How to Remove Hair from Ears Naturally




how to remove hair from ears permanently naturally

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Some people have hair on the ears, while others do not, it’s normal and no one should worry about it just like beards, ear hair is genetic, that’s why not everyone will have them. Hair in your ears is harmless whether there is little or a lot.

This hair can be seen on old people, and it is caused by increased testosterone hormone, as far as this hair bothers you, it does a great job together with earwax to keep dirt away from your eardrums, the tiny hairs inside your ear help you hear and keeps your balance.

There is also a study showing that babies born to women with diabetes are likely to develop them in future and therefore those mothers who are having this problem are advised to try as much as possible to control it.

How to Remove Hair From Ears Naturally

This hair won’t irritate you until they are bushy enough and you have to start thinking of a way to get rid of them. You shouldn’t worry at all as you can shave and trim this hair, but here is the problem- you can’t probably shave inside your ears with razor unless it’s possible to get the outer ear with a razor.


The best way to deal with ear hair is by trimming it, so long you use ear hair trimmer and not any trimmer. Whether you have thin hair or bushy ears a trimmer can handle it well, it’s a perfect method of trimming the ear that shouldn’t be doubted.


Apart from trimming, you can also pluck them out. Plucking them is not as easy as you may think, and it works on the outside hair much better than the inner hair. For the outer ear, it can be a bit easy to pluck hair as long as you are sure of whatever you are doing.

When plucking this hair, you should use tweezers, grab the base of a hair strand and pull it out if it comes out by the root, be sure that they can’t grow back soon enough.

Any hair that is plucked takes a lot of time to return, and this works only for those people who can handle it. The inner ear is too complicated and very sensitive; plucking hair from this area will probably hurt a lot and may cause hearing problems, so instead of plucking this hair just leave it, after all, they cause no harm.

how to remove hair from ears naturally and nose


This is a bit simple compared to trimming and plucking. Use either cold or warm wax. Spread the wax around the area with ear hair leave it for a while, after it hardens use a paper strip to pull the wax off, which also pulls hair out. It’s that simple, and it’s up to you to decide the method that best suits you.

Hair removal cream

It’s a good cream, but you need to be careful, don’t go around buying any cream before checking it’s ingredients because you might be allergic and they will affect you. Don’t apply this cream inside your ear; just use it on the outer part.

Can Be Ear Hair Be Lasered?

Yes, it can be lasered, but not all of the inner hair can be safely lasered, this treatment feels like a pinch followed by a cooling sensation. People who go for this treatment are advised to shave in preparation. They should avoid waxing, tweezing, threading, and use of bleaching creams two weeks before treatment.

Ear laser removal is considered the most efficient method, there are no side effects of this method, therefore if you are really serious about getting rid of your ear hair consider going for laser treatment, and you’ll have at least years of hair-free ears.

Is Ear Hair A Sign Of Heart Disease?

Whenever you see hair growing on your ears, do not be too worried because it’s very normal, most men will notice this hair when they start aging. But there is a study showing that most of the people with this hair are likely to have heart disease.

Men with this hair are advised to be cautious so that they are not affected in future. This study is not 100% sure, but there is a possibility of it being correct. The study also shows that people with a crease running across their earlobe are most likely to have heart attacks.

how to remove hair from ears permanently naturally

Is It Okay to Pluck Ear Hair?

Plucking can be okay, but it also has its consequences, the only hair that you can pluck is the one on the outer part because it can be easily done. Unlike other methods, plucking hair is too painful and might even cause bleeding.

The ear is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and plucking hair from it can cause you major issues like hearing problems, instead of using this method you can try waxing instead as it’s much safer.

Apart from it being painful, it’s also time-consuming and difficult to do it yourself. There is also a chance of it opening up the hair follicles to infectious bacteria. When you want to pluck hair you should clean the gunk to reduce the risk of infection, don’t pluck hair that is too deep inside the ear. To pluck the hair you need to use dull tweezers.

Can I Wax My Ear Hair?

Waxing ear hair is not bad; in fact, it’s a method preferred by many men because it’s long-lasting when compared to other methods. Waxing gets rid of all hair, and it may take about six weeks before the hair sprouting back. This method comes with its consequences too, while waxing; wax can drop into the ear canal and can cause damage.

Before choosing this method, there are few things you should consider, and they are; price, level of pain, type of ear hair, frequency, the time required and the skill and equipment needed. If you are not sure about how to apply the gel you’d rather consider visiting spa experts than hurting yourself.

How Can I Wax My Ears At Home?

  1. Buy a home waxing kit

A kit that has everything needed during the process, a kit should have non-heated wax removal products. The safest way to wax your ear is by using non-heated wax. Don’t use hot wax to wax your ear hair and use cold wax designed for facial waxing.

  1. Check the ingredients

Before buying the kit ensure that you check all the ingredients because some waxing kits have fragrances along with other ingredients. Always check the label just to make sure that it won’t affect you in any way in case you have allergies.

  1. Clean the outer surface

Ensure you clean them well with a cloth and warm water. Your ears should be completely dry before moving to step 4.

  1. Apply a pre-epilation powder

The powder is available at any beauty shop, but if in case you don’t find it you can order online. It’s important to use this powder because it helps the skin to absorb moisture and natural oils which is the best waxing condition.

  1. Apply the wax to the inner lobe

Heating the wax and testing it on a small area of the skin, make sure it’s not hot. Start applying it on the sensitive areas first by using an application stick; apply it until a nice solid wax is build up. If you are using a non-heated wax, just apply the strips directly on top of the ear hair.

The case of heated wax, use a Popsicle stick; let the wax cool until a tacky ball is formed. Place the ball inside your ear and give it time to completely harden. Use the stick to pull out the ball firmly.

Does The Hair In Your Ear Help You Hear?

At some point it does help you hear because of the tiny hair cells inside the ear called microscopic hair cells; these hair cells sense the movement in the cochlea, then catch and carry the sound to the nerve. The nerve sends movement vibrations to the brain which then produces the sounds we are hearing.

Apart from it helping with your hearing, this hair works with earwax to keep debris and dirt away from your eardrum. Hair is important to your ear in various ways; therefore, you should be keen enough when shaving so that you don’t damage the hair cells

This hair is extremely sensitive unlike the hair on your head, once the hair is gone it’s gone for good and there are many ways that these hair cells can be damaged for example; exposure to loud noise can permanently damage your hearing. You should protect your hearing because once the hair cells are gone, they can never grow back.

How Can I Clean My Ears Out?

There are several safe ways to clean your ears at home, you can use a warm damp cloth to wipe around the outside of your ear and clear away any excess wax. Use earwax softeners because they soften the excessive build-up of earwax; these softeners are made from mineral oil, saline, baby oil and glycerin.

There are other softeners that you shouldn’t use before seeking medical advice, for example, the ones made from hydrogen peroxide. Syringes can be used to clean ears too, but not all syringes, use one that are only meant for this job, and they are called ear irrigation syringes and are designed in a bulb shape to store fluids. It must be used with a kind of softener.

If you have diabetes, eardrum problems and a low immune system, you shouldn’t try this method at all. Whenever you want to try any kind of home remedy, consult a doctor before trying it.

How Do You Massage Your Ears?

Ear massage helps to relieve stress; you just need to massage the ear pressure points. Here are some of the ways of massaging the ear.

Rub the outer edges

Begin by rubbing the outer edges of the ear; the ear should be between the thumb and forefinger; the finger should be rubbed back and forth down the edge of the ear. This is an important step to take, do it slowly and keenly

Ear pulling

Ear pulling helps you relax start at the top of the ear; the ear cartilage should be between the forefinger and the thumb. Pull the ear and away from the head, let it slide through your fingers. Ensure that you reach all the ear spots.

Ear lobe massage

Try several moves on the earlobe and discover what is best.

Move the entire ear

Press the ear inwards by rotating the balm in a circular motion. This will help you feel so relaxed.

This article has taught us a lot of things about hairs in the ear, ways of shaving them, how shaving is done, the right methods of shaving, what to do and what should not be done. By now if you’ve been having trouble with this hair, you must be satisfied. Just follow what you’ve read, and all will be well. An ear is an important part of our body; we should try our level best to make sure they are in a proper manner. By following the above tips and procedures, you are going to keep your ears healthy. Choose a method you think is best for you

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