How to Hide Beard without Shaving




How Can I Hide My Facial Hair Naturally

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Beard and facial hair are mostly seen in men, but some women do have them as well. These women find it hard walking around with facial or beard hair and are trying so hard to find ways of hiding them.

Luckily, there are so many ways of hiding facial and beard hair without shaving and this article has everything you wish to know about facial hair and how to go about it.

How Can I Hide My Facial Hair Naturally

How to Hide Beard without Shaving

Both men and women ask this question, some women have facial hair and do not want to shave, but what is the proper way of hiding them? You can pluck, wax or bleach your lady beard to make it less noticeable.

There are several ways of hiding a beard without shaving, so if you have been wondering what you are going to do about your beard, worry no more because there are solutions to your problems.


This is a good solution for people with dark hair or dark-skinned people. This method is painless, fast and very simple. Hair follicles do not just pop up in a day, they grow day by day and you rarely notice if you don’t pay attention.

When you notice them, opt for bleaching. Use facial bleach to get hide the beard hair. Ensure that you use the right proportion of bleach. Use an already mixed activator with bleach mixture and read the manufacturer’s instructions before applying.

Bleaching does not eliminate the beard hair but lightens it and making it less noticeable. Before applying the mixture to your beard, first, test a small portion on your skin and see if you are allergic to it or not.

Use makeup to cover it up

If you have a make-up kit good for you and if you don’t have one, it’s high time you purchase. This is the first thing that should come to your mind when you want to hide your beard.

Before trying other solutions, try to cover it with cosmetics first. Do it in the right way by applying makeup in the direction where the follicle is growing. If the hair is black, a more permanent solution will be needed.


You might get tired of dying your face every week, the next and better option I to try waxing. Waxing means applying hot wax to the mustache. When you apply wax, it hardens and sticks to a paper. The wax and paper are then pulled away after some time from the face and it removes all the facial hair.

This can be painful because the skin is different and sensitive, so when planning to wax, get someone professional to help you, a professional understands your skin and the time needed before removing the wax.

Waxing is a temporary solution that only lasts for about six weeks and you have to repeat the procedure. Six weeks is not a short time after all.


This is the use of tweezers to pluck out hairs. This procedure is simple and you can do it yourself by squeezing the ends of the facial hair, picking the tweezers, and pulling the hairs away from the face quickly.

This is a good method for someone with a small number of facial hair, use tweezers to get rid of random hairs, this method is not effective for various facial hairs as it is tiring.


This should be done by a doctor, this is a process that involves using a needle-shaped probe. The probe applies electric currents to the hair follicles and electricity is used to get rid of the hair.

If you want the process to be effective, do it when the hair is in a growing phase. Other treatments might be required to get rid of all the facial hair, but they can be very expensive.

Do not do this procedure alone if you are not sure what you are doing it is dangerous and good if done by a doctor.

Use of depilatory creams

These are creams used to remove hair, they are harsh to the skin and should not be used regularly. When using this cream, apply it gently to the mustache, the liquid s removed or gets rid of roots from the skin.

Wipe off the cream immediately when you feel a burning sensation or itching, keep in mind that it can irritate the skin to those who have sensitive skin because they are too harsh.

Before applying it to the face, test it on a hidden part of the skin to see how it reacts, you don’t want to burn your face for no good reason.


You can try laser if you want to hide a beard, but you should know that it is time-consuming and expensive. It works by heating pigments that produce melanin in the hair follicles by using light beams. On lighter hair follicles, the results are not always very effective because they have little melanin. If your hair is dark, the laser is the best solution for you.

How to Hide Beard without Shaving

How Can I Hide My Facial Hair Naturally?

Excessive facial hair, especially on women, can be disgusting, it occurs because of hormonal imbalance and most of the time, it is genetic. Removal of hair can be uncomfortable, while some procedures like threading use of laser treatment and waxing can be very painful.

Use of depilatory and shaving creams encourage new and fast growth and you are advised not to shave facial hair, especially on young girls. Use natural and homemade methods because they are safe and provide a temporary solution.


It is a fruit that helps treat skin disorders and aids in proper digestion. You can use shampoo and papaya to get rid of facial hair, mash papaya extract to come up with pulp, mix it with milk to form a paste. Rub the paste on your face and leave it for 10 minutes before rinsing.


Tomato consist of acid, which is mild compared to that of lemon, this acid is what lightens facial hair. The procedure is simple: just cut a tomato in half, rub it on your face, leave it for five minutes, and then rinse.


It has so many uses, the citric acid in lemon can help reduce the color tone of your hair. Cut lemon in half, rub it on your facial hair, and then bask in the sunlight and let it dry. It could irritate a bit, apart from that, you can mix lemon juice with honey and come up with a face mask. Leave it for ten to 15 minutes before removing the mask and rinsing your face.


Turmeric is a spice used when preparing food, it helps in cutting body weight and aids in digestion as well as reducing hair growth. To come up with a thick paste, mix chickpea flour, yogurt and turmeric powder.

Apply the paste to the hair region and let it dry well for 20 minutes until you feel the paste tightening your skin. To rinse off the paste, you should use warm water, for good results, apply the paste three times a week, this is the most effective way of hiding facial hair naturally.


It is used to treat colds and chills, its infusion can be used to lighten hair, but the bad side causes fizziness and dryness. It works well on thin fine hair. When applying, use a cotton ball or a cloth and allow it to dry completely.

How Do You Cover Up Facial Hair With Makeup?

You should know the type of products or tools you need for the procedure, there is a lot that you need to know when it comes to covering up facial hair with makeup. It can be annoying to have facial hair, especially for ladies. To hide your facial hair successfully, you will need to do the following.

You should apply your foundation in the right way, which is the outward and upward strokes, you realize that when you apply it using the upward, outward strokes, it doesn’t work like it should be.

The foundation brush should be swiped against the direction of the hair, which is upwards, reason being when brushed upwards, the facial hair stands out and is highlighted well, thus becoming noticeable.

The best way to his e your facial hair is by doing your makeup like you normally do. This is moisturizing, priming and correcting color. Apply your foundation all over your face evenly, use your foundation brush to blend the foundation on the cheekbones, forehead and nose by using the outward strokes.

Move your brush in downward strokes when blending the foundation on your chin, cheeks and jawline. This hides the pesky hair this giving you a smooth finish. You can then finish your makeup with a setting spray.

What Is Beard Shadow?

Beard shadow is a type of shadow that is not too clean, not too long, it is just in between. You can say it is more of a stubble beard, beard shadow is caused by short, bristle hair that feels like sandpaper and causes a sloppy appearance or look.

Do a feminine face, a beard shadow can be challenging, but there is a way of hiding it, you can’t use a concealer to hide a beard shadow it only creates a heavy look that can draw a lot of attention to the area you are trying to hide. There are several ways to hide a beard shadow and some are discussed below.

Use a color corrector

You can use a red or pink color corrector, it helps neutralize the bluish tint of a beard shadow. You should choose a color corrector based on the tone of your skin. If you are dark-skinned, use a red corrector and if you are light-skinned, use a pink color corrector. When applying, use a makeup brush and apply the corrector evenly on the areas you want to hide.

Medium coverage liquid foundation

You will need another product when hiding a beard shadow, avoid heavy formulas, and use medium coverage. You can build coverage by applying various thin layers, using one thick layer will not give you the desired look.

Loose powder

You will also need loose powder, the powder should have a pigment opposed to a translucent type. Use a large powder brush during application and ensure that you do not use stroking motions.

Powder foundation

If the beard is light, the above-mentioned items might be enough and if the beard is darker, you might get an additional layer of coverage by using the powder foundation.

What Is 5 O’clock Shadow Beard?

This is a faint stubble growth that most men get in the afternoon, but they have tried to avoid it in any way possible. If you can’t avoid it, the only option is rocking it.

It looks great and neat and short, trim your beard with a Gillette, another way of helping the 5 o’clock shadow look more stylish is by keeping the hair on your head neat and dressing nicely.

If you do not have a 5 o’clock shadow and wish to have it, you should allow your hair to grow for a few hours or a few days if your hair grows slowly. Keep your hair trimmed and shaped using an all-purpose styler.

Hiding a beard has been tough for the past few years and the only option people had was shaving, however, nowadays, you can hide the beard naturally without having to shave.

If you are that person that cares a lot about beard or facial hair, you should by now know how to hide beard hair without shaving, how to cover up facial hair with makeup, ways of naturally hiding facial hair, what a beard shadow is and ways to hide it.

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