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what home remedy can i use to make my beard soft

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Beards are ordinarily very special to a man much like the hair is to a woman. With time though and if left unkempt, the beard may often become too rough and hard. You should hence always take great care of the beard to maintain them in a state of softness.

Though many prefer the professional or commercial approaches, it is the homemade remedies that are by far the better options. That is because they are cheaper, more convenient to come by, and are generally safer on your skin and hair strands. We have prepared a complete guide here below to aid you in going about the issue.

How to Soften Beard with Home Remedies

How to Soften Beard with Home Remedies

A number of home remedies do exist for your own consideration and attempting. These remedies are each designed to impact your beards in unique ways. We have seen it appropriate to look into them with the view of determining just how you might gain from them.

a.) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the famed world over for its softening and healing effects. These ones work particularly awesome when applied to the beards. For best results, you have to mix the oil with other moisturizing agents like honey, cream, and milk.

To apply it on your head, you have to warm the oil up. As you do so, take great care that it does not burn at all. Then, allow it to cool. Thereafter, apply it carefully and slowly on your beard. Leave it to mask your beard for an hour or so. Wash it off using warm water.

b.) Homemade Shea Butter

Shea butter derives from the nuts of the shea tree. It is packed with plenty of Vitamins A, E, and many fatty acids. When applied to the beard, it heals and soothes both the hair strands and the skin underneath.

Owing to its possession of sufficient levels of fatty acids, the butter also shines and diminishes frizzes fro, your hair strand. Applying it is simple. You just have to squeeze out some droplets and rub your beard gently with them.

c.) Olive Oil, Almond Oil, and Honey Mixture

A mixture of honey, Almond oil, and Olive oil has a very potent hydrating capability. It is hence mostly suited for that beard that is extremely rough and hard. The mixture does have the power to soften the hair strands considerably and make it smoother.

Create a mixture that comprises equal portions of the three major ingredients. Apply these on your face and leave to rest for around 30 minutes. After the lapse of this 30-minute window, rinse off the mixture using mildly warm water.

d.) Orange Peel

Are your beards prickly? You need to make use of the orange peels. Use your blender or food processor to shred the orange peels in their finest particles. Obviously, you must dry the same completely before proceeding to shred them in the appliances stated.

Mix the powder you will have obtained with half a cup of milk. Stir gently to form a smooth yet thick paste. Apply the same to your bard and leave to settle for some 40 minutes or so. Wash away thereafter using some warm water.

e.) Combing

Beards also get softer and suppler just by combing daily or at regular intervals. You should hence strive to make it a priority to comb yours every now and then. Choose a good comb or brush to do this job. Stay away from plastic brushes as much as possible.

They have been noted to create static electricity that is definitely not good for your hair’s health. Go for the soft bristle brushes instead. They also bring along the added advantage of massaging your beards too! This is besides distributing the hairs across the beards uniformly.

f.) Olive Oil

Olive oil is full of moisturizing and hydrating effects. You should hence make it a priority insofar as your beard health is concerned. Apply this oil on a regular basis for the best results. Apart from hydrating your hair, the olive oil also encourages the rapid growth thereof.

To apply it, you should pour some little amount of the oil on teaspoons. Warm the oil moderately on some naked flames for a shorter duration of time. Leave to cool for some time before applying the same on your beard. Massage thoroughly to ease the tautness of your skin also.

g.) Aloe Vera

Does your beard experience dandruff or other skin issues? You have the Aloe Vera for your choice and use. This naturally occurring herb holds the solution to dandruff and other skin issues. Further to that, it also hydrates your skin not to mention promoting the growth thereof thanks to the higher levels of Vitamin E.

Apply a generous amount of Aloe Vera on your skin and massage thoroughly. You are also advised to apply it twice a day for best results. This way, the skin underneath the beard will also be softer and suppler. Wash after each application with warm water.

h.) Honey and Lemon Juice Mixture

Lastly, a mixture of honey and lemon juice is also a good one for beard care. Honey, as we have already explained, plays the role of promoting the growth of hair. The lemon juice on the other hand softness the beard and adds some fragrance to it altogether.

Thus, this mixture allows you to hit several birds with one stone. Simply squeeze some lemon juice into a dish of honey. Stir thoroughly to let the two ingredients to mix thoroughly. Apply this mixture and follow it up by massaging the beard thoroughly for maximum effects.

what home remedy can i use to make my beard soft

Why is my Beard Rough?

It is definitely a wise thing to do to find out why the beards tend to be hard in the first place. That way, it will be possible to find ways and means to mitigate such roughness better. Several reasons explain why beards tend to be rough. We explain a number of them here below:

Poor Cleanliness and Care

Poor cleanliness and care is the first reason why beards tend to be rougher. Beards, unlike your ordinary hair, require greater attention and care. That is because they are more exposed to external weather elements. Thus, they require more than just the ordinary routine care and maintenance.

Unfortunately, fewer people do take their beard care serious. Other than washing the same using soap and water, they do nothing more. This allows the dust and debris to accumulate and make the beard rougher than average.

Extreme Environmental Issues

If you live in an environment with extreme issues, you put your beard in a very dire position. Examples of these include the dust, dirt, debris, food particles, and murky waters. If and when these issues accumulate with time, they contribute to the beard roughening.

The situations are often compounded when nothing much is done to cut down the levels of this debris. It is for this reason that you have to take deliberate steps to limit your exposure to the same issues. This should be complemented with proper care and the maintenance thereof.

Use of Hard Water

The use of hard water can also trigger the roughening of the beard. That is because hard water contains higher levels of minerals and contaminants. When applied to the beard, it leaves behind some chalky substances that make the hair rougher and thicker.

Further to these, the hard water also makes it difficult to wash off the shampoos and detergents used to spruce up the beard. You should hence stay away from the use of such water as much as possible. Consider boiling the water thoroughly before use as a way of breaking the hardness also.


If and when your body loses more water than it gains, you become dehydrated. A body that is dehydrated is certainly not good for your health. It also impacts your beard in the sense that it makes the beards drier and subsequently rougher.

To counter this issue, you should take in more water and other forms of fluids. Take plenty of succulent fruits like watermelons, oranges, bananas, pineapples, and papaya. They will replenish the moisture levels of your body considerably.

Extremely Low Temperatures

In moments of extremely low temperatures, people tend to shy away from taking too much water and bathing. These two have some adverse side effects on your body and beard. They have the tendency to desiccate your skin and hair.

To counter this, you have to use moisturizers and conditioners. Apply generous amounts of the same on your beards. This will lock in as much moisture as possible. In doing so, it will prevent the beards from drying up unnecessarily as is the norm at such times. That way, you will experience limited hair damages too!

Use of too Potent Detergents

The use of too potent detergents also has a role to play insofar as roughening the beards is concerned. These detergents are very powerful to the extent that they strip away the sebum (natural skin oil). The end result of this arrangement is a situation where the beards become too rough and dry.

It is hence advisable that you insist only on the beard oils that have natural ingredients formulations. They are gentler and are subsequently less likely to inflict adverse side effects on your skin. What’s more? They also tend to make your facial hair healthier, thicker, more moisturized, and thicker.

Split Ends

Split ends refer to a situation where the protective layers of the cuticles of the hairs are destroyed. This happens when the end is subjected to adverse weather elements for too long. In case this issue persists for too long, the facial hairs acquire some rugged and unkempt appearances.

It is definitely in your best interest to keep yours in a perpetual state of positive maintenance and well-being. Of utmost priority should be proper hydration of the beards. This practice keeps your beards healthier and more stable.

Poor Trimming Methods

The manner in which you trim your beards also comes to play here. Using the wrong pair of scissors, shavers, clippers, and other shaving gadgets can destroy your beard further. Also, shaving or trimming your beards across the grains trigger a rugged appearance altogether.

It is hence a good thing to find the right shavers and trimming gadgets. Thereafter, follow the right best practices while caring for your beards. In particular, you should insist on shaving along the grains rather than across thereof.

On the whole, growing beards is an activity that is full of fun yet very involving. You hence have to invest a great deal of your time and effort to be able to accrue the best results. Take your time and be patient enough. Different beards have different special requirements. You should also be alive to this fact as well.

That is why it pays to study your beards keenly to be able to note whether yours may require any such extra care. If and when that happens to be the case, you have to formulate a strategy that is geared towards that very end.

It also pays to seek expert advice and intervention if need be. These are persons who are well-versed in the care and maintenance of the beards. They are hence more likely to offer you added insight that may take your beard care a notch higher.

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