How To Get Wavy Hair For A Black Male?




how to get wavy hair for black guys

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Most black men often struggle to keep their hair wavy and neat, and they, therefore, prefer to go for haircuts to avoid a messy appearance. Before you cut your hair, remember that it is unique, and you only need some special treatments based on its structure. The wavy hairstyle has evolved rapidly among black men and has grown into a high fashion that helps achieve a modern natural look. First, you need to embrace your free-flowing hair strands then learn how to maintain a perfect look with a little effort using some simple tricks and products. Therefore stop cutting off your hair and apply the following tips to get perfectly wavy hair for black men.

How To Get Wavy Hair For Black Male

To get waves in your black hair as fast as possible, you need to find a perfect barber who will give you a short cut and edge up. You will want to tell the barber not to cut it too low and leave it thick enough in a way that you shouldn’t see your scalp. Use the appropriate brush depending on your hair texture for about one or two minutes. Based on how deep you want your waves to appear, it will be best if you use both soft and hard brush. Then, apply an ideal moisturizer for your hair to maintain a perfect moisture level in your hair strands. Next, you need to place a washcloth in hot water and ring out the excess to leave it to dump, then use it to wipe your hair downward repeatedly to cover all areas.

Alternatively, you can brush your hair after washing and conditioning if you wish to skip the hot towel part. Find the point where cowlicks form on your head and brush out from that point to the sides, front and back, making at least 20 strokes in every direction, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any section. Finally, you need to put on a wave cap for at least thirty minutes then brush it again after taking it off. It will work best if you put on your du-rug or wave cap overnight to prevent messing up your waves for optimal results.

how to get wavy hair for black guys

What Causes Waves in Black hair?

Although hair size, texture, shape, and growth rate could be unique to each individual, you will note a similar trend among a specific group of people. Based on your DNA, your hair contains a pre-programmed shape, and the texture, size, and shape will depend on the way your hair follicles grow. For most black men, the hair forms contours as it develops from early on. Several factors influence the extent of hair waves, including the hair grade, chemical or non-chemical products application, and the type of hairbrush used. The degree and DNA of your ancestor’s or parent’s hair can give you a natural wavy pattern, and you only need light sheen products to accentuate the wavy outlook.

Those with thin to medium hair type uses a soft brush and light grease to establish a wave pattern while those with coarse texture use a hard brush to train their hair lay in a wave pattern. The application of water in styling black men’s hair activates the DNA within the hair and restructures it into a wavy pattern. Heat also activates a semi-permanent bend in black hair that brings out waves. The hair tension also allows it to grow in a particular style.

Can Africans Get Waves?

Most black people have varying degrees of hair strands. Typically, tight kinks and curls growing almost parallel to the scalp characterize the African hair, due to its spiral structure that causes swirls during growth. The hair also appears in a flattened shape with high density. Most of them have a kinky hair type, which looks like zigzags and appears more tangled. However, several Africans have a coarse, wavy hair pattern raging from extremely lose to deep S-shaped waves. Their hair seems full course and prone to frizziness with clearly bends starting from the hair root. Most African Americans have extremely bendable hair strands that shape closer to the head while falling at the edges bringing out a wavy pattern, super easy to iron out. Their hair type has a flat top and forms S shapes towards the ends.

How Do Black Men Get Wavy Hair?

The black men wavy hair designs are advancing and most of them prefer to groom their hair with a jam-packed wave. Wavy hair for some men appears naturally, but others need to use several products to achieve this. If your hair is a bit coarse and kinky, then it’s easier to create deep waves. Some choose to wave it by trimming and ironing the hair braids with a device. The method is ideal for shorter hair, and it will be best if you apply some products then roll your hair into spiraled bundles before trimming.

Others merely rub it with the palms after a shower once it’s dry to avoid the exploration of numerous hair products. You can also train your hair to obtain a wavy pattern by using the wavy shampoo. Also, one can develop a perfect brushing style by grooming the hair out and down, starting from the head crown after a shower. You may need to hairbrush often covering all parts, and put on a tight du-rag to achieve even waves. To train your hair correctly, avoid combing or styling to give it ample matting time.

Should You Brush Wavy Hair?

You can use a brush on your wavy hair provided that you adhere to the techniques of maintaining healthy and strong hair. Brushes are favorable for that short wavy hair, especially when controlling or flattening the stray strands that might be sticking out or when you want to create the desired shapes. Ensure that you brush it when dry to avoid straining it unnecessarily to prevent hair damage or breakage. Black African hair dries faster than other types; therefore, you can easily brush it with minimal exposure to flaking.

Note that not all brushes are benign to wavy hair, and it would be best if you avoid stiff-bristled and paddle brushes but use either a soft or hard brush depending on your hair length. Using the right brush ensures that your waves are voluminous and defined without unwanted frizz. If you want high volume in your hair roots to enhance your waves, use a small or medium round brush. Also, wash your brush at least once a week to eliminate product buildup and clogged stray hair.

How Do You Make African American Hair Wavy?

Most African Americans naturally have wavy hair pattern with a silky look and smooth feel. When you pull the hair strands, it springs back in an S pattern and is easy to maintain without any relaxers. The hair appears well hydrated, and you can keep the wavy pattern using a comb and doing simple styles that last throughout the day. Others have kinky hair and merely create a wavy touch pattern by using relaxers and regular styling to achieve a permanent wavy pattern.

To create the waves, most men develop a consistent shaving pattern to train the hair to grow in a wavy pattern. You can also use an enhancement kit depending on the hair grade, and applying the products or solutions brings out a noticeable wavy pattern. You can also use auxiliary products and brush the hair at least four times daily until you notice a wavy pattern. During this process, use some sheen or light oil to hold the S pattern together. Finally, put on the modified stocking caps to hold the oils together and help attain the S wave patterns.

How Do Black Men Get Long Curly Hair?

There are multiple ways to turn your natural hair into curls either by using products or growing it with the curly effect. First, you can choose to use a curl sponge, an easy way to get defined curls through the sponge’s small textured holes that aid in creating the twisted and curly look. Rub the sponge onto your head in a circular motion for about five minutes to attain your desired curls. You need to check the dimensions of the holes based on the size of your preferred twist curl before making your purchase. The big holes are ideal for longer hair and result in bigger curls, while small holes give tight and short curls.

You can use rollers if you have coarse hair, but you need to ensure that your hair is slightly damp for better results. Grab your hair and roll it in the rollers from ends to root to achieve soft curly hair. You can also use hair oils to moisturize and soften it for better curls. Apply the oil, and comb your hair for at least three times a week, then cover it with a cap or du-rag to contain the oil overnight.

What Products Make Black Hair Curly?

There are various products available in the market to help you make your hair curly. Amika Curl Corps Defining Cream is ideal for thick hair and will give you tighter curls. It’s heavy enough to work on such hair types in a less greasy way, giving your hair a bouncy definition. The sea buckthorn berry and oat peptide properties in the product keep your hair perfectly moisturized. The ORS Curls Unleashed Curl Defining Cream works wonders on your thirsty curls with the sweet almond, coconut and safflower oils in it, leaving your curls hydrated. If you have those stiff, flaky, and crunchy curls, use Cantu Coconut Curling Cream. It contains aloe vera, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and shea butter to make it an excellent hydrating cream.

To easily twist out your curls, apply SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl, Enhancing Smoothie that also promotes growth and prevents breakage. You can also enhance your curls twist with curls Blueberry Bliss Control Jelly contains raw castor oil and blueberry extract that strengthens your curls and gives you a soft touch. Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Curl Defining Crème makes your curls smooth and elongated, thanks to the high volumes of shea butter and coconut oil in its formula. For those with that 4C hair, use Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream to thoroughly enhance and moisturize your curls.

What Products To Use To Get Waves?

To achieve perfect hair waves, you need hydrating and healthy enough products that help adjust the natural hair bend. You can use the Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Curl Refresh Foam, after taking a shower to enhance the wave pattern or dry hair to refresh the waves. If your hair is prone to frizz, then you may want to try out the Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Hair Cream to add an extra twist to your wave patterns and hold your waves together.

To add a natural hold to your wavy pattern, you need to use a styling spray often, and the John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Daily Styling Spray is a perfect option. If you wish to smooth out your waves or add a polished finish, you can use the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum, which irons out frizz and moisturizes your hair to improve its shine. The DevaCurl Light Defining Styling Hair Gel will also help smoothen your waves and seal out frizz, leaving your hair looking flakey, firm, and smooth.


A poufy appearance is a common problem for wavy hair, and at times your hair may have some stringy pattern with no cohesion. The only solution to this problem is understanding your hair type and giving it better care. You need to use the right products that keep your waves moisturized and firm, comb it using the right brush in the correct direction, and get the right haircut for easier management and healthier hair. The above guideline provides various tips to help you embrace, appreciate, and maintain your wavy hair type.

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