How to Grow a Full Beard Without Patches




How to Grow a Full Beard Without Patches

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A majority of men always desire to have evenly distributed beards that are dark-grown and thicker. They find it sexy, loveable, adorable and attractive. Nonetheless, some people normally find themselves having thin and patchy beards. It’s human and therefore you have nothing to worry about when you are in this kind of situation.

Many factors contribute to uneven growth of hair on your face. Your lifestyle is a major determinant on how your hair grows in your body. The diet that you commit yourself also to play a key role here. Other things that can result in hair loss, especially in your beard include hormonal imbalances, fungal infections, genetics, autoimmune conditions, dental issues, among other factors.

If the patchy beard is a concern for you, you can always get time to seek professional guidance from a doctor. It is vital to groom your beards so that you can remain healthy. Embrace yourself the way you are and always be proud. This will help you grow more confident in your patch beards.

how can i grow a full beard without patches

Why Your Beard Is Patchy?

Many reasons make an individual have patchy beards. Some of the causes of patchy beards are natural while others are as a result of artificial medications. Some factors can be treated while others can’t.

The following are the main causes of patchy beards.

  1. Genetics

When hair follicles open, they allow hair to grow in the skin. People have a different distribution of hair follicles in their bodies. People with close and dense hair follicles usually have a greater chance to develop a fuller and denser beard. On the other hand, individuals with fewer hair follicles on their skin with less dense hair follicles will automatically have thinner hair. It should be noted that thinner hairs usually deliver patchy beard appearance. The density and hair follicles number are driven genetically. There is little you can do about our hair distribution on the hair follicles. You can only improve the hair texture to ensure that your hair appears healthier and denser.

Genes also determine DHT, which is a key element in hair growth. This hormone stimulates hair growth on the face making them thicker and denser. Research shows that individuals with less DHT have thin hair growth leading to patchy beards.

  1. Hormonal Imbalance

Testosterone hormone is a key factor towards the growth of hair. When they are not plenty in the body, they lead to the production of patchy beards on the face.

Note that, there exist several testosterone stimulating foods. When taken, they help the user to increase their levels of testosterone hormone in the body. These foods consequently help you to boost your muscle bulk and sex drive. You can also use testosterone boosters or pills to help regain your testosterone levels. It is crucial to always seek professional advice before taking such pills.

  1. Infections

Genetics leads to the production of thin hair and patchy beards. Nonetheless, it doesn’t in any way result in hair loss. The reduction in hair can be attributed to other factors such as folliculitis, fungal or bacterial infections. Conditions such as Demodex folliculorum, seborrhoeic dermatitis and Piedra can also lead to hair loss in the body, and this, in turn, leads to patchy beards.

  1. Autoimmune Conditions

Conditions such as Alopecia areata can lead to patchy beards. The condition always makes the immune system of the body to fight and destroy hair follicles. This consequently leads to hair loss patches in the body which are rare to recognize. With time, they can grow bigger and become visible hence showing patchy beards.

  1. Stress

Stress usually causes blood vessels constriction in the body. This, in turn, leads to poor blood circulation to the hair follicles. Less supply of blood to follicles causes thin growth of hair.Studies show that more stress causes improved cortisol production. Cortisol is also called the stress hormone. Science research indicates that increased cortisol production contributes to less testosterone production in the body hence reduced hair growth in the body.

  1. Nutritional Deficiencies

Lack of enough nutrients in the body can lead to hair thinning, hair loss or reduced growth of hair. Nutritional elements usually stimulate hair growth. Important nutrients required in the body for hair growth include different vitamins, zinc, iron, water, omega-3, proteins among others.

Your body requires fruits, greens and vegetables to boost hair growth in the body. When these essential elements are not in your diet, then you have every reason to have patchy beards.

Other causes of patchy beards which are not common include asthma, failure to groom your beards well, medical treatment like Down’s syndrome, thyroid disease and age.

How to Grow a Full Beard Without Patches

How to Grow a Full Beard without Patches

When you have beard patches on the face, don’t panic so much, there exist strategies that can help you fix the issue and allow your hair to grow well. Once you follow the tips clearly, there is no way you will fail to obtain a full beard that is appealing.

The techniques to get rid of beard patches to enhance hair growth can be categorized into two. These involve grooming and to great extent, nutritional and lifestyle changes to boost the growth of hair in your beards.

  1. Grooming of the Patchy Beards

In this part, it is crucial to commit yourself to do the following.

Provide more time for your beard to develop

You need to give your beard time of about two months to ensure that it grows to the right length that you desire. This period will ensure that there is even follicle distribution on the skin. Once the hair grows, you will realize that they will cover your patches and you will obtain thicker and denser hair on your beards.

Regularly Brush Your Beards

Brushing of the beards is a valuable exercise that should not be ignored. As your precious beards develop, it is vital to brush it regularly so that you allow it the hair to develop in a similar direction where you brush. Make it even a habit and you will get better results when fixing patches in your beards. This will not only train your beards to grow but will also make beards clean and admirable.

Clean Your Beards

As an individual who purpose to groom his beards, it is recommended to condition and shampoo them weekly. You can do it once or even two times a week. Doing these activities will ensure that your beards forever remain to moisturize and above all, clean. You are encouraged to employ beard shampoo to obtain quick and efficient results.

Note that; don’t forget to use a beard conditioner to clean your beards. They always make sure that your hair appears fuller and soft. They soothe your skin and allow hair to grow at a faster rate. Over time you will realize that you have obtained denser and thicker hairs on your beard.

Nourish Your Beards

Whenever your beards become dry, never think you are suffering from a serious disease. There exist several products that can help you solve this issue. They correct, moisturize and also nourish your beards.

The hair products that can comfortably nourish your beards are inclusive of beard balms, beard waxes and beard oils. They serve extraordinary functions to your skin and deliver the right nourishment that your beards deserve. They come with essential and natural oils that provide the ideal nutrients for your hair to grow.

As you groom your beards to fix patches, it is also crucial to keep the following common mistakes into your mind.

Never ignore the underneath of your skin. It is critical to moisturize and also exfoliate this part regularly. This will ensure that you enhance the regeneration of new skin and also eradicate skin cells that are dead. Consequently, this will lead to the production of healthy and thick hair follicles.

It is inadvisable to pull out your hair. Pulling your precious hair at this time will destroy hair follicles. This will, in turn, generate more patches on your beards. Avoid pulling out your hair at all cost.

Avoid using trimmers or clippers at an early stage. You are encouraged to employ scissors; this is because the latter tools are gentle and remove hair well than its counterparts.

Because the head and the beards have two different textures, it will be insensitive of you to use similar products. Try to use specific products for the hair on the head and beards.

Don’t set your expectations very high, at least give your hair more time and you will see wonders.

  1. Nutritional and Lifestyle Changes

For efficient hair growth on your beards, the following are the best tips you can employ in nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Avoid Stress

Stress usually leads to poor hair growth in human beings. Stress affects the production of testosterone hormone. When testosterone levels go down, it also lowers the DHT and this consequently affect the growth of hair negatively.

Take lessons, counseling and meditations that will help you minimize stress. You can also consult a professional to manage your stress properly.

Get enough sleep

When you don’t get adequate sleep, be assured that you will experience health problems, including hair thinning and hair loss. Inadequate sleep also affects the production of testosterone hormone. You are advised to acquire good sleep to promote hair growth in your body.

Exercise Regularly

When you exercise frequently, you allow your body to function well. This is because exercise enhances proper metabolism and improve blood circulation in the body. Good exercise will make you healthier than before.

Consume an appropriate diet

Hair contains a protein known as keratin. Therefore when you eat food rich in protein like chicken, fish and beef, be assured that you will get proper hair growth.

It is good to consume saturated fats because science studies approve that they boost levels of testosterone hormone in the body. Food rich in saturated fats include eggs, fish and nuts.

Green vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and spinach can metabolize estrogen hormone in the body. They are also iron source in the body. When less estrogen is produced in the body, it consequently leads to increased in testosterone hormone in the body. This hormone promotes the growth of hair in the beards.

Vitamin B7, biotin and several essential vitamins encourage hair growth in humans. The important vitamins essential for increased hair in the body include Vitamin B12, B12, A, E and also Vitamin C.They contain elements such as copper, zinc, magnesium, folate, boron and selenium. All these elements boost hair growth.

Vitabeards are found in multivitamins and can also help to fix beards patch issues.

Some of the mistakes you need to avoid while embracing nutritional and lifestyle changes include:

  • Avoid taking alcohol frequently because they reduce testosterone hormone in the body.
  • Avoid taking processed food rich in s trans-fats, sodium and added sugars.
  • Don’t consume flaxseeds, they contain estrogen
  • Don’t take too much sugar

Having a patchy beard is human and can be caused by several reasons. You need to be cautious about what you consume because it can also lead to hair loss. Thin hair on your beards can sometimes give a false impression that one suffers from patchy beards.

When you have patchy beards, you need to embrace it and try the much you can to solve this matter. It is important to give your hair more time for it to grow. With time you will realize that your hair has dark-grown. Groom your beards well and also observe your nutritional and lifestyle changes and, you will enhance hair growth. When you don’t see changes, you are encouraged to see a doctor for advanced medications. The above tips are recommended for you to fix beard patches issues.

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