How to Straighten Black Beard Hair?




How to Straighten Black Beard Hair

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Are you looking for better ways to straighten and care for your beards? You are just on the right page.

For the most part, just because you can’t see it doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t need care. There’s nothing more regrettable than having a messy hair day, and it doesn’t get any better o the off chance that you have beards. A terrible facial day is naturally awful for your appearance, self-esteem as well personality. Actually, the key to an extraordinary beard is a strong establishment, and this comes inseparably with fixing your facial hair. Usually, some folks like growing straightened facial hair while others curly beard hair; however, the problem becomes an integral factor when you want straightened beard hair, yet lamentably, you are stuck in curly beards. All things considered, straightening your beards helps you to attain a slick and better outlook; be that as it may, you need not to stress on the grounds that everything can be fixed and this article will fill in as your definitive guide towards attaining straightened black beard hair.

how to straighten african american beard hair

Why Is Your Beard Curly?

Generally, one of the most striking questions that people ask themselves quite often is, why do they have curly beards? The reason why this question rises quite a number of times is the fact that it tends to tangle a lot have a rough texture, and as a result, it gets difficult to comb the hair. Some of the reasons as to why your beard hair curls include:


In most cases, having curled beard hair isn’t generally your fault, as it may have a connection to your genes. For instance, on the off chance that your father or rather grandfather has or had curled facial hair, then the odds are you will likewise suffer the same fate. Hereditary qualities are very confounded as in some genetic attributes or rather features are inclined to be shared across generations, and this is no concession with your curly beard hair.

To understand how hereditary qualities plays a role in your curly beard hair, its important that you get to comprehend the science part of it. First off, its consistently envisioned that hair follicles are oppositely straight on the outside of your skin. Tragically, this isn’t generally the case. Typically, hair follicles develop at a certain angle, which exacerbates matters even a lot. For the most part of the hair follicle, it grows straight from a certain angle but ends upcurved to some extent. To this effect, the more bended the follicle, the more you will get curled beard hair.

Secondly, another scientific perspective that explains the genetics behind your curled beard hair is the shape of your hair strand. Many are the times that we tend to perceive our hair strands as round in shape, but the truth is that, for the most part, it’s usually oval in shape while others tend to take a flat shape. If you have either a flat or oval hair strand, then the chances are you will have curlier beard hair.

Poor Caring of Your Beard Hair

This is the other reason as to why you have curled beard hair. Poor caring of your beard can be extremely detrimental to your overall beard growth. Usually, dry beards are highly associated with curled beard hair; this is to say if you leave your beards uncared for, then they will ultimately curl. Once your hair strand losses a certain amount of moisture, then your beard hair will ultimately curl. In this case, if you live your beard dry, then this explains why you have curly beard hair.

The Regular Use of Shampoo to Clean Your Beard Hair

This is usually the most common yet biggest mistake that people end up thinking they are taking care of their beard hair. The truth is using shampoo is definitely harsh on your beard hair since the regular use of shampoo strips off the natural sebum oil from your skin that helps moisturize your hair strand. Shampooing your beard hair should be once in a while to avoid damaging your sebaceous glands.

Washing Your Beard with Hot Water

A hot shower always feels much relaxing and comforting but unfortunately not for your beard. Typically, using hot water to wash your beard will ultimately leave your sebum oil washed off and loosened and eventually leaving your beard hair dry. Dry hair strand always results in curly beard hair.

Improper Drying of Your Beard Hair

This is additionally another reason that explains your curly beard hair situation. It’s ordinarily a typical mistake that we all do, including beard veterans who have grown their facial hair for years. The catch is, in the event that you fail to dry your facial hair totally, mineral deposits begin to crystalize on your hair strand. These minerals will at that point cause your hair strand to curl as it grows. Another mistake that we normally wind up doing is unequivocally and generally scouring our beard with a towel, so as to totally dry the facial hair. Scouring your beard strongly using towels will at last leave your facial hair dry nonetheless; it leaves with the sebum oil, which eventually translates to your hair strand, losing the moisture it requires.

Other things that you should look out for include: not using the appropriate beard hair products. Many are the times that we get caught up with growing our beards that we are open to using just any products. Nonetheless, not all hair products guarantee nourished beards as some of these products might interfere with your beard growth severely. Again, not combing or rather brushing your beards can also result in a curly beard since brushing and combing your beard hair can extensively help to straighten your beard.

How to Straighten Black Beard Hair

How to Straighten Black Beard Hair Naturally?

Straightening your curly beard hair should not be a problem or rather something hard since there are different ways through which you can achieve it. The very first way is through natural ways which include:


In all actuality we are what we consume. What we eat directly affects our general wellbeing, and this incorporates the health of your beard. Keeping up a sound diet is eventually the best approach with regards to fixing curly beards. One of the very reasons as to why beards curl is absence of sebum and which is as a result of dry beard hair. Be that as it may, this can be illuminated by eating food plentiful in Vitamin C and E with a portion of the foods rich in vitamin C comprising of lemons, pepper, broccoli, oranges, among others. Those rich in vitamin E include wheat, spinach, almonds, peanuts, among others. For the most part, hair and nails are the quickest-growing body cells, and for that, eating a diet rich in Vitamin C and E can be beneficial to straightening your beard hair. Once more, foods rich in Omega 3 unsaturated fats can also be extremely helpful in the overall growth of your beard hair since they help prevent your hair from drying.

Using Natural Oils

Clearly, as expressed in the text above, sebum oil is critical for the general development of your beard hair as it helps in giving your beard the moisture it requires. In any case, with the consistent washing and drying of your beard hair, we inevitably deny our facial hair of the moisture it requires, and as a result, our beards end up dry and curly in the long run. In other instances, the beard products we use also affect and damage the sebaceous glands on the latter, and by so doing, they end up not producing any sebum oils or producing just not enough sebum oil.

For the reasons mentioned above, using natural oils is quite essential as it helps keep your beard as straight as your genes would allow it. Using natural oils moisturizes your hair strands, thus causing them to straighten as well-nourished. Additionally, you can also use beard balm, which is much denser as it will cause tour beard to straighten even much more. Some of the most preferred oils for your beard hair comprise of castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, among others.

Using Beard Conditioner

This is also another natural way you can utilize to straighten your beard hair. Importantly, you can use a hydrating beard conditioner, which is effective as it not only helps clean your beard but also a gentler way of straightening your beard, given the fact that it retains the required moisture to your dry beard hair.

Using Beard Comb and Brush

Both beard comb and brush are very basic tools with regards to caring for your facial hair as well as combating curly beards. Utilizing a bristle brush can be useful as it conveys the sebum oil on the skin as well naturally applies oils evenly over the whole length of your hair strand, in this way making it saturated and straight. Conversely, a beard comb is additionally valuable since it gives direction to your beard, it unravels any tangles hair that might have formed in your beard and at the same time, dispersing the oils across the length of your hair strand evenly and ultimately helping your beard to grow straight.

How to Straighten Your Curly Beard with a Hair Straightener?

The idea of using a straightening iron to straighten your beard hair is generally exciting; however, doing it regularly is not recommendable. Usually, the outrageous warmth created by the straightener might harm your facial hair causing it to break. It’s fitting that you utilize the correct straightener with the right warmth. The straightening process ought to be short; it should also be done often, and afterward you should apply beard oil to make your beard moisturized.

How to Straighten Your Beard with A Beard Relaxer?

Alternatively, you can utilize a beard relaxer cream to straighten your curly beard hair. The good thing about beard relaxers is the fact that it gets rid of curly beards permanently and thus giving you straight beard hair. Another great thing about beard relaxers is that they can’t affect your beards negatively since they are not made using harsh chemicals, and as a matter of fact, they are usually designed to improve your beard overall health. Most beard relaxers are made using ingredients such as almond oil, shea butter bee wax, among other ingredients. These ingredients are essential as they help promote healthy beards and maintain your beard with the required moisture.

Using beard relaxer is not that complicated as it involves a number of steps including:

  • Wash your facial hair and totally dry them
  • Divide your facial hair into little sections and using dispensable gloves, you apply the beard relaxer across the sections and be mindful so as not to get any on your skin.
  • Using the dispensable gloves, knead the cream evenly on your beard. You can also use a fine comb to evenly spread the relaxer as well as get to the underlying foundation of your hair strand.
  • After totally spreading the relaxer cream across your facial, let it settle for about 30 minutes and rinse your facial hair.
  • It’s exceptionally prescribed that you don’t use a towel but rather use a blow drier to dry your facial hair.
  • Once it’s dry, use a straightening iron to straighten any remaining curls on your beard, after which you are required to use a neutralizer to deactivate the loosening cream.
  • Use a cleanser to wash off your facial hair three times and rinse it off, after which you can apply a moisturizer leaving it to settle for 30 minutes, after which you will rinse it off.
  • Towel dry your beard and apply the sealer; blow dries your beard and just like that you are done.

If you decide on using beard relaxers to straighten your curly beards, then you will be required to repeat the same process after some time on the un-straightened beard. However, you should be careful not to affect the already straightened beard hair.

Collectively, just because you can’t see it doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t need care. There’s nothing worse than having a bad hair day, and it doesn’t get any better if you have beards. A bad beard day is automatically bad for your appearance, self-esteem as well personality. To this effect, the above article provides you with an ultimate guide on how to straighten your curly beard hair and what you should avoid.

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