How to Remove Upper Lip Hair at Home Immediately




How to Remove Upper Lip Hair at Home Immediately

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Hair is great indeed. However, it has to be in the right place and time for it to be awesome. The last place you would wish to have hair grow is the upper lip. If and when this happens, you will not only feel inferior but also suffer the inconvenience of contaminations that arise from the dirt that is captured.

We care for your appearance. That is why we have seen it necessary to examine the causes and the intervention measures which may serve to tackle the menace. All these pieces of advice are contained in our discussions here below.

How to Remove Upper Lip Hair at Home Immediately

Causes of Upper Lip Hair Growth

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances, especially those that regulate the growth of the hair has the tendency to inflict this condition. This is especially the case to those who are genetically predisposed to the issue of hormonal imbalance. These imbalances come and go and are such not so much of a threat.


Closely related to the above is the issue of heredity. Studies upon studies have indicated that those who trace their lineage to a person who had this issue before are more likely to develop it in their lifetime. Such cases are largely irreversible as hereditary issues can never be cured just like that.

Drugs and Steroids

The use of anabolic steroids in medication also has a role to play in the emergence of this issue. That is because these steroids have the tendency to inflict hormonal disturbances which go a long way in triggering the rise of this condition. Perhaps the most crucial step to undo this is to refrain from any further intakes of these steroids.


A host of other factors may also give rise to the condition. Among these are congenital adrenal hyperplasia, the onset of puberty and menopause, pregnancy, Cushing’s syndrome, and polycystic ovarian disease, to name but a few! The good news is that in most cases, these abnormal growths are temporary.

how to remove upper lip hair permanently at home quickly

How to Remove Upper Lip Hair at Home Immediately

#1: Gelatin

Gelatin is a tasteless clear protein that is mainly used to make foods and recipes thicker. Other than that, it may also be used for grooming and personal care. You may use it as an agent to get rid of your upper lip hair at the comfort of your own home too!

Step-by-step Procedures

  • Pour 1 tablespoon of unflavored gelatin in a microwave-safe bowl
  • Add some 3 drops of lavender essential oil and 1½ teaspoons of milk
  • Place the bowl in a microwave oven
  • Heat it up for around 12 seconds
  • Apply the mixture to your upper lips using a tongue depressor or Popsicle stick
  • Peel off the mixture against the direction of the hair growth
  • Rinse the hair using cold water

#2: Waxing

Wax is a very potent substance that does a great job of peeling off unwanted hair. Unlike other methods, it peels off the hair from the roots and stifles re-growth. Nonetheless, it has the undesirable side effect of inflicting irritations and redness of the skin.

Step-by-step Procedures

  • Use a tongue depressor or Popsicle stick to apply the wax to the upper lip hair
  • Spread it uniformly to have maximum reach and impact
  • Leave the application for some time to settle
  • Gently get rid of the wax after it has dried out
  • Take great care you do not imperil your skin

#3: Egg white, Sugar and Gram flour

Though mainly used to bake cares and other confectionaries, the egg white, sugar, and the gram flour may also be utilized for hair removal. These ingredients are natural and are hence unlikely to cause any irritations and adverse issues.

  • Step-by-step Procedures
  • Mix one egg white together with 1 tablespoon of gram flour and 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • Apply the mixture to your upper lips
  • Spread it out as uniformly as can be
  • Leave the mixture for some time to settle completely
  • Remove the mixture gently after some time
  • Take good care that you do not pose any serious damages to the skin area

#4: Turmeric and Milk Scrub

Turmeric is widely known to be a good skin lightening agent. Few, however, know it to be a good hair remover though. Indeed, this mixture not only eliminates the lip hair but also soothes the nearby skin courtesy of the lactic acid.

Step-by-step Procedures

  • Add 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder to 1 tablespoon of milk
  • Make a thick paste with this mixture
  • Apply this paste to your upper lip area
  • Leave it untouched for around 15-20 minutes to dry
  • Scrub if gently until you notice some small rolls
  • Rinse the area well with cold and clean water
  • Repeat the procedure once every 4-5 weeks for best results

#5: Homemade brown sugar wax

The homemade brown sugar is not just a sweetener. It too may double up as a lip hair removable agent. To make use of this resource, you will need to mix a cup of brown sugar together with two tablespoons of lemon juice and a further two tablespoons of water.

Step-by-step Procedures

  • Stir the ingredients thoroughly
  • Introduce them over the flame and keep stirring until you achieve some consistent thickness
  • Let the paste cool down for some time
  • Pour some little amount on a spatula
  • Spread the talcum powder on your upper lip area and apply the paste later
  • Press a clean piece of cloth against the direction of the growth of hair
  • Rub an ice cube atop the waxed area to calm swelling and irritations

#6: Besan/ Gram Flour Paste

This one is commonly used in Indian homes. Though mostly used as food to prepare certain ingredients like the Indian chapatti, it may also play the secondary role of removing hair. It is gentler than the wax as it is unlikely to stick firmly on your skin and peel it off.

Step-by-step Procedures

  • Grind the chana or gram to obtain a finer yellow powder
  • Mix this powder with water or milk
  • Stir to form a smooth paste
  • Apply this paste to your upper lip and leave to settle for some time
  • Scrub this paste after it has dried
  • Rub it against the direction of the hair growth
  • Add some pinch of turmeric for finer outcomes

#7: Corn Flour, Egg and Sugar

A mixture of cornflour, eggs, and sugar also does a good job insofar as the elimination of lip hair is concerned. The egg white, in particular, is an excellent natural solution for getting rid of unnecessary facial hair. Moreover, this mixture also exfoliates the skin to rid it of dead skin cells.

Step-by-step Procedures

  • Mix ½ tablespoon of cornflour with one egg and one tablespoon of sugar
  • Break the eggs and extract the egg white
  • Place this egg white into the bowl
  • Mix some cornflour and sugar in the bowl
  • Introduce one tablespoon of sugar to the mixture
  • Stir the ingredients thoroughly until no lumps exist to result in a smooth paste
  • Apply this mixture on your face
  • Leave it to dry for around 20 minutes
  • Peel off the paste gently using are hands in upward directions

#8: Potato Pack

We all know how popular potato is as a source of starch. What few people care to know though is its significance in eliminating unwanted lip hairs. Particularly, the potato eliminates the dark circles and the dark upper lips. Though potent, this method takes a bit longer to give off any tangible outcomes.

Step-by-step Procedures

  • Cut a potato into thin and fine slices
  • Rub these fine slices on your upper lips
  • Leave the potato juice on the lips for some time to sink
  • Rub off gently after it is completely dry
  • Repeat these procedures a number of times daily

#9: Egg white

The egg white in and of itself may also be used to eliminate the upper lip hairs. It need not necessarily be used in conjunction with other ingredients. Its sticky nature is the one that makes it suited for this purpose of eliminating unwanted lip hair. It functions much like glue would; only that it is gentle.

Step-by-step Procedures

  • Whisk one egg with ½ teaspoon of cornflour in a medium bowl
  • Add one tablespoon of sugar to the mixture above
  • Stir gently to form a smooth paste
  • Apply the paste on your upper lip using your fingers
  • Leave for around 20 minutes to dry completely
  • Peel it off in the direction that is opposite to the growth of your hair
  • Rinse it with cold hair

#10: Honey and Lemon Bleach

A mixture of honey and lemon also works wonders with regards to the elimination of unwanted hair from the lips. These two ingredients, when properly mixed, have the uncanny ability to gently get rid of this hair. Unlike artificial bleaches, this one leaves behind almost no adverse side effects.

Step-by-step Procedures

  • Mix fresh lemon juice with honey in a bowl
  • Stir gently with a spatula to form a thin paste
  • Apply this paste gently on your upper lip by use of a cotton swab
  • Leave it untouched for around 2-3 minutes to sink in
  • After the end of the 3 minutes, rinse it completely
  • Repeat this procedure once every two days for several weeks to obtain tangible outcomes

#11: Hair Removal Cream

Lastly, you may also consider making use of a hair removal cream. This cream generally operates by way of breaking down the keratin bonds which hold the hair together. In doing so, it makes the hair to dissolve and diminish permanently. Moreover, it is also cheaper and lighter to handle.

Step-by-step Procedures

  • Simply apply this cream on the hair you target
  • Spread it out until all hair is concealed fully
  • Leave the cream to settle for some time to have maximum impacts
  • Rub it off gently after an hour or so
  • Repeat the procedures severally to come up with the best outcomes

How we wish we could go on and on and on. Indeed, the home remedies are infinite such that it is impossible to exhaust all of them. The ones we have looked into above are nonetheless the most reliable of all the measures out there. We ask that you prioritize them in your hair elimination undertaking.

As you go about the issue, be mindful of any allergies, the preparation procedures, and the timelines. You have to choose that one which will not pose too much strain on you. Then again, it is important to note that some interventions may not work on some people. If you try one without success, consider switching to another.

Though we do not remove these unwanted hairs ourselves, we are nonetheless on standby all the time to offer any additional guidance if need be. Do not hesitate to reach out to us hence if you are stuck along the way. We will furnish you with the latest pieces of advice which are more likely to up your game.

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