How to Tame a Frizzy Beard




how to tame frizzy beard hair

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Beard hair grows at its own time and place; it grows paced on the genetics. Some people do not grow beards at all while others can grow a beard at an early age. And if you happen to grow beards, be patient enough as everyone’s facial hair grows at a different speed, thickness, and ranges.

Shaving secret

Don’t shave a young beard, with the belief that regular shaving will make it grow back quickly. No secret will make your hair grow quicker or thicker. If it’s not in the genes, it is just not going to happen; hair can’t magically grow overnight without proper treatment.

However, there are some things you can do to make your hair grow, which will help give it a beautiful look you need. Beard growing has health benefits apart from being stylish; having good health is also an essential part.

how to tame frizzy beard hair

How Facial Hair is Necessary for our Health

Facial hair prevents bacterial infections, lessens gum disease, acts as a filtration device, prevents bacterial infections, adds warmth, prevents acne, and keeps your skin moistures. If you are thinking of growing beard for good health, look for an experienced barber and ask for some grooming tips.

How to Tame a Frizzy Beard?

A beard needs to be maintained and kept neat to avoid looking shaggy. Frizzy beard gives you a hard time when combing it and even wasted a lot of your time. When a beard becomes dry or wiry, it doesn’t look great; in fact, it itches a lot. But you shouldn’t worry as we have some ways to tame this kind of beard, let’s look at some of them.

Applying beard oil daily

Step one is applying beard oil daily, use the necessary oil on your beard to make it soft, this is for those people with painful wiry beards. Beard oil ensures that your beard is well hydrated and well-nourished. Use the necessary beard brush anytime you are applying this oil on your beard; beard comb helps disperse the oil well to all parts of the beard, helps remove knots, and frees up the beard to look good.

Washing with the right stuff

Step two is washing the beard with the right stuff; always avoid drying your beard. Beard hair is soft unlike the hairs on your head, using a chemical shampoo prevents moisture getting to the beard making it dry, what you need to use is a natural shampoo since it has no single chemical and after using it clean your beard and apply beard oil. To add on that, your beard should be protected from heat, don’t use too much heat when washing it.


However, you need to take care of your skin; men tend to forget skincare when nurturing beards. Don’t forget to take care of your skin; beard oil helps your skin. Make sure that your skin is never dry, the skin is the foundation of your beard, and you need to take care of it.


Trim and style your beard; it gives it a beautiful look that everyone admires. You will be able to achieve that look you’ve always dreamt of if only you take care of it well. Some can do it themselves while others are not that confident, take a pair of beard scissors, and cut off flag laws and dry split ends.

Feed your inner beard

Finally, feed your inner beard; most people take care of the external beard, not knowing that for a beard to grow well, they need to take care of the inner one. Make sure that your beard hair is in a good state, and for it to grow well, eat a balanced diet and exercise well.

how to tame frizzy beard

How Do You Get Rid Of The Frizzy Beard?

The only way to get rid of this kind of beard is by taking care of them well, use the appropriate oil on it, avoid using a lot of heat on the beard hair and use the right comb whenever you are combing the hair. Anytime you wash the hair, use a dry towel to dry it, and not a drier since using too much heat on is ruining it.

Beard hair is soft, unlike the heads hair. Use the right shampoo while washing; the only way to get rid of frizzy hair is nothing hard but just taking great care of it.

Why Does My Beard Look Scraggly?

The scraggly look is caused by untrimmed hair; when you don’t trim your hair, split ends will form, causing the hair to grow slowly, looking untamed and scraggly. You need to see your barber often to avoid such things from occurring; the biggest cause of scraggly hair is split ends, which happens when your hair is strands become dehydrated, weak and dry at the ends/ tips. Not probably, it occurs when your hair has grown longer.

Trim it regularly to get rid of this split ends which makes your beard look messy and unkempt. The longer your beard is, the more attention it needs. So if you think of growing big hair, make regular maintenance a priority. Brush it daily; keep it clean and well hydrated.

So if you want a sharp and stylish beard that grabs attention you need to work on it. Don’t forget that growing a beard takes more effort than just not shaving.

How Do You Tame A Scraggly Beard?

You need to make the first step of choosing a barber that you trust, not all beard barbers are good and therefore you should be careful when doing this, a look you are a going to achieve is determined by your barber. If your beard is a month old just give it enough time to grow before you think of trimming it.

For a beard to grow well you need to invest in the grooming products. Always apply beard grooming products to maintain your beards. Use the right products on your hair, it helps your hair smell nice and even grow faster.

Brush, comb, and care for your hair, doing this will prevent your hair from being scraggly. Make sure you apply beard oil daily, comb it with a proper beard brush. It should have boar bristles or horse hair bristles. Don’t overcome the hair, just do it once or twice a day. Make sure not to dry it out, keep away from warm showers, don’t wash it too much and be gentle when drying out your beard.

Make sure you take care of your inner beard for your hair to grow faster, don’t only concentrate on the external beard forgetting the most important part and finally do what you can for your hair to grow well and neat.

How Do I Keep My Beard From Being Scraggly?

The only way is by making your beard neat, cleaning the beard trim it whenever it’s necessary, use the appropriate products on it and avoid using too much heat on your hair. Beards require a lot of attention and if you don’t take good care of them you may end up shaving.

Visit your barber whenever you feel that the hair needs to be trimmed. Avoid your hair from getting split ends as it’s a big cause of your hair being scraggly. When you observe all the required instructions, you won’t regret growing your beard. The longer your beard gets, the more grooming it requires.

Why Is My Beard Hair So Wiry?

Wiry beard results from dry skin, neglecting your skincare is not good at all, when most men start growing their beard they tend to forget taking care of their skin, that’s a big mistake. Although, the main cause of a wiry beard is said to be genetics, your lifestyle can also cause facial hair to grow coarse.

There are ways of making your hair soft and long. Some people end up shaving because every time they try grooming a beard, the facial hair grows out wiry, they end up shaving. It’s annoying to grow a beard that will disappoint you, to avoid all this here is things you should put in practice.

Grow your beard out, regular condition it, use beard balm and oils, make a few changes on your lifestyle, comb your facial hair and maintain proper grooming techniques. Observing this will give you the best results next time you try growing your beard.

How Do I Make My Beard Hair Grow Bushy?

The only way is by taking care of your skin and maintaining proper grooming techniques. Simply take good care of your skin as it’s the foundation of a healthy, bushy beard, do regular exercise, trim your beard properly, improve your diet, get enough rest, avoid stress at any cost and apply beard oil regularly.

Do what is required of you and you will achieve an excellent look in only a few days. Growing bushy beard can be a challenge for many men but when the right steps are followed it’s just simple. A mistake that is commonly made by men is that once the beard reaches a certain point, it begins to each a lot, since they can’t resist the itchiness; they shave the beard too early.

Men struggle a lot to get the beard thickness, but in the real sense, some might not grow thick because of genetics. No one should be blamed on this; other people have a higher level of testosterone and can develop a full beard while other does not grow facial hairs at all.

Sometimes you might feel that your hair never grows at all while someone else’s is thick and grows faster but the in real sense your hair grows at the same rate as that of others, it only depends on how you take care of your hair.

Why Is Grey Hair Wiry?

It is wiry because melanin that produces cells run out of strength thus making hair follicles produces less sebum. When the sebum is less gray, hair becomes dry hence having that waxy texture. Gray hair is naturally wiry.

Grey hair should also be taken care of, treat it the same way as anyone born with dry, frizzy hair. It’s still healthy hair that responds to common hair care products and routines. Simply because it’s not black doesn’t mean you should neglect to care for it. Get products meant for dry or grey hair that will help you to add and maintain the moisture of your hair, reducing the wiry texture.

Tips for fast hair growth

The only way to make your beard hair growth is good grooming. Learn to love your beard and use the correct products that don’t harm its growth. A beard sometimes takes before it grows to a normal height; therefore, you need to be patient. When growing a beard, especially for the first time, don’t touch it for at least a few weeks.

Use the right beard products and do some exercises. We’ve learned a lot on how to make a beard grow thicker, why beard hair can become wiry, how to keep a beard from being scraggly, why grey hair is wiry, and many others. For those people who are thinking of starting to grow their beard hair, you are advised to follow all the steps mentioned above, and everything will run smoothly.

For those people who love facial hair but are not lucky to have maybe due to genetics have a solution. In this case, if your face lacks the necessary follicles to grow a bushy beard, you can decide to have a surgical beard transplant, whereby follicles are removed from the back of your head and transplanted onto your face, this process is very expensive, and someone needs to make a good decision before going for the surgery.

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