Should I Trim My Beard While Growing It




should i trim my beard while growing it out

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Trimming a beard gives it a shape; a beard without a shape looks bad. It is disgusting to see hair protruding from the face; one should learn to trim the beard and how to trim it. If you follow a proper way to trim your beard, you’ll be aiming at having a proper length all over and a proper cheek line, beard neckline and moustache.

Facial hairs in different rates and different areas of your face, almost all people around do not have the same beard-growing style. Trimming your beard is very important for both your healthy growth as well as a fuller look.

If you are the type of a guy who grows a full bushy beard in a single week or struggling to get your mustache meets your chin hair, there is a way to make every facial hair situation look good. It is called beard styling. This is chopping away the follicles on your face to make your beard look good.

Should I Trim My Beard While Growing It?

To achieve your required look, you should as well trim your beard while growing it. You are growing out your beard you’ve decided that you want a big, thick beard to show off with pride. In the meantime it’s messy, some parts are longer, and others are shorter. Some are thicker, and others are not, but you don’t want to trim it, that shouldn’t be a disaster.

Even when you are still growing your beard, trim it slightly from time to time. That will keep your beard always looking neat and always under control. Out of control, facial hair looks bad, whether you are growing it out or not.

Trim your beard when you haven’t applied any styling product and is totally dry. That will give you the best idea of how long it is and where it needs to be trimmed. Trim it with mustache scissors. Use natural beard oil each day to keep your facial hair soft, conditioned and naturally shined.

should i trim my beard while growing it out

Trimming a beard makes it look neat and admirable. It prevents split ends, dishevelment and dryness. Ensure that your beard complements your face each and every day, especially if it’s working well with its shape. Here is how to trim a beard while growing it.

Comb the beard, moustache the whole lot, by combing it you will be able to spot a hair which is at a different length, make sure you completely trim the neckline and cheek line, use scissors to spot check and cut back any hairs growing faster than the rest, Comb your moustache to the side, trim it back to the desired length, then comb over the lip and trim any longer ones and finally soothe the area using beard oil to prevent itchiness, split ends and dandruff.

How Long Should You Let Your Beard Grow Before Trimming It?

Don’t trim it so soon; the right time is doing it after four weeks, trimming it too early causes your beard to become imbalanced, one size smaller than the other. Most men require three to five weeks before they truly understand how their beard will look like, the shape it will take. However, you should not trim/ shape your beard prior to the three-week mark.

When you are ready to shape it, which is after the four weeks of waiting, take time to know the style that suits you. Know if you are more of a short beard guy or if you prefer the stubble look. Once you see how your beard grows, you can start shaping.

However, if you can’t do it yourself visit a barbershop; go to a quality barber who trims beard. Your barber will trim the beard where it needs to be trimmed and leave alone those areas where it does not. At the end of the service, your beard will be looking awesome. In fact, for the first time, you should do it yourself because you might mess your beard.

From the beginning, get yourself a good beard trimmer, preferably one with metal guards. You can always trim more, but you will have to wait to grow it back. After the initial trim, look for areas that need to be trimmed more. Take your time.

When beginning to grow a beard, you need to have patience since beard takes some time to grow. To grow a good beard, maintaining it is the only option. Use a daily beard conditioner and premium beard oil. This keeps your hair soft and shiny, reduces itch, split ends and beard stuff all while promoting healthy skin.

How Can I Trim My Beard Without Losing Length?

You want to get your beard done or reshaping your beard without losing the length? Here are the steps to follow.

1. Comb the beard

The first step you always need to do is comb the beard; this helps you to see where all the stray hairs are. Use scissors instead of clippers because you want to keep as much length as possible, blend the sides with the front. There is no point in taking weight out of the sides if they want it to match the front. Use the line of the beard to cut an angle and sharpen up the edges.

2. Know where you can sacrifice some length

The line helps blend the length of the two sections and sharpens up the entire look of it. Pull out the beard to see how it sits if it has a dip, cut around the dip and see the difference in weight of the beard when it’s done. On to the mustache, comb away from the top of the lip to either side, cut the section underneath that grows over his lip, repeat the process to get all the little hairs. Don’t go too high as you might get rid of the thickness.

3. Rub on some clear shave gel

Rub on some clear shave gel to see what you are doing, take a razor and shave part of the cheek line and clean up. With that you are good to go, the length of your beard will be okay. Don’t forget to maintain your beard, always apply beard oil to achieve that best look you’ve ever wanted.

where to shave when growing a beard

What Is The Most Attractive Beard Length?

The most attractive beard length is the heavy-duty stubble, which comes after 10 days of growth; heavily stubble faces are more attractive than both fully-bearded and clean-shaven faces. There are several reasons as to why stubble beards are more attractive than any other beard.

They are seen as more hygienic; this is definitely not to say that people with long beards do not observe hygiene. But the fact of the matter is, a long beard accumulated more dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Regardless of often that beard is washed or cleaned; the likelihood is that there is a layer of dirt at the base of the hair’s and clogging skin pores. With a stubble beard, it’s easier to cleanse the underlying facial skin, and so this is less of an issue.

The stubble beard doesn’t mask bone structure; this is to say that it doesn’t mask the facial features. It gives the chin and jaw definition of prominence. Don’t hide your facial features with the beard as some of the people don’t like that. Don’t scare away your potential partner.

It is easier to be intimate with a stumbled man than a fully bearded man; kissing knowing that you might get lost in the thick depths of a beard can piss off your potential partner. The feel of stubble against your face isn’t ideal. It can be itchy, but that depends on the length. A well-groomed, well-nourished stubble beard is much more tolerable during those intimate moments.

Lastly is that it’s far more versatile, it’s attractive to walk around with a guy with a beard. Stubble beards work and are acceptable anywhere to can think of. It may not grab a lot of attention like that of a long beard, but sometimes that’s what the partner wants.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Short Beard?

It takes about four weeks to grow a short beard. Growing a beard can be different for every man, but there are things that you can do to help the process along. Genetics play a big role in the length and thickness of your facial hair. The time to grow the beard varies from two months up to six years, depending on how long you want to grow the beard.

The wider you grow the beard, the longer you can expect it to grow. Beard grows depending on how you maintain it. The average beard is about ½ inch per month, sometimes less sometimes more. How fast your beard grows depends on multiple factors, including your race, age and genetics. Most men will experience their biggest beard growth from around 25 to 35, although it varies for each person.

Is it Normal to Lose Some Beard Hair?

It is normal since your beard goes through several stages while growing. So when you see your hair shedding, you should not worry just know that it is a stage and it won’t last much longer.

After the beard has gone through this stage, the follicle will remain active for about three months, and a brand new shiny hair will come right behind it. The process repeats itself several times; it’s normal to lose an average of 20-30 beard hairs a day. No one should worry about the falling of hair.

You can at least prevent it by; there are some things we can do to help the growing stage last a little bit longer. When trying to optimize the lifespan of your beloved facial hair, it’s important to know that a healthy mind, body and skin produce healthy beard hair. Healthy skin produces healthy hair.

Beard hair loss is normal if you notice that you are losing more than 20-30 hairs a day, coming out in patches it’s important if you seek medical attention to see if there’s another cause. But there should be nothing to worry about since you are just experiencing ordinary beard loss.

What’s The Perfect Beard Length?

The perfect beard length should be about ½ inch; this length is not ideal for mustache as it will leave your mustache too short to style on the sides and too long over your mouth. The first thing that comes to mind while deciding the correct length of your beard is the face. Some men want it long for a masculine look while others want to keep it neat shaved and clean.

The best beard length is stubble; it’s the initial growth on the face after shaving. Try a style that will suit you. Depending upon the environment, the guy has to decide what is best for him. Men can get the right beard style by achieving the right feature of his face.

However, if you want to increase your hair growth, don’t shave with razors, stop shaving the beard completely, follow proper skin regime, quit smoking, do regular exercises, eat healthily, have a lot of water and sleep well. Following this helps you achieve your dream of having the best beard.

Should I Trim My Beard All The Same Length?

Cutting it the same length makes your beard look neat rather than one side being long and the other short. To achieve that you need to know how to shave the beard, ways to shave, and the style that suits you. Trimming a short beard is a hard task compared to trimming a long beard.

While trimming a long beard, you do not need to worry about proportions, messing with certain areas of accounting for the curliness of your hair. Cutting each beard hair across your face to the same length serves you well.

If you don’t trim the hair to the same length, your beard will not look neat the way it is required. Be careful, especially when trimming a short beard.

Does Trimming Beard Help It Grow?

It won’t make your hair grow; either will make it thicker or stronger. Trimming simply means removing a few inches but rather a tiny length of hair, use the scissors for trimming. This will be used to cut away the split ends that crop up during your beards growth phase.

Trimming your beard entails cutting off the split ends, with beards split ends are dry and look bad on your beard. Not only do they detract from your style, but they also hinder growth. Getting rid of them stimulates your beard by allowing new hair room to flourish. That is what trimming does.

It’s good to maintain your beard so as to look neat and achieve that required look, always apply beard oil. Most men spend a lifetime trying to mop oil off their face, but that should not come to the beard. Applying beard softens the bristles and hydrates the skin beneath while leaving the whole lot smelling fresh.

Know when to trim your beard, how to trim, if trimming helps hair grow if you can trim your beard all length and reasons for trimming the beard. Some of the reasons for trimming the beard are; promotes healthier looking hair; ease of food consumption, different facial structures and many more others that you need to learn.

For those men who want to grow beards but do not know how or where to start from, this is your time to do it. Growing a beard is simply that easy as you’ve read from this article.

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