Do Headbands Cause Hair Loss?




does headband cause hair loss

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Talking about hair, it is plain hard to understand it. Why? There seems to be uncountable tips and tricks that maybe you may have heard of before. Some of them are just false myths, maybe you have ever heard the claim that stress, exposures to sunlight, wearing hats, and even dyeing your hair accelerates hair loss. Well, if you are quite active in the gym and outdoors, enjoy the read through this article to have a clear understanding of whether wearing headbands can lead to hair loss.

Do Headbands Cause Hair Loss?

Headbands should not cause much damage considering that you do not wear them all day or even every day. What you should really think about is trying a headband with a thicker elastic because it will definitely help you lay your hair where you want it. However, hairstylists say that wearing a headband with plastic or rubber teeth grip can exert extra strain on your hair roots. Thus, it is not a good idea to wear it throughout the day.

Also avoid headbands made of cotton or any other absorbent materials because they tend to leech moisture from your hair which may result to frizz, split ends, and breakage of your hair. What is of more importance is to choose the right headband for you and mind its placement from time to time. The use of a conditioner or even a spray is recommendable to avoid hair dryness which may result in its breakage.

Usually, people think that the tighter the hairdo or the tighter the headband, the better. Well, this is not the case because a tight headband can bring about headaches and hair breakage along your hairline. The rubbery, elastic headbands will result to pressure on your hairline muscles and bring some discomfort. Sometimes it may even result in a headache. Although, this is not to say you abandon headbands altogether it only calls for you to choose your headband wisely.

According to some salon hair experts, the constant use of hair ties and ponytails or buns increases the risk of hair breakage, and its loss. This is because ponytails increase a lot of stress on your hair because they are heavy and you will immediately feel the weight along the face edges. The weight will actually pull your hair follicles causing breakage along the hairline, similar to when headbands are too tight. The worst part about ponytails is that you can only see half of the damage. The damage goes way beneath your scalp surface when the hair follicles are strained. To clear all your worries, headbands are not the problem. Actually, they should be your closest friend, especially if you are living a very active lifestyle.

does headband cause hair loss

How Do You Style A Headband?

Are you not sure of how to style a headband? Then you should consider the problem solved because we have rounded up some foolproof ways on how to style a headband, all the way from sporty styles to official styles. They include

  • The padded headband. This is the most common style where you will only slide the headband at your hairline and push it back.
  • The middle part headband. Instead of pushing the headband backward, part your hair downwards at the middle and place the headband at the middle towards the back of your head
  • The bandana scarfs. This style is very classic, wrap the bandana around your head with your hair down or up, then tuck the bandana ends in the back of your head or even bring them around to the front
  • The sporty headband. Pull your hair into a loose, low bun and top it with a thick elastic headband
  • The wrap headband. Tie your hair with a printed headband, it is fun yet practical for festive season
  • The beaded headband. The headband is styled with natural beads, it is also a perfect style worth your try
  • The wide headband with part. Instead of a flat headband make a slight difference by parting your hair at the middle
  • The double-rope headband. Especially when one rope headband does not work, try the double rope with contrasting colors for the style to pop

Other styles that are worth your trial include the thin ribbon headband, the comb-toothed headband, and the embellished headband.

Should I Wear A Headband At The Gym?

Wearing a headband while doing your workout sounds strange. however, it is a great way to keep yourself dry without having to use your face towel frequently. This is because the headbands are made of a thick absorbent material that helps prevent sweat from getting into your eyes. Also, it is a way of staying dry and clean for a long period of time enough to do your exercises. Sweating can make you feel uncomfortable especially when you are among your friends at the gym.

Headbands in the gym will not only prevent sweat from getting into your eyes but will also keep your hair in place. Meaning that your long hair will not enter into your eyes and thus it will help you concentrate on the workout. Furthermore, it will also give you a chance of going back to your working place or rather continue with your other day’s activities without necessarily having to wash it. What’s more is that your headband acts as a way of motivation. Picture this, having your favorite headband as one of the tools of working out, will greatly motivate you while working out.

Do Sweat Headbands Work?

Headbands are designed with an absorbent material like terrycloth, but of late there have been some sleeker versions for fashion purposes. The most obvious benefit of wearing it is also stated to be its purpose. That is holding sweat just before it drops from your forehead and get into your eyes or before it drips into your neck. But that is not the only benefit of wearing a sweatband. Others include:

  • Keeping hair out of your face.

Just in case you have medium or long hair, selection a good sweatband will keep your hair away from your eyes as you do your exercise

  • Wiping sweat away.

These thick, absorbent headbands are like built-in towels and thus they can absorb so much sweat

  • Fashion trend.

According to The New York Times, wristbands had become a hot trend and players wore these thin, absorbent sweatbands not to absorb sweat but rather for fashion purposes

  • Protecting headwear.

You will find sweatbands sewed into hats. This is mainly for men’s models. Although, they do not absorb sweat, still they keep you cool during hot spells and at the same time help keep your hat in position.

Do Guys Wear Headbands?

If you are a guy, maybe you have rocked all types of headwear, but have you tried the headband? Well, it might sound unfamiliar at first but quickly, you will realize it is a versatile tool that really plays a major role to help your hair grow long. Additionally, if you already have long hair, then this headband will act as an arsenal to it. Whether your hair is at the awkward stage or rather it is just above your shoulders, meaning that the hair is too short to tie it back, then the headband is an easy way to keep it out of your eyes.

For more experienced longhairs, you can get creative with combinations of twisting your hair while utilizing the headband. Furthermore, there are many options as the headbands come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. From that you can try a variety of styles as they are pretty straightforward.

Why Does Wearing A Headband Give Me A Headache?

If a headband is too tight around the hairline or it is pulling your scalp for multiple hours, then it causes tensional headaches. Tensional headaches make you experience irritations in a band-like way wrapping all around the forehead, sometime it might even involve neck pains. If you are not willing to leave behind or rather sacrifice your headband despite the risk of having discomfort, then you should choose a looser fitting option, preferably a cloth which is not teethed. A teethed headband will dig into your scalp and as a result you will experience some irritations. It is advisable that you use a headband that ties underneath your hair for you to easily adjust it when need be.

Wearing the headband throughout the day for continuous days can trigger headaches. You should avoid wearing the band daily because it will pull your hair continuously and finally break your hair follicles. When you feel that your scalp is pulling at your forehead, it is likely that the headband is too tight. Generally, there are two types of headaches that are tension and migraines headaches caused by allodynia “a pain response by a non-painful stimulation”.

How Do You Wear A Sweat Headband?

Sweatbands as the name sounds, are majorly used to absorb body sweat. However, today these thick or thin absorbent bands have been accepted widely for fashion purposes. For instance, in basketball, players wear cloth sweatbands to keep sweat out of their eyes when playing. Nowadays you can wear sweatbands on your arms, head, or legs to represent your favorite athletic team. Below is how you should wear your sweat headband.

Start by pulling the headband over your head and let it hang round your neck. Push the forward-facing side of your sweatband upwards so that it perfectly rests at your forehead and its slides above your ears. The forward-facing of the sweatband should rest underneath any hair knocks and its back underneath the hair at the base of the neck.

There are obvious tips that you are expected to know for you to use the headband properly. That is, if you have long hair, then you should pull it back into a ponytail before you put on the sweatband on your head. Then let your hair down and it will easily fall over the sweat headband. Also, you should wash your sweatband right after wearing it for an activity, this is essential to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Why Does It Feel Like I Have A Rubber Band Around My Head?

If you feel like you have a rubber band around your head, then it simply means that you tighten your headband too much. Tightening the headband makes the skin on your forehead and scalp get stretched backward to your neck leading to hypertension and stress. If this is continued, it will definitely result in the most common type of headache, that is a tension headache. You may notice strained eyes, some sensory sensitivity, and a dull pressure building up around your head leading to sore muscles around your shoulders, neck, and scalp.

The main causes of tension headaches are muscle contraction in the neck and head regions. These types of contractions can be caused by foods, stressors, and activities as well. Therefore, to avoid the rubber band-like feel around your head, calls for the right type of headband, not wearing the headband for a long period of time, and most importantly, not tightening it too much.


The hairline has some of the finest, shortest and most fragile hairs thus it is prone to hair loss. Some of the main factors that lead to hair loss include genetics, stress, hormones, and micronutrient deficiency. This article describes in details how stress caused by headbands on your hair follicles can result to hair loss or the so-called Traction alopecia. It is common around the front hairline. However, headbands have significant advantages like preventing sweat out of your eyes, holding your hair in place not to disrupt you during your workouts, and thus it is something worth your trial. But, for the best results, avoid wearing the headbands tightly and for a long time.

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