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should i shampoo and conditioner my hair before coloring

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Hair coloring is simply the process of changing the color of hair using various hair colors. This is done by people who want to cover the gray or white hair, while some do it only for fun and fashion. It can be done professionally, or you can do it yourself at home.

There are several classifications of hair coloring that is; permanent, demi-permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary colors, so it’s up to you to decide the one you like to have. Dying hair has raised a lot of questions to people who want to try it, and one of the significant questions is if dying damages hair.

Dying hair is good and fashionable, but when it’s not done correctly, it can damage hair, if you don’t know how to do it, you better visit a professional. Dye hair once in a while because doing it severely can damage your hair and even lead to shaving. Otherwise, you don’t need to worry because you only need to use the right products and use the correct process.

should i condition my hair before or after coloring

Should I Condition My Hair Before Coloring?

Of course, yes, you are required to use a conditioner before coloring hair because the coloring process uses strong chemicals that can damage your hair. Using a conditioner prevents this product from causing hair damage. Don’t use any conditioner because the results will not be pleasing.

Conditioning your hair before coloring is okay, but make sure you do the conditioning five days before coloring because the pH of your hair will be balanced, and the moisture will be restored. Doing this ensures that your ends are hydrated and the hair absorbs the colors uniformly.

There is a difference between hair conditioned a week earlier and the one done on the same day of coloring. A deep conditioning five days before produces good results; in fact, your hair color will be very bright and not faded.

If that doesn’t work for you, you can decide to use a natural conditioner one hour before coloring your hair; this will still protect your hair from chemical damage. The best conditioners to use are coconut oil because it’s 100% organic, hydrates ends and doesn’t interrupt the coloring process.

Does Conditioner Affect Hair Dye?

Yes, it affects if the conditioner used is not the right one; a conditioner should be used but not any hair conditioner. If you want to condition your hair after dyeing, you should know the best conditioner to use because you don’t want to ruin your hair.

Hair should be conditioned after hair color, but the right way is by conditioning it after the color is rinsed, and before the shampoo is applied, that way, you’ll not temper with color. Using the right conditioner for color-treated hair can be helpful, but using the wrong one ruins a dye job.

Apart from ruining your dyed hair with a hair conditioner, there other several things you shouldn’t do after coloring your hair and this are; avoid swimming because the water has chlorine that bleaches, avoid exposing hair to too many chemicals, don’t style hair without using a heat protectant, avoid using thick treatment masks, avoid overstaying in the sun, use color-safe shampoos, avoid hot water and don’t wash your hair immediately after dyeing.

How Should I Prepare My Hair Before Coloring?

You’ve finally decided to color your hair, and you are wondering where to start from, there are the steps you need to follow if you want your hair to last longer, have more shine and if you want your hair color to take better and this is;

Get rid of build-up

A week before you color your hair, treat your hair using a mixture of shampoo and baking soda or apple cider vinegar. This treatment is considered the best, don’t use any treatment because it might damage your hair. After treatment, condition your hair just like any other time after shampooing.

Add protein and haircut if your hair is damaged

Deep conditioning should be done at this stage, but a regular protein treatment is the best, if your hair is seriously damaged, trim it to get rid of split ends. Be sure of what you are doing and discuss your hair condition with your salonist before coloring.

Deep conditioning your hair

Deep conditioning your hair a week before your appointment, conditioning helps to restore moisture and balance the pH on your hair. Moisturizes ends, ensures that your hair takes color evenly.

The last shampoo

Don’t shampoo your hair the same day of your appointment; do it one or two days before. Washing your hair the same day of coloring will give you bad results because freshly washed hair is not the best for hair color; in fact, it dried out and roughs up the surface of your scalp.

Bring photos

You should be having several photos of the hair colors you want to ease the work of your salonist. Having a picture with you is good because at least the salonist can give you what you want, and it also prevents you from unwanted tones.

should i shampoo and conditioner my hair before coloring

What Should You Not Do Before Coloring Your Hair?

There are several things you should not do before coloring your hair since you want to have the best coloring ever. You should not do the following.

You should not condition your hair the same day of your appointment, do not use chemical services, do not install extensions, do not scratch your scalp, do not use a lot of hair products, don’t shampoo, avoid washing your hair the day of coloring because if you do it, you will be washing away the natural oils in your hair that is needed to help you achieve good results.

To add on that, you should not shape your hair, leave it in its natural way because a natural shape allows your salon to have an exact look. These are some of the few things you should avoid doing before coloring your hair.

Can I Dye Hair That Has Not Been Washed In A Week?

It’s right to wash hair two or three days before dying, freshly washed hair is not ideal for dying, and neither does long -since washed hair too. Hair that has not been cleaned for a while develops a build-up that brings trouble during the dyeing process.

Why don’t you just do what is required of you? If you are really serious about dyeing your hair, you know what is required of you wash your hair a day or two before the appointment because having natural oils and products on your scalp is important.

Washing hair is a good idea because the natural oils in your hair create a barrier between your scalp and the chemical applied to your hair, and this prevents burning and itching.

Do You Shampoo After Dying Hair?

If you want to shampoo your hair after drying, it’s right to do it after 72 hours; don’t shampoo your hair immediately because you might end up losing the real color of the dye on your hair.

It’s important to avoid shampooing colored hair for a while, or if need be, you can use the right shampoo, go for special shampoos even though they are not that helpful, but they are way far much better than normal ones.

The perfect time to wash your hair is when your scalp starts itching; avoid washing colored hair because water would fade it every time you wash your hair.

Can You Dye the Hair When its Greasy?

Dyeing greasy hair is not a good idea because it will not work correctly. Greasy hair can be dyed yes, but be sure the results will not please you, think about rinsing your hair before applying the dye.

Wash your hair and wait for 24 hours before dying, doing so provides the best possible results. The only greasy hair that can be dyed locks, but oily locks are a bit challenging to dye because the oil on your scalp created a barrier, and the dye cannot reach the follicles leading to unpleasant results.

How Do I Prepare My Natural Hair for Coloring?

To prepare natural hair for coloring, there are steps that you need to follow for instance you needed to;

  • Find color inspiration
  • Play around with temporary colors
  • Start small by tasting the dye or highlights at the tips of your hair.
  • Research the best colorists
  • On the date of appointment, go with healthy hair
  • Avoid heat styling
  • Trim ends every three weeks
  • Monitor your hair health
  • Go back for a refresh every 3-6 months.

What Hair Color Fades Slowest?

The hair color that fades slowest is the one that lasts longer; there are several popular hair color choices and how they react with time. The radiant red color is known to fade faster than any other color simply because the molecules used in it do not penetrate into the shaft of the hair.

Another color is the bewitching blonde, which has a staying power, but after using it, the hair needs to be treated with care. You need to know that going blonde is not a dying process. Brunette Beauty is another brown dye with the most staying power; this dye penetrates the hair deeper than other dates leading to a more bright color.

Lastly is the Bold Bright color, which is very vibrant and popular nowadays. This color is known to fade faster because it’s brighter and the brighter and intense the color is, the more likely it is to fade.

Which Hair Color Stays Longest

There are several colors that fade off really fast, and some that last longer. Most people would love to use the color that lasts longer because they don’t want to repeat the coloring process over and over again.

There are two colors known to have a long-lasting duration, and this is; bewitching blonde and Brunette beauty. Bewitching blonde has a staying power because it penetrates deep into the shafts of the hair, Brunette beauty has the most staying power compared to the bewitching blonde, it’s brown and brown dye are known to penetrate the hair more deeply than other dyes.

Before coming to a final decision of dying hair, you should have done great research on it. It’s advisable that one should visit a professional if it’s their first time coloring hair if you are doing it yourself; you need to be very keen because you don’t want to have bad results at the end of the day.

Dying hair is a process that requires patience, everyone who has been doing or beginning to dye or color hair needs to know how to know the following; if it’s right to condition hair before coloring, the colors that last longer and those that fade easily, how to prepare natural hair for coloring, of you can dye greasy hair, how to prepare hair before coloring, if it’s right to shampoo hair after coloring, whether to dye hair that has not been washed for a week and many others.

No one should panic about hair coloring. It has been done by so many people who have had good results; you need to try new things more often. Just do it in the right manner, and everything will be okay. You shouldn’t be afraid of the myths you hear before you even try it out. Make the right decision on what you how you want people identify you with.

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