Best Copper Supplements For Grey Hair




Best Copper Supplements For Grey Hair

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Grey hair can occur for various reasons and before you use the supplements, you should first know why you have grey hair. Your hair could be grey because of hereditary reasons, how you take care of it generally or if you have a medical condition.

Best Copper Supplements For Grey Hair

Best Copper Supplements For Grey Hair

Your diet plays a major role when it comes to the quality of your hair. You will need copper nutrients if you want your grey hair to go back to black or if you want it healthier and shinier. Lack of copper leads to low energy production, which can affect the blood cells and tissues in your body.

The amount of copper in someone’s body affects the rate at which melanin is produced, if there is a lack of copper in the body, then the number of melanin produced reduces and vice versa. Melanin plays a major role in keeping hair pigmentation that is why it is a very important part of a diet.

Some of the foods with copper nutrients are peanuts, white mushrooms, lentils, almonds and crab meat. If you can’t find some of them, consider getting the following copper supplements.

Swanson Copper Supplements

Its main role is to boost your immune system and apart from that, it helps in prevention of grey hair as well as reversing the grey hair effect. Swanson contains antioxidants that free the body from stress. Stress is another ready why you have grey hair and when you avoid or take care of it, you won’t get grey hair.

Apart from playing a big role in your hair, Swanson provides excellent support to your joints. The product is 100% effective and the company compensates if it does not work.


  • It is a certified product
  • Effective within 30 days
  • Good for your hair as well as your joints


  • People with certain medical conditions might not use it
  • It can cause allergic reactions to some people

Pure Encapsulation Supplements

The capsules are effective, but it is advisable that you use them carefully. If you use too much of it, it can become copper toxic and affect your body. If you want to be on the safe side, consult a doctor before using the capsules.

Most of the people who have used this product suffered from fatigue. If you want effective and positive results, use the product with a lot of care. The positive impacts of this product make us more energetic, replenish your body, and make cells work better.

The product is effective and doesn’t take long before your hair is recovered as well as reversing grey hair. Most customers have tried it and it worked effectively, it makes grey hair fade and shinier.

The correct way to take the supplement is 30 minutes before a meal and also 1 hour before you sleep. It is good to plan how you will consume the capsules with a doctor to get good results.


  • Activates energy metabolism
  • It’s made with pure ingredients
  • Free from artificial sweeteners and gluten


  • The copper level has to be regulated
  • Dangerous for people with some medical conditions

Nano Colloidal Copper

Many benefits are associated with using this product, many customer reviews praise the product for its greatness. Colloidal copper helps in providing energy, helps in digestion and connective tissues. Apart from that, they are excellent at reversing grey hair.

The more you use this product, you will realize the get hair lessening, it gets much better if you add some castor oil in your hair. The supplement should be taken once or twice a day, but if you want lighter effects, take it once. Using it is simple as you apply it to your hair and skin.

Use it before moisturizing your hair, once you start using the product, you will realize that your skin becomes supple and shinier, your cartilage and tendons begin to regenerate this making your body more open to iron.


  • Helps antioxidants to function, thus a good gain for grey hair
  • Follow GMP standard strictly
  • Important for iron metabolism, this helps to keep hair healthy


  • It has no taste
  • The results take some time

There are a lot of side effects that occur because of taking these supplements and if you experience the following, stop using the supplements.

  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Bloody diarrhoea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Low blood pressure
  • Vomiting
  • Heart problems

Various Facts about Grey Hair

You should learn why and when grey hair occurs, however it is important to welcome the new look if you cannot change it. Grey hair is not a bad sign, you can rock your grey hair just like anyone with black hair. You can dye them or even observe your diet, but before you start embracing your grey hair, here are a few facts you should know.

Look at when greying occurs in your family

There are various reasons why people’s hair grey, sometimes it could be because of genetics and natural ageing. That means it’s occurring because of your family genes. It is important to check when your parents or relatives started getting grey hair and see if it is the same as yours.

Smoking causes greying

People who develop grey hair before 30years could be smoking, it is important to quit smoking because even apart from that, it has various side effects.

Your lifestyle could be another reason your hair is greying

Nutritional and environmental factors are said to be another cause of grey hair. Premature greying is mostly caused by stress, unbalanced diet and smoking.

Wrong diet

Eating unbalanced diet food can also cause your hair to be grey at a very tender age, lack of certain nutrients in your body plays a big role in premature greying. According to a certain study, lack of Vitamin D-3, ferritin and calcium affects greying.

Changing your lifestyle reverses grey hair

If you are a smoker, try your best to stop it, visit a doctor to give you ideas on how to stop smoking. Taking these step is very important because it pushes back the age you were to start greying. If you find it hard to quit, the best way is to replace it with other activities.

Your hair could turn grey when you turn 50

Greying depends on an individual, some experience greying at a younger age, Asians and Africans experience greying at an older age. Most people experience grey hair when they are 50 years old.

Going grey is natural and beautiful

Greying is part of life and you should not feel bad about it, do not hide your grey hair because it is beautiful, it shows how much you have embraced the past years, if you have grey hair and want to embrace it fully, visit a hairstylist to give you the b tree styles.

Invest hair care

Now that your hair is grey, it does not mean that you don’t need to take good care of it, it is still your hair and requires the same care just as the colored hair. Keep your hair short and neat, make your hair stylish and stop having negative attitudes about it.

Factors To Consider Buying Copper Supplements For Grey Hair


The price matters when it comes to buying any kind of product, do not buy cheap products just because you want to save money. Remember that cheap is expensive, but something worth it, almost all the time, something that is expensive is of high quality.


Buy a supplement that has the highest brand, look at the customer reviews they will help you decide which brand you can use. Some brands of these compliments do not work and you will waste your money whole others might worsen your hair.

Ease of use

Do not buy something complicated, purchase one that you have seen someone using and it worked on them, a product that has less or no side effects is good in this case.

Home Remedies To Stop Premature Greying

Use onion and lemon juice.

Always apply onion into your hair, make it a routine it is one of the best home remedies that help prevent premature greying. The procedure is very simple: mix lemon juice and onion, apply it to your hair, and then leave it for like 30 minutes before rinsing with mould shampoo.

Egg and henna

Henna colors your hair and prevents premature greying too. Mix henna and egg hair pack and apply it on your scalp. What you need to do is breakdown one egg and mix it with henna, add a tablespoon of yoghurt and mix well, apply it to the hair strand and roots them wash it off after 30 minutes.

Mustard oil

It has the sweetest flavor, this oil is used to prepare food but also good for your hair. It is rich in healthy fats, antioxidants and selenium, this oil gives your hair strength and a great shine, apart from that, it helps darken light hair and gets rid of premature greying.


Heat 2 to 3 tablespoon of mustard oil and apply on your scalp and your hair, ensure that it is mild and not hot.

It can be very sticky, so you will have to cover your head with a shower cap.

Leave it overnight, then wash it off the next day

It is important to include mustard oil in the diet

Rosemary and Sage

These two products are known to treat hair conditions, when used together, they can prevent greying. What you should do is mix the two products and boil them for half an hour in 2 cups of water, set it aside for a few hours until it is lukewarm before applying it to your scalp and hair.

Let your hair dry and then rinse it with a mild shampoo, use rosemary three times a week, it helps a lot even if you don’t see the results immediately.

Lemon juice, Alma juice and almond oil

There are so many benefits of using Alma and when mixed with lemon and almond oil, it stops greying to some point. You should massage your scalp every night with the three mixtures combined.

FAQ’s on Grey Hair

Q. Foods that can battle greying

A. You can fight premature greying by observing your diet, it is important to follow a healthy diet, apart from making preventing your hair from growing, it improves your overall wellbeing.

Q. Does plucking cause more grey hair?

A. It’s an old tale but not a reality, people from the older days used to believe so. There is no scientific proof that shows that when you pluck one grey hair, the more they grow. Hair experts say that there is no chance of adding another number of follicles to the one that exists.

So keep in mind that plucking one grey hair will not lead to more growth, pulling and plucking hair damages hair follicles this causing balding.

Q. Can greying be reversed?

A. Experts say that there is no chance of reversing grey hair, instead, you can use some products to prevent its growth. Most countries use laser technologies and dermatological treatments to prevent greying.

Before opting for such treatments, consult medical experts to advice you on the right procedure. Generally, you should accept that you cannot get rid of greying.

Q. Can stress cause greying of hair?

A. There is no evidence from scientists to prove that stress causes greying hair, however, the main cause of greying is genetics, but pressure can increase greying.

It is important to reduce stress to maintain a healthy lifestyle, if you find it hard to cut off stress from your life, learn how to manage it. You can start by working out, step by step, until you make it, you can also tackle stress by meditating.

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