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health benefits of bathing twice a day

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Perhaps you have at least once asked yourself, “do I have to bathe daily,” maybe your answer was “because it is healthier than bathing less often.” Perhaps you are like most who think that the daily shower is more of a habit. But there is more than just meet the eye around the benefits of bathing. For instance, besides the heath benefit of showering, it also concerns your body odor, helps you in waking up and maybe your morning routine. Enjoy the read through this article to clearly understand and clear your worries about bathing twice a day.

Bathing Twice A Day Benefits

Most people have wondered why it’s good to take a shower twice a day since some prefer it just once a day. Apart from its various benefits, the main reason why you need to observe the cleanliness of the highest level is to prevent body odor. It’s important to take a bath and, in that case, look at the following benefits.

Perfect mood

It helps improve your mood, especially if you had a busy day; you can do it in the morning and in the evening also. Fatigue is removed, and you feel good thereafter.

It helps your brain and nerve system

This helps your brain a lot, Water lowers the levels of stress and this, in turn, helps improve your mood throughout the day.

Improves blood flow and immunity

Immersing yourself in water helps blood flow well in the body, and the steam inhaled gets rid of cold and flu. The most important of all is that it increases and makes your immunity strong.

Regulates body temperature

It’s one of the easiest ways to regulate body temperature; keep in mind that your body temperature tends to rise and fall and in order to regulate it, consider taking a shower at least twice a day.

Taking a bath twice a day is not bad at all; it’s also not a must, do it if it’s okay with you, but keep in mind that it’s healthy. Just avoid being excessively dirty, don’t overdo the thing because it can lead to skin cracks.

It’s is recommended that bathing once a day is enough; doing it regularly can lead to hair breakage, your body gets used to how you treat it. If you are used to a certain routine, then stick to it.

If you are a beginner at showering twice a day, use the best ingredients such as eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, and ginger. These ingredients are awesome; if you don’t sweat a lot; you can simply take a bath once a day.

The kind of work you do determines the number of times you will clean your body; you can as well use baby wipes in case you sweat at night, as it can moisturize your skin.

Now that you know and understand the importance of cleanliness, you should also know how much is too much of it. Some professionals recommend that bathing 3 or 2 times a week is a great idea. Some can’t handle the idea because of the activities they do.

However, you should know that there are different benefits of bathing either in the morning or in the evening. Check out as they are listed below.

Benefits of Bathing at Night

Bathing for about ninety minutes before you sleep is very beneficial as it will help you stay and also sleep well. Bathing before bedtime will cool down your body temperatures, which, in return, improves the quality of your sleep to a night of deep sleep; it lowers the stress by balancing cortisol level and improves mental health. Moreover, during the night, your body makes your skin healthy through the removal of dead cells and the production of new skin cells.

benefits of bathing twice a day

Benefits of Bathing in the Morning

A lukewarm morning shower followed by a few minutes rinse with cool water will much energize or rather rejuvenate your body by stimulating your lymphatic system. Morning showers are great for people with oily skins because the shower will open up the pores. Morning showers are of great benefit to your hair and an excellent way to meditate and focus your energy at the start of the day. Also, men must shave with lukewarm water in the morning. This is because lukewarm water opens the skin pores and stops the growth of underdeveloped hair automatically, resulting in a better shave.

Science shows that different shower temperatures have various health benefits. A hot shower: it improves brain health, sleep, improves blood flow, reduces fatigue, and muscle soreness. While on the other hand: a cold shower improves your blood circulation, decreases muscle spasms, decreases irritation, and balances cortisol levels to smoothen your skin.

Bathing twice a day (in the morning and the evening) has a lot of scientifically proven benefits for your body health like:

  • Help improve your heart health

Taking a lukewarm bath makes your heart beat faster, thus giving it a healthy workout. Although, you should avoid bathing using hot water as it causes some strains on your heart.

  • Help you to breathe easier

If you immerse yourself in water past your chest, then your oxygen intake by your lungs is significantly influenced. It is also vital for you to consider the temperature of the water; it should be warm, and the pressure of water on your chest should not be too much.

  • Help your brain and nerve system

If you immerse yourself in water, then be sure of reduced pains. Not forgetting that water reduces your stress levels and thus improving your mood.

  • Help your bones, joints, and muscles

Note that stretching and moving your body in water reduces the impact on the muscles, joints, and bones. But it’s very important to have still a routine workout which benefits your bones.

  • Help improve your immunity and blood flow

A lukewarm bath improves your blood flow and makes it more oxygenated. It also increases your immunity. Moreover, when you breathe in steam when bathing, the steam relieves you from the flu and cold.

  • Help balance your hormones

Your fertility hormones are more active at night, taking a colder bath assists in any fertility issues and also in a condition like chronic fatigue syndrome.

Bathing helps your body get hydrated. You understand that the human body is made up of plenty of oils and thus why you are encouraged to drink much of it. Soaking is exceptionally beneficial to your hair, skin, and eyes.

  • Help regulate your body temperatures

Note that your body temperatures are optimal when bathing because there is no other quicker way to regulate them.

Is It Bad To Take A Bath Twice A Day?

It depends on you, but better understand that bathing is healthier than just being excessively dirty. But bathing more frequently like twice in a day dries out your skin causing cracks on it. That makes bathing two times a day unusual but not excessive, especially if you are doing it, avoid an irritation. However, therapists recommend just one bath a day to be enough because bathing more frequently can cause hair breakage and cause breakouts. In addition, your body adapts to what you do to it, and thus it changes per how you treat it. If you have a habit of bathing twice a day, then you should continue. But you must make a sizable gap between the time you take your baths because your body produces natural microbes that take care of your skin, and they need time to do their job.

At least when bathing twice, make sure you are using professional ingredients such as rosemary, ginger, lavender, tea tree, or eucalyptus. Also, if your body sweats too much, it’s advisable for you to bath twice, but if you don’t sweat much, there is no reason for you to bath twice. That implies that the type of activity that you are doing for the day will determine your frequency of bathing. Therapists recommend that you use baby wipes at night to moisturize your skin because bathing twice a day is not healthy in the long-term if you are not sweating too much.

health benefits of bathing twice a day

How Many Times Should You Bathe A Day?

After understanding the importance of bathing, now you might wonder how much is too much for you. Note that some people do not shower daily while others shower daily. Well, there are tons of conflicting advice on how often you should shower. It may sound contradictory, but showering every day is bad for your skin. In addition, some dermatologists recommend that you shower only any other day or two to three times a week.

The above recommendation from dermatologists does not mean you have now to scale back your bath routine. The promising side of this is that everyone’s skin is different, and each skin can change according to various seasons of the year. For instance, your skin may be drier in the winter, and if this is the case, then showering too many times will bring extreme dryness. Yet, one shower every day during the hot summer season will bring a positive outcome to your skin.

If you bath too much, you might experience:

  • Dry skin
  • Itching
  • Dry hair
  • Flare-ups of skin condition like psoriasis and eczema
  • The above information makes it very vital for you to understand your body and determine how often you should bath. Maybe due to personal preference, you may decide not to skip a shower. If this is the case, then stick with one shower daily.

What Happens If We Bath At Night

The following are six reasons why you should shower before going to your bed.

  • It promotes relaxation: Considering science, heat, and warmth can ease anxiety and tension. It makes a lot of sense that a night shower is the best way to relaxing and end your day in a style mentally
  • You can’t get acne: If you are jumping into your bed and putting your head on a pillow with sweat and oil on your body from the hectic day, it could result in acne. Dermatologists recommend cleaning your body using zinc soap, to help prevent acne
  • It promotes healthier skin: Taking an evening shower gives the hormones that are responsible for your skin health, a favorable time to do their job. Hormones like growth hormones which are responsible for a quick skin turn over
  • You will get germs on your pillow: It turns out that there is a lot of bacteria on your hair or instead of your head, so going to bed without thoroughly washing your hair for several nights, contaminates your bed making your face susceptible to acne
  • It fights seasonal allergies: For instance, if you have a seasonal allergy to pollen, then it gets on your clothes and skin. Unless you are taking a night shower to get the residue off, then your symptoms worsen
  • It’s better for your hair: You should wash your hair at night as it gives it a chance to lock in moisture which in turn makes it softer and healthy too

The above points show the importance of bathing at night.

What Happens To Your Body When You Don’t Shower?

Picture this, and if you have been occupied from your home wearing pajamas for the whole day, then you may ask yourself if you really need to shower in the evening. Remember the many times you convince yourself that you will shower in the morning, with you understanding very well that you will not have time. Suddenly, days come to pass since you showered. Now, below are things that can happen to your body if you don’t take a shower.

  • You can get harmful bacteria that makes you sick: your skin contains thousands of bacteria, most of which are essential for your body, but they’re still some harmful bacteria, and if you don’t wash them away, you will get sick.
  • You can get skin infections: following the first point, the balance of bad and good points is very important. If you do not wash your body, it makes it easy for germs to get a skin infection.
  • Some skin conditions are exacerbated: if maybe you have chronic skin condition the sweat, dirt and dead skin cells will accumulate and accelerate your condition
  • You develop crusts of dirt on your skin: these crusts are made up of sweat and bacteria accumulating on your skin
  • Your skin can break out
  • Your hair can get greasy
  • You can release up to thirty bad smells
  • You can get brown spots on your skin

What really matters at the end of the day is your personal hygiene, it’s very important because it cares about your mind and body. But, if you skip showering for a day or even two, do not stress as we all do it.

Can You Die From Not Showering?

Sometimes you experience a crazy day and get sweaty making it necessary to even bath twice. In case you do not shower, you will not die, but according to experts, the following will happen:

  • Dead skin will build up: when you stop showering, definitely excess dead skin cells will build up thickening your outer layer of the skin blocking your skin pores
  • You will have a body odor: provided that you do not have excess dirt and sweat on your body, not showering is likely not to have any harm to your skin, but expect your body to smell
  • Rashes and itchy irritation will occur: different skin types are seen to react differently when cleaning is stopped. But in general, the skin can be itchy, and as a result, a rash might develop
  • Fungus will start to grow in unexpected places: yeast is likely to overgrow together with other fungus and bacteria which result in some skin affection
  • You become more prone to infection: if you stop bathing, you become prone to dirt which can lead to rashes and in case you cut your skin, you become more prone to infections

What Happens If You Don’t Wash For A Week?

Most people at least shower five times a week. But maybe you are wondering what could happen to you if you do not shower for a whole week. The most obvious thing is that you will have a bad body odor. Apart from that, the following are some health problems you are likely to face:

  • Bad hair days
  • Skin problems
  • Fungus
  • Infections
  • Excess dead skin
  • Offensive body odor
  • Poor genitalia hygiene
  • Brown skin patches
  • Deep itch

Lastly, all the above weird and frightening side effects will happen to you in case you stop showering or rather skip showering for a very long time. Also, it is not advisable to bathe too frequently if you really have to bath twice a day then use the recommended products. Therefore, having read this article, you are now at a position of making sound decisions for your daily showering routine. Besides, it is advisable also to add up some daily workouts to your showering routine.

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