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how to properly apply beard wax

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That beard wax is a good styling and grooming substance is certainly not in doubt. The main hassle usually is to find a way of applying it better on your chin. It is how you apply it really that makes all the difference. This is a feat you cannot achieve without receiving the correct inspiration to that end.

We have prepared and lined up this guide for your rescue. It endeavors to look into the steps involved in the entire process. It aims at clarifying the issues you have to care for as well as the best practices you have to uphold in the course of making applications.

How to Apply Beard Wax

How to Apply Beard Wax

Applying beard wax is an elaborate process. It requires a fair deal of attentiveness and care. That is because of the delicate nature of the beard and the potential harms that the wax poses to the skins. Read through the following procedures carefully to learn how to go about the issue carefully:

Step I: Clean and dry your face

You should start with cleaning and drying your face and beard. That is because the waxes work better in clean and dry beards. Use a bathing soap and a shampoo to eliminate debris from off your beards. Soak your face in the water and use a bathing sponge to gently get rid of all dirt. Rinse to remove all traces of soap.

Step II: Condition your Beard

To make the wax work even better and more effectively, you should also consider conditioning your beard. Apply some hair conditioner on the beard and leave for some time to allow the same to settle. Then, use a bathing sponge to eliminate the conditioner. This will leave your skin soft and supple.

Step III: Dry your Beard

After washing your beard, you should now proceed to dry it. Use a clean and dry piece of towel to do the job. Be sure to eliminate the slightest moisture that may still exist on the face. Leave no trace of moisture behind as that may compromise the proper functioning of the wax later on.

Step IV: Comb the Beard

Now comb the beard. Use a straight comb or brush to perform the chore. Run this comb through your beard a couple of times. The object of this combing is to disentangle the strands of the hair. This in return makes it possible for the wax to seep in smoothly and uninterrupted.

Step V: Heat the Wax

Time has now come to prepare the wax. It is always advisable to heat this wax to loosen the molecules and make it simpler to apply later on. Take great care that you do not overdo it as you might compromise the potency of the wax. Also, take care that the wax does not convert entirely into liquid.

Step VI:  Apply the Wax on your Beard

Having melted the wax, you now have to apply it on your beard. Scoop a small amount using your fingers and apply it on your beard by use of the beard comb. Glide your fingers smoothly on your beard all the way inwards. Rub your beard thoroughly to soften it up.

Step VII: Impact both sides of the Beard

Once through with one side, turn now to the other side and repeat the process above. In case your beard becomes greasy, get hold of a towel and eliminate the excess wax off. Use a mirror to see to it that both sides receive equal impacts with the wax.

Step VIII: Spread out the Wax Evenly

Upon applying the wax on your beard, you should now spread it out evenly. Use a beard brush to do this job. In case you do not have a brush, you may consider making do with a toothbrush as it is also capable of giving off similar ends. Use a mirror yet again to vouch for this uniformity.

Step IX: Style the Beard accordingly

In case you want to, this is the time to style your beard. This requires extensive expertise to actualize. You also have to employ the mirror and the hairbrush extensively. Be sure that both sides of the beard bear the same style for the sake of elegance and uniformity.

Step X: Allow to Set In

You are almost good to go! Before you go, allow the beard wax to set it. Leave it untouched for ten minutes or so. You may have to undertake some final touches if you find the processes above unsatisfactory. That should be it! You are now good to go.

Give the wax a few minutes to dry and set in.

And that should be it! If you’ve followed every step carefully and to the letter, you should have achieved a perfect and stylish look for your beard or mustache. Of course, it’s your choice what shape you’ll wax your facial hair into so that’s up to you.

how to properly apply beard wax


What Does a Beard Wax do?

A beard wax typically has three roles to play when applied onto your hair. It can:

Nourish the Beard

Topping the list is the benefits of nourishing your beard. The wax indeed contains a couple of vital ingredients that supply nutrients to your beard. When applied consistently, the wax has the ability to add extra fervor and leave behind thicker strands.

Shines the Beard

It also leaves behind some sparking glows when applied to the hair strands. This, in turn, reflects the light well to make your hair strands manage to give off some breathtaking appearances indeed. You may, in fact, use it instead of your normal hair food.

Softens the Beard

Lastly, it also softens the beard. The active ingredients that constitute the wax have the ability to make your hair strands softer and smoother. On account of this, it also hydrates the strands in such a way as to make them supple and comfortable to handle.

Do I Need Beard Wax?

Absolutely, YES! You badly and definitely need beard wax if you have an overgrown beard on your chin. Two main circumstances demand that you use the wax. These are:

Taming Wild Hair

Do you have an overgrown beard that points all the four directions? You badly need a beard wax to be able to tame it. The wax typically streamlines the growth of your beard in such a way as to make the same point one direction. In this way, your beard gets to exude some shiny and breathtaking outlook.


When you beard grows out in one uniform direction, the tasks of styling and shaping become simplified. The strands respond smoothly to the hairbrush and the combs. On account of this, you also get to expend limited muscle power to achieve the very end.

Beard Wax Recipe  

Though there are many brands of beard wax, all of them display similar characteristics by virtue of possessing more or less similar ingredient makeup. There are four main substances in the typical beard wax. These are natural carrier oils, butter, wax, and beard balm. The beard wax nonetheless uses larger quantities of beeswax than the balms.

If you want to make your own beard wax at home, you will require a lot more ingredients. Examples of these are apricot oil, walnut oil, almond oil, shea butter, and cocoa. A typical beard wax comprises the following quantities of ingredients:

The general quantities are:

  • 2 – 3 ounces of wax
  • 1/2 – 1 ounce of butter
  • 1/2 – 1 ounce of carrier oils

The exact proportions you mix the ingredients above determines the hardness or softness of the wax. This, in turn, has a bearing on the hold that the wax shall exude when applied onto the skin. You definitely require some level of expertise to tackle this chore accordingly.

Benefits of Beard Wax

A number of benefits come along with the application of the beard wax. We dedicate this section to look into them. Below are some of the benefits of the beard wax:

Aids with Styling

The wax comes in handy when styling your beard. That is because it strengthens and straightens your hair strands. In doing that, it also makes it easier for the hair strands to respond appropriately to the combs and hairbrushes. This is not to mention the limited time it takes to achieve the end.

Brings in much Comfort

Considering also that the wax smoothens your hair strands, it brings about added comfort in the course of styling your hair. You will not really have to struggle too much to be able to bring about the style of your liking with this kind of wax in your hands.

Improves the Beard Texture

As a bonus, the beard wax does improve the texture of your beard. This stems from its possession of special active ingredients. Consistent use of the beard wax makes your skin supple and softer. At the same time, it makes your beard smoother and more comfortable.

Manages Stronger Holds

As stated above, the beard wax does possess some holds. It makes use of this to impact your beard appropriately. With these holds, it is possible for you to place your hair strands exactly where you want them to be at any given time. In this way, you will manage better styling outcomes.

Shines the Beard

Lastly, the wax also shines the beards. They do contain shiny active ingredients which gives your hair that sparking glow each time you apply the same on your strands. In this way, you also get to achieve better grooms and breathtaking appearances. That makes you look really fine!

Choosing the Right Beard Wax

Finding the right beard wax is definitely the most crucial step towards leveraging the benefits that they potentially confer. That is why you have to exercise due diligence in the process. The following factors definitely inform the right choice of a beard wax:


This refers to the power that the wax discharges when in contact with your skin. There are three main kinds of hold namely the light, medium and the strong respectively. The right choice of wax on the basis of this consideration depends largely on your desired styles and skin texture.


By potency, we mean the strength that the wax ordinarily gives off. Yet again, there are two kinds of strengths for your options and consideration. The light, and the medium strength they are. As a general rule, the stronger a wax is, the stiffer the beard will most likely turn out to be.

Ingredient Composition

The ingredients that make the wax up also matter. It is important that you steer clear of those ingredients that are potentially harmful to your skin. You might have to consult a dermatologist for added support in selecting the right kind of a wax beard under this parameter.

Consider the Smell

Most organic beards are scented. Unfortunately, not many people have the ability to withstand the smell. Quite a number are allergic to these smells altogether. It is necessary that you determine whether indeed you are allergic to them or not. That way, it will be possible for you to choose the one that suits your needs or not.


Other than the smells, the beard wax also comes in diverse hue and color options. These range from blonde to black and so on. Choose a color that similarly blends well with the color of your hair. This means a darker color for a darker beard and a lighter color for a lighter beard, and so on.

Needless to say, applying beard wax in and of itself is not the only care that your beard requires. You will need to implement several other intervention mechanisms to achieve a nice end result. Among these are daily washing, trimming, styling, and exfoliation of the skin.

With the insight we have provided, we are now confident that you have the expertise you need to do a good job. Is it not wise of you to share this information far and wide? That way, it will be possible also for you to assist many others to enjoy similar advantages. All the best in your subsequent beard care!

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