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should you shave everyday to grow a beard

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Beard growing is a significant practice that requires you to exercise the highest level of patience. Don’t even rush to consume vitabeards to boost the growth of your facial hair. You only need to give yourself more time, and eventually, you will realize that the hair growth on the face improves in due course. Note that, facial hair growth in human beings grow at different times, some people start developing beards at a tender age while others wait for quite some time for the facial hair to showcase itself.

Once your facial hair grows, there is also an essential part of maintaining it. At this point, you don’t just leave your beards to be shaggy because this will harm your image and reputation. Where necessary, you may need to either trim them, or you can decide to shave your beards to allow them to grow well. You can also use pre-shave oil products before shaving, apply shaving cream, and never fail to use aftershave treatments after you have completed your shaving exercise. It is vital to shave regularly because it will not only maintain your beards, but it will also help your beards to grow properly.

Shaving Everyday to Grow a Beard

Shaving Everyday to Grow a Beard Faster

Beards are a common characteristic in men, and most men want to maintain perfect facial hair over time. The good thing about beards is that they can easily be shaped into several designs and shapes.

Different factors influence Beards’ growth in human beings. Some of the things that determine the growth of facial hair in men include genetics, hormones, testosterone levels, age, among other factors.

The truth is when you shave regularly; you need to develop a proper routine that will help your beards to grow fast. Shaving allows hair follicles on the skin to open, and this, in turn, ensures that the growth of facial hair is promoted. They are very tiny, and they are usually found beneath your skin surface.

Genetic and hormones make up in your body always determine the number of hair follicles that an individual should have in his face. More hair follicles on the face improve the growth of facial hair. Therefore, when you shave frequently and you got the highest number of hair follicles on your face to be assured that your beard will eventually grow at a faster rate.

Unfortunately, so far, no scientific studies have proved that shaving regularly enhances beard growth. Beard growth is always determined by hormones, medical treatment, and several hair follicles. Once you put a great concern to these factors, then your worries of failing to develop beard growth at a certain age will automatically come to an end. Nonetheless, shaving every day is a crucial step towards accomplishing the proper grooming of the beards.

Science research and studies also claim that shaving at a specific part of the face usually has no impact on the growth of facial hair, the color of the hair and even the texture of the hair on the face. It also suggests that shaving daily doesn’t in any way alter the appearance or the growth of facial hair in human beings.

The rumor that stated that shaving every day leads to facial hair growth came as a result of visual trickery. When you shave, you consequently get rid of the thinner piece as you leave the thick shaft exposed. This implies that the thick hair part won’t protrude from your face. In the end, stubble will be formed. In reality, the hair might not as thick as you may have thought. You will be cheated by visual trickery that the thick hair stands out but in actuality, there is no hair growth in your beards.

The theory that shaving daily improves the growth of facial hair is nothing but a myth. Shaving regularly enhances the look of the beards.

should you shave everyday to grow a beard

Understanding Beard Growth

Beard growing is a process, and therefore, it takes time for you to get your priorities right. It is a procedure that follows distinct steps. The stages of beards growth include the following.

  • Anagen Stage

This is the first stage of beard growth; it usually happens after the puberty stage, where you begin to see the growth of hair on the face. At this phase, most men shave their facial hair, and surprisingly, their hair usually grows very fast. More and new hair usually develops daily because, at this level, most men have increased levels of testosterone hormone. Here, the hair on the face grows at the height of ½ an inch monthly.

Something unique about this phase is that the hair grows more quickly during the summer period as compared to the winter season. The winter period provides an inconvenient environment that enhances poor hair growth. This stage goes for a period not less than four years and usually goes for about 24 inches when fully grown. People from Asia deliver an extraordinary feature at this stage because their facial hair length grows for about 42 inches.

  • Catagen Stage

It is the second phase of beard growth. It is also called the regression phase. Surprisingly, not all of your facial hairs pass through this stage. The stage lasts for about 12 days, facial hair at this point is reduced by a sixth of its initial height. The body at this phase seems to restrict its nutrients from reaching the hair as the hair prepares itself for a new beard growth phase.

  • Telogen Stage

Here, the facial hair normally rest. It is always released from your skin and later on falls out.

Interestingly, the hair follicle of the hair that fell goes for hibernation for a period not less than three months, and after this, the hair grows once again. The phase usually exhibits above 95% of the growth of hair that is active throughout the face. You will notice that during this phase, the hair grows independently throughout this cycle after hibernation. This will be attributed to the increasing number of hair follicles once the hair completes hibernation.

You may wonder why some people develop hair baldness. This usually occurs when there is an interference or disruption in the hair growth cycle. This can also be caused by reasons such as illness, genetic traits, chemical imbalances in the body, nutrition among others.

For example, when you commit yourself to diet restrictions, there is a high chance that you will start developing baldness in your beards. This comes as a result of failure to undergo an anagen phase, or the stage is cut short or impeded, and unfortunately, it can’t be recovered quickly.

It is crucial to note that, for you to develop fuller and thicker beards, you only need to be more patient and give your beards more time to go through the whole process of beard growth. More time will let your facial hair to reach a more favorable length. Proper lifestyle and nutritional changes will help you accomplish your dream.

Benefits Of Shaving Everyday

Shaving daily is a crucial exercise that requires you to embrace discipline to do it frequently. You need to establish a routine so that you can make it a habit. Once you become clear with your program, you need to assemble an ideal shaving machine plus shaving products for you to obtain a close and comfortable shave.

Nonetheless, if you are an individual who always experiences skin challenges such as skin sensitivity, itching, irritation, burns, among others, it is inadvisable to shave daily. This is because shaving daily will consequently damage your skin.

Shaving daily can generate significant benefits for users. Such vital benefits include the following.

    • Though unproven scientifically, some people claim that it improves hair growth


Shaving daily can be a catalyst in hair growth in an individual having deficit facial hair. People have realized that when you have few hairs on your face, shaving daily increases the rate of hair growth on the face.

People who have more hair on their face can justify that shaving daily is more of a blessing to them. It is so far the best idea that they can embrace where necessary. It minimizes their hair density, making them have less hair on their faces. It is a way of maintaining cleanliness and also polishing their appearance. Shaving daily also helps people with extra facial hair to fight acne during the summer period.

  • It removes dead cell of the skin

Shaving daily helps users to get rid of debris of the skin that is usually generated along with the skin’s outermost layer. This process is essential because it allows people to rub their skin conveniently and to a great extent, scrap away hair using a razor blade.

This process should be encouraged because when you remove dead cells of the skin, you always allow your skin to fight challenges like acne. Regular shaving comfortably eradicates dead cells of the skin without scrubbing your face.

  • Improves Skin Protection

Shaving products such as razor blades, shaving gel, or creams come with anti-bacterial properties. Some antibacterial agents also contain antiseptic materials that are used as aftershave treatments. All these agents, when appropriately combined, help the skin to fight bacterial or fungal infections. They also help the skin to neutralize hence preventing it from being infected with diseases.

  • Enhances the skin

When you shave frequently, be assured that your skin will appear refreshed and younger. This is what you need, especially if you are working in a reputable organization. Shaving makes you appear neat and this consequently improves your confidence and personality.

When you shave your facial hair properly, you will enhance the appearance of your skin. This will also make you appear more energetic, young, refreshed, attractive and rejuvenated. It is a big plus for people in a corporate environment because it improves their impression of their loyal and unknown clients.


If there is something good that shaving daily can achieve for you, then it is none other than eradicating razor bumps or ingrown hairs. This is achieved when you don’t let your hair grow to an extraordinary long length. Shaving regularly ensures that hair doesn’t in any way enter your neighboring hair follicle. It also provides that when a case of razor bump appears, it conveniently dismantle it early before it gets further. Shaving daily makes sure that your hair remains short, and this implies that there will be less pulling of hair; consequently, it stops hair shaft from being pulled.

Everybody wants to appear smart, gentle, clean, and classy. But the funny thing is that it doesn’t come that easy. You need to invest in what you have and possibly what you don’t have. Many people have hairs, but very few understand how facial hair can enhance their look. For you to get long term benefits of beards, you must know how to manage it and also to know what to do to maintain a better look throughout your life. You need appropriate shaving products and even a shaving machine that comes with anti-bacterial and aftershave treatments. This will help you to shave correctly and also avoid skin challenges.

Shaving daily can be a great friend to you. Just ensure that you use the right shaver to avoid ingrown hair and razor bumps. Before you shave your beards, it will be good to understand how your beards

grow and know what to do to achieve the right length to be shaved. Shaving regularly can help you enhance your skin. You are encouraged to follow the above tips to get maximum benefits of shaving daily.

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