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Everyone wants to look smart. People know that once you are hairy or bushy, society might have a negative attitude towards you. For this reason, individuals purpose to safeguard their image and cleanliness. One of the methods that embrace neatness on a personal appearance is shaving. It allows people to exude confidence while working or interacting with their peers.

For you to achieve the best and close shave, you need the right tools. One of the ideal machines that can help you accomplish your goals conveniently is electric shavers. They offer a perfect means to obtain the appropriate shaving experience that you have been yearning for years. Having electric shavers at your disposal is a huge investment. They are effective, efficient, and reliable. Once you get them from a shop, you don’t need to replace your razor blade(s) frequently, as the case may be in other machines. They are dependable and mostly work well for people whose skin is a little bit sensitive.

Nowadays, electric shavers have been designed in a unique way to provide the best shave with less irritation, redness, or burns. They allow people to avoid ingrown hairs, nasty cuts, and nicks.

how to shave facial hair with electric shaver

Can You Get A Close Shave With An Electric Shaver?

When you have acquired the right instrument and the appropriate pre-shave elements, be assured that electric shaver will provide you with the closest shave that you have been admiring for centuries. They enhance your look, and in most cases, they make sure that users don’t experience skin challenges during the shaving process.

The electric razors make good use of cutting blades that rotate behind or oscillate a perforated metal guard or thin foil. This ensures that the razor can glide easily on the skin hence providing close shave to users.

Before using the electric shaver to achieve closeness in shaving, you have to be prepared psychologically. Always ensure that your face is sebum or dirt free by employing preshave products that have vitamin E to ensure that your skin is safeguarded from any irritation from the electric shaver. You should also apply shaving cream or gel to help you obtain the best results during shaving.

How to Get a Close Shave with an Electric Shaver?

Note that, for you to get a close shave, you don’t just decide once and get the results instantly. You may have the intention to shave yes, but failure to adhere to specific rules can make you find it challenging to accomplish your goals.

Perfect preparation, methods/ways, and aftercare activities are important elements that can help you realize your dreams of a close shave with an electric shaver.

Understanding how to shave with your electric shaver can be divided into four parts. These include the following.

Part one: You Need to Prepare to Shave

This is a very crucial stage that requires an individual to be keen on. Here you need to do the following activities.

  • You need to select an electric shaver that suits your needs appropriately

It is essential for you to either consult a personal grooming professional or obtain the required information on the internet. From these sources, you will be able to know various things inclusive of how hair grows on the human body and the perfect technique to use to shave them.

Note that, people are unique in different ways, and therefore, what suits you doesn’t fit the other person. Therefore you need to pick a shaver that will help you accomplish your goals.

You are advised to go for the one whose features work well for you. Most electric shavers are usually used for dry shaving. Companies have also developed new brands that enhance wet shaving. Purchase the one that is affordable and fits you to your satisfaction.

Consumer sites do exist and can allow you to determine the price of different electric shavers. Always pick a price point that fits you and also the one whose features are exemplary.

A clean and close shave can easily be achieved when you wash your face with a warm face cloth, a hot shower, or warm water. They help you to soften your hairy beards, and therefore, the electric razors can glide effortlessly through your skin.

You are encouraged to clean your face with a softer cleanser to eliminate dirt from your face. For those that have sensitive skin, it is critical to consult a professional to advise you accordingly.

  • Give your face time to adjust

Most people usually take about two weeks to adapt to a shaver fully. During this period, your

The face is given enough time to blend with oil shaver.

  • Employ alcohol-based preshave

Preshave products made from alcohol are usually the best. They help users to remove sebum (natural oil from skin) and dirt that might have been on your skin for years. They ensure that your facial stands are straight, ready to be shaved. You can also use a powder version in case you realize that alcohol-based products work against your skin.

It is good to select preshave products that can safeguard your skin from skin irritation. There is also preshave oil and preshave optimizer that can boost the strength of electric shave. It is of great benefit if you can acquire them at this stage. Always stick to what suits your skin to avoid the negative effects of certain products.

You can rub regions where the hair of your face grows. The direction that feels soft is usually the direction where you can identify the grain of your hair. It will always provide resistance when you try to rub your face. Learning this place will help the user of an electric shaver to avoid ingrown hair and irritation at all costs.

how to shave your head with an electric shaver

Part two: Picking Between Foil Shaver and Rotary Shaver

You need to understand that there exist two types of electric shavers. They include foil shave and the rotary shaver. At this stage, you are encouraged to do the following.

  • Identifying the things that are essential to your shave

People who want to shave always have factors that they consider before they initiate their activities. Some people would want to consider time, have a close shave, and avoid irritation and mess, among other things.

The two types of electric shavers were uniquely designed to serve their specific roles. Rotary shavers, for instance, are suitable for close shave because of their revolving motion. It offers an efficient shave; it also has three rotating mechanisms that can suit the contours of an individual face. The titanium razor blade that it possesses enhances painless shaving.

A foil shaver, on the other hand, encompasses oscillating razor blade just behind foils, which lifts hair from the face. They have more than three blades that enhance quick shaving.

Depending on the strength of your stubble, your blades should be replaced annually. You need to replace your foil and rotary blades so that you can get better results. You can make good use of the manual to understand the information on how to replace your blades. Any time you experience irritation on your skin, it is advisable to replace your razor immediately.

  • Apply the appropriate technique during shaving

Note that both rotary and foil shavers use a different technique to eradicate hair. It is crucial to select the one that suits your needs. When using a rotary shaver, ensure you make small and circular motions with the head of the shaver. Foil shavers usually work well with back and forth strokes.

  • Maintain your shaver by making it clean

It is important to keep your machine dirt-free to improve its efficiency over time. Use the right tools while cleaning your electric shavers so that you don’t destroy them.

Part Three: The Shaving Process with the Electric Shaver

It is the most critical part of shaving. At this stage, you need to undertake the following steps.

This will allow you to shave quickly and convenient. It is advisable to replace your razor blade periodically to improve its life.

This will help you to shave properly with fewer struggles because your dominant hand has more energy to hold the machine.

  • Pull your skin a bit tight with your non-dominant hand

This is important as it allows the user to achieve the closest shave.

You are encouraged to shave from the top side of your face as you move towards the jaw.

  • Shave sideburns

You can use the mirror to ensure that your sideburns are at a level angle and are both even.

  • Shave your mustache and other areas
  • Use your mirror to check for missed spots

Part Four: Maintaining your Electric Shaver and Skin Aftershave

Here you need to do the following.

  • Apply lotion to your face

You can use alcohol-based products to dry out your skin.

You can open the head of your shaver and clean your razor using a brush.

  • Screen and cutter metal pieces should be lubricated

Shaving Technique

There exist a wide range of razor blades in the market that can allow you to get a close shave that is trendy in the market. When you want to acquire a clean and close shave, what matters is no longer the tools you use but the technique and preparation you put in place. The following are tips you can pursue to get a comfortable shave.

  • Wet your skin

Once you soften your hair, it becomes moist and lacks excess oil from the skin. This makes blades to glide easily through it.

You can use your fingers to apply lotion to your face or shaving area. Shaving cream allows people to get an efficient shave.

This allows your shaving cream to penetrate to the hair hence softening them for easy shaving

  • Flow the grain

Always shave against the direction your hair grows

  • Rinse your blade after every swipe

This will reduce the irritation of your skin. You can also replace the blades where necessary.

  • Rinse your face after shaving with cold water

This technique will minimize inflammation on your skin.

  • Store your blade in a dry place

It minimizes the chances of bacteria to get into your razor.

Identifying the appropriate electric shaver can sometimes be overwhelming. There are so many of them in the market. What you need to do is to purchase a shaver that suits your needs well. Always pay attention to important features and functionalities that will help you get the best results in shaving. For instance, before you purchase an electric shaver you need to consider the following features.

  • Closeness of shaving
  • Battery life
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Speed
  • Model
  • Durability

You need to understand how to use an electric shaver for you to get your job well done. Besides, know the right shaving technique that will guide you well. The above tips will guide you appropriately in accomplishing your shaving experience with electric shavers.

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