How to Stop Facial Hair from Growing




How to Stop Facial Hair from Growing

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Having facial hair is human and very normal. When you have excess hair in your face, you don’t need to get worried or even feel like an alien in the case where your peers lack. You should acknowledge your situation and use it as an opportunity to obtain high self-esteem. Irrespective of your gender, if you feel having facial hair works to your advantage, you may leave it to grow to the height that you want. In the instance where your conscience considers odd hair on your face as a curse, it is prudent to either trim it or shave it all so that it can meet your expectations.

It is important to note that shifting hormones such as androgen in men during the puberty stage usually causes increased hair production. This, in turn, allows more hair to grow to certain parts of their body, including the face. Additionally, your lifetime plays a crucial role in facial hair growth because factors like weight gain, age, menopause, pregnancy can result in an individual having excess hair on their face.

how to stop facial hair from growing permanently

Facial hair is always harmless and normal. Underlying medical matters can also lead to the production of extra hair on the face. There are several alternatives to eradicate facial hair from a person’s face when you feel them bothering your existence.

Why Do People Have Excessive or Unwanted Facial Hair?

As earlier mentioned, having facial hair is human and it shouldn’t be a major concern when you have it. Our body usually produces “peach fuzz” also referred to as vellus hair. The sole purpose of this hair is to control the temperature of your body.

When men reach puberty stage, androgen hormone in their bodies leads to increased production of hair follicles. The hair on their skin becomes more huge and starts to form terminal hair. These hairs usually are darker, longer and coarser. More androgen in males means more facial hair, and because women don’t have an androgen hormone, this could consequently explain the reason why women have less as compared to their counterparts.

Other important factors that could easily cause facial hair in men and women are inclusive of weight gain, age, pregnancy, among others. This is usually seen with the periodic shift of levels of your hormone as you grow gradually.

Menopause also can increase the number of facial hair in ladies. When a woman reaches this stage, she normally experiences several changes in her human body. It is naturally known that during this stage, it is rare to have menstruation period. A lady can begin to see the sprouting of facial hair and this too is a very normal experience. Nonetheless, if you feel uncomfortable, you can decide to remove these hairs from your face because there exists a wide range of treatments to handle this issue.

Production of facial hair during menopause by women is usually attributed to the reduction of estrogen hormone. Interestingly, ovaries of females produce few testosterone hormones throughout their lifetime. The adrenal glands in ladies also release male hormones for many years. Menopause is a stage that ensures that there is an imbalance level between female and male hormones of sex. Additional male hormones in women during menopause enhance the growth of longer and darker facial hair in a female.

Genetics also contributes heavily to an individual having excess facial hair. For instance, a father or mother can easily transmit his or her genes of facial hair to their son(s) or daughter(s). They can be inherited from one off-spring to the other or through family members.

Underlying treatment issue(s) can also lead to you having excess hair on your face. Medical issues such as Polycystic Syndrome can relate to these. For instance, your doctor can recommend you to a supplement or medicine like anabolic steroids, Cyclosporine, and Minoxidil can increase the level of hair on your skin.

How to Stop Facial Hair from Growing

 How to Stop Facial Hair From Growing Using Natural Methods

Natural products can play a critical function in removing facial hair. Several natural methods can work properly in your skin until you get rid of facial hair. They are consistent and reliable. Some of the most trustable natural techniques of eradicating facial hair include the following.

  • Spearmint Tea

When you take this product two times daily, it can help you reduce androgen levels in your body. This will, in turn, allow you to minimize facial hair in ladies who suffer from Polycystic Syndrome of the ovary and hirsutism. The method reduces levels of testosterone hormone in men and can also help cure mild hirsutism.

For you to prepare this natural product, you are required to soak spearmint in hot water for some time and, later on, strain the spearmint before drink it from a cup.

  • Lemon Juice and Sugar

Here the technique involves the application of cooked sugar mix, water, and lemon juice to the region with excess facial hair. You need to allow the solution to dry prior to clean the concoction off. The process needs to be done thrice weekly. The sugar exfoliating strength and how it remains in the hair when warm ensures that the dry sugar removes the hair from the skin minus, destroying your skin. The lemon juice is usually mixed with the sugar solution to breach the remaining hair from the skin.

  • Apricot honey or lemon-orange scrub

These fruit scrubs eradicate hair from the cured region through pulling with no side effects on the skin. To ensure you come up with effective lemon-orange scrub, you are required to mix lemon peel and powdered orange, water, olive oil, and oatmeal to create a paste.

Making apricot honey scrub, on the other hand, requires you to have powdered apricots that are dry then mix it with honey. Just after having your product at your disposal, you will have to rub one of the scrubs for some time on your face thrice a week to accomplish your goals.

  • Use Turmeric

This product has been widely used to enhance the appearance of the skin, mostly in India. For you to create a turmeric paste, you need water or milk and then place two spoons of turmeric. You will then put the paste on your face for some time, allow it to dry and then wash it completely from your face. Turmeric works well with people with soft facial hair.

  • Use egg mask

A paste made with an egg can be used to remove facial hair. Here, you need only ½ corn flour spoon, one sugar spoon, and one egg white. After this, you will have to beat them up to the time they become a paste. You will, later on, apply it to your face, allow it to dry and then wash it off. It forms a mask that you pull from your face and it removes hair effectively from your face.

  • Employ gelatin peel

A gelatin face mask can help you remove facial hair. For you to create a paste with this peel, you need to have unflavored gelatin, lime juice or milk and later on place lavender oil. Mix the product and place them on a microwave. You can then put them on your face, allow it to dry, wash it and you will realize it has removed odd hair from your face.

 How to Stop Facial Hair from Growing Using Artificial Methods

You may decide to use more advanced methods to get rid of facial hair from your skin. Here artificial techniques can play a significant role in ensuring that your condition is treated once and for all. Artificial methods of removing facial hair are not limited to, the following.

Use of Mechanical Methods

They include:

  • Tweezers

It is one of the best and safest methods to eliminate facial hair. Here, you are advised to pluck your hair by sterilizing tweezers with alcohol before beginning. You have to ensure that you stretch your skin close to the region where the root hair is to minimize pain. This method will allow you to eliminate facial hair for weeks before the hair begins to grow again. It quick and cheap process especially when you have few hairs. You need to be careful when using tweezers because improper use may cause folliculitis. You are encouraged to employ warm compresses to minimize irritation. You need to avoid friction of your skin when using this method.

  • Shaving

It allows people to trim or cut their hair to the size that they want. Here you use a razor blade to eliminate hair. It is critical to use shaving gel or cream to smoothen your skin and also prevent irritation of any kind during shaving. It is essential to use a blade that is sharp to make your experience effective. Shaving is a temporal method of removing facial hair.

  • Threading

This method occurs typically in salons and it involves getting rid of facial hair by simply twisting thread where your hairs are, and then you pull it out mostly in rows. This method is more efficient as compared to waxing. You can easily avoid skin irritation with it.

  • Laser

It is one of the most effective techniques to eliminate facial hair either semi-permanently or permanently. The process involves the use of great light to destroy hair follicles. This consequently prevents follicles from producing more hair. The process usually requires multiple procedures and sessions. Although expensive, this method can help you eradicate excess hair on your face.


Your doctor can recommend you use the following treatments.

  • Eflornithine

It is a top brand cream that ensures that the growth of facial hair is minimized. You only need to apply it to your face as you wait for better results after just a few months. Eflornithine causes rashes and skin irritation to individuals with sensitive skin.

  • Birth Control

Your doctor may prescribe this method to you if you constantly experience hormonal imbalance. Female hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone, prevent hair growth. They are also essential elements for curing signs of Polycystic Syndrome of the ovary.

  • Antiandrogens

These medications usually exist in non-steroid and steroid form. They block receptors of androgen in your body. They also minimize hormones production in female ovaries, pituitary glands, and adrenal glands that can lead to the production of excess hair in the body.

Is Stopping Facial Hair Growth Permanently Possible?

Studies and reports have shown that there is no easy and quick answer to the removal of facial hair permanently. The human body responds differently to several medications. Although laser treatment is considered as the most effective method to eradicate unwanted facial hair permanently, there is no guarantee that it will work efficiently. Natural remedies are the safest alternatives that you can use to eliminate excess hair from your face.

Having facial hair is human; it’s just a cosmetic concern. It is up to you to determine whether you can keep it or eliminate it from your face. If you feel uncomfortable with facial hair, there exists a wide range of methods that can help you achieve your goals. You can do it at home with natural remedies, or you can decide to employ artificial techniques to handle your condition.

Excess hair on your face could be a result of hormonal imbalance, age, weight gain, or genetics. It is advisable to consult your doctor so that he or she can recommend the right method for you. The above tips can help you remove facial hair from your skin. Use them, and you won’t regret it.

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