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How Did Native Americans Shave

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Native Americans originated from Asia and arrived to the United States, they are great people and are known to have little or no hair. These people have neither beards nor facial hair which is okay.

There are several other people with similar features and it’s very normal even amongst families and friends you might have come across them. Men feel bad when they lack such things, but it is normal and happens so because of genes of a family.

Weather is also associated less hair in someone’s body, you will realize that those people living in warm environment got a lot of hair while those living in colder areas are much more hairy.

If you realize that you can’t have beards nor facial hair don’t panic because it’s normal and understandable. Some people have gone an extra mile of implanting the hair but you should not worry too much its okay to accept how you are.

Can Native Americans Grow Beards

Can Native Americans Grow Beards?

Yes, some do and some don’t it all depends on how much-mixed blood they have. Most of them do have facial hair but tend to pluck the hair as soon as it grows.

Some Native Americans have fine and shirt body hair but little facial hair, they pluck hair and that’s why they can’t grow a lot of beards.

Nowadays, Native males don’t pluck hair and can grow thick. However, they prefer shaving and their growth rate is slower than other groups.

You rarely see them with beards, but they do have them, all human beings got facial hair even women at some point.

To add on that, it was there traditional to get rid of facial hair because hurt faces were considered ugly. Some Natives have a problem growing beards because of genetics, lifestyle and diet.

Several Natives have let their beards grow. It’s all about lifestyle and tradition. Do not be surprised if you find some of them without eyebrows as well.

Time changes, those who ignored tradition grew beards and maintained them really well. You might have seen some already with great braids.

It’s time to understand that hair growth is determined by family genes are your race, some races do not grow beard, not facial hair at all.

Do Native Americans Have Curly Hair

How Did Native Americans Shave?

First of all the Natives did not grow much facial hair because they used to pluck the hair as soon as it grows in short they did not shave.

They didn’t mind growing hair to a point that needed a shave. As for their heads, they used sharp rodent teeth to shave.

Plucking hair is painful but after you’ve done it once next time, it will be simple because the skin toughens. More so, plucking was the only option those days and they had no option.

Shaving with obsidian

Obsidian razor was used to shave, it is scary but that’s how it was done in the old days. What made it so scary is the fact that there is no handle attached to the blade.

Straight Razor shaving

It was only used for shaving, it does a great job because it was designed well to capture all aspects of shaving with a razor.

Even though the shaving tools do not seem perfect but they did a great job back then since they were the only available items.

However, it was much better than plucking hair which seemed much painful.

Do Native Americans Have Curly Hair?

Most Natives carry the curly hair gene, in the past whites had a test which was specifically meant to distinguish who was native and who wasn’t.

The test was known as the pencil test and if a pencil fell off someone’s hair, he or she wasn’t native. Natives do not have straight hair genes even up to date.

There is a belief that curly hair comes from a mixture of white and African blood. Many full Natives carry this gene it’s time to stop the belief and accept that Natives have physical traits that cannot be ignored any longer that’s curly hair.

It is common for Native Americans to have naturally curly hair. Natives come in different features and shade. Some are due to DNA and others vary between tribes.

Some Native Americans got straight black hair. In terms of oiliness, worry less Native Americans used no oil, soaps or shampoos on their hair. They also did not wash hair with warm water.

Do Native Americans have Body Hair?

Yes, but the hair might be a little sparse while some have no hair at all. Others might have leg hair but can’t be noticed.

Everyone has hair it depends on the amount you have, Native Americans didn’t keep a lot of hair because of their tradition.

It also depends on genetic inheritance some have while others do not you might even think they shaved their bodies clean.

Native Americans differ from each other in terms of hair and that’s mostly due to genetics. It also depends on the geographical region they are in.

When the weather you are in is cold, you will have thick hair and less on warm climate. There are other researches each with different ideas about Native Americans.

However, they had beard and head hair, but they shaved and plucked them. In fact, currently some of them started keeping their beards.

Most Natives can’t grow hair, they are not related in any way to Japanese or Tibetans, but most of them lack facial hair while some do have one major conclusion is that the hair thing is associated with genetic inheritance.

Native Americans aren’t hairy people, some even do not grow hair in the armpits or legs.

Why Do Native Americans Have No Facial Hair?

There are so many reasons as to why they got no facial hair and the main reason being Natives plucked their hair immediately they grow and it takes time before they grow back. In short, it was their tradition not to grow facial hair.


Race can also be another reason why most of them lack facial hair. People from Mediterranean grow a lot of facial hair compared to people from other regions like China.


The growth and thickness of a beard is determined by genetics if your fire father’s had none you definitely might not grow them too.

Not all men can grow facial hair and the main reason is due to genetic factors. Some men have even tried implanting them since implants are available these days, but they are expensive and requires a surgical procedure.

A lot of Native Americans have no facial hair and if they happen to grow, it’s less and not thick like it should be. It’s awkward seeing men with soft faces but that’s how they are nothing will change.

How Did Native Americans Shave

What Races Don’t Grow Facial Hair?

Your race can be a good reason to why young grow facial hair, in case you got none don’t worry it’s normal and a lot of people do not have them too.

Chinese have facial hair but they do shave them since they consider it dirty and uncivilized. However, the only people with no beard hair or facial hair completely are some American Indians.

Some black Africans also have no facial hair and that’s due to genetics. You realize that in every race some people will have little or no hair. Not all men have facial hair.

Some other races with little or no facial hair are the Bushmen, Malays, North Asiatic Mongols and Hottentots. While those with no body hair are Iranians, Australian aborigines and Sinus.

Did the Cherokee Shave their Heads?

Cherokee warriors tradition started evolving slowly by slowly, one thing that they used to do was wear deer tails or white plumes on their heads during the creek war.

These warriors were not given any weapons and good clothes. They had their own clothes, arms and provisions. Some of them shaved their hair and paint or tattoo their bodies.

The name Cherokee was derived from creek word that means people of different speech, also known as Tsalagi or Keetowah. Cherokee are North American Indians.

However, those who did not shave their hair wore them in curls and waves. They never wore huge feather dresses like people from the plains.

The reason why Cherokee grew long hair is because of the beliefs they had that long hair has a connection with mother earth.

They believed that their hair ensures that the spirit grows while others believe that it allows connection to everything that is why they did not shave.

They only cut their hair when someone dies in the family to signify sadness and reminder of the loss. The cutting if hair represented the time spent with their lives ones and new growth is the next life after.

How Did Mohawks Shave their Heads?

Mohawks are the most known Native American tribes for their hairstyles. They got the name mohawks from their enemies, the name, in other words, means man-eaters.

But that does not mean they are people they were just fierce worries, the mohawks real name is Kanien’keha: ka.

The warriors used to cut the sides of their heads living a strip remaining in the middle and the style itself is known as scalp lock.

However, this was not the only hairstyles for the warriors’ mohawk was familiar. Mohawk warriors sometimes decided to shave their hair in various ways to make their scalps look good to bounty hunters.

This kind of hairstyle is now trending in some countries even though they do not know why they have it. It was a great style anyway and anybody who loves it can go for it.

The mohawks didn’t shave their heads instead, they plucked them out, little by little. They then wear them with short decorated braids.

You might like the mohawk style, but you don’t know its pros and cons. Below are some of them to help you decide whether you’d like to try the style or not.


  • Shaven heads feel good
  • The hair grows back
  • They look awesome when dyed various colors
  • You will have unique hair
  • They are versatile
  • Low maintenance
  • People think you are bolder
  • People above 30 years love the style


A lot of people, especially youth, love mohawk style simply because maintaining it is easier than other hairstyles but ensure that before going for a new style, ask yourself if it will suit you or not.

Some hairstyles don’t suit everyone you don’t want to go looking around like a criminal, yet you are not one. To add on that, you should also know that plucking hair is painful if you are planning to try it out.

If you have been asking yourself questions about Native Americans, but you get no answers at the end of this article, you will be in a position to know whether they have curly hair, if they can grow beards, how they used to shave, why they don’t have facial hair, if they have body hair.

You will be able to also know about the various races that don’t grow facial hair, about Cherokees and how they shaved hair as well as mohawks. Native American have now changed their tradition ways and are living in the current technology.

All the traditional things are now in the past even how they shaved before has changed, some of them do have beards now while others have facial hair. People who are not Native Americans will not understand a lot about their culture and all that but with this article, you will be grateful.

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