Why Would a Married Man Shave His Private Area




should a Married Man Shave His Private Area

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When it comes to private grooming, there are a lot of questions that people have, and no one seems to want to talk about. This is especially true when it comes to men and their private areas. One question that often comes up is why would a married man shave his private area? Is there a need for it? Or is he trying to make himself more attractive to other women? In this post, we will explore why married men might shave their private areas.

Why Would a Married Man Shave His Private Area

Why Would a Married Man Shave His Private Area

It’s hygienic 

Many married men find that their private areas become very unhygienic and smelly as time goes by. This problem can be solved by simply shaving the area off. Doing this will make it easier for a man to maintain good hygiene in his nether regions.

It makes their private area look better

A lot of women find long and unkempt pubic hairs unattractive. Because of this, many men will shave off the hair in and around their private areas for the sake of presenting it to their wives looking its best.

It’s more attractive to their wives

Seeing a man with long and unkempt pubic hair in their private areas is a huge turn-off for some women. This is especially true when they are trying to enjoy the pleasures of intimacy with that man. By shaving off its pubic hair, men can ensure that it will be more attractive to their wives.

It makes it easier to maintain good hygiene

As mentioned earlier, having long and unkempt pubic hairs can make it difficult for men to maintain good hygiene when they are in their private areas. Shaving off the hair might be a little task, but it will guarantee that it is easy for men to keep their private areas clean when done properly.

It makes it easier for them to enjoy the pleasures of intimacy

Shaving off your private parts is not only an act that will make it more attractive to your wife but also yourself. When you do this, you can be sure that there won’t be any distractions or discomfort when enjoying those intimate moments with your wife.

Their partner wants them to do it

In some cases, a wife might ask her husband to shave off their pubic hairs in and around their private area. This is especially true when the woman has a very good reason for asking her husband. At the end of the day, whether or not a man decides to shave his private area depends on his personal preferences and whether or not it is acceptable to his wife.

It makes him look more masculine

Some women find that a man with long and unkempt pubic hairs in their private areas doesn’t seem very masculine at all. This is why some men decide to shave off this hair to look more like the masculine men that their wives desire.

Reducing sweat

Many men find that their private areas are prone to excessive sweating. This can lead to discomfort, irritation, bad odor, and even affect the man’s self-esteem. By regularly shaving off their pubic hair, men can reduce this sweating problem so that they stay dry and comfortable all day long.

It makes the area look bigger

For some men, shaving off their pubic hair in and around their private areas might make it appear larger than they are.

This is especially true for men who have a very small private area to begin with. Some find that shaving makes it look slightly more impressive than before.

It makes the skin look and feels smoother

Most men find that shaving their pubic hairs and private areas makes them feel and look a lot smoother than before. This is why some men will shave off their pubic hair regularly, even if they don’t have any partners at all.

Shaving fights odor

Shaving your pubic hair regularly can help get rid of the bad odor that you might have in your private area. This is especially true for men who are not very hygienic, to begin with. It’s a good way to ensure that their private areas stay clean and fresh all day long.

It’s easy to maintain

While it might sound like a tedious task, shaving off your pubic hair in and around your private areas is an easy thing to do. All you need is the right kind of razor and some shaving cream. It was very cheap too!

It feels more comfortable when wearing trousers

When men shave off their pubic hairs, it can be much more comfortable for them to wear trousers or shorts. This is especially true for men who feel too much discomfort wearing these clothes thanks to the unkempt pubic hair they have to deal with before shaving it.

It makes it easier to stimulate the area during intimacy

Some women find that a man’s pubic hair can be too much of a distraction during intimacy. This is why some men will make it easier for their wives to stimulate the area by shaving off all those unkempt hairs.

Avoids cuts during intimacy

When a man doesn’t shave his pubic hairs, his skin down there can be susceptible to cuts. This is why shaving it off will make it easier for him to enjoy those intimate moments with his wife without worrying about those cuts or nicks.

More swimwear options

Shaving your pubic hair is also a good way for men to start embracing their masculinity, and it certainly doesn’t stop them from enjoying some time at the beach or swimming pool with their family.

It makes him look younger

Certain women out there find an unshaven man in their private areas to be older than he is. This is why for some men, shaving their pubic hair can make them look younger without having to get plastic surgery or botox treatments.

Traditional acceptance

Even if most people don’t like the idea of men shaving their pubic hair, there are still some traditional wives out there who will prefer it over the unkempt version.

should a Married Man Shave His Private Area

To avoid STDs

Pubic hairs can collect bacteria, dirt, and even viruses you don’t want to pass on during intimacy. That’s why some men will shave off their pubic hair to stop the spread of these diseases during intimacy.

Personal preference

Some men like to be as smooth as possible below the belt, and shaving off their pubic hairs is a good way to achieve that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do men who shave their pubic area have less hair?

No, this won’t reduce the amount of hair you have in your body. It will only remove the hairs on the surface. These are known as terminal hairs, while other kinds below it aren’t affected by shaving at all.

Is shaving your pubic hairs a good option for men with a hairy back?

If a man struggles with a very hairy back, shaving his pubic hair might not be the most effective way to control it. The best thing that he can do would be to use some hair remover creams or waxes on it instead of trying to shave off the entire jungle-like mess that he has going on.

Is it normal to be scared of shaving your pubic hair?

If a man is too afraid of shaving his pubic area, there’s nothing wrong with letting it all grow out for the time being. Most men who shave their pubic hair do so because they’re looking for a more manageable cut that won’t require as much maintenance.

Do you need to trim the hair before shaving the area?

For most people, it is a good idea to use a trimmer on your pubic hairs first to achieve a better, smoother shave without nicks or cuts.

Can shaving your pubic hairs cause infections?

It’s certainly possible for a man to get an infection if he isn’t very careful about the entire process. It’s important that you thoroughly clean the area before and after shaving it to avoid this. You should also consider applying some antiseptic cream just in case.


When you boil it all down, the reasons why married men shave their private areas depend on their wives and/or themselves. However, as we have shown above, most of the time, shaving is done for the sake of making themselves look more attractive to their wives and to make it easier for them to maintain good hygiene in their private parts.

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