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Letting your beard grow is one thing. Maintaining it in the best shape and form is yet another thing altogether. It requires the right expertise, appropriate effort, some are and patience. We have stepped in to help you with the necessary expertise.

Your solution rests in the acquisition of the right beard balm and oil. These two products do some fantastic jobs in enhancing the health, stature, and overall conditions of your beards. They stimulate the growth of your beards, conditions, and even tones them.

beard oils and balms

For them to deliver the relevant ends, they have to be applied appropriately. This can only happen if you know the right way to do so. Our discussions here below endeavor to shed more light on that very fact. We are going to look into all the background information you require to do a better job.

Further, we shall look into some of those details which are great to know as well. These include whether or not you may be advised to use the two of them at a time. Also, you will know how to estimate the right amounts for either use. Read on to find out more…

How Much Beard Oil and Balm Do I Use?

Three factors largely determine how much of the beard oil and balm you may use. These are explained hereunder:

Length of Hair

There is a direct correlation between the length of your beard and how much you may apply. Longer beard requires more balm and oil. The shorter ones, on the other hand, can comfortably make do with little. You require some judgment to be able to determine the exact measure.

best beard balm and oil

The thickness of the Strands

Apart from the length of your beard, their thicknesses also come in handy. Definitely, the thicker beards require more of the balm and oil to impact and vice versa. Yet again, you will have to employ some sense of judgment to be able to find the right amount.

Desired Ends

Depending on the style you want, the amount of oil you apply also varies. Some styles require too much of the oil while others can make do with just enough. Consult your hair care specialist to help you navigate this particular requirement.

Why Your Beard’s Length is Important When You Apply Balm and Oil

Your beard length is very important when applying the balm and oil. This is due to three main reasons. We have devoted this segment of the discussions to just that.

Larger Surface Area

Longer beard has larger surface areas compared to the shorter beard. They subsequently require more oil and balm to fully impact. You will hence have to be quite generous with the amount of each ingredient you want to use.

Comparatively Thicker

All factors considered, longer strands of the beard are thicker than their shorter counterparts. That is because length takes some time to attain. With time, the strands become thicker too. This calls for more of the oil and the balm to appropriately impact.

More Mature Strands

Just like the thickness and surface areas above, there is a direct correlation between the maturity of the strands and the length thereof. Longer strands of the beard are generally more mature than those shorter ones. They similarly require more of the balm and oil to appropriately impact.

best beard oils and balms

Can I Use Beard Balm and Oil Together?

Generally speaking, you are advised not to use the two of them at a time. There are many reasons which underlie this.

First is that these two hair care products contain different ingredients. It is not uncommon for these ingredients to react adversely when they get into contact with each other. You do not want your skin to be on the receiving end.

Some people also have sensitive skin. Using these two products at a time is like adding fuel to the fire. They contribute to the corrosion and aging of the skin adversely. The only way to be on the safe side is to avoid using them both.

Then again there is the mode of application argument. You have to follow different routes to be able to apply these two products on your beard. Additionally, the beard balm is not to be applied to certain portions of your chin or skin. It may hence be almost impractical to implement them both at a time.

However, some people have been noted to be comfortable with these two products at a time. If you are one such kind of a person, you have them for your try. If you are doubtful, take some time to consult your doctor first and foremost. Gambling might land you in trouble.

How Often Should I Use Beard Oil and Beard Balm?

Unless you have any serious underlying issue, you should use these two ingredients preferably once a day. This is to keep your beard moist, healthy, and firm. You may have to increase the frequency of their applications if there is a style you are generating.

On the flipside, you may also have to scale down your application. This is especially if your skin is sensitive or there is something amiss with your beard on the whole. You might have to consult your dermatologist for appropriate advice.

difference between beard oil and beard balm

How to Apply Balm to Your Beard

Step I: Wash your Face or take a Shower

Start off by either washing your face or taking a shower. This is to get rid of any dirt, dust, or other ugly marks from your beard. You should preferably use warm water as it is more likely to bring about better cleanliness outcomes.

Never use shampoo on your beard at all. You do not want to interfere with the delicate skin that line your beard, do you? After you are through with this, then dry the beard thoroughly using some dry yet clean towel.

Step II: Apply the right amount of the balm on your hands

Now move on to apply the right amount of the balm on your hands. Start by rubbing a small amount of the balm on your hands. While at it, be mindful of the length of your hair, their thickness, and the maturity thereof.

For best results, you want your balm to be completely molten. This can only happen if you rub your hands intensely and repeatedly. The heat generated is what melts the balm and makes it easier to apply on the whole.

Step III: Translate this balm on your beard

After achieving the right viscosity of the balm, you now have to translate the same to your beard. Commence the process from your neck region. Move your hands towards your chin. You may have to periodically scrape portions of the balm in case some parts of your beard are still dry.

Move to the sideburns and move downwards. While doing this, massage your skin a little bit for the sake of its better health. This is also to stimulate the growth of the hair follicles. The combined effects of these are that your beard shall grow faster than usual.

Step IV: Style your beard appropriately

If you are interested in generating any style, this is the moment to do so. Use a comb, brush or any other hair care product to do the job. The exact style largely depends on you the individual. If you lack the necessary expertise, you might have to bring in an expert.

You require some patience while at it. That is because you might never really be able to reverse this after you have implemented it. Take your time but beware that taking too long may cause the balm to dry before concluding the exercise.

Step V: Rinse the beard and dry

At this stage, you are now good to go! You have to rinse your beard and dry it completely. Be mindful of the oil as you do this. See to it that you get rid of any residual oil which might interfere with the health of your beard later.

How to Apply Beard Oil

There is no significant difference between applying the beard oil and the beard balm. However, some minor points of departures do exist. The procedures here below endeavor to examine these issues in their finer details:

Step I: Prepare your beard

Prepare your beard prior to applying the oil. The procedures you use should be more or less the same as the ones above. Wash the beard preferably using warm water. Dry it thoroughly using the cleanest piece of cloth or towel.

For better outcomes, consider using some facial scrub. They penetrate deeper in the skin to get rid of those impurities which may have solidified in the sweat pores. Yet again, do not use any shampoo at this stage, and for obvious reasons.

Step II: Determine the right amount of oil

At this stage, you should determine the right amount of oil to apply. Factor the length of your beard, its thickness and the levels of maturity. All these have a bearing on just how much oil you may have to use.

If you intend to develop some styles, this should yet again be another consideration. Different styles require different amounts of oils. You should work hand in hand with your dermatologist to ascertain the right amount for you.

Step III: Apply this oil on your palms and fingers

As stated above, applying balm and oil have some minor differences. Unlike the balm above, you may apply the oil on your fingers as well. Start with a little amount; preferably pea size. Increase the amount slowly and steadily until you find the right one.

Rub your palm and fingers hard against each other. Do so until some heat arises to melt the oil. This way, you will make it more fluid and subsequently easier to spread.

Step IV: Spread it on your beard

Now spread this oil on your beard. You are advised to commence from the roots of your beard. This is to allow for some maximum impacts. Thereafter, move to the tips of the strands of hair. While at it, shift upwards as well.

Needless to say, you have to spread it out as evenly as can be. You definitely would not wish to leave any portion of your hair poorly impacted, would you? Vary the direction of motion across and along the grains for maximum reach.

Step V: Style your beard

If you are intent on styling your beard, this again is the time to do so. Brush your beard appropriately using a comb or special brush. You may, if you so wish, follow some strict regimen to deliver the desired ends for you. For those complicated styles, you definitely want to bring in an expert.

It is definitely impossible to maintain longer beard without using either beard balm or beard oil. That is why we ask you not to gain this information for the sake of it. Instead, move on to find out the better of the two products which might be relevant to your course.

Of late, a number of manufacturers have been producing comprehensive hair care products. This is to mean that they can and do serve as the balm and the oil, at a time. To save yourself time and money, try them out. Only be sure that your skin is not averse to either. That is the only way to ward off undesirable outcomes.

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