Benefits of Chest Hair




Benefits of Chest Hair

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Having chest hair in your body is normal. You should never question your existence when you notice that part of your friends doesn’t possess it. Human beings are created differently, and this explains why some people have extraordinary characteristics in their bodies than others. Chest hair is common in men, but in particular instances, some women also have this feature.

Note that several factors cause excess hair in your chest. One of the major things that lead to chest hair in your body is hormones. The androgens hormones in the body allow both men and women to develop excess hair. Some drugs and medications like antibiotics, antidepressants, and sleeping medications usually result in the growth of chest hair in women. Testosterone and estrogen hormones can also cause chest hair in men and women, respectively.

Benefits of Chest Hair

Depending on your needs and preferences, you will always decide to either keep or eliminate chest hair. If you think chest hair fits you well, there is a need to keep it. In the instance where you purpose to get rid of it, several ways can help you eliminate it. This will help you get the look that you desire.

Benefits of Having Chest Hair

Excess hair in your chest can come as a blessing for you. With it, you will be able to enjoy several benefits. These essential benefits that you can get when having chest hair include:

  1. It is a sign of intelligence

Many people who have chest hair in their bodies are considered as being masculine. They look healthy and of sound mind.

Testosterone hormone allows boys and girls to develop terminal hair during the puberty stage. Their hairy body on the chest becomes darker and thicker.

Research and studies have shown that hairy chest bodies are always associated with engineers and doctors. The medical reports link hairy chest with intelligence. Nonetheless, clinical reports suggest that other factors like socioeconomic status, ethnicity and race also play a key role in determining intelligence with people of a hairy chest.

  1. Offers Sun Protection

Since immemorial, the body hair, including chest hair, has provided an active role in safeguarding your skin against the sun. Our ancestors can attest that the body hair was the only garment that could keep them warm and possibly protecting them from environmental effects like sunlight.

The hair in our body indeed protects us from the sun, but those with more excess hair are protected fully.

  1. It helps to heal the skin

Chest hair ensures that your body skin is maintained and well protected. Hair follicles that manufacture hair fiber contain blood vessels masses, fats, and nerves. They also have stem cells that assist the skin to heal quickly.

  1. Sign of proper blood circulation

Once you got chest hair in your body, it greatly implies that you are experiencing proper circulation of blood in your body. This is because for hair to sprout to your chest, the hair follicles in your skin must have been supplied with enough oxygen and blood for hair to grow.

  1. Brings joy

Individuals who possess chest hair usually find fun in running their fingers through it. It feels so nice and therapeutic. Ladies usually like men with chest hair because they know they will be playing with their hair body.

  1. It acknowledges that you are a real man

You have to appreciate the fact that having chest hair ascertains that one is more masculine. Some women prefer men with hairy chests to those with bare chests. They claim that hairy body is a sign of masculinity. They claim that men with hairy chest are attractive and appealing. Being hairy implies that as a man, you got adequate testosterone hormone that ensures you achieve excess hair on your chest.

  1. It is sexy

Women are always impressed with looks. They like men with chest hair because they find joy in grabbing the hairy chest when things become more attractive in bed. A majority of women claim that hairy chests turn them on, and they would always feel the pleasure of dating a hairy body man. Having chest hair also implies that there is no requirement for more grooming because having such a feature is a big plus to grooming. It is a prerequisite condition for a better look in men. It makes them more attractive and drives women crazy.

  1. Reduces the likelihood of irritation of the skin

When your chest is covered with hair, it protects your skin from environmental impacts that can harm your skin. These include sunlight, dust and other impurities. The hair ensures that your skin does not experience challenges such as burns, redness, and irritation when it comes into contact with chemical products like lotions. This will, in turn, ensures that the area within your chest doesn’t experience any form of illness.

  1. Connects people with their families

Science studies have shown that individuals with hairy chests always resemble the chest of the father in law. It also says that the preference of ladies liking men with hairy chests could be generic. Therefore, most of them acquire this feature from their mothers or at times due to sexual imprinting. Studies have also proved that most ladies usually pick men who constantly remind them of their biological dad. Science work confirms that commonalities always exist between in-laws and hairy chests among family members justify this.

benefits of having a hairy chest

It should be noted that having a hairy chest can be of great importance to an individual. Never worry when you have it. It can generate warmer to you, and this could allow you to sustain difficult challenges. You can be able to survive in wild environments with a hairy chest. Don’t underestimate it because it can provide you with fantastic health benefits. With it, you will forget the need to have a razor blade to shorten your hair because it offers more blessings than a curse to you.

Top Chest Hair Styles

Personal hair chest grooming is paramount. Whenever you adopt the right style, be rest assured that you will acknowledge your new look. People do hair trimming in their chest for different purposes. Some people do it out of curiosity, or others do to embrace their women and girlfriends.

The following are the top chest hairstyles available in the market.

The Tree

This chest hairstyle involves shaping an average hair mount on the top side of the chest with a little trail towards the stomach. It allows men to showcase quality hair growth that can last for long.

The Top Heavy

This style is displayed when an individual trims a hairy chest on the upper chest half and ensures that their stomach area is smooth.

The Drug

The style has been there for over twenty-five years. It allows your chest to have full hair and provides a standard look when trimmed.

The Snail

It is popular among young men. For you to achieve this style you need to maintain any hair that is on top of your belly button. You also need to have a little hair trail across your stomach.

The Woolly Jumper

The style suits people who are thirty years and above. To achieve it, you need to trim your hairy chest at a convenient height more regularly.

How to Trim Chest Hair

Whenever you realize that you have excess hair on your chest, you will always find options to trim it so that you can maintain an appropriate look. It is crucial to pick a style that fits you well. You need to understand the means to follow to ensure that you obtain a better appearance. The following ways will guide you on how to trim your chest hair to keep a more natural look.

Method One: Trimming Your Chest Hair

Here, it is essential to do the following.

Shave with Longest Guard Setting

It is good to ensure that you begin to shave your grain with the guard setting clippers that are the longest. This will make sure that you maintain shaving your hair chest at a long length. Clippers usually come with several guard settings, and therefore, the one that has many settings will shave long.

Clippers should be moved gradually up to the chest usually in straight paths

You need to begin to shave from the upper part of your chest as you move towards the other areas of your hairy chest. You need to ensure that the clip does not damage your nipples as you attempt to trim your chest hair.

Trim your hair again using shorter guard where necessary

Depending on your preference, the length of the chest hair will always determine whether you will have to shave it again to suit your needs. In the case where you feel that they are still long, you are encouraged to use shorter guards with the longest settings to trim them again.

Use hair comb and scissor to cut more difficult spots

Hair comb will help you straighten up your chest hair and thereafter you will use scissors to cut them at equal length. Make sure you focus on “eyeballing” them to get the proper length.

Trim your hair chest periodically

You are required to trim your hair chest frequently to ensure that it maintains your desired length. You can decide to shave it weekly.

Method Two: Maintaining A Natural Appearance

At this step, you are advised to cover the following.

Maintain shaving your hairy chest at a ¼ inch

Ensure you trim it at a reasonable height and not below 0.64cm so that you can keep your hair at the right height.

Balance your facial hair with the chest hair

This style will ensure that you keep a desirable natural look. Make them parallel so that you get the same length of both facial and chest hair.

Maintain the equal length of both the chest hair and body hair

This will ensure that you don’t appear strange with the rest of the body. Your arms, torso and legs hair should have the same length as your chest hair to achieve a natural look.

Method Three: Selecting a Chest hairstyle

When picking your style, it is essential to do the following.

Go for a trim that is close

Maintaining a close trim of the chest hair helps an individual to keep a natural look. It gives you space to showcase your body.

Keep the chest hair a bit long, trimmed to get it rugged

Proper trimming with the longest guard settings ensures that the chest hair remains appealing.

Obtain a complete shaven chest

You need to do this regularly so that you can get the desired look.

Chest hair can be kept or removed. This depends on how you perceive it. If you have more concern about it, you should not get scared. Several methods can help you remove or even trim it from your body. What you need to understand are ways on how to properly eliminate excess hair from your chest. It is a noble task that requires you to follow the right steps to achieve a natural look.

You need to be careful as you trim your chest hair to get the right length. Take time to learn your body and ensure the style you adapt fits the rest part of your body. The above tips will guide you to achieve world-class removal of chest hair.

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