Do You Button the Bottom Button on a Shirt




Do you button all the buttons on a shirt

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A common question among those who dress is whether to button the bottom shirt button or not. Some people believe it’s a tradition, others say it’s matching, and some don’t know. Here are the facts so you can decide for yourself once and for all!

Do you button all the buttons on a shirt

The Facts

Buttoning up your last button is only done for two reasons. The first is that it’s a custom (though some would argue this, I will get into that later). There are many traditional clothes out there that you can use to determine if something is an actual tradition, like the kilt or the sari. For example, wearing a bowtie and not having any buttons on the bottom of your shirt is a tradition started by King Louis XIV (Sun King) as he wanted to tell his male courtiers apart from female courtiers. This is actually how we get the term masculinity.

Cultural Aspects

You may be wondering why it would matter if something were cultural or not. Traditions and cultural aspects are important because they add a level of normalcy to our lives. When you do something for the reason that is cultural, you have a basis to go back on. It’s much easier to change from doing things a certain way when nothing is set in stone about your actions. So what does it mean if something is cultural?

Do You Button the Bottom Button on a Shirt

If you button the bottom button on your shirt, it could mean that you are simply following a tradition (which is normal to do). However, if you don’t button the last button and people ask or comment on it, there may be an underlying message. Generally, this would mean that you’re trying to make a statement; that you’re different and don’t follow the crowd. So if someone is buttoning their bottom button and not because it’s a tradition, they may be sending a message to others.

How Do You Wear an Overcoat 3 Button?

When you button the bottom button of an overcoat, it’s usually because that’s how your parents taught you. There is no actual reasoning behind the bottom button other than tradition. It works for keeping your coat closed, and doing so keeps you warm, but there isn’t a perfect reason to do it. When wearing a three-button coat, it’s best to leave the bottom button unbuttoned. It will make you look much classier and polished if your coat naturally forms a V-shape when left open rather than sticking out straight.

Why Is It Called a Button-Down Shirt?

The term “button-down” came about because of polo players. When playing polo, your shirt must have buttons on it to attach the front flap to the rest of the shirt, so no skin is exposed if you fall off your horse and happen to be unlucky enough to end up underneath it (which has happened).

Can You Wear an Unbuttoned Shirt?

Whether you can wear an unbuttoned shirt depends on the situation. If you keep your top button on, it shows that you’re following a tradition and giving people a signifier that it’s okay to talk with you. If everything is going well, this is the best way to go about wearing a button-up shirt.

do you button the bottom button on a shirt

How Many Buttons are on a Button Up Shirt?

The general rule is to wear the top (or last) button unbuttoned. However, this isn’t always the case. Some men like wearing two buttons undone, especially tall and broad-shouldered or thick around the middle. The key is not to look disheveled; otherwise, you may find yourself having issues with your shirt buttons popping off.

What Do You Wear Over a Button-Down Shirt?

You can wear whatever you want, provided you feel comfortable in it. It’s really up to your preference and what situation you’re going into that determines how many buttons you should keep buttoned or unbuttoned.

After all, wearing a shirt is all about comfort for most men. Buttoning the bottom button on your dress shirt makes sense. It acts as a belt and keeps your shirt from flapping in the wind, which is quite annoying when you’re driving.

Should I Button the Top Button for an Interview?

The top button should always be kept buttoned, and the bottom one unbuttoned. It’s easier to show your employers that you’re well dressed and follow the rules by keeping the clothes on your back clean and professional-looking.

Do You Button or Unbutton Your Jacket?

Buttoning or unbuttoning a sports jacket depends on the situation. Generally, sports jackets are worn completely buttoned up; however, there are times when they can be worn open or partially unbuttoned. For example, if you’re at dinner with your date, you may want to open the jacket, so it doesn’t restrict you from holding her hand.

Generally speaking, though, it should be buttoned if you’re wearing a sports jacket in a professional environment.

FAQs About Buttoning a Shirt

Why do I keep buttoning my shirt but it won’t stay?

You may have a slimmer cut or an undershirt beneath the shirt, creating too much bulk for the buttons to hold. Relax and try again.

Is it okay to wear an unbuttoned shirt with a tie? 

Yes, you can wear an unbuttoned shirt with a tie. It’s all about style; however, wearing an unbuttoned shirt almost always looks more attractive than one left entirely open to expose the chest. It can look perfect in casual settings, but keep in mind that your nice jeans and button-down might not be the best choice for an interview if you go this route.

Do I button the last button on a three-button coat? 

Not usually. The bottom button is meant to keep your coat closed if you fall beneath it, but if you leave it unbuttoned, your clothes will make a V-shape instead of sticking out underneath the opening when left entirely open. It looks much more polished to keep the last button undone.

How do I decide how many buttons to unbutton?

You can leave your shirt entirely open, as long as it looks good on you and isn’t too much skin being shown. If your gut is hanging out or your chest hair is popping out, consider buttoning that top button.

Do I button the top button on a v-neck sweater? 

Some say no, while others say yes. If you’re wearing a tie, then it’s best to keep that top button done up. It keeps the appearance of an actual dress shirt, even if it’s made of cotton.


Buttoning the bottom button of a shirt is meant to keep your clothes together and look presentable.

It’s kind of like tucking in your shirt; only no one else is going to be able to see it. So wear what makes you comfortable, but always remember that everything you wear speaks volumes about who you are as an individual, so dress as such.

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