Does Biotin Help Beard Growth?




does biotin help facial hair growth

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In your care for beards, you will come across the term Biotin a lot. Unbeknown to many, this supplement is really crucial for the care and maintenance of the beards. That is why you have to prioritize it even if you have never heard of it.

But just what is it? And how can it be of help to anyone with facial hairs and beards? We have drafted this guide with the aims of answering those very issues. Our guide will endeavor to dig deeper into knowing the finer details of this wonderful supplement. Read through to find the inspiration you need.

does biotin help facial hair growth

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a member of the B complex vitamins. This vitamin is widely called B7. Prior to that, it was called Vitamin H and coenzyme R. It is abundantly present in yeast, liver, egg yolk and a number of fruits and vegetables. This nutrient is heavily involved in the synthesis of glucose and fatty acids.

This vitamin is water-soluble and is hence not stored by the body. It confers numerous important functionality to the human body. Being water-soluble, it is also essential for human survival. Some of the benefits it confers to the human body are the production of fatty acids, enhancement of carbohydrate metabolism, the promotion of cell energy production, and the improvements of the health of beards, nails, hair, and skin.

Apart from the aforementioned purposes, Biotin also aids in the conversion of the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in forms that are easily absorbed by the human body. Thus, the intake of Biotin is a sure way of leveraging the optimal psychological and physical activeness that the nutrients enable.

Though produced by the human body, the amounts so produced are largely insufficient to be able to play the intended roles as need be. It is because of this that you have to supplement the amounts from the many supplements that are in existence at the moment. The hair and nail supplements have the highest levels of biotin as we speak.

For it to work more effectively, you will have to combine it with other relevant vitamins. They jointly supercharge the beard to invigorate its growth. All factors considered biotin is truly great for the beards. However, it is also limited to your body shape stature.

This is to means that its impacts and functionality on your body are limited by several factors. At the core of these are the genetics and the distribution of natural hairs on your head. This vitamin won’t just work where there are no hair follicles. Your genetics also determines to a large extent the severity and efficacy of the Vitamin.

Upon applying this pill, you will have to wait for no less than two months before you begin noticing any tangible changes therein. That is because, like any other supplement, it requires extra time to sink and generate the tangible outcomes you desperately yearn for.

Its impacts do not last eternity. As soon as you stop using it, your hairs and beards shall begin to retrogress back to their original conditions. You should hence make a good time table to see to it that you maintain your beards in the best shapes, sizes, lengths, and forms.

Does Biotin Help Beard Growth

Does Biotin Help Beard Growth?

In a nutshell, YES! We have already explained that this supplement is beneficial and needful for the growth of your hair. Having stated that, we are going to discuss the various ways and means through which it potentially handles the growth of hairs.

Invigorate the Rate of Hair Growth

As we have already mentioned, this supplement has the capacity to invigorate the growth rates of your hair. We have also stated that the supplement cannot operate singlehandedly. You have to mix it alongside many other vital nutrients to make it operational and effective.

Accelerates Keratin Production

Biotin, as a matter of priority, will accelerate the production of keratin in the body. Keratin protects and repairs the hairs and nails. In doing so, it contributes immensely to their growth and overall vitality. Moreover, it also doubles up as a core component of the growth of cells. This one furthers the growths of nails and hairs.

Strengthens the Hair Strands

Other than the promotion of the growth of the hairs and beards, the biotin also strengthens the strands of the hairs altogether. That is mainly because it supplies the ingredients necessary to make the strands of the hair healthier and stronger than before. All these make for healthier kinds of hair altogether.

Makes the Strands resistant to Shedding

By making your hair follicles stronger, the Biotin also indirectly makes them more resistant to shedding. This also translates to reduced incidences of repairs and maintenance as your hairs retain their natural luster for a fairly long duration of time. This, of course, means a generous amount of savings on your part.

Nourishes the Hair Strands

Moreover, the low levels of biotin in the body make the hair strands appear thinner than ought to be the case. This is primarily due to the malnutrition of the same. Hair strands that are malnourished tend to flake and fray easily as opposed to those that are well-fed.

Mitigates other Body Conditions

It is worth noting that Biotin is beneficial to the body in more ways than merely strengthening the growth of your hair. This supplement also promotes the growth of the nails and the mitigation of a number of diseases and disorders. Among these are mild depressions, seborrheic dermatitis, diabetes, and brittle nails.

Prevents Frays and Spit Ends

Hairs that are well-fed with the Biotin have the capability of standing stronger and healthier. They are subsequently less inclined to the side effects of frays and split ends. You are hence certain to enjoy the benefits of better-looking hair that are also stronger and more resilient to the adverse forms of damages.

PS: You really do not have to take it as a supplement. Instead, you may also consider washing your hair using a shampoo that is enriched with generous levels of Biotin. The same effects will arise at that time. The shampoo does thicken the hair and stimulates the pace of re-growths.

Besides the intake of biotin, several other interventions are also recommended for better outcomes. You have to sleep longer and conclusively. That way, you also get to minimize the buildup of stress and the adverse side effects that ordinarily come as a result of poor sleep.

How Much Biotin Should You Use to Grow Your Beard Faster?

Let us start by making it plain that there is no universal amount of the Biotin that may bring about the desired results. That is because this metric is heavily dependent on the texture of the skin, the lengths of the hair strands and the environment where you find yourself in at any given time.

Other than these common metrics, genetics also comes into play. There are people who are naturally averse to any kind of supplement or extra vitamins. It is unlikely that you will be able to make these people appreciate the supplements no matter how deserving their hairs could be.

Having said that, many studies conclude that the 120mcg (40% RDA) is the optimal amount of dosage that may be needful. This is for the ‘normal’ kinds of hair strands. Some have been noted to demand a whopping 500 to 10,000mcg of the Biotin. These are those hairs that are ordinarily too thick to tackle normally.

We have already explained that other nutrients are also needful for optimal outcomes. This being the case, we ask that you place your bets on those supplements that are comprehensive in nature. For instance, you might want one that comprises keratin, collagen hydrolysate, and the MSM.

One positive aspect of this Biotin is that it is water-soluble. This gives you the freedom to use whichever amount you want without the fear of contaminating your body at all. Even if you ingest excess amounts, you will still be able to flush out excess levels by way of urination.

You are subsequently “allowed” to go beyond the recommended levels especially if yours are thicker and coarser strands of hairs. That way, it will be possible for you to enjoy the benefits that come along a bit too soon without having to wait for too long.

Benefits of Using Biotin

Strengthens the hair strands

Its flagship benefit is the fact that it strengthens the hair strands. This is mainly brought about by the fact that it nourishes the hair with all the nutrients that are needed for its proper growth and overall well-being. With this strength comes some added vitality that the hair strands exudes.

Maintains the Production of Fatty Acids

Fatty acids do improve the appearance and the health of the hair. The supplement has the ability to invigorate the production of fatty acids. That is because they trigger the body to bolster the generating of this active ingredient. It hence goes that by taking it in plenty, you put yourself at a strategic advantage.

Enhances the Metabolism of Carbohydrates

As we have already explained, the Biotin also brings about many other benefits besides facilitating hair growth and development. It does have a hand in enhancing the metabolism of the carbohydrates. That is because it accelerates the breakdowns of carbohydrates into forms that are easily soluble.

Promotes the Production of Cell Energy

In the course of invigorating the breakdown of carbohydrates into smaller and more soluble forms, the supplement also promoted the production of cell energy. It enables the attainment of this feat principally by functioning as a co-factor in the metabolism of the carbohydrates.

Improves the proper Functioning of other Body Parts

Like we have said, the Biotin has the ability to improve the proper functioning of the other parts of the body. It may improve the health of nails, that of the skin, your hair, and the beards, in totality. By prioritizing the intake of this supplement, you get to bring in more benefits than you actually pay for.

Increases the Lifespan of the Hair

By strengthening and making your hair healthier, Biotin has the attendant impact of increasing the lifespan of your hair. Your hairs get to remain steadfast for a longer duration of time when compared to those of your competitors. At the same time, it remains truly resilient to the various forms of damages that others suffer.

Reduces the Costs of Maintenance

Other than lasting longer, hairs that are supplied with sufficient amounts of Biotin also tend to be more resistant to fraying, split ends, and other forms of hair damages. With these benefits, the strands will generally ask for limited interventions on your part. This results in reduced costs of maintenance.

Shines the Hair Strands

Finally, the supplement also shines the hair strands. It gives off some sparklingly cool appearance when used in the form of a shampoo or hair cream. Unlike the ordinary hair creams, this one comes along with limited to no side effects at all.

Side Effects of Biotin for Beard Growth

YES, there are some side effects of Biotin to beard growth. For one, it is water-soluble as we have already stated. This means that our bodies can only handle that much. If and when the body senses that it has too much of them, it will simply eject the extras out.

Some people, as we have already explained, are averse to any supplements. Chances are that they might never find it useful even if they too have beards that have to be cared for. If they insist on taking the supplement, they might suffer some health issues or adverse reactions.

Lastly, there is the issue of overdose. You see, every supplement has to be taken in the right quantity and forms. The failure to adhere strictly to the dosage recommended might spell doom to the person concerned at a later date. This requires great caution on the concerned party.

Frequently Asked Questions About Biotin and Beard Growth

Q1. Does biotin give you energy?

YES, it does! It does have plenty of ATP, carboxylase enzymes, and Magnesium. These help to break down the carbohydrates that are taken into the body. In doing so, they contribute to the furnishing of the body with sufficient levels of energy.

 Q2. Is biotin a coenzyme?

YES, it is! It, in fact, functions as a coenzyme for multiple carboxylase enzymes that are necessary for digesting carbohydrates and synthesizing fatty acids as well as gluconeogenesis.

Q3. How is biotin absorbed?

To absorb the biotin, the body has to, first of all, absorb the protein-bound forms. These ones free the biotin in such a way as to make them easily absorbable later on. The absorption happens in the small intestines for a large part.

Q4. Is Biotin 10000 mcg too much?

NOT REALLY! Biotin is very safe for the body. Even when taken in too many levels, the body still has the ability to maintain it at safer and more manageable levels.

Q5. Is it better to take biotin in the morning or at night?

Early morning it is! Biotin is packed with higher energy levels. As such, it is a supplement you want to take earlier in the morning as you wake up. Taking it right before you go to bed might make your nights very restless and unmanageable.

Biotin, from the foregoing discussions, appears to be a wonderful supplement indeed. You can never attempt to keep your hair in the best shapes and forms without really prioritizing it in your beard care. That is why we yet again recommend that you look for a supplement that contains it and make good use of it.

In your uptake of this vital supplement, do take particular care and attention of the dosage, texture of your hair and the lengths thereof. You should stay away from it if you happen to be averse to it or have some forms of allergies.

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