Best Shaving Cream for Wet Electric Shaver




Best shaving cream for wet electric shaver

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Shaving can be done in two ways that is by shaving with Gillette’s and electric shavers. You have to use a lot of soap so that your beard softens if you happen to use a blade. That makes it easy when you start the procedure because the coarse beard becomes soft, and you can do the job effortlessly.

On the other hand, when you shave with an electric machine, it does the best by ensuring that the process is painless. It is good to try other methods that favor you, for instance, if you can’t use machines, go for other simple ways.

However, even with the best shaver and the wrong cream, you can’t achieve your desired look. When buying these creams, be focused; there are different types, you cannot use the wrong thing for the wrong purpose and expect perfect results.

Shaving creams are necessary whenever you are cutting your beards; it doesn’t matter whether you opt for a razor or any other possible way. Creams can make hair soft, thus allowing your shaver to work smoothly on hard areas.

Some other products you should consider using are all discussed here, follow the right procedures if you want to get the best results.

Best shaving cream for wet electric shaver

Best Shaving Cream for Wet Electric Shaver


This is natural and perfect for your skin, especially when you have allergic reactions. Marlowe is appropriate for use with a wet shaver that uses electricity. It is popular among men who have sensitive skin.

This product reduces redness and inflammation that might occur since it contains willow bark extracts. Another ingredient is the deep-sea algae extract which soothes the area applied in case irritation occurs.

It also consists of passionflower extract, which ensures there is moisturization to ensure the skin stays smooth. Massage a little amount of it into the beard; use your shaver as usual and when you are done, rinse your neck area and face.


  • Works well on all types of skin
  • Consists of antioxidants that nourish the skin
  • It is free from phthalates and parabens
  • Perfect for all types of skin


  • You use a large quantity of the product because of its thin formula.

Brickell Men’s Brushes Cream

This consists of organic composition and a natural blend. Brickell is one of the mildest formulas. It is a perfect option for those people who are prone to acne and those with sensitive skin. It has a hydrating substance that nourishes your body and ensures that dryness is eliminated.

Brickell cream gives you the protection you need no matter the kind of shaver you use. The other thing in these creams is glycerin which ensures that your beard is soft.

Aloe Vera also prevents inflammation of the skin; in short, it is the best and works wonders in protecting your skin, thus making work easier for everybody.

As you apply the cream, use a little amount on your face and massage it gently on your beard; let it sit there for a few seconds before you start shaving. After shaving, make sure you wash your face.


  • Since it has a non-lathering formula, cleaning your shaver becomes an easy task.
  • Plays a role in razor burn prevention which can affect the grain.
  • It forms a protective layer that prevents micro-cuts from razors.
  • Works for men of all age groups


  • It needs a large amount to cover a large area; a small amount only lasts for a few seconds.

Aramis Lab Series Solution

Aramis is ideal for daily use and good for all body types so long as it is applied to clean and dry skin. The solution is perfect for use with an electric razor; with the use of lab series lotion, you can be sure that no clogging will occur during the entire process.

The solution is meant for pre-shave, and it is light and easy to apply; you should not worry about the solution because it doesn’t hinder the movement of the blade.

The solution is concentrated, and therefore application becomes super easy. Apart from that, it prevents a patchy appearance from occurring as well as lifting the hair; Aramis can also get rid of ingrown and coarse hair that occurs due to irregular growth.

The solution is alcohol-based, and that’s why it dries off quickly after lifting the strands and softening the beard. Therefore, you do not have to wash your shaver several times during the shave.

The procedure is simple, dab a little amount of the solution on your beard, coat the beard evenly with the solution to achieve the best results. Shave with whatever shaver and wash your face.



  • It’s expensive

Pacific Natural Cream

The substance is thick hence provide coating and softening the beard. This product has many ingredients that allow you to use your shaver and obtain an awesome look. It forms a barrier on to ensure that you do not get razor burns.

The ingredients combined make it an ideal product even for sensitive skins because it does not contain any harsh chemicals that might cause damage. So when you are looking for something that you can comfortably use, Pacific natural is the best.

The ingredients produce a mild scent that will always hit you, the scent is nice as it makes you feel relaxed after shaving, the best way to use it is by applying a little bit on your beard, with an electric shaver, get rid of facial hairs and then wash your face when done.


  • The product is concentrated, meaning that a little bit of it can cover a full area.
  • The packaging is nice.
  • It consists of reliable lubrication, which makes it easy to use a razor.
  • It consists of Shea butter which assists in moisturization.


  • it creates foam easily, and you have to be keen not to come up with a thick lather, especially when you use machines that use electricity.

OPR’s Sandalwood Soap

Sometimes you can dab soap on your beard before shaving. Men who like to keep it simple should use sandalwood soap as it’s the most convenient. For those with delicate faces, use OPR’s soap as it has no harmful chemicals, the soap is foam-free.

That keeps your blades function well all the time, the product consists of nourishing oils which are quickly absorbed, thus leaving a long-lasting result on your skin. Sandalwood should only be applied to a clean face, then spread the soap everywhere with water. When you are done shaving, wash your face with water.


  • Makes a rough beard easy and soft to shave.
  • Acts as a moisturizer before, during, and even after the shave
  • It is worth the price considering the little quantity you need for each shave


  • This soap consists of synthetic fragrances that can cause allergies to some men.

PURE by Gillette Cream

Has a pleasant smell that you will notice immediately you open the pack. Application is easy and forms a smooth layer after applying, the layer does not affect the movement of your shavers blade.

Do not worry about rinsing as it cleans easily, and washing your face becomes very easy. PURE does not have parabens any artificial dyes, and that makes it suitable for all types of skin. Do not worry if yours is delicate because Gillette is very gentle and doesn’t damage the skin.


  • It’s alcohol-free, and that is why it can be used on sensitive skin
  • It can spread easily, thus reducing the time you take for applying it before a shave
  • Cools and soothes in case of irritation
  • It prevents your skin from drying


  • The scent feels string for some people

Pre-Shave Lotion

This lotion gives you long-lasting results, it is also a multi-purpose that hydrates the skin. You only need to use a small amount, which creates nice lubrication even with the least amount.

Pre-shave ensures that getting rid of beard hair becomes painless; it makes the skin soft and can stay that way even after shaving.


  • It prevents drying.
  • Prevents any burning sensation caused by shaver blades
  • Improves efficiency of your shave, and that is by moisturizing and also creates a smooth-to-touch feel.

Buyers Guide: Choosing the Best Product for a Razor

  • Ensure that it is made of natural and organic products so as not to harm yourself with harmful products.
  • Always check the labels to ensure you don’t pick one with ingredients that you could be allergic to
  • Be sure that the one you pick does not form an oily layer because it makes it difficult to clean the blades.
  • The ingredients should be mild to prevent blades from going dull too soon.
  • Pick something that suits your tone type without clogging the pores, and that is by understanding the consistency of the cream.

Benefits of Using Shaving Creams On Electric Razors

If you are too sensitive, consider adding a lubricant to your routine. That is the right way of preparing for a good shave, you can still shave without the creams, but there are some benefits to why you need to use them.

Itchiness and irritation

These creams prevent irritation and itchiness; friction occurs when shaving, and when creams are used, the razor can cause less friction.

Good for thick, coarse, and curly hairs

Its important that you use wet creams on these particular hair types to prevent the growth of razor bumps and ingrown hairs.


It is good to use a cream that’s wet when shaving, especially when you have sensitive or dry skin.

Best Ways to Use Shaving Creams

Prepare your skin

This is the first thing you should do, make sure you cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Warm water should be used to get rid of oil, dirt, and dead skin. Hot water makes hair soft and easy to cut, so doing it in the shower is a good idea.

Select a high-quality cream

In these cases, do not use creams that come in a spray can because most of those products contain harsh chemicals and fragrances. Ensure that you select a product whose properties are high-quality moisturization and lubrication.

Do not use too much lather.

A good result comes when you use a slick watery consistency, do not use too much foam because it irritates.

Rub against the grain

The best ways to use it is by rubbing against that grain, and when applying, do it gently and do not push too hard. After application, leave the cream for two to five minutes before shaving. The results are amazing. Be cautious when using them if you want everything to run well and successfully.
You must be asking yourself various questions without getting answers, but you should not panic because a lot of them have been answered in this article, and they will help you when and what items to use when shaving. Some of the answers to your questions are discussed below.


Q. Can you use shaving cream with an electric shaver?

A. Yes, it is advisable that whenever you shave, you should use an appropriate cream, as it gives you a good-looking cut as well as protecting you against injuries.

Q. Can you use a shaving cream with a Wet or dry electric razor?

A. Yes, you can use it on both but remember that a dry electric razor can’t give you a clean shave, so the other gel with a razor goes hand in hand to ensure that it gives you a clean, good shave.

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