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best electric razor for older man

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Are you an elderly person who has to contend with shabby beards or hairs? Well, you need a good electric razor for the job. These are unlike your ordinary electric razors. They are specially designed for eliminating hair from the chins of elderly persons. They likewise possess distinct traits and features that are missing in ordinary razors.

Our review here endeavors to let you know the best electric razor for elderly man. We shall look into the factors to consider when buying these razors as well as some of the top razors of these kinds for the time being. It is our hope that by reading through from start to finish, you will gain the know-how you need to choose one which is more likely to do you good.

best electric razor for older man

What to Consider When Buying an Electric Razor for an Elderly Man

Power and Battery Life

Your topmost concern should be the power and battery life. A good shaver ought to exude higher power output. At the same time, its battery life should also be long enough to guarantee you prolonged use and applications. You do not want one that is more likely to run short of power too soon!

Cleaning and Maintenance

All these shavers require some cleanliness and maintenance after each spate of use. Nonetheless, the right one needs not necessarily requires too much care and cleanliness. Instead, it ought to be simple enough to wash and dry. This way, you will not have to struggle too much to have your way.

Flexibility and Ergonomics

For the sake of proper and convenient use, you want a shaver that is flexible enough to handle and engage. This is a feat that is achievable only if the said shaver is ergonomically designed. Among others, it handles should be curved, must fit snugly within your hands, and be responsive enough for maximum control.

Motor Power

It is also essential that the shaver is powered by a strong and robust motor. This is to see to it that the shaver is reliable enough to take on even the coarsest hairs. As a matter of principle, the shaver also ought to be super quiet to forestall the likelihood of interfering with the other occupants of the room.


Lastly, it is also needful that shaver is cheaper and very affordable. Finding the right piece of grooming equipment ought not to be a life and death affair. To achieve one at the least possible cost, you have to compare the prices of the various sellers. Choose that which offers the equipment but at the least possible price.

Best Electric Razor for an Elderly Man

#1: Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor ES8243A

Of all the shavers on our radar, it is this one that is capable of getting as close to the skin as possible. It comprises some four sharp blades that work in succession. These ones cut down strand after strand to give rise to some smooth and awesome outcomes on the whole.

It boasts of a charging time of only one hour. For this reason, it spares you from the need to wait for too long to be able to have it ready for use. Given its waterproof capability, this shaver is usable in dry and wet conditions equally.

Its head pivots and is hence pretty flexible. On account of this flexibility, it impacts those otherwise hard-to-reach areas with absolute ease. This way, it sees to it that no unwanted hair is left standing regardless of the prevailing circumstance. It also negates the need to put in too much effort to handle.


Performs pretty well in many circumstances of use

Manages an awesome 13,000 cuts per minute

Maintains peak power until the battery is fully depleted

Keeps you posted on the level of charge

Portable enough for regular travels


Demands many passes for optimal outcomes to be realized

Costs a lot more to acquire and make do with

Prolonged use is quite tedious to the hands

#2: Philips Norelco Shaver 9700 with SmartClean

Have some curvy face? You have this specific shaver for your choice and use. Why you may ask? Its shaving head has the ability to move in a whopping 8 directions. In this way, it lets the machine impact every curve regardless of how hidden it may be from normal facial features.

With this arrangement, it is possible for you to capture 20% extra hair than the ordinary shaving feature. At the same time, it also manages to get 30% closer to your skin. Like every other electrical shaver, this one is similarly rechargeable and is capable of performing optimally in wet and dry conditions equally.

As a bonus, this shaver is able to attach to some brushes, a fact that makes it capable of performing so much more than merely cutting unwanted hair. What’s more? It also gives you the ability to choose the speed levels of your liking and use.


Cordless and hence able to perform well in remote locations

Delivers 60 minutes of uninterrupted shaving time

Displays the battery level percentage in real-time

Gives off thoroughly deep cleaning outcomes

Remains gentle to the skin at all times of use


Takes too long to deliver the desired ends

Consumes higher levels of power output

May be too complicated to a starter

#3: Braun Series 7 790cc Electric Razor for Men

Tackling denser hair is never a mean feat at all. It requires a set of electric shavers that are appropriately equipped for the job. Of all the shavers we have around, it is only this one that may come closer to that every end. It prides itself in the possession of an ‘Intelligent Sonic technology.’

By the use of this technology, the shaver automatically increases the power output while impacting those difficult areas or when working on denser hairs. Also abundantly present on the shaver is the ActiveLift trimmer. This one captures those flat-lying hairs which abide in the problematic areas.

Owing to the sharp blades, the razor is able to cut hairs that are as short as 0.05 mm. It also recharges faster (within only one hour). Yet again, it gives off the benefit of prompt reliability as it does not impose on you the need to wait for too long to have your way.


Derives its power from the powerful Lithium-ion battery

Significantly gentler and more effective than the ordinary shaver

Conforms as nearly as possible to the contours of your face

Adapts to the density of your beard for better shaves

Uses fewer strokes to deliver more or less similar outcomes


Produces too much noise in the course of cutting hair

Generates excess heat as it cuts your hair

Unsuitable for repeated and prolonged use

#4: Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver/Shaper #8061-100

Could it be that you have a profit motive? If you do, we ask you to pick and make use of this electric shaver. Why? It does have a pretty long run time of around 60 minutes. With this long run time, you will be able to handle many faces before the charge finally depletes.

The shaver is generally stylish and functional at the same time. It comes about in some aesthetic appeals which add to your interior beauty and décor. This is not to talk about the top-notch precision its blades exude when tackling the job of trimming your beards.

Some other factors come into play with regard to this shaver. Chief among these is the hypoallergenic gold foil. This one tackles even the most sensitive skin in such a way as to eliminate razor bumps, skin irritations, and ingrown hairs, among other hazards. Its motor also runs steadily until the last charge is expended.


Manufactured by a reputable brand, Wahl

Delivers sharp performances which experts demand

Embodies both style and functionality

Attains some top-notch precision

Runs for 60 minutes without the need for a recharge


Intended for professional use only

Costs a lot more to acquire

Repair and maintenance are a bit complex

#5: Remington F7800 Herrenrasierer Schwarz

A typical face contains numerous contours, curves, and angles. It is only fair that the shaver of choice is alive to this very fact. Of all the shavers on our crosshairs, it is this one that has been designed for that. It comprises some three independent flexing coils which impact these portions of the face independently.

At its core is the interceptor shaving technology. Thanks to this technology, the shaver gets as close to the skin as is practically possible. In this way, it delivers outcomes that are very smooth and clean. Also existing in this shaver are some stainless steel blades which are strong and reliable.

They also last longer not to mention that they manage to attain feats which are beyond the scope of the ordinary shavers on the market. A pop-up trimmer also exists for the purposes of detailing. It is both washable in such a way as to allow for easy maintenance.


Charges at the fastest rate of only 5 minutes

Gives you the opportunity to keep track of the readings

Simpler to clean and maintain

Attains some close shaves

Impacts each portion of your face adequately


Favors only those with experience and skill

Has a shorter run time

Inflicts too high utility bills

#6: HATTEKER Electric Shaver Razor Men Rotary Shaver

Does much of your work revolve around the shaving of beard? Well, this is the one you might have to place your bet on if your answer to the question was in the affirmative. It is a 4-in-1 multi-functional electric shaver. With it, you may shave your beard, hairs, sideburns, and nose.

On account of containing some 4-direction floating heads, this appliance has the ability to adapt automatically to the unique contours of your face. In fact, you may even get to the jaws, neck and face regions. All these while not compromising your comfort in the course of a shave.

By its sheer structure and makeup, the shaver is useful for both dry and wet conditions. You will not have to shuffle in between many shavers with it at your fingertips. Moreover, it also adapts to the shaving foam or gel as the need may so require.


Rechargeable via the USB port

Delivers high performance just about anywhere

Powered by the long-lasting Lithium-ion battery

Compact enough for long-distance travels

Its motor runs smooth and quiet


Unlikely to conform to your contours

Cannot handle coarser hairs

Its blades are too weak to give off longer services

#7: SweetLF Electric Shaver Rotary Shaver for Men

Want to style your hair too? Only an electric shaver that has styling capabilities of this kind may come of help to you. It does possess some unique traits that make this feat easily achievable. The pop-up beard trimmer stands tall among all these. It is friendly to the skin and unlikely to cause any untold harms.

Thanks to this gentleness, the trimmer is well able to handle various beard shapes, facial hair styles, sideburns, and mustaches. It also bears the waterproof rating, a fact that makes it suitable for use in the dry and wet conditions alike. Thus it cuts down the hassles you would otherwise go through when trimming your beard.

To be capable of managing accurate cuts, you have to keep pace with the consumption of the battery. The battery display unit exists to allow for very that. It displays the remaining charge after every five steps to ensure that you are well aware of the ongoing progress.


Delivers smooth and close shaves

Comprises 4-direction flex heads for maximum impacts

Automatically gets to the contours of your face

Emits very low noise for comfortable operations

Detaches to make your cleanliness an easy task


Only for professional applications

Takes a bit longer to master and comprehend

Cannot handle thick hair strands

Our guide with regards to the best electric razor for elderly men ends there. We now leave it to you to implement the information we have provided therein. Getting started ought not to be too daunting a task now. Simply read the reviews above and pick one item which closely mirrors your own expectations.

In the course of your search, be mindful of the unique problems you may be going through. They are the ones that will help you to make the appropriate choice of a razor. Match the unique purposes of each razor with the purpose you have in mind. Best of luck in your search for the right one!

Newer and better products of these kinds are often generated and introduced into the market. We are aware of this fact only too well. That is why we are always on the lookout for these products too. That being the case, we urge you to refer to this site severally in the future to keep abreast of them.

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