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When it comes to your beard, you probably have a certain look in mind. You may want to look rugged or like a mountain man. You might even have to keep your beard a certain way for religious reasons. Whatever the reason for keeping a beard, you will probably reach a point where you are staring in the mirror with a pair of scissors. After all, it’s important to be able to keep yourself well-groomed even when you don’t have time for a visit to the salon. After all, it’s not always financially friendly to dish out an extra $10 to $30 for beard trimming and shaping. As long as you know the look that you want, you can trim your beard at home. The following article will teach you all the pro tips that you need to keep your beard in good working order. You will probably learn tips that you didn’t know before. Once you begin with getting the tools to trim your beard, you will find that it will be a snap to spend your time doing your own trims, even between salon shapings.

How to Properly Trim a Beard with Scissors

When it comes to your beard, it can be a little bit like a female’s hair. Women can associate their beauty with their hair and hairstyle. Men, on the other hand, can look to their beard to give them a rugged handsomeness. They might find that they are more confident when their beard looks just the way they want it. The beard has been a huge trend in the 2010s, so going into 2020 with a beard is probably a safe bet for a man.

how to trim a beard with scissors and comb

Get Comfortable with Your Tools

To really get going, you will need to have the right tools. Most men swear by sharper scissors. Your beard hair is a little coarser than hair anywhere else. For this reason, you will really want to invest in shears. Some men like the shorter shears, which will be five inches. These might take a little bit of getting used to in the hands. Make sure you spin them back and forth a couple of times. You will get a grip for them. You can even spin them to rest them in your palm when you are not cutting. You should hold the scissors between the thumb and the fourth finger. It will give a nice grip and this is the way that professionals hold their scissors. Now try spinning them around to your palm. You should practice this motion until you are comfortable with it.

Now, it’s time to get a comb. You can get a fine-toothed comb anywhere. Most men will prefer one that is even and lightweight. You will hold the comb between your thumb and middle and ring fingers on top. This type of grip is firm and will allow you to gently navigate as you cut.

Have a Nice Shower

You should always start off your beard trim with a good shower. You need to get rid of all that grime in your beard. This is especially true if you have a balm, wax, oil, or any type of product in your hair at all. You should use face wash or even shampoo to wash out the entire residue. You don’t want to be cutting dirty hair. This is why in the salons they will wash your hair before they even attempt to cut it.

Comb Your Hair Properly

Now you will need to comb your beard in preparation for the cut. First, you will want to comb the hair downwards in the direction of the hair growth. Then, you want to comb against the grain. This action will help your hair to stand out. When it’s away from the skin it is much easier to cut.

Start a Guide

There is no one way to start. When hairstylists cut, they make a guide first. You can make a guide by doing your first cut. All the hair that you gather should have that amount of hair off as well. You can try to integrate hair from the first cut into your next so that you see your guide. You will continue along the beard and using your guide to keep you on an even keel. You want to make sure that your one side is the same as your other side. This is why you can do one side of your face first, and then move along to the next side. The chin is an important area. While some experts recommend starting from the chin first, there is no hard and fast rule on this. You should just keep going at a rate that suits you and remember to pay special attention to the chin. It’s a prominent area. You may even like the chin longer than the rest of the hair, so keep this in mind as you go.

What Happens if you Mess Up?

If you’re unhappy with your result, you can always go to the hairstylist or barber to get it fixed. They will have electric trimmers to fix up all the errors. You can purchase these electric trimmers yourself, but you have to remember that they are an investment. This is usually why men like to try scissors and combs. You have to use hair clippers with guards to get an even result. This can cost you upwards of $100, so make sure that you are really invested in-home care as opposed to a $10 beard trim at a salon every once in a while.

Do the Best Aftercare

After you perform your cut, you will want to make sure that you have another shower. All of those loose hairs can be very itchy. You don’t want to walk around and have them falling out everywhere. This can be embarrassing as well as it being physically uncomfortable.

Not every man wants beard oil, especially with sensitive skin. However, if you have coarse hair, beard oil is actually a good idea. It will help to moisturize your hair. This, in turn, will just make you feel more comfortable. It’s especially important to put on beard oil after a fresh cut. This will set the stage for healthy hair. It can also prevent split ends the more that you cut your beard. If you put on nice oil afterward, you will probably feel better about giving yourself a cut the next time. Most beard oils have carrier oil, such as jojoba, and an essential oil. The carrier oil is what gives the moisturizing effect. The essential oil is the thing that will give you a lingering scent. Most men prefer a masculine scent like sandalwood or cedar oil. You may want to steer away from strong scents if you find yourself sensitive to fragrances.

Benefits of Giving Your Beard a Regular Trim

There are multiple benefits of giving your beard a regular trim. For one, you can ensure that you get rid of all those split ends. Split ends split at the bottom of the hair. However, they don’t just stop there. The split hair travels up the hair. Then, it gets weak and breaks. All of your split hairs will end up breaking because they are not strong. When you actually cut your split ends, you are simply preventing breakage later on at a much shorter length. When you have an even beard, it will generally look fuller. All in all, you will have the best chance of getting your beard to the length that you want through regular trims.

how to trim a long beard with scissors

How Much Will Your Beard Grow Per Month?

Your beard will grow at the rate of 3/4 inches a month. This is give or take. You might have hair that grows a little slower or faster than this. You don’t have to overdo your beard trims, but once a month to every six weeks is a decent rate to give yourself a full beard cut. You can be on the lookout for split ends in the meantime, but if you keep up regular cuts, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this.

Ultimately, you don’t need to be trimming your beard every day. However, you do want to be making sure you actually take the time to give it a real trim when you do. The benefits are a fuller looking beard and the ability to grow your beard out much longer than if you never trimmed it, as it would not have much shape to it.

Frequently Asked Questions on Trimming Your Beard

Q: What Kind of Scissors Should I Get for Best Results?

A: You need to get something that feels good in your hands. Ultimately, professional quality is best. If you want to get professional level scissors, you can go to Sally Beauty. This store sells salon-quality products. You might not be able to get the shears that hairstylists and barbers use because you have to have a license to shop at their beauty stores.

Q: Do I Cut My Hair on Wet or Dry Hair?

A: You will want to have a shower before you cut your hair. However, when it comes to cutting, you should actually cut your beard when it is dry. Your hairs will lay more normally when they are dry. This will make you happier with the result of your cut. If you cut your beard when it is wet, you may not be able to gauge how much hair you are cutting off. Ultimately, you want to make sure that you don’t have a surprise after you cut your beard. You will be surprised if you cut it when wet and find that it does not fluff out. Also, you will not see the proper shape of your beard when it is wet. For best results, unlike a haircut, cut your beard hairs when they are dry.

Q: My Friends Tell me that they cut their Beards every Week. Should I adopt this policy and Why or Why not?

A: The beard of a man is as individual as his signature sometimes. For this reason, you should make sure that the beard is how you like it. If you feel it’s too long after a couple weeks, then you can trim it every week. If you only want to keep it extremely short, then you will be taking your scissors to it a lot more than a man that has a mountain man style beard. You are allowed to do whatever you want with your beard. However, if you are trying to grow it out, it would be counter-productive to cut it every week. This will only give you grief when your beard never does actually end up growing out at all.

People like to have beards because they make them look wise. Others are tired of their babyface. Still others have a hard time shaving every morning. Whatever your reason, there’s a definite advantage to learning how to trim your beard yourself. You will get used to a new skill and you will save yourself money. If you just start out with scissors and a comb, it is very low risk. With a bit of practice, however, you will transform yourself into a multitude of different looks. It’s easier than you think. If you follow the advice above, you will be looking good in no time flat. You will also be able to express your creativity a bit. Really, only you know how you like your beard. It may take a while, but you will get it just right. Remember to always shower before and after your cut for best results. It is a lot of showering, but it is worth it.

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