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how to stop a razor cut from bleeding

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If you enjoy having a clean shave regularly, you will have to contend with the horrible and sometimes painful razor cuts and nicks which are part of the shaving process. Sometimes shaving cuts can be incredibly annoying because they are on your face, which means they are not easy to hide, and sometimes they cannot stop bleeding. Even though they are relatively painless, these cuts can be a pain to your physical appearance if they do not stop bleeding fast.

Wounds from razor cuts are usually minor, but they still require proper care and treatment. There are easier methods to stop your razor cuts from bleeding, and you probably have some of these options in your kitchen or bathroom right now. This post will teach you about how to stop razor cuts as well as how best you can prevent them.

how to stop a razor cut from bleeding

How to Stop a Razor Cut from Bleeding after Shaving

There are many ways to prevent shaving cuts and nicks from bleeding, and some people prefer different techniques to others. Some of the common methods include:

  • Use Alum Block

Alum block is a small brick which is made of potassium alum, and it’s one of the easiest solutions to use during shaving cuts. Dampen your alum block with some cold water, and then press it gently against a shaving cut. The alum block disinfects the cuts and nicks and foils any further bleeding. Most men apply it against the whole shaved part as an aftershave solution to prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. After each use, allow it to dry fully before storing. If you’ve got a full beard, you might be more inclined to purchase this product since it has the additional benefit of reducing irritation after having a heavy-duty shaving.

  • Antiperspirants

You can use antiperspirants to stop a shaving cut from bleeding. Antiperspirants usually contain aluminum-zirconium tetrachlorohydrate or aluminum chlorohydrate. Dab a little antiperspirant on your razor cut using one of your fingers, and the bleeding will stop immediately. Besides, you will also enjoy the added advantage of having your entire face smelling better, as well.

  • Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is usually found in Vaseline, lip balms, and many other products for dry and chapped skin. It develops a hydrophobic barrier that prevents blood from running down the face. It serves as a sealant and works pretty well on paper cuts as well. While petroleum jelly will seal the blood, the bleeding will remain visible. You can dab the razor cut after a couple of minutes to wipe off the bleeding.

  • Styptic Pencils

A styptic pencil is usually considered an anti-hemorrhaging method, which means that it assists in stopping bleeding fast. It’s made of aluminum sulfate and also contains astringent that has alcohol, and assists in disinfecting a razor cut and clotting the blood. A styptic pencil looks a little bit like a standard lip balm, and it’s incredibly easy to use. Place the styptic pencil on the shaving cut until the bleeding stops, which only takes a couple of seconds. However, it might irritate a little bit as it works its magic.

  • Ice Cubes

Instead of using lukewarm water from your bathroom sink, grab some ice cubes, and apply them with pressure to your razor cut. It is probably one of the easiest ways to stop a razor shaving cut from excessive bleeding because it numbs the cut area, reducing pain. Place some ice cubes against your wound for 15 to 30 seconds to instantly constrict your blood vessels, and assist in forming a clot. However, they do not work instantly and can be a bit messy at times.

But if you have a couple of minutes to spare, consistent application of some ice cubes to a razor cut will lead to localized vascular constriction. The ice temporarily shrinks your blood vessels found near the surface of your skin, which reduces the flow of blood.

  • Eye drops

Whitening eye drops are normally used as quick remedies on various things from acne to cuts and are an excellent temporary solution for your shaving cuts. If you place a few eye drops on the shaving cut, you will effectively constrain the blood vessels, making it to clot faster.

Wet a piece of tissue or cotton ball with eye drops and then put it on the shaving cut. It does not work as fast as an alum block or a styptic pencil, but you should try sealing it with your lip balm so that the combination of the two forces will assist in stopping the bleeding by the time you need it

  • Astringents

Astringents like witch hazel and currently steeped tea bags, especially black tea, can also be used, to stop a razor cut from bleeding. These tea bags are packed with astringent tannins that will naturally draw together and tighten the skin, reducing the flow of blood and coagulate protein.

  • Mouthwash

Alcohol-based mouthwash is popularly known for its mouth-puckering tingle. Alcohol, the active ingredient serves as an astringent, although it’s more painful to use than tea leaves or witch hazel. On the positive, your razor cut will have a minty fresh smell.

When to Call a Doctor

Whether you are a novice or a multiple-blade shaving master taking care of wiry hairs on your face, chances are you might still slip up and cut yourself now and then when shaving. Minor cuts or nicks are usually harmless and normally heal fast without treatment. However, severe cuts or nicks can lead to some complications, such as excessive loss of blood and infections.

You should seek medical assistance if the razor cut bleeding continues or if you notice signs of infections. If you notice any redness, irritation, or pus around the cut, or you’re unable to stop the bleeding, then it’s best to call your doctor as soon as you can. A medical expert will be able to assess and also provide necessary care for the wound.

how to stop the bleeding from a razor cut

Why You Should Not Use Toilet Paper to Stop a Razor Cut

Regardless of how careful you might be, shaving cuts and nicks are bound to occur from time to time. The go-to solution for most men is to apply some pieces of toilet papers to their wounds and then wait for the blood to clot. Although this method is effective, sometimes, it can take a very long time for the cut to stop bleeding. Again, it’s pretty easy to forget that you’ve some pieces of bloody tissue papers on your face before heading out to the office, and this can ruin a first impression.

Preventing Razor Nicks and Cuts

Razor cuts from shaving are almost inevitable for most men. Regardless of how much experience you have in shaving, no matter how well your razor glides and tilts and touches your face, the blades will eventually bite. Here are some of the ways you can use to prevent razor cuts and nicks.

  • Practice Good Skincare

Proper shaving techniques start with appropriate skincare. If you are not taking good care of your skin, you will end up with dry patches and rough skin which are prone to get nicked, cut, or burned. When you are taking good care of your skin, particularly on the face, you should ensure that you are properly hydrated and that all your skin pores are clear.

Look for face washes that you like using and that provide extra benefits. Many facial washes contain some pore-purging properties that can assist in getting rid of any bacteria. Bacteria cause razor burn and cuts because you irritate the skin and also cut against your skin pores.

If you moisturize on a regular or daily basis, you will have healthy skin. When you moisturize, you remove the dirt and dead skin cells that are harmful to your pores and skin. They often clog up after you finish shaving and might leave your skin feeling irritated and looking red as well

  • Prepare the Skin for the Shave

The way you prepare your skin determines the ultimate results of shaving. If your razor scraps against a dry or rough patch, you will slow down and dig deeper, and you can risk a shaving cut. Razor cuts occur when your safety razor has a problem scrapping against your face with a lot of ease.

If you are looking to achieve a tidy cut, ensure that you take a hot shower first. That’ll soften up all the hair follicles and also make your skin glow with moisture. You should also consider applying a pre-shave oil or solution to soften up the facial hair. Pre-shave solutions act as dual purpose because they lubricate your razor blade and your skin as well.

  • Look for the Right Razor

Most people use the wrong razors when shaving, which can be a big problem. Since a razor is a primary tool when shaving, it can either hinder or help your shaving experience as well as your razor burn issues.

If you are getting a lot of nicks and cuts on your skin when shaving, then you should try getting a shaving razor with several blades. A razor with a flexible and soft neck can assist you in getting around all your face bends. It’s also beneficial if you’ve got an angular body or a strong jawline.

Using several blades can lead to irritation for some people, making their razor cuts and burns worse. If you’ve sensitive skin, you should consider using a classic single-blade razor. By lowering the number of razor blades rubbing against your skin, you will eliminate any chances of irritation on the face.

  • Check your Shaving Technique

To have a good shaving experience, you should eliminate cuts and also get rid of any razor burns. If you are not moving the razor blade well, cleaning rigorously, or lubricating properly, you might set yourself up for some trouble. If possible shave using gentle and short strokes. While it may seem economical to get the most out of every stroke, you should avoid taking a lot of long cuts, because you are more prone to apply a lot of pressure at the end of long strokes.

When you fail to remove all the hair you want to on your first pass, apply some shaving cream to prepare your skin for the next pass. If you don’t apply your lubricant or shaving cream, you will be opening yourself up for a chance of irritation.

  • Maintain your Blades in Good Shape

Looking for the best shaving tool can take some time. You can use the wrong type of razor for many years before finding the one that works pretty well for you. Whatever your ideal shaving razor is, you should ensure it remains in great shape and also ready for action. Among the major reasons for razor cuts and burns is that there are accumulations of bacteria on your skin or your razors. To get rid of the bacteria buildup, you should soak your razors in alcohol each time that you want to shave.

You should also keep your razor blades sharp because there’s nothing dangerous than shaving with dull blades. Sharpen your blades using a pair of jeans or swap them more regularly. Whatever you pick, ensure that you don’t use a dull shaving tool.

When you shave more regularly, nicks and cuts will be impossible to avoid. Cutting your face skin when shaving is usually a common issue for most men, and it can be incredibly irritating and inconvenient. Nevertheless, we hope that this comprehensive guide has taken you through some of the best and easy remedies that you can use to stop razor cuts. The next time you get a razor cut while shaving, try one of them and see how it works. If possible, you can also implement some of the preventive measures discussed above to avoid razor cuts when shaving altogether and your face will thank you for that.

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