?

Your legs should’ve well prepared before a shave to avoid cuts and skin irritation as well as developing ingrown hair. Consider following the steps below to help you prepare your legs for shaving to avoid all this.

Use warm water

Ensure the water in your shower is warm to avoid goose bumps when shaving.

Never shave dry

Ensure that your skin is not dry when shaving because you will feel a lot of pain. It doesn’t matter how sharp your razor is, so long as your skin is dry, you will still feel pain.

Exfoliate your skin

Remove the dead skin before you start shaving, the dead skin can clog your razor and might cause serious injuries.

Shaving is important for your hygiene and neatness. However, you should know if it is okay to shave daily, how to get rid of leg hair without shaving, if you can shave with cold or warm water and how many times a week you should shave.

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