What Shoes To Wear with Chinos for Male




what shoes to wear with navy chinos

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Chino is a type of trouser that is almost similar to khaki ones. Chino is a unique type of trouser that every man would love to wear, anyway who would not want to wear something unique?

There are several types of chinos, and they are of any color of your choice, every gentleman needs at least a pair of chinos in his wardrobe. Chinos are very strong and are made of different cuts and long-lasting fabrics and can be worn on occasions like parties.

At this point, we know what chinos are, but the best question is how to wear chinos. Clothing should not confuse anyone just make the dressing simple.

what shoes to wear with navy chinos

What Shoes To Wear With Chinos For Male?

This type of trouser can be worn with almost all shoes, but a white leather sneaker is much preferred or it can either be worn with a canvas All-Star shoe. Suede boots, brown boots and a loafer are other shoes that can be worn with chinos.

Type of shoes

A brown boot can be worn with light khaki chinos, black boots with black chinos and if you decide to wear a loader don’t put on socks. You’ve taken a good step if you’ve decided to wear chinos; this trouser can be worn for almost any occasion and is comfortable and fashionable.

For a smart casual event, go for sneakers, boots or loafers. White Sneakers offers a crisp look while loafers can offer a sophisticated look. When it comes to a semi-form event patent leather Oxford and derby shoes are good not forgetting loafers, but not just any kind of loafer but a stylish one.

No one should ever worry about how to style with shoes. Chinos with sneakers are another cool and comfortable style. Knowing the best shoe for Chinos can give you the desired look that you’ve always been looking for.

What Shoes Go With Black Chinos For Male?

Chinos are of various types, and in this case, we are going to look at the type of shoe that can be worn with black chinos. Some of those shoes are; white canvas low top sneakers, a pair of black and white canvas high top sneakers, white athletic shoes, Yan canvas high top sneakers, black leather loafers, silver derby shoes, black leather sandals, white leather loafers, white horizontal striped canvas, black leather Oxford shoes and beige suede desert boots.

What Looks Good With Dark Blue Chinos For Men?

One can style this Chino in various ways, for a casual look, a tan crew neck sweater with a pair of white canvas high top sneakers can complete the look. A wool Blazer and blue chinos with a pair of dark brown suede double monk shoe bring outa a masculine look.

Long sleeve shirt

Try out a long sleeve shirt with the blue chinos since they look great when worn together, a pair of white canvas low top sneakers brings out a perfect look. You can wear almost everything with blue chinos.

Double-breasted Blazer

For a more casual look, a pair of beige double-breasted Blazer and blue chinos is a wonderful compliment the look with brown leather double monks and why not wears a navy Polo and blue chinos? The two are good together; a pair of white and black athletic shoe ups the style factor of your outfit.

what shoes to wear with beige chinos

Can You Wear Black Shoes with Blue Chinos?

Black shoe can be worn with any kind of trouser, and for this case, you’d rather go for a black sneaker they come out really well together, and everyone will know that you are good and stylish when it comes to menswear.

Don’t go for any shoe, apart from the black sneakers, a pair of white leather loafers is also fine. It might be a bit difficult to find a shoe that suits blue chinos, but you can always count on black sneakers any other time.

Works for any shoes

Chinos can work nearly with any pair of shoes, but others are more stylish than others, but since we have several colors of chinos you need to be very careful when choosing a shoe, can you imagine wearing a blue Chino with a red shoe? Of course, that doesn’t add up at all.

Blue chinos may not sound good to most men, but it’s a wonderful color, most of you prefer black chinos to any other color. Always try new colors; new things at a time and you’ll end becoming really stylish.

How Long Should Men’s Chinos Be?

Just like any other type of trouser, chinos should fit properly because you need to achieve a perfect look; it’s also good to wear something comfortable. They should fit well around the waist without any need of a belt; the waist should not be too tight. Chinos should be comfortable and never drop down even without a belt.

For chinos, the waist should not be the same as that of a suit pants; it should sit a bit lower. The waist should be between the upper and mid-hip bone area. In addition to that, it should not be too tight on your thighs; if you want to know if it’s not right, you should be capable of pinching an inch of fabric.

The length of the chinos depends on an individual, but they shouldn’t be too long though. If you aren’t wearing any socks then go for a slight break and if you are rolling your chinos just roll them once, or else you’ll look disgusting and if you are not going to roll them, then ensure that the chinos should just hit the top of your shoes.

Can I Wear Sneakers with Chinos?

Of course, you can; it depends on what you’ve worn at the top. There are several ways to slay with sneakers and chinos for example; black leather jacket and chinos with sneakers look great, a white crew-neck t-shirt with chinos completed with a pair of sneakers makes things absolutely great.

It’s absolutely fine to wear sneakers with chinos, know the color of sneakers you need so that it matches with your outfit, matching brings a wonderful look. And when it comes to wearing Chinos in a smart casual manner, stick to simple footwear styles like the sneakers, boots or loafers.

Are Chinos Better than Jeans?

It could be a bit difficult and confusing to choose between the two; chinos are light in weight compared to jeans. Choosing depends on a person because everyone has a different taste; some might love chinos because of its lightweight while others would prefer jeans because of its thickness.

There are several differences between the two, let’s just mention a few examples; Chinos are good for daily wear and off duty looks while jeans are meant for casual occasions, chinos can be worn by anybody on the other hand jeans are worn by teenagers.

At this point you should be able to know the one that suits you, most people prefer chinos over jeans because they can be worn on any occasion whether formal or casual, no matter how you dress in jeans you may still be seen as casual.

To add on that chinos can be worn by everyone of any age, which means it’s too decent as compared to jeans. For the case of jeans, it’s mostly worn by young people only. If you were to choose between jeans and Chinos, just go for chinos because of its various advantages.

What Color Shirt Goes with Chinos?

There are several colors of shirts that can suit Chinos. For instance a white, black, navy or striped t-shirt gives a nice look, white chinos work well with blue and denim chambray shirts, a linen button-down chambray shirt is also recommended. Black Chinos come out really well with formal shirts.

Not forgetting the white and grey colors, for a navy Chino a white shirt is perfect and for a beige Chino, dark grey, red and dark blue colored shirts is excellent.

What is the Difference Between Chinos and Khakis?

The two may look a bit similar, but they are totally different, Chino pants are made of lightweight cotton and have visible stitching that gives an awesome, formal and dressy look while khaki pants are much thicker compared to chinos because it’s made with a heavier weight cotton fabric, has hidden stitching, and they are more of casual.

The fonts of khakis are pleated, consists of cuffs, they are durable, warm and can be worn outdoors while chinos are not pleated, worn in warm climates and summer months. Chinos are always slim-cut having a slight taper starting from the knee to the ankle. Between the two, Chinos are considered the best.

What Color Chinos are the Best?

There are many colors of Chinos, but there are a few that every man should have, those that do not go out of fashion and this are; Beige Shields, Navy, Olive green, Gray and Black. It doesn’t mean that the other unmentioned types are not good, they can even be more perfect on you, the mentioned few are simply the best, and they almost suit everyone.


Beige can be worn on all casual occasions; they are great when worn with dark blue, red and dark grey colored shirts. Navy Chinos are suitable for a smart casual style, Olive green Chinos goes well with white and grey shirts, and Gray chinos are good for formal occasions and are the best for a business style, and Black ones can be worn on business occasions, complete the look with formal shirts and bright, shaded jackets


White Chinos also look good even though most people would not like it because of its brightness, but there is no reason as to why you can’t be stylish and stain free. White makes you look stunning, and you’ll be courageous to show off your ankles when wearing this kind of trouser.

Can I Wear Sneakers with Chinos?

Of course, they can; in fact, they are the best and are worn with almost any type of Chino, to achieve a smart casual look it’s best to go for a sneaker. Sneakers are known to be very comfortable and stylish.

Chino with sneakers is not just about comfort but style, Chinos are not too casual and not too formal, what you need to know is that a shoe and Chino color should blend well together. Any sneaker with Chino creates a look that you’ve always dreamt of, whether casual or official.

You can wear socks or go sockless in your sneaker, iron your pants and ensure that the length is not too high or too low and works with your legs or sneaker. Wearing Chinos with sneakers doesn’t mean that you don’t look good; every man has his type of sneaker.


Chino pants should be something that doesn’t miss in any man’s wardrobe. They are wonderful and classy at the same time; there are these two colors that you should always have as they pair well with all other items and these colors are; sand and navy.

There are Chino pants rules you shouldn’t break; they should not be worn for anything that’s not a casual business event, don’t wear pleated Chino pants, don’t wear pre-cuffed hems, they should be worn with a quarter or no break. Following these rules will make you look wonderful on your Chino pants.

If you’ve been into wearing jeans, you should at least switch to chinos because you’ll wear them even at an older age, unlike jeans that are only worn by teenagers. Chinos look more classy and decent compared to jeans.

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