How To Shave With An Electric Razor Without Irritation?




how to shave with an electric razor without getting razor bumps

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If there’s one thing that many people dislike when it comes to shaving is discomfort like irritation that usually comes with it. The main purpose of shaving your facial skin is to obtain a clean and smooth surface of your sensitive skin. Most of the time, the primary causes of skin irritation are self-inflicted, and that could be by wrong techniques and poor maintenance. In today’s article, we will look at what electric shaving entails and also give you useful tips on how to shave using electric razors without experiencing any skin irritations.

How To Shave With An Electric Razor Without Irritation?

If you are tired of experiencing skin irritation or nasty razor burns after your shaving routine, then you are in the right place. Here are some simple techniques that you should follow when shaving to avoid irritation when using an electric razor.

  • Identify the sensitive areas of your skin

You should be conscious when it comes to spotting the delicate parts of your skin first before doing anything else. That’s because when using an electric shaver, there are some tendencies that it may get too hot; therefore, you need to shave those parts that face the risks of irritation before shaving the other parts. That way, you can prevent rashes, redness, soreness, and many other skin-related complications.

  • Clean your skin properly

Most of the time, people prefer dry shaving utilizing an electric razor; hence, shaving creams and lotions are not needed. However, make sure you wash and also clean your face until it’s scorched and ready for shaving. It is paramount to know that having a wet skin that is not properly cleansed will only limit the closeness and smoothness of the shave and cause soreness in the long run.

  • Shave before the set time

One of the ways to shave without experiencing irritation is shaving before the set time. A set time refers to that moment when you’re ready to look amazing. To achieve that, you should shave around two hours before then to help you get good results. That way, the skin will get enough time to relax, and the level of irritation will reduce.

  • Select good pre-shave lubricants

Shaving lubricants have always been beneficial because it boosts performance. They are pretty useful, particularly if you go for the right products. Nevertheless, there are many lubricants to utilize different kinds of shaving, but some of the most common ones are powders, creams, lotions, and gels.

For wet shaving, make sure you select the best types of creams and gels available out there because it does a lot on the skin. Also, for dry shaving, you should make use of pre-shave lotions and powder so that you can have a good time shaving. If you don’t get the right product, you could eventually get some irritation while making use of a lubricant.

  • Select a mode

Since an electric shaver can be used by either a foil or rotary shaver, you have the chance of choosing a suitable way depending on the schedule you have. For instance, you can have a traditional shave on those days you are less-busy and a fast shave when you’re running out of time or have limited time. All of that is to reduce or prevent skin irritation.

  • Applying the electric shaver gently

You should apply the electric shaver gently on your skin to avoid cuts or skin irritation. You should apply the lowest minimum pressure possible and only increase the pressure to average when you encounter strong or stubborn hair at specific spots.

  • Utilize a circular pattern

Rotary shavers need a circular motion to get a smooth and clean shave. Shaving in a circular motion will help you keep track of the face, and also avoid shaving some areas more than required. Shaving this way will give you a better opportunity to get rid of facial hair in stressful situations and multiple directions.

  • Use reliable after-shave substances

If you usually wonder why some liquid substance is applied every time on your head after getting a haircut, well, it is a disinfectant that is alcohol-free. If this can be used on the head, then you should use it also after shaving your facial hair. Get a great after-shave spray, balm, or liquid that’ll not only disinfect your skin but one that can also dry out your skin and prevent irritations of any kind.

  • Clean your shaving machine

Many people do not always seem to clean their shaver, and it contributes a lot to skin irritation. Once you are done utilizing your shaver, make sure you clean your shaver and the razors to avoid dirt and clogs.

how do you shave with an electric razor without irritation

Is It Better To Shave Wet Or Dry With An Electric Razor?

When and how you and with what shaving tools have been a subject of debate for some time now. Some guys usually swear by the traditional wet shave, while others choose to allow an electric shaving machine to handle the hard graft. The main difference between electric shaving and blade shaving is the way hair is cut. With electric shavers, the hair is usually cut between some two blades, just like the movement of scissors. When it comes to blade shaving, the beard hairs are cut using a single stroke of a blade.

There’s no wrong or right when it comes to how you shave. It all trickles down to your hair type, preference, skin, lifestyle, and budget as well. Some guys are passionate followers of one shaving method or the other, but most men prefer the rare wet shave due to its skincare benefits and luxurious feel, followed by regular maintenance with a high-quality electric shaving tool in between. Whatever route you choose, as with a lot of things in life, prior preparation is vital for both electric and wet shaving, and if you don’t do it properly, then your facial skin will suffer.

Do Electric Razors Cause Less Irritation?

Yes, Electric razors may cause less irritation. You should know that the case of irritation after shaving your skin is yet to die down completely, but there are some electric clippers or shavers available online that do not cause skin irritations like the traditional technique of shaving hair. You need to understand that experiencing irritations after every haircut is usually an effect that has presently become a norm. However, with the invention of the electric shavers and clippers, the tone is changing.

Can You Cut Yourself With Electric Razor?

Yes, it can still cause some small nicks or even some bad razor burns when using an electric shaver. It is less likely to occur when compared to utilizing a razor blade to shave, but it’s possible. However, the best way to prevent that is by not pressing the electric shaver too hard on your skin. If you apply a lot of pressure, small bits of skin tissue that surrounds the hair follicles or any other small imperfections in your skin will poke via the slots and holes and get cut by the shaving blades.

Is There An Electric Shaver That Shaves As Close As A Blade?

A manual razor will provide you with a closer shave than its electric counterpart because there is a physical barrier between the blades of an electric razor and the skin mainly in the form of a comb or a micro-foil. A manual razor usually provides a closer shave. Nevertheless, conventional wet shaving also comes with its significant drawbacks, and modern-day electric razors have come a pretty long way, especially when it comes to comfort and closeness. There are electric shavers that will not get quite close to your skin, but there are many other high-performance electric razors out there such as Panasonic Arc 5 and many others that can get pretty close to your skin to give you a close shave.

How Do I Prepare My Face For An Electric Razor?

One of the best things to do if you want a close shave is to make sure you prepare your face before the shaving so that the shaving blade can cut the hairs without any stress. To maximize your comfort during the shaving routine and your razor’s performance, you should ensure that your shaver and skin are completely dry. For this reason, don’t wash or exfoliate your facial skin or even take a shower before shaving. Again, if you’ve cleaned your razor using water, ensure it’s dry before you start shaving. The best time to get a dry shave will be in the morning shortly before taking your shower.

An electric shaver puts up with several potential obstacles like lack of lubrication, flat-lying hairs, skin moisture, and oils. Powder or an electric pre-shave lotion provides a lubrication layer, absorbs and removes moisture, tones your skin, and makes the hairs stand straight. For many guys that shave dry, using a pre-shave in their shaving routine will be incredibly beneficial.

how to shave with an electric razor without getting razor bumps

Can You Share Electric Razors?

Just like the manual shaving razors, electric shaving tools are meant for personal use alone and shouldn’t be shared among users. That’s because skin infections and harmful bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus can easily get transmitted. Furthermore, some germs can also be present in your skin without any clear signs of infection. Therefore, you should never share your electric shaver with someone else.

Do Electric Shavers Leave Stubble?

Yes. That’s because many electric shavers come with different trim settings. If you are the kind of man who likes varying his look shaving during the week but allowing some stubble to grow over the weekend, then a rotary shaver is perhaps the best option for you since it’ll be better when it comes to dealing with longer hairs. Nevertheless, if you would like a goatee or a definition around sideburns, a foil shaver would be a good option for you.

Are Expensive Electric Razors Worth It?

Well, a cheap electric razor with an unpopular brand name might not only be cheap but it may also be poor in performance. Recognized brands offer all kinds of electric shavers from low-priced to expensive ones. The low-priced electric shavers offered by these brands come with basic features of shaving and may have a handy trimmer for your beard. But the expensive models offered by these brands usually come with a variety of features such as LCD, high RPM motor, more cutting blades, and charging and cleaning units, among others. Therefore, an expensive electric shaver is worth it depending on what you are looking for and your preferences.

Should I Use A Razor Or Electric Shaver?

If you are a guy who shaves, you will most likely fall into one of the two categories – men who utilize a razor, or those who use an electric shaver. An electric shaver refers to either a rotary or foil shaver, and a razor means either a safety razor or a cartridge razor.

Both shaving methods offer distinct cons and pros, and both ways are equally feasible, depending on what you are looking for. Shaving is usually a subjective experience, meaning that no one shaving method is worse or better than any other. It is entirely a matter of your priorities and personal preference.

If you are unsure of what is best for you, then you can give both methods a try, and then make your selection based on which way you like more, and the one that works better for your face. Don’t allow preconceived ideas to stop you from achieving the best shave for your face.

When shaving with an electric shaver, you need to understand that the tool does a big percentage of the task while you control everything else by your actions. That means that you need to be careful when handling all these things to help bring out your best look. Many things irritate your skin, which we have discussed along with ways to avoid it. If you strictly follow the procedures and tips laid out above, you are going to have a better shaving experience while using an electric shaver without having any irritation.

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