Does Beard Growth Vitamins Work?




Does Beard Growth Vitamins Work

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Ideally, the growing beards have, for the longest time, been a rite of passage as it signifies that a boy has become a man, and the acceptability of growing beards has come and gone for years. Nonetheless, today, beards are not only commonplace and acceptable; growing beards have become a cool thing as guys are growing beards left right and center just to have that cool look. The truth is that no one likes patches of beards, and for that, many guys want a full beard growth, which results in a series of questions inclusive of; does testosterone speed up the growth of beards? Is skin condition to be blamed for lack of full beard growth? Are genes to be blamed for lack of beards? And ultimately, does beard growth vitamins work? All these questions spearhead to the main question, how can one grow a full beard? To this effect, this article will entirely focus on exploring how to grow your beards using vitamins.

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Does Beard Growth Vitamins Actually Work?

Ideally, it’s important to note that there is no pill, oil, formula or even powder that will miraculously transform your smooth baby face into an ultra-hairy-faced one; however, vitamins are meant to enhance the beard that you already have that way growing full beard and not growing beard where there was no beard out of the blue.

Affirmatively, it has been established that vitamins work perfectly better than any other supplement when it comes to enhancing the growth of beards as they help activate your hair follicle and, most especially, those that have become dormant that way activating them to start producing hair. It’s very normal for hair follicles to be blocked since the skin pores can be interfered with by several things inclusive of excess production of the sebum, dry skin, among other related reasons. Therefore, the use of vitamins can exceedingly help activate your hair follicle by restoring them into their productive state that way producing hair as well as growing your beard in full.

Again, it’s evident that vitamins help in the secretion of sebum, which is very critical in keeping hair follicles healthy that way, be able to boost the growth of beard in full. For starters, sebum helps keep your skin healthy. Again, the sebaceous glands are normally situated in the hair follicles that way; they help bring the hair to the skin area along the hair shaft that way been able to grow your beard in full.

Vitamins also help in the production of red blood cells, which are very critical in enhancing the growth of hair. Other benefits that come along with vitamins comprise of; improving circulation in the skin, acting as a potent inhibitor of the hair follicle regression. It’s also crucial to note that vitamins work as an antioxidant agent, which fights oxidation stress, which many of the times it’s likely to result in graying as well as hair loss.

What Should You Look for In Beard Growth Vitamins?

Generally, a well-groomed man makes his priority as well interest to care about his WHOLE self, and this means not only their outward appearance but also their inwards being, which goes in handy with how the outward appears. To be able to make this possible; it’s important to know what to look for in your vitamins when it comes to caring for your beard and some of those crucial elements to look for in your vitamins comprise of:

Beta Carotene

Beta carotene is a crucial element that is mostly found in chlorophyll-containing plants, and one of its crucial benefits is the fact that it contains a potent antioxidation agent that helps protect oxidation, which is a major contributor of clogged hair follicles. It also helps with the overall enhancement of one’s skin appearance by promoting healthy sebum, thus keeping your skin from becoming dry. Your body ultimately turns beta carotene into Vitamin A as it’s required that way, creating a conducive environment required for the full growth of beards.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is the other component you should look for when searching for the best vitamins to use in the growth as well as caring for your beard. Vitamin A basically helps with restoring hair’s health as well as improving on hair circulation that way promoting the overall health of hair as well regeneration.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B, which is also known as Biotin, helps your body to produce amino acids, which are the very crucial elements of protein. Ideally, both skin and hair contain keratin, which is a protein mainly found in hair areas as well in nails, and for that, Biotin helps produce amino acids to boost the presence of protein. Again, Vitamin B assists in the production of red blood cells, which are very essential in promoting hair growth that improving air circulation the blood.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for your body as it helps in absorbing collagen as well as synthesizing proteins. Collagen is normally located in the dermis, and it’s responsible for the structuring of the skin. Again, collagen works as an antioxidant; therefore, it helps in avoiding the presence of dead skin as well helps with clearing the skin pores that way, avoiding clogging of the hair follicles.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is essential as it plays a role in calcium homeostasis; it also helps in immune regulation without forgetting the fact that it helps in cell growth differentiation. You must lookout for this component when looking for vitamins to grow your beard as these three elements are crucial in improving your hair growth.

Vitamin E

This vitamin helps keep the hair follicles healthy and that way creating a more conducive environment for healthy beard growth. Vitamin E also helps with enhancing blood circulation, which is also very critical in boosting hair growth.


Zinc is also another component that you should look out for in your vitamins as it helps with improving the health of the hair follicles without forgetting the fact that it acts as a potent inhibitor of the hair follicle regression. Again, zinc is known for is the direct effect of maintaining healthy testosterone levels and which is very critical when it comes to boosting the healthy growth of beards.

Folic Acid

Folic Acid is very beneficial as it helps improve the health of both skin and hair and at the same time keeping your tissues and body cells healthy. For your beards, body cells, and tissues to be extra healthy, you need to enhance their potential, and the use of folic acid can help exponentially.


This component is crucial as it helps in strengthening the growth of hair. Its commonly found in hair areas and in nails, and for that, its quite apparent that it’s rich in sulfur and amino acids, which create a breeding ground for a protein that way improving on the growth of hair.

Does Beard Growth Vitamins Work

Lifestyle Changes That Will Support the Effectiveness of Beard Growth Vitamins

Beard growing vitamins are some of the approaches through which you utilize to attain optimal health as well as the ability to grow your beards. However, maintaining a conducive environment or rather a lifestyle can be promising as it will also boost your vitamins that way driving your beards towards a healthy growth; some of the lifestyle changes that you need to adjust to comprise of:


Exercises inclusive of strength training, cardiovascular exercises, among others, have proven to be a natural way through which one can improve on their testosterone levels, which have a direct level in hair growth. Again, when we talk about strength training, we don’t mean that you start dosing yourself with steroids because steroids have a negative impact on your body and might end up deteriorating your general health. To this effect, you must boost your beard growth vitamins through natural ways such as exercises.

Nutrition and Diet

The food we consume has an overall impact on our body’s health, and so does it have on your beard growth. It widely affects the health of your skin as well skin, thus conforming to the so much said the phrase ‘you are what you eat.’ If it happens that you are an extra fan of fast food, then this should be the time for you to stop since they don’t boost the health and overall growth of your beard. Basically, the hair will strongly grow in the presence of proteins, which are a breeding ground for testosterone. Again, observing what you are eating can also work perfectly well for you since it also increases the presence of a different range of vitamins, and as stated in the text above, vitamins play a very crucial role in improving the overall health and growth of your hair.


Stress is a major deteriorating factor when it comes to your general health, as it interferes with quite several things in your body. For starters, stress can result in the LOSS of HAIR and at the same time, INHIBIT NEW hair growth. When you undergo stress, its quite apparent that you will ultimately eat poorly, you will lack sleep, and that way, your body won’t be in a position to absorb nutrients as it’s supposed. To this effect, your beard growth will deteriorate due to the absence of a conducive environment.


Sleep is also a crucial element that helps improve the overall health and growth of beards. Ideally, its proven that our bodies regenerate as we sleep, and to this effect, inadequate sleep can really affect your beard growth and health.

Grooming and Cleaning

This is quite crucial when it comes to growing healthy beards. Cleaning as well grooming helps keep your pores free from clogging and which will ultimately translate to healthy follicles. Imagine growing your beards in clogged pores and follicles as well in flaky skin; the truth is that your beards will grow but not the way they should on a well-groomed and cleaned skin. Again, shaving hoping for better, fuller and faster growth can never work as you really need to groom and clean your beards in order to enhance growth and health. All you need to do is to keep your beards clean by washing them, use your vitamins, brushing, and styling them, which helps in shaping. After 4-6 weeks of growing your beards, you can start trimming them that way, allowing them to grow efficiently.

Today beards are not only a commonplace and acceptable; growing beards have become a cool thing as guys are growing beards left right and center just to have that cool look. To this effect, vitamins will progressively help in growing your beards. As you choose your vitamins, you must check for the above components since, as we have seen, they are very beneficial and important in the overall growth and health of your beards.





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