How to Shave Body Hair for Guys




How to Shave Body Hair for Guys

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Ideally, as many would agree, body hair is what separates men from the boys, considering that’s what the society has sold to us for generations now. Nonetheless, today, we witness the concept of body hair removal and grooming evolving, with men embracing it all and the trend becoming a commonplace among the grooming conglomerates. To this end, this article will serve as a comprehensive manscaping guide, exploring the right ways to approach the task of hair grooming and removal as this task might differ from one body part to the other. The truth is what might seem like a safe pass for one might literally be a hard pass for another; however, you need not to worry since this article serves as a comprehensive guide; shave here, trim here, groom here and ultimately care for your hair body here.

Shaving Different Parts of Your Body

Usually, the reasons behind shaving body hair and most especially for men might vary from one individual to another; however, for many men they are generally uninformed about how to properly and safely shave their body hair, to this effect, some of the ways that you can widely utilize while caring for your body hair in different body parts comprise of:

How to Shave Body Hair for Guys

How to Manage Facial Hair

Generally, facial hair is one of the most constant body hairs that men have to deal with most regularly. Many men struggle with this issue and most especially due to hormonal changes that vary from one individual to another. Nonetheless, there are several available remedies that men can utilize in the comfort of their homes as well others that can be effectively utilized in salons.


Shaving is actually one of the common, easiest as well fastest way of removing facial hair. Whether you are using a disposable shaver, razors, or even an electric shaver, they are all designed to raise and cut the hair at the skin’s surface. In the case that you have long facial hair, you need to trim removing as much hair as you can so as to make it easier to shave with an electric shaver. In the case of a disposable shaver or razors, you need to moisturize your beard using water, shaving cream, or even foam whichever is at your disposal then carefully shave your beard. After you are done, rinse and moisturize your beard. Hair regrowth after shaving is usually very fast; it can regrow in a few hours to a few days.

Using Tweezers to Reduce Facial Hair

Alternatively, you can use tweezers to remove facial hair as its also another common way of managing facial hair. However, this technique has one shortcoming, which is, it works best when you have less hair to remove since it involves plucking hair using the tweezers, and it’s also time-consuming. Nonetheless, it is an effective method of removing facial hair as it’s inexpensive, and it avoids ingrown hair since it involves gentling plucking the hair. During application, sterilize the ends of the tweezers, stretch the skin around the area you want to remove hair, grip the hair at the tip, and gently but firmly pull the hair. Tweezing is effective since hair regrowth can take up to 3-8 weeks.

How to Manage Chest Hair?

Chest hair removal is becoming a popular thing in manscaping, and men are embracing the whole idea. Some men might opt for shaving the chest entirely while others might opt for trimming the hair. Some of the available remedies when it comes to chest hair comprise of:


For starters, if you are planning on shaving your chest hair, it’s advisable that you do it using shaving jell or foam, that way, while using the razors, it will be much easier and effective. While shaving, shave towards the direction your hair is growing. However, it important to note that shaving your chest isn’t the best option you can ever go for since hair regrowth rate is very high without forgetting the fact that shaving can result in either skin irritation or the development of skin acne.

Alternatively, trimming is actually the best approach to go about your chest hair. This technique is most effective for those who are content with their chest hair, and they only want to manage their chest hair by keeping it short. You can use electric clippers or scissors to trim your chest hair.

Use of Depilatory Cream

If you are very determined to achieve a smooth shave, you can opt-in using depilatory creams. This approach is very effective in attaining a smooth shave as it dissolves the body hair at its root. It normally buys you a few weeks before the hair re-grows, and the most amazing thing about this technique is the fact that the hair doesn’t regrow with a sharp edge but with a softer edge. During application, water your chest first, then apply the cream evenly on your chest, allow it too settles for about 2-3 minutes then use a cap that comes with the cream to drive down the cream as well the dissolved hair after which you are required to rinse and moisten your chest.


This is also another alternative that you can utilize and more so if you don’t want your chest hair to regrow soon. It normally takes two to three months after waxing before you undertake another waxing process. It’s important to note that waxing is painful; it can result in skin redness and irritation; however, the results are satisfying since, for one, it gives you a clean and smooth chest, and it can take the hair 2-3 months to regrow.

how to shave body hair male

How to Shave Your Back Hair

Additionally, shaving your back is also another thing that is growing popular in men; its, however, challenging due to obvious reasons, and at times, you might need assistance to reach hard to reach places. Nevertheless, with or without assistance, there some remedies that you can choose to manage the body hair on your back.


Shaving and trimming are usually the very first options that one has when it comes to getting rid of body hair or just managing them, respectively. If you want to shave which is not highly preferred, you can use shaving jell to do so and achieve a smooth shave; however, the hair is bound to grow in a few days, and at times it might end up resulting to ingrown hair.

Alternatively, you can trim your back hair, which is basically to maintain shorter body hair on your back for those who are content with body hair. Again, you can also use a body groomer to trim tour back hair, given the fact that the back breaks easily with a shave. With both shaving and trimming, you are normally to repeat the same process in at least every week or two.

Waxing/ Depilatory Creams

If you want a clean supper back, then you need to utilize either depilatory creams or waxing. For starters, depilatory creams are only for a short-term remedy when it comes to your back hair since, after application, it only takes a week to two, and the back hair regrows.

On the other hand, waxing is very effective if you are looking for a smooth, clean, and lasting remedy on your back hair; however, you should keep in mind it’s a painful remedy that can cause skin redness and irritation, but it has no long-term effects. After waxing your back, it can take 2-3 weeks before the hair regrows.

How to Shave Your Armpits?

In most cases, men do not bother shaving their armpits, however, in our today’s age and time, shaving the armpits for men is becoming a commonplace and some of the remedies used incorporate:


If you plan on shaving, you can use electric shavers or razors depending on what you have at your disposal. Again, before shaving applies shaving jell or foam that way, it will be much easier to shave, and that is in the place of using a razor.

On the other hand, if you are trimming, use long attachments on the clippers. Alternatively, you can use scissors to attain a perfect trim.

Use of Depilatory Cream/Waxing

You can also wax or use depilatory cream to attain a clean and soft shave; nonetheless, its important to note that for waxing, you will attain more effective results when it comes to smoothness and longevity. However, for depilatory creams, you will attain a clean, smooth shave but a for a shorter period of about one to two weeks.

Shaving Your Legs and Arms

Generally, the skin on your legs and arms is way less irritable compared to other parts of the body. With the legs and arms proceed as you please, the hair is very thin, and for that, you can use either shave, trim, use depilatory creams or wax.

Shaving Your Pubes and Butt

Your groin area and all the other parts below your belt are actually the most complicated when it comes to shaving. For starters, you need not to shave your butt; however, if you are considering shaving, then your approach is fairly simple, you can use clippers to either shave or trim, and you can also use depilatory cream to attain a clean shave.

When it comes to the groin area, you have a number of remedies, including:


This is normally the most preferred approach since they are less risky. If you plan on trimming, use clippers of scissors to attain a perfect trim. On the other hand, if you plan on shaving, ensure the groin hair is well trimmed to a sizable height, then apply foam or shaving jell after which you can shave clean.

Waxing/Depilatory Cream

Using depilatory creams in your groin area can be sensitive; however, you can carefully apply the cream on your groin and drive away from the hair. Waxing can also work given the fact that it results in clean, smooth skin; however, the process is painful and can result in skin redness and irritation. On the overall waxing gives more satisfying results.

After Shave Care

Taking care of your skin after shaving is normally very crucial as it helps your skin heal as well as protects you from any infection that might be as a result of the approach used. Some of the ways through which you can take care after shave incorporate:

Take a shower/bath and wash it with warm water for about two minutes. This helps rinse off any hair, pre-shave, or even shaving cream residue and at the same time, helps with relaxing your skin pores.

Put on an aftershave. After washing and drying yourself, put on some aftershave products on the shaved areas. This helps your skin stay moisturized as well as repair any damaged caused by the approach used.

Clean your trimmer or razor using alcohol or surgical spirit so you can use them again. This is very important as it keeps off any bacteria caused by hair or dead cells.

How to Plan Your Shave?

Coming up with a shaving plan is very crucial as it helps you to stay on schedule as well makes you to stay groomed all through. Again, a shaving plan is crucial as it gives you purpose as well as motivates you to manage your body hair once it regrows. Some of the tips you can utilize to come up with a better shaving plan comprise of:

Decide Your Overall Look: -its important that you check with your body hair to ensure it fits your style and interests and that way deciding on whether you need a shave or not, and how often; consistency is key.

Commit Yourself to Maintenance: -maintenance is normally the biggest challenge that men face when it comes to maintaining their body hair. Once you choose to manage your body hair, you need to invest a lot in time.

Decide What You Want to Shave: -ideally, shaving your body hair presents you with a challenge since it entails different body parts that require different approaches. To this effect, figure out where you want to shave ahead, choose the proper approach, and create time.

Apparently, today, we witness the concept of body hair removal and grooming evolving, with men embracing it all and the trend becoming a commonplace among the grooming conglomerates. In other cases, you might want to get rid of your body hair permanently, and this can be achieved through professional ways such as laser removal, electrolysis, among other dermatological ways. However, truth is what might seem like a safe pass for one might literally be a hard pass for another; nonetheless, this article has presented a diversified guide as well tips on how to go about manscaping; utilize the guide, and you will have yourself to thank.

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