How Does a Man Feel When a Woman Walks Away




How Does a Man Feel When a Woman Walks Away

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A saying goes, “men are from Mars and women are from Venus.” This may be true, but what happens when men and women are on Earth together? What happens when a woman walks away from a man? How does he feel? Do his feelings change depending on the situation? This post will explore how a man feels when a woman walks away.

How Does a Man Feel When a Woman Walks Away

How Does a Man Feel When a Woman Walks Away

His mental health may take a toll

According to a study that was done in 2011, when a woman walks away from a man, he may feel more anxious and less desirable. This can affect his ability to do well at school or work. In addition, it affects his mental health. As the woman who walked away is no longer there, he feels less confident. He may even think of himself as being less attractive. Such a feeling could also lead him to decrease his self-esteem and self-worth.

His feelings towards her change

When a woman walks away from a man, it can cause him to become confused with his emotions for her. It can make him question whether or not she likes him or just being around him while also making him feel that he is not good enough. It can make him believe that there are other reasons why she isn’t with him, such as attractiveness. It can even make him question his feelings for her. This feeling of confusion is similar to when a woman who likes you gives you mixed signals.

He may try harder to get her back

When a woman walks away from a man, it makes it more difficult for them to date again in the future. If they ended up getting back together, it would be harder for them to trust each other fully. Therefore, if someone walks away from their partner once, both partners will likely be cautious about getting into another relationship. However, if the woman comes back and gives the man another chance, he may try harder to be a better partner.

He may blame himself

A man will not always blame his behavior for why she walked away. Instead, he may believe that it was something about him as a person that caused her to walk away. This could cause him to feel like he is not good enough for anyone else in future relationships. This feeling can last long term and make him doubt his abilities as a romantic partner. After such an event, his low self-esteem and self-worth can also prevent him from having healthy relationships with other women later on in life.

He feels rejected

When a woman walks away from a man, he feels rejected. This can hurt his feelings. He may even think that she was not interested in him and just wanted to be friends. This feeling of rejection is common among those who are victims of childhood bullying and those who were never given any love as children by their parents or guardians.

His mood may change

After a woman has walked away from a man, it could cause him to go through an emotional rollercoaster. One minute, he could be feeling good, and the next minute, he could be feeling bad. It would affect his mood and make it more difficult for him to control how he feels. When this repeatedly happens due to women walking away from him, he could have mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

He may feel less confident

When a woman walks away from a man, it causes him to doubt himself and his abilities. This can make him lose confidence in himself and lower his self-esteem. If this doesn’t improve over time, it would be likely for the man to develop an inferiority complex where they believe that they are not good enough, especially when compared to others who get what they want easily. Such a belief can affect their relationships with others and cause them to lack social skills. It may even lead them to become more introverted than usual.

He may experience emotional suppression

It is common for men who have been rejected by women to be emotionally suppressed. This means that they stop showing certain emotions after the event. For instance, if they feel like crying, they will not do it because it shows weakness. This can improve over time as he sorts through his feelings and learns to deal with them properly.

He may feel insecure

A man will likely feel insecure when a woman walks away from him for whatever reason. The feeling of insecurity is something that many people experience in relationships, especially those who are constantly worried that their partner will leave them at some point. When someone continually feels this way about themselves or others, it can lead to paranoia. One constantly questions the other person’s motives because of fear that they are not being truthful. It can also make the person feel like they are not good enough for their partner and lead to jealousy and manipulation.

Panic about being lonely 

It is common for men to feel panic when a woman walks out on them because they fear that they will be lonely. This feeling is especially strong in those who have never been single before and only ever experienced relationships. It can feel like their life has completely fallen apart to the man since he is no longer with this person. He may even think that his life would not be worth living without her or that he will end up dying alone if she leaves him.


A man could also experience disappointment when a woman walks away from him. He might believe that she was “the one” for him, and now there’s no chance of the two of them being together. When this happens, he might spend time daydreaming about her or what could have been if they got married and had children together. His disappointment would be made even worse if he gave up other opportunities to pursue this person.

Anger and hatred

A woman walking away from a man can also cause him to feel angry and hate her. This is common among those who believed that the relationship was going well and planned to commit to each other as husband and wife. When this happens, it could lead the man to lash out at her because of his anger over how she ended things before they became serious. He may even say something that he does not mean just because of his emotions.

Confusion over why it happened

A man will always be confused about why a woman walked away from him if he truly loved her. He may even ask himself what he did wrong or why she suddenly became distant towards him. It could make the man insecure about his relationship with the woman, believing that it is his fault for losing her. If this insecurity becomes worse, it could cause him to question whether future relationships will work out as well and whether other women would walk away from him too.

He may seize the opportunity to move on

Instead of being sad over a woman walking away from them, a man may seize the opportunity to move on. This means that he will stop feeling insecure about himself and start doing what makes him happy. He may even return to pursue other women, showing others around him that he is not too affected by the loss.

He feels he’s no longer in control of your relationship 

A man could also feel as if he’s no longer controlling the relationship when a woman walks away from him. This is due to how most people think that relationships need to be equal on both sides, and whenever one person becomes too dominant, it may cause the other person to leave. If this happens, then they will always believe that they are not good enough for their partner, and any future relationship will fail because of this mindset.

He feels less masculine

When a woman suddenly leaves a man, he may feel less masculine. He might even overcompensate by behaving more macho or taking risks because of his insecurity about himself. It can make the man very depressed since he believes he failed at something that everyone else gets to experience. This can also cause him to feel isolated and lonely since most of his friends are married or in relationships.

He yearns for your presence 

If a woman suddenly leaves a man, he will often yearn for her presence in his life. A man could continue to pursue the woman even though she has made it clear that she is not interested in him. He might contact her through phone calls, emails, or even social media without ever getting a reply back. If this happens, then the man will always be waiting for another chance because there is nothing else that makes him feel more alive than when he’s with you.

He becomes afraid of commitment

When a man suddenly finds himself single again after spending many years with one person, he may become afraid of committing to someone new. This can make it difficult for him to get into another relationship because all he wants is to feel loved and happy. For this reason, a man may become a workaholic to avoid the feeling of loneliness that often follows when a woman leaves him.

Do men commit if you walk away

He stops doing things that make him happy

In most cases, a man will stop doing things that make him happy after being left by a woman. Instead of spending time with friends or trying new hobbies, he will only spend his time alone at home to reflect on what went wrong with their relationship. In addition, he might stop pursuing other women because he believes it is not worth it without you in his life.

He feels replaceable

When a woman leaves a man, he often feels as if he is replaceable. Even though he may not find another woman exactly like you, the man will assume that it will happen eventually. He could start doing things that make him stand out from other men to attract women towards him. In addition, a man might also try to pursue younger women to feel desired and important enough for someone else.

Frequently Asked Questions

I went through a really bad breakup recently and I don’t think I can trust anyone ever again. How do men feel when they get hurt so badly?

A: Whenever a woman breaks up with a man, he may always remember the good times they shared. This is because it’s easier for him to focus on the positive memories instead of thinking about you constantly all the time. In addition, a man will often feel that your loss gives him extra strength that he could use in other areas of his life. Relationship experts believe that this is why many people who have been left by someone eventually become successful later on down the road.

Is there anything wrong if a man starts dating another woman as soon as possible after being left?

A: A man could start dating another woman as soon as he wants to because it will help him get his mind off you. This is often when a man feels the most alive since he finally has the opportunity to be himself again. However, if this occurs too frequently, people might think he may have trust issues or intimacy insecurities. For this reason, it’s best if a man only pursues other women when there are no mutual feelings involved to avoid further complications.

Q: When women find out that men cry after being left by them, what do they feel? Is it sad or funny?

A: Many women are devastated whenever they realize that men cry after being left by them. This is because they feel that this means their ex-boyfriends are still in love with them even though they have moved on. For instance, after a man cries, he may attempt to contact you again by sending flowers or trying to call your friends and family members. In some cases, a man can become obsessed when he realizes that his feelings for someone were never faded away completely.

Q: Why do men always believe it’s their fault when women break up with them?

A: When a woman leaves a man, he will often blame himself for the breakup. After all, it’s easier to focus on what happened to make sense of why the relationship ended instead of believing she didn’t love him anymore. In addition, many men will feel that they could have done something better to keep a relationship going. In most cases, a man will start questioning why he wasn’t good enough for you and come up with the idea of getting back together again to make things right.


When a woman leaves a man, he will often find ways to cope with the breakup in his way. Many men believe they could have done something different to keep their relationship going. In some cases, a man can become obsessed with restoring what was lost between you and him until things get out of hand. For this reason, it’s important to know what you are getting yourself into when dating someone so that the right decisions can be made.

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