How to Grow Beard on Cheeks




How to Grow Beard on Cheeks

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When human beings reach a certain age, their body hormones allow them to grow beards. Surprisingly, beards don’t choose where to grow; they can start to develop from any part of your face. Some people begin to see their beards growing from the neck, others on the face while specific individuals see theirs on the cheeks.

Your preference will often influence where you would want your beards to grow. For instance, those people who prioritize to grow their beards on cheeks have to ensure that they adopt the right routine. This will not only help them to monitor the growth of their beards but will also help them know the type of beard style that fits them.

Growing beards on cheeks can be hard at times, but when proper care, rules, and steps are followed, you can easily achieve your desires. You need to be disciplined enough to ensure that you give your facial hair thirty days to grow. It is also crucial to feed your facial hair the appropriate diet as you exercise regularly too. Getting adequate rest and using the ideal trimmer can also allow your beards to grow properly on the cheeks.

how to grow beard on cheeks naturally

The Four Weeks Rule

Our focus here is on thick and dark-grown beards. Less attention is paid to light stubble. For you to get well-developed beards, you need to be patient and ensure that you give your facial hair for about four weeks. In the beginning, it will seem hard for you because of the itching and irritation, which is usually associated with beards that have grown in the first week. You need to be confident enough as you buy more time for your beards to grow to the right length in the second week.

During the first week, the hair follicles usually begin to open as they provide room for your hair to sprout out. In the second week is when you will begin to see yourself having scraggly hair or patches on your face. Your face will look bushy but you are encouraged not to either cut or trim your facial hair. As the third week comes in, you will realize that your beards have grown to another level, and this will inspire you to let it develop further.

How to Grow Beard on Cheeks

The third week in beards maintenance always serves as motivation as you enter the fourth week. During this period, it is the real week, and therefore, you are comfortably allowed to style and even trim your precious beard. This is the time believed to have allowed your beards to grow thicker and fuller. The fourth week is the special period where you will notice that you have acquired facial hair on the neck and your chin. Your cheeks will have obtained the beard that you have desired for long.

The Four Weeks Rule is always simple, and one is required to be discipline to get his goals right.

Tips on How to Grow Beard on Cheeks

If you are that individual who graciously doesn’t understand how to grow a beard, never worry. It is your time to grow confidence because several strategies can help you develop beards. The following are the best tips that will allow you to grow a thicker and fuller beard that will also reach to your cheeks.

  1. Eat the appropriate diet

You must eat healthy when you intend to grow your beards. A well-balanced diet will ensure that both your body and beards receive the right nutrients for hair growth. Healthy food makes sure that your body loses excess weight hence making you healthier. You will realize that once you change your diet, your facial hair will grow at a faster rate than expected. It is advisable to avoid eating junk food and begin to consume a proper diet such as fruits, vegetables, and greens.

Your body requires fulfilling adequate nutritional needs for it to function properly. Note that there are so many healthy foods that can help get nourished. You need to obtain food rich in nutrients and vitamins for your beards to grow.

Don’t just eat any fruit or vegetable in the name of getting vitamins. Put a lot of concerns on a diet that has Vitamin B, A, C, K, E ad these essential vitamins ensure that your body delivers enough DHT and Testosterone hormones that enable your beards to grow thicker and well. They also boost facial hair to grow up to the cheeks.

You also need to take more minerals and proteins together with the right vitamins so that their elements can positively boost the growth of beards on your cheeks. A proper diet contributes efficiently to the growth of hair in the body.

Do all you can to ensure that you eliminate any barrier that can hinder your beards from growing. Avoid food materials that can harm your health and embrace those that generate vital nutrients to your body.

  1. Avoid Stress Where Possible

You should do your level best to ensure that you avoid stress at all costs. You need to understand that stress can lead to metabolic process plus other functions of the body to fail, including the growth of beard. It is vital to learn and train yourself on how to avoid or manage stress. This will consequently help you reduce the levels of anxiety and to a great extent, relieve your stress in the body. Stress, anxiety, and depression block hair follicles to open to enhance hair growth.

Exercise can also help you to relieve stress. The more you exercise, the more you reduce the level of stress in your body. The exercise process doesn’t need to be rigorous; you can do moderate exercise or even walk to keep your body healthy. Research shows that exercise improves testosterone levels in the body hence quick growth of beard. When DHT and testosterone levels are higher in the body, and then expect fast growth of beards.

    1. Use Beard Oils


Beard oils contain essential components that boost the growth of beards. They can soothe your hair by moisturizing your skin when applied properly. They keep beards and your skin moisturized and hydrated so that your beards cannot be dry and also face skin problems like irritation and itching. Beard oils ensure that your beards are smoother and softer. When you focus on four weeks rule, always ensure you use beard oil to trigger the growth of your beard.

Remember, there exists a wide range of oils such as mustard oil and olive oil in the global market that can trigger hair follicles to allow hair to grow comfortably in your skin. As you intend to apply beard oils in your skin, never forget to put some on the cheeks so that they can help hair to grow there. Beard oil ensures that there is even distribution of hair or beards on the cheeks. Beard oils are very crucial in the growth process of beards.

  1. Grooming

Growing beard is one thing, and grooming it to maintain extraordinary standards is just the other thing. You need to take an extra effort to ensure that you keep your beards to the length that you deserve. Grooming is not just shaving your beards, it also involves using the right trimmer to ensure that the shave you get is of high quality. Obtaining the best beard style also involves using the right shaving cream or gels that will help you get a favorable style. The best trimmer will also enable you to groom yourself in the right direction.

When trimming is done in the right way, you will be the most outstanding person in a group of friends. It appears fantastic and shows a creative art. For your cheeks to look pretty, you have to trim it perfectly and ensure you supply it with top brand oil. If need be, you are encouraged to trim your beards on the cheeks periodically to maintain its efficiency.

Note that proper grooming can also be done in a salon. Here, you will be able to be trimmed well because your beards will be in the hands of a professional.

You only need to follow the appropriate tips and be assured that you won’t find it hard to groom your beards on the cheeks. A well-groomed beard improves your look, confidence; more so, it makes you more attractive and loveable.

  1. Give your beards more time

It is critical to give your beards or hair adequate time to grow well. Never assume that gods of beards have neglected you. Maybe you need extra time, and you will realize that your desires will be accomplished.

People are different, and therefore, the time you allocate for your beards to grow might be somehow different from others. If yours don’t sprout fast, try to exercise patience. Facial hair usually grows at a different speed; the hair on the cheeks will grow at the right time, be optimistic.

  1. Be real to the expectations you set

It is, at times; wrong to compare you to other people. You need to accept your situation and stop worrying a lot. Human beings do have several differences.

Note that genetics and age play an integral part in determining how beards grow in people. If you are young, it is essential to remain calm as you await your time to have thicker and dark hair to reach. Never set your expectations too high. Allow yourself to grow and in due course, you will see the difference on your cheeks.

Take time and study the history of your family so that you can predict the time you would probably obtain your beards. From them, you can evaluate your growth and possibly understand the beard growth pattern of your family.

  1. Check Status of Your Health

Proper lifestyle ensures that your body parts function very well. You need to check whether you are suffering from a condition so that you can visit a doctor to advise you accordingly. Some conditions such as eczema encourage hair loss. Therefore you need to seek medication to fight such disorder from your body to allow your hair to grow effectively.

You also need to have adequate rest to ensure that your body cells work well to enhance hair growth on the cheeks. Generally, have good lifestyle habit and you will achieve your goals without doubts.

  1. Beard Growth Vitamins and Serums

Beard vitamins are essential supplements that can enhance the growth of hair in the body as well as cheeks. They serve just like multivitamins; they ensure that the body receives the right nutrient to boost hair growth.

Beard pills or serums trigger the body to develop hair. They also ensure that hair grows on the cheek. They have vital elements that trigger blood vessels in the body to develop thicker hair. You have to use the products continuously to ensure you get consistent results in hair growth.

People who intend to grow their beards are always determined to make their goals known. They always have expectations and most of them set them too high. Yes, as you grow old, there will be a time where you will have beards. Remember, beards grow during a different time in individuals and therefore, there is no need to be worried. You have to be patient and give your beards time to grow.

For your beards to grow on the cheeks, you need to have a clear plan to ensure that your beards don’t let you down. It is vital to use beards products and also have a proper lifestyle to ensure that you boost your hair growth. You have to groom yourself well to meet your needs. Adopt the above tips and you will find it easy to have beards on your cheeks.

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