Mustard Oil for Faster Hair Growth




Mustard Oil for Faster Hair Growth

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Whenever you see someone with lustrous and long hair that is beautiful, never get surprised and think that it is a hair extension. Some people are born with this kind of hair while other people use products such as mustard oil to improve the growth of their hair. Mustard oil is unique because it has extraordinary ingredients that allow hair to grow properly.

Apart from improving hair growth, mustard oil is known for playing an integral role in providing huge health benefits. These essential health benefits of mustard oil include treating cold, boosting immunity, and also offering nourishment to one’s skin.

Research and studies show that mustard oil contains vital properties that help destroy hair challenges. It serves as a natural conditioner and also contains antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins to nourish the hair. Furthermore, mustard oil has antifungal properties that get rid of hair dandruff. Its ingredients also enhance blood circulation, making your hair grow well. You only need to know how to use it so that you can reap maximum benefits from it.

mustard oil benefits for fast hair growth

 What Is Mustard Oil?

Mustard oil is also called mustard seed oil. The oil is derived from a mustard seed plant. The oil is extracted using the solvent extraction process. This involves grinding of the seeds using a mortar and a whistle, then you pour a solvent like ethanol on the pressed seeds to produce the oil. At an advanced stage, the mustard seed undergoes a distillation process to ensure that the mustard oil manufactured is more secure for human health.

The mustard oil can be used to nourish both the hair and the skin. It is also a consumable product that has dark red pigment that makes it distinct from its counterparts for skin or hair. The product is also known to have a powerful spicy scent, which is pleasant. The distinctive part is that the fragrance doesn’t disappear after its application on either the skin or hair. It is advisable to distant yourself from people so that you cannot distract their attention with your extraordinary smell.

Mustard oil can be taken internally; the product has a sharp and pungent flavor. It can also be used for cooking when you keep it at a temperature of about 480F OR 250C. It has to be used sparingly because when used in large quantities, it can harm your health.

Mustard Oil for Faster Hair Growth

 Why Use Mustard Oil for Hair Care?

Mustard oil has been used globally to provide health benefits to the skin and the hair. The origin of the mustard plant is said to have been India.

Studies and early reports suggest that the mustard plant has medicinal properties. For instance, the mustard powder is majorly used to treat poultices. The powder is applied to abrasions and cuts on your skin prior to the existence of antibiotics or antiseptics.

This product is composed of great omega-3 amounts and also omega-6 (fatty acids). These ingredients are essential enough in the human body as it allows hair and skin cell growth. It also ensures that the internal organs of the body are functioning and very healthy. The contents of mustard oil are monounsaturated fats. You need to know that from its content; about twelve percent is made up of saturated fats. This lower percentage of saturated fats makes mustard oil the best oil to use than their counterparts.

Mustard oil also contains key compounds that have anti-microbial and healing properties. The product also has alpha-linolenic acid and erucic acid, which generate essential compounds for crucial health benefits.

Benefits of Mustard Oil for Hair

Mustard oil plays a key role in enhancing your scalp and hair. The following are health benefits for your hair by mustard oil.

  • Delivers anti-fungal properties

Mustard oil contains essential elements such as ALA acid. These compounds allow mustard oil to get rid of the fungus in the body. Fungi normally cause itchy flakes and dandruff. The unfortunate thing is that, in due course, the fungus usually distracts hair follicles and this leads to hair loss and thin hair growth. The glucosinolate compound in mustard oil allows the skin to stop unwanted microbes from growing. Mustard oil can restore the growth of hair and scalp to an original natural balance.

  • Contain anti-inflammatory properties

The mustard oil elements contain anti-inflammatory properties that help your skin to soothe pain and acne swelling on the scalp. This product also helps to fight skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema. These conditions can harm the growth of hair on the skin. Mustard oil also serves as anti-itching solutions to assist soothe your itchy scalp from skin challenges.

  • Functions like a natural sunscreen

When you apply mustard oil on your hair, be assured that the product will be able to protect your skin from strong rays of the sun. It ensures that it behaves like a sunscreen to your precious skin.

The essential elements in the mustard seed offer nourishment to hair follicles. It ensures that your body obtains enough blood circulation in your scalp, which enhances quick hair growth. The high fatty acids encourage the hair to grow well and get nourished as well. Mustard oil also has antiseptic properties to remove microorganisms that lead to hair loss and reduction in the growth of hair.


Premature aging can be caused by the failure of hair follicles to lack nutrients. This may, in turn, cause your hair to lose its color and consequently lead to hair having a grey color. Mustard oil will help you generate enough melanin hence allowing your hair to grow in its natural pigmentation.

  • Important For Hairstyling

Mustard oil plays a crucial role in holding your hair in the right place. It ensures that your hairs are well-groomed. This helps you to save more money than you could use purchasing gels or hairsprays. You only need to place a small amount of mustard oil on your hair, and you will be at ease to maintain the style of your hair.

  • Reliable Antibacterial Properties

Mustard oil contains crucial fatty acids that can assist you in fighting bacteria. Note that bacteria cause itchy pimples and irritation on your scalp. Mustard oil antiseptic capacities can help your skin to treat itchy pimples on your skin. It will also help you fight other skin challenges where necessary.

You need to know that split ends are not easy to repair. Fortunately, mustard oil, when applied well in your skin and hair, allows split ends to appear silky and smooth. Mustard oil ensures that there is even distribution of hair in your skin hence making them grow fuller and thicker. This ensures that split ends don’t appear in the future.

  • Prevent Folliculitis

Folliculitis is a skin or scalp disorder that occurs to your hair follicles when a disease infects them. This condition causes the production of excess liquid from the skin. This majorly affects the skin and makes an individual completely uncomfortable. When you apply mustard oil to the affected area, be rest assured that it will assist you in fighting the condition quickly. This will consequently allow your skin to regain its original status and hence allows your hair to grow well.

  • Natural solution for nits and lice

The fatty acids in mustard oil can help you fight nits and lice. They keep your hair smooth. Once you apply the oil on your hair, you need to cover it using a cap overnight, and this will allow you to kill nits and lice. Using mustard oil will save you more money.

How to Use Mustard Oil for Hair

This can be done through the following.

  • Fail to Use Mustard Oil daily

You are discouraged from applying this product to your hair daily. It is crucial to apply it at least three times weekly to boost hair growth. You can decide to apply it on your scalp but remember to clean your hair after some hours.

  • The need to warm mustard oil prior to use it

Always ensure that you heat this product at the required temperature. Thereafter, you will have to make its application on your hair and scalp. You need to use your fingertips to massage your scalp. It is important to massage your hair from its roots to enhance the even distribution of mustard oil.

  • Apply the appropriate quantity

The state of your hair will always determine the amount of mustard oil you need to apply to it. In case your scalp is dry and damaged, know that you will require more amount of mustard oil. After application to your scalp, you will have to allow the oil to penetrate through your scalp by giving it some time. Proper massage and the right amount of mustard oil ensures that you stop hair loss and you start developing healthy, thick and long hair.

  • Ayurvedic Technique

Mustard oil has been used for many years to cure baldness. You only need to make a mixture of mustard oil with henna leaves. You then boil them for a few minutes as you strain the henna leaves. Once they cool, you can comfortably take the mixture and apply it on your hair and scalp. This conveniently allows your hair to grow perfectly.

 Negative Effects Of Mustard Oil On Hair

Mustard oil needs to be used sparingly in other instances because when it is not handled correctly, it can generate huge side effects. These problems can harm your body, and they can be unbearable at times. Your skin, hair, and scalp can suffer a lot when you don’t handle mustard oil with carefulness and cautiousness.

The side effects of mustard oil on your hair include the following.

  • When applied in large quantities, the mustard oil can harm your health. Nonetheless, it contains erucic acid that can help you nourish and safeguard your scalp.
  • When you use huge quantities for cooking, it can lead to skin challenges and become a health hazard. You should also avoid replacing mustard oil with either coconut oil or olive oil.
  • It can harm the wellbeing of pregnant mothers and therefore, it should never be used with expectant women. You should also avoid it when you are nursing to enhance recovery.
  • It can have a negative influence on children below the age of twelve years. This is because their skin has not developed well to allow mustard oil to penetrate well through their skin.
  • When applied to areas such as the ears, nostrils, and eyes, it can haphazardly affect their healing and functioning. Therefore, you are required to use mustard oil in external skin surfaces.
  • They overreact with allergy, and therefore, if you are having issues of allergies, better avoid it.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you get products that will give you better results when used. One of the products that have proved to be of great benefit is mustard oil. It provides both cosmetic and health benefits. It is a quality product that enhances the growth of skin and hair.

Mustard oil can moisturize your hair and also stop scalp irritation and inflammation. You need to understand how it works for hair and possibly understands how to apply it to your hair. You are encouraged to use the right amount of mustard oil to accomplish your goals. Having mustard oil is a blessing, but it should be handled with a lot of care. You need to follow the above tips to reap heavily from it.

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