How to Stop Beard Growing Fast




How to Stop Beard Growing Fast

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Different people allow their facial hair to grow for various reasons. Most of them do so to satisfy their curiosity while others focus on how they will look with their bushy hair on their faces. The only way to achieve favorable hair growth is to ensure that you keep your facial hair away from the razor blade for quite some time. The period can be either months or years, depending on the length you purpose your beards to reach.

You need to understand that hormones and genetics contribute a lot to the growth of facial hair. Therefore never question why some people have fewer beards than others. What you need to do is to keep your beards nothing short of maintenance. Nonetheless, if you don’t intend to stop your beards from growing quickly, never get scared. Several methods can aid you to accomplish your objectives. After all, it is your preference that matters when it comes to beards development.

How to Stop Beard Growing Fast

How to Stop Beard Growing Fast

As earlier said, there are various strategies that one can use to stop their facial hair from growing at a faster rate. You can employ either natural techniques or even artificial ways, depending on what fits you well.

Method One: Destroying or Pulling Out the Facial Hair

In this technique, you are advised to do the following.

    • Make good use of tweezers to minimize facial hair growth


Several individuals use tweezers to destroy facial hair. The technique usually works well when an individual has less facial hair to eradicate. It is crucial to sterilize tweezers’ both ends with a reasonable solvent like alcohol to minimize the chances of being infected. You also need to stretch your skin softly in the region you intend to remove facial hair. You have to do it correctly to ensure that you avoid giving room to ingrown hairs.

  • Attempt a reusable or disposable razor blade for wet shaving

It is critical to apply shaving cream or gel before pulling out the hair to ensure that your blade glides easily through your skin. An electric blade can also be employed for dry or wet shaving. Make sure that you are cautious to avoid nasty cuts.

  • You can attempt threading

Threading is one of the best methods known globally to remove facial hair. It is also employed to redefine the eyebrow shape. You only need to twist a thread of cotton in the region you purpose to remove hair and later on pull the hair out in rows. Threading is a good technique because it doesn’t inflame your sensitive skin. When you visit a special salon, you can also be helped to remove your facial using thread. Unfortunately, facial hair can appear after a few days or even weeks.

  • Use Lasers

Laser medications play an integral role in eliminating facial hair from people. The laser usually provides off light and heat beams to hair roots and consequently prevents them from growing further. Although expensive, this method allows you to get the most beneficial and reliable outcome when it is done correctly. You need a qualified physician to carry out procedures effectively for you. The process may require you to undergo several treatments for you to get your expected outcome. It can be painful at times. The procedure fits people with dark hair and light skin.

  • Make good use of electrolysis

It is advisable to conduct the electrolysis process of removing facial hair in your favourite salon. It is a very sensitive procedure that usually works well for small regions of hair removal, including the upper part of the lip. The process is conducted with a tiny needle. Normally, an electric current is often released into every root of the hair, one after the other until they are fully eliminated from your skin. Electrolysis suits individuals with blonde or white hair.

how to stop facial hair growing quickly

 Method Two: Use Chemical to Eradicate Hair

For you to get a convenient outcome, you are encouraged to conduct the following.

  • Try Waxing

Waxing can be done either in your cool salon or even at home. It is one of the top techniques to eliminate your facial hair. The method allows you to obtain a soft face as it eliminates hair from its roots. Nonetheless, it can be irritating for certain people.

Warm wax can be effectively applied using the kit’s applicator to your area of interest. Allow the wax to cool and later on pull out your cold wax from the skin. You will realize that the wax removes hair as it blocks hair follicles development on your skin. After that, the hair fails to regrow, and for those who have sensitive skin, they can try sugaring because it is a natural and alternative method to waxing.

  • Use Depilatories

Depilatories are usually used to get rid of facial hair from your skin. They ensure that the hair turns into a substance like a gel when properly removed. You only need to apply the product to your and allow it to settle at your skin for some time. Later on, you will be required to wipe off the removed hair using a clean piece of cloth. Depilatories usually deliver fragrance; they should be handled carefully.

  • Try Bleaching

Bleaching ensures that facial hair is rarely seen from your face. You have to make sure that the product you use for bleaching conveniently fits the tone of your skin. The process is inconvenient for people with a huge growth of hair and when done repeatedly it can easily irritate your skin. It is crucial to stay away from sunlight immediately after bleaching. This is because the sun can react negatively to your precious skin.

Method Three: Identifying Natural Remedy

Here, you are encouraged to do the following.

  • Employ Gelatin Peel

You can effectively use gelatin peel to get rid of excess hair from your face. You only need to have unflavored gelatin in a spoon, three milk tablespoon, three lime juice drops or two lavender drops essential oil. Once you have these ingredients, it is good to mix them, then you place them in a microwave for a few seconds. After that, you will have to apply the mixture on your face and allow it to settle for some minutes, and then you peel the mixture off your face. You will notice that the facial hair comes out with the mixture.

  • Make Fruit Based Scrub

An apricot, lemon, orange or honey scrub can effectively help you to remove excess hair in your body. For orange or lemon peel scrub, for instance, you need to mix one spoon of lemon peel and powdered orange, and then you ground oatmeal and almond. After that, you will have to add two spoons of rose water and olive oil. Then, you mix them to generate a paste and later on place the mix on your face for some minutes. You then rub them in a circular motion on your face. Thereafter, you have to rinse your face with either cold or warm water to remove the paste from your face. For you to get better results, you will have to redo the process at least three times weekly.

For you to attain apricot scrub, you will need to grind the scrub when dry to create a powder. Thereafter, you will add one honey spoon then you apply the mix on your face for about ten minutes in a circular motion. Later on, you will have to rinse your face with water. The procedure has to be done three times weekly to obtain better results.

  • Create a Turmeric Paste

Turmeric plays a crucial role in improving the appearance of the skin for many people. The good thing is that you can quickly generate a paste out of it while at home. You only need two turmeric spoons, water or milk. Thereafter, you will have to mix them to generate a paste. Immediately after this, you will have to place the paste on your face for about twenty minutes. Allow the paste to dry on your face and later on wash it using warm water. The paste usually works best with people who have fine hair.

  • Use Egg Mask

You can easily remove your facial hair using eggs. You need to have one egg white, a half corn flour spoon, and sugar. Thereafter, you will have to mix them to form a paste. Then, you need to put the paste on your face and allow the mix to dry. It forms a mask, and you will have to pull it strongly. You will realize that the eggs mask comes out with facial hair.

 Method Four: Avoiding Hair Growth

In this tip, you will have to accomplish the following.

  • Take spearmint tea

Spearmint harms the growth of facial hair. It minimizes the male hormone in the body. When you drink more spearmint tea, be assured that you will develop led hair on your face. For you to get encouraging results, you are advised to take two cups of spearmint tea within five days a week.

For you to obtain a positive impact, you are encouraged to get the right hair inhibitor prescription from a qualified doctor. Inhibitors normally transform the layout of hair follicles in your skin and this has a negative influence on the growth of hair. Once you acquire the product, you will have to apply it on your face and this will inhibit hair from growing. Interestingly, inhibitors can still work well with other methods of removing hair such as waxing and threading.

It works and comes in different forms, that is, you can generate a drink from the herb, or it might come in the form of a capsule. It can help you remove facial hair.

  • Dealing with Hormones

Hormone issues normally affect the hair growth of human beings. This usually occurs during the menopause period. It is one disorder that can be handled by a doctor. A qualified physician can recommend you to get control pills of birth to handle such a condition. Other medical treatments that can lead to the growth of facial hair include polycystic ovary syndrome. Consuming food material with phytoestrogen can help one-stop growth of hair in their bodies.

Having facial hair is human. Depending on your needs and preference, you are the one who will determine whether you intend to keep your hair or not. Never panic when you realize that your colleagues are not interested in either keeping or getting rid of their beards. As a person, you have sole responsibility to ensure that your hair in any part of your body meets your expectations. Always keep your hair at the required length. Don’t be coerced to either maintain or remove your hair.

When you want to get rid of facial hair, it is your role to adopt the right methods to eliminate it from your body. You can decide to destroy or pull them out physically; you can also use chemicals to meet your goals. Some people employ natural remedies to remove hair while others find ways of stopping hair from growing. Pick the strategy that best suits your goal. You are encouraged to employ the above tips to obtain the right results in stopping beards from developing fast.

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