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how to apply minoxidil for beard growth

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Mustaches and beards may seem trendy; the truth of the matter is not every individual who attempts to grow beards is completely satisfied with resultant outcomes. For some, it becomes a big issue when they realize that they end up losing hair even after applying beard supplements. For this reason(s), people have opted for employing minoxidil (Rogaine) to help them grow their beards.

Minoxidil is popular in the global market and is usually used as a hair remedy, especially for one’s scalp. Unlike many supplements, Rogaine helps individuals to keep and maintain the hair that they already have. Food and Drug Administration, FDA, has certified minoxidil for the treatment of vertex (specific scalp part), which is on the upper part of the head.

Some factors can hinder the growth of beards, like autoimmune disorders or fungal infections. Although not scientifically proven, some people believe that minoxidil can be used to assist individuals who experience loss of hair. When properly applied, Rogaine can play a crucial function in the growth of beards.

How to Use Minoxidil For Beard Growth

Minoxidil is a very extraordinary supplement, and when applying it to your beards, you have to be very keen and follow the steps well. When you follow the right process, then you will obtain positive results.

To start, you need to have Rogaine (Minoxidil) or even the generic equivalent, which has a minimum of three percent concentration of minoxidil at your disposal. You first wash the face properly, and then you try to dampen it with a piece of cloth or towel. After that, you apply a little minoxidil amount to your facial hair as you gently rub it to your beards. Later on, you can wash and clean your hands with water. For quality results, you need to do the initial process two times daily for a minimum of sixteen weeks.

how long to use minoxidil for beard

Note that it is critical to take photos before applying minoxidil solution and after using it to your facial hair in your subsequent day(s) and week(s). Doing this will help check if there is a positive change in the growth of your beards.

Remember, the outcome always varies from one person to the other, and you need to exercise patience in this process.

How Long Does Minoxidil Take To Work Beard?

The truth is, time varies from one man to the next; in brief, there is no specific time framed to determine the period that minoxidil will take to work on a beard accurately. Nonetheless, because so many people have gone through the usage of Rogaine treatment in the world, the only thing that has been made is estimation.

Reports and studies have shown that for minoxidil treatment to work on a beard, it takes about six months to 2 years for it to work correctly. And this only works after consistent applications of this treatment to your facial hair.

Individuals with higher levels of testosterone hormones in their body plus already existing beards typically take a shorter period to experience the growth of fuller beards with the use of minoxidil. Those with no beards at all plus lower levels of testosterone hormone in their body system usually take longer to develop thicker facial hair with the use of Rogaine supplement.

how to apply minoxidil for beard growth

What Happens When You Stop Using Minoxidil Beard?

It all depends on whether your beards have grown fuller, thicker, or darker after you have used minoxidil or not. In the instance where you stop using your Rogaine and your facial hairs have not fully grown, you will be surprised to see that the immature hairs will eventually fall off. You won’t realize the gains of the Rogaine supplement. It is good to stop employing minoxidil to your beards after you have accomplished all the benefits so that you avoid its side effects.

Can You Use Minoxidil Once A Day for Beard?

The recommended time(s) to apply Rogaine supplement to your facial hair in a day is often two times, that is, morning hours and in the evening. The time should not be so close. It is also the preferred frequency or recommendation for applying the supplement on the scalp hair.

The efficient outcome would be realized when you apply minoxidil after every twelve hours; this may be impossible because you have other chores or tasks to attend to in the day. This may not allow you to observe the 12-hour rule, so it is good to apply minoxidil at least twice a day. It can be the most convenient schedule for you.

Nonetheless, you can also apply Rogaine supplement to your facial hair once in a day; it will generally bring out results. However, your positive results will come a bit slow as compared to when you apply it twice in a day to your facial hair.

Can You Leave Minoxidil on Overnight?

There is a recommendation that when you have applied Rogaine solution to your facial hair, you need to leave it to stay on the face or skin for about four hours. It is because the four hours are enough to allow seventy-five percent or higher absorption of minoxidil treatment to the beards. So, you need to exercise the patience of four hours to get promising results when using this product.

Research has shown that the only minimum time you can leave minoxidil to stay on your face and at least obtain results is just one hour. Nonetheless, allowing it to stay only for one hour will guarantee only fifty percent or less absorption of Rogaine’s solution to the beards. You need to put that into account.

You can also leave Rogaine supplements to stay on your facial hair overnight. It is crucial too. You need to decide what can be done to maintain the four-hour rule so that you can receive efficient gains from minoxidil.

Does Shaving Affect Minoxidil?

Shaving doesn’t in any way affect minoxidil, but it is advisable to shave your facial hair when you have received enough gains of minoxidil. When your beards are fuller and thicker, you need to cut, and this increases the absorption rate of minoxidil to the beards. Nonetheless, when you shave when your beards have not fully grown, it will slow the growth of beards. Therefore, there is a need to keep your beards and allow it to increase, especially when applying minoxidil.

So far, there are no tangible reports that indicate that when you shave then, it affects the Rogaine supplement. The impacts will still be promising.

Do You Have to Wash Your Hair Everyday When Using Minoxidil?

Your hair is an essential resource, and it should be well taken off regardless of the situation you are facing. When using minoxidil, it is advisable to wash and clean your hair at least once in a day. Doing this is critical, especially for people who have thinning hair and oily scalp. The oil can conveniently make your hair appear thinner. Hair that has been appropriately washed look natural, dark, and full. For those individuals with Afro type of hair, you should then try your best to wash your hair at least once in a week. However, the more you wash and clean your hair when using minoxidil, the better.

Is It Ok To Use Minoxidil On Wet Hair?

There are so many theories and perceptions regarding this question, and some studies show that minoxidil works well on wet hair. They believe that a moist environment increases the rate of penetration of minoxidil treatment to the scalp or the skin. Such kind of theory is beefed up by the fact that dug diffusion and its consequent deposition into your hair follicle is favored when the cast of the hair follicle is wet. Besides, penetration of minoxidil treatment may be increased as damp or damp surroundings may stop its crystallization hence maintaining an improved thermodynamic process for a long time, which in turn enhances penetration of minoxidil treatment.

Some theories and studies also claim that a wet environment might dilute the concentration and strength of minoxidil treatment hence hindering quick absorption of the drug to the hair. Therefore, they prefer applying this drug on a dry scalp for effectiveness and easy absorption.

All said and done, and minoxidil can be applied on wet hair so long as you ensure it sinks deeply for you to obtain impressive results.

What Are The Side Effects Of Minoxidil?

Although being certified and Tested by FDA, minoxidil has its side effects. They are inclusive of the following.

Skin Dryness

Carrier agents that are used alongside minoxidil, such as propylene glycol and alcohol, can lead to skin dryness. This combination enhances the absorption of minoxidil treatment but also causes the skin to dry.

Growth of Hair in the Body

When minoxidil treatment is appropriately absorbed in the body, they reach the circulation system of the body. They trigger hair follicles to sprout out more hair, which some people don’t like.
Beard and Hair Shedding: Minoxidil can lead to hair loss, especially when you stop applying the treatment before your facial hair fully grows. In some instances, this may occur as a result of the transition shedding phase of hair, especially between anagen phase and telogen phase.


It rarely occurs, but there are cases where people have reported experiencing fatigue the moment, they begin using minoxidil treatment. It barely persists, but when it happens, it is essential to seek medical advice quickly.

Heart Palpitations

Initially, this drug was developed to fight the oral pressure of blood. Minoxidil vasodilate your blood vessels hence increasing blood circulation, and this could accelerate your heartbeat.


Lightheadedness can be attributed to transformations on your blood pressure, heart rate, and blood. Such activities or processes may come as a result of the usage of minoxidil, and one would feel dizzy.


Carrier agents that are used by minoxidil like propylene glycol and alcohol can lead to the production of pimples and acne in the body.

Water Retention

Minoxidil treatment can lead to blot looking face, which comes as a result of water retention in the body.

Allergy Symptoms

Minoxidil can, at times, lead to allergic reactions in the body for allergic sufferers can lead to symptoms such as swelling of body parts such as lips, ankles, and hands. It can also cause rashes, nausea, vomiting, and abnormal weight gain.

Poor eye-sight

A case study has shown that minoxidil which leads to blood pressure may harm body pressure and blood flow causing poor eyesight.

Irregular heartbeat and extreme chest pain

Minoxidil can cause severe cardiovascular conditions because it vasodilates blood vessels hence impacting the blood circulation system in the body. If pain persists, you should seek medical assistance quickly.

How Much Minoxidil Do I Apply?

It is advisable to use two milliliters of minoxidil solution daily. It means that you should apply only one milliliter of minoxidil treatment to your facial hair in every application if you are doing it two times in a day as recommended.

Minoxidil bottles usually come together with a cap of a dropper. These droppers have a line mark of one or two milliliters, and therefore you should be keen and accurate when taking it from the bottle. Once you have it, you spray or drop it wisely to your facial hair for excellent results.

Minoxidil treatment or Rogaine supplements can play an integral part in the growth of your facial hair. Studies and reports have shown that it is possible; it can impact and assist in the growth of beards. Many people have used it, and they have attested to its amazing benefits.

You need to understand where you can get minoxidil treatment. Take time to learn how it works and the way you need to use it. Make sure when applying it to the face or scalp, you use the right amount, and you follow the steps or process correctly; failure will lead to severe side effects. You are encouraged to embrace the above strategies to accomplish your beard’s goals with minoxidil properly.

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